May 31, 2010

Kiddie Kandid's opened back up and my thoughts were confirmed by the lady working there, they were bought by Sears. There is ups and downs with that buy out. But, for today it was a plus. I got a package deal for 8 dollars. And because the lady knew us and we came so much with Lela she gave me the 40 dollar membership for free, which gives us 10% off every time we come and one free 8x10 every day, with no other purchase needed! So we'll be going a lot to get those free 8x10's! I am so happy she gave that to us. She said it would help her get her sitting quota as she knows when we get good deals we'll come a lot since we were there all the time with Lela till they closed.

We went to the park, and finally got to meet the manager of the park. I was beginning to think it was like the Wizard of Oz. We have never actually got to talk to him or see him till today! It's all been messages back and forth. He gave us plenty of parking passes for every one. And said he would like us to come on Friday to set up for the party if that was ok. And we were like oh yeah! That would be awesome. That way I'm not fretting the day of! And they have a big industrial fridge he said we could leave our food in for the party. I'm going to leave the ice cream, soda, and mints. The room is left locked, so they will all be safe. So it was all good news at the park today. *sigh of relief*

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Rhonda said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see pics! =)