May 19, 2010

Had a long day. We took the girls to the Broadway Mall in Hicksville to let Lela play at the toddler indoor playground. Noticed Khol's is now doing Toy Story for their Kids Care program, hmm, not too into those books so much. They are cute. But, think I'll wait and see what the next series is. Then we went to Weight Watchers to see what their new treat bars were, and boy the red velvet cake looks good! But, awe they were closed! Will have to try again later. Then we did our grocery shopping, BJ's, Walmart and Stop & Shop. We listened to The Couple Next Door the whole time in the car, and boy is that one hilarious comedy. I want to go through the archives and see if there is a soap opera for me to get into. I never watch them on TV, have never seen one at all. But, I think a radio series one from the 1940's might be interesting. Now we're home again, home again jiggidy jog, it was a good day.

Belle has not been sleeping well at night the last few nights at all. *whew* I'm running on empty energy wise. My brothers and sisters are painting our new apartment. I can't wait to see it. I love my family!

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