February 28, 2002

Well this has been frustrating. I got the program for the nut cups, but we have Windows XP, and the program won't work with it. It says it will only work with Win 95! It was so disappointing. I don't know if I will find another program as good as this one to make the nut cups!
Again I have another project. My husband and I live in the 2nd largest co-op in the world. We have a senior citizen gazebo that needs beautifying. So I was put on the gazebo beautification committee. The main problem I see with it, is the layout of the benches is all wrong. And it does need new flowers, that are perennial and not annual so we are not using the maintenance men so much for over time in planting all this stuff, every spring. I think it will be fun to pick out new flowers, I love doing that, but not the planting part. lol Physically I am just unable to do that planting part actually. But, I wish I could because I do just love flowers and vegetation.

I hope to have this project done this year. I have a personal stake in it, as I would like to use it for my in laws anniversary party. And I think other get togethers with our book study and things would be fun there.

But, we also want to add bathrooms. So we will see how much money they will allow for this beautification and what I can do.

Today I should also be getting the pc program I asked my mom to send, yea!

February 26, 2002

Today my mom called and told me she sent off the program I need for her surprise party. She don't know I am using it for her surprise party. She also said she is sending me pictures of my niece and nephews. And my wedding pics on cd. Can't wait to get them! And start on the nut cups, thank you boxes, and invitations and envelopes for her surprise anniversary party.

February 25, 2002

Today I decided I would make a journal to remember and collect stories, sayings and memories of my maternal grandmother. That has been fun.

February 24, 2002

I just finished redoing the graphics for the blog/journal. I hope it's not too big, or busy. But, I really like it and feel warm here.
This is my first day of having a blog. I don't know what I will be writing about, or what my plans for this journal is yet. But, stay tooned to see what happens.

I guess I will start with introducing myself. My name is Heather. I was born, March 9th 1976, so I am 25 years old, but will soon be 26. I am married to Vincent Woodford Jr. I'm a cradle robber, he is only 22. hehe

We met online years ago and became very good friends, talking almost every day, if not every day. Last year March 17th 2001 Vincent and his parents loaded up and made a fast drive to Kansas, we met March 19th at about 1 AM in real life. Later that day we went and picked up our marriage license. And made the last of the marriage arrangements. March 20th 2001 we wed. And March 21st & 22nd, we packed a big moving truck of all my treasured belongings that it would hold, and March 23rd we started our trip to NYC.

We lived in Brooklyn, till Jan. 10th 2002, when we moved to Jamaica, NY where we presently reside.

We took a belated honeymoon in late September (yes after 9-11) to the Caribbean. We went to Keywest, Playa De Carmel, and Cozumel. We went with a group of 120 friends, and had a blast.

Things that are in the works for me right now are.....

1. Planning a nice first anniversary for my husband and I, March 20th.

So far the plans are to get our pictures taken. Go to the movies and dinner at Red Lobster. We will also write post cards to each other and frame them for art work in the bedroom.

2. Planning a trip to see my parents in Kansas in May.

We plan on giving them a surprise Anniversary party on their anniversary May 25th. We will make invitations, nut cups, and thank you boxes, with mini candy bars in them and supply cake and punch, and have a covered dish surprise party for them. We are in the process of reserving a building now. The theme colors will be the same as their wedding, pink and white. I think it will be a lot of fun.

We also want to go to Stoops, and St. Louis, to see the Arch and maybe the St. Louis Zoo on the way home from Kansas. We will be driving there and back. We will try to take lots of pictures and pick up some post cards and I will try to record as much of it as possible that way. Hopefully, my parents can come that far with us.

3. I want to decorate our apartment.

I want to hang pictures, and redo a old dresser of Vince's. I'm going to sand the dresser, paint it white, and then use a stiff brush and tap all over it with metallic gold. This will be my first time ever doing anything like this. The bedroom will be done, in metallic golds, white, black and red/wines.

4. A friend of mine and I want to start a web graphic business. Stay tooned to hear more about that though.

I guess this is plenty for one day. I hope you got to know me a little bit. Most other post probably won't be near this length.