August 25, 2016

Free chicken biscuits!

Chick Fil A had free mini chicken biscuits today at breakfast. So my good friend Angela Jacobs came and picked me and the kids up and took us.

I have known Angela's husband since I was like 7 years old. His mother saved my life quite literally on at least two occasions, once in the hospital when I was not being diagnosed correctly. She came to visit me, and asked me how I was... I could not even speak I was so bad, so I wrote it on a piece of paper, and she said, let me look in your mouth, I opened my mouth and she said, I know what you have! She told the nurses, the nurses wrote it down for the dr, and he said she was right and finally I was able to get treatment. Another time I was in a hotel room that the AC was not working and it was 115 degrees in the shade that day. I got locked in the bathroom and could not get the door open. It was just me and my 2 year old nephew in the room, so I told my nephew to get the keys off the dresser and stand outside the hotel room door til he seen some one he knew. He recognized Genny right away and told her I was stuck in the bathroom. I had began to think I literally may die in the bathroom, there was no ventilation and no AC, and it was getting hotter by the minute. Genny came and busted the door down, it was so hot in the bathroom, when I went outside in the 115 degree heat it felt like I was in air conditioning. And Genny said she was shocked I was still alive, because the heat that rushed out of the bathroom when she knocked the door down, nearly made her passout! Any way... yes so two times she saved my life.

Any way, after breakfast, Angie took us to the Derby Library, we stayed for hours. The kids put a puppet show on for us, and then dressed up as mail men and delivered us mail for a while. And then played restaurant with a few of the other children there. Then we played a few board games, one I really want to get now for home State Scramble was really fun!

Angie ended up getting a library card there, and checked out some books. I ended up checking out two homeschooling books, Homeschooling from Scratch, and Biblical Homeschooling by Ruth Beechick, I will just use what will pertain to me, and skip the parts that won't! I also checked out a Life of Fred book which is a VERY expensive math book, we'll see how the children like it. I also bought some novels including Loius Lamar, and a huge Miss Manners book for only 25 cents each.

Then I treated us all to donuts from Derby Donuts, which has the best donuts around!!!!

After that we went to my local Haysville Library and was able to get Angie signed up there too and she ended up going home with John Holt's book How Children Fail. And also she donated about 6 boxes of books to the library that they were VERY happy to receive!

We came home, ate lunch, and went ahead and did school for the day too.

Overall had a wonderful day.

August 20, 2016

Summer Party!

It rained like CRAZY down pour! But, we went to the drive in movies any way, because it was the first night of 13 dollar a carload movies. I decided I needed to go to the bathroom and buy a hamburger. I came back to the car completely and utterly soaked to the bone! BUT, literally only minutes after the first feature started the rain cleared and the rest of the night was lovely. On another happy note, because it was raining so crazily there were only a few other cars there, so we had most of the drive in completely to ourselves!

Sweet sister invited us to a childrens party at her daughters home. The kids had a ball, punch prizes, relay races, obstacle courses, bean bag tosses, pin the sunglasses on the flamingo, cupcakes, watermelon! The kids had a blast.

The funniest part was for the pinning the sunglasses game, RJ went first because he was the youngest. The sister put the blindfold on him, and kept asking if he could see. And he kept answering, yes he could still see. We were all baffled, til he started laughing and said, just kidding, I can't see anything at all! haha! We all had to laugh then!

August 16, 2016

My first cruise

Me and my aunt Gerry on my first cruise. She was my mothers older sister. And her and I had a special relationship. She loved me, and I loved her dearly. We even shared the same birthmark, in the same spot.

August 5, 2016

Swimming Lessons Over for Summer!

The kids had some amazing swimming lessons this year. They all started out in very basic level 1, and RJ in Tot class. RJ is now in Level 1, Belle almost finished level 2, and Lela almost finished level 3. they loved every minute of it! They were wonderful and had some really awesome teachers!