February 13, 2005

I have been wanting and wanting to go to Patterson forever! I just got a phone call from Vincent's Aunt's sister. That said Vincent's Aunt and Uncle invited us up to Patterson for lunch! I am so happy I can't wait to go! Vincent's Uncle is a Circuit Overseer, and his wife (Vincent's Aunt) is anointed. I just can't wait to go. We will be going March 15th! Thankfully Jean-Vincent's Aunt's sister, lives here by us, in Rochdale Village. Just a couple of buildings from us. So we communicate a lot. :) It's going to be so much fun! I love going to Bethel, but have never been to Patterson. Now I am going to be excited till we get there! Oh I got to buy a new dress for sure! All mine are too big! *sigh* Well, I was going to have to get one for Memorial any way. Dress shopping has not been too fruitful so far. I've been looking and looking, and now the dead line is ever shorter! ACK! lol I hope I can find something soon!

February 10, 2005

I know this is a silly thing to be happy about. But, I just can't hold it in! I love JoAnna Lund recipes, as many of you probably know. I am such a collector! Well, I have her newsletters from 1999-2005. Yesterday some one was offering 1992 (which was the very first year, including the very first newsletter) thru 1998! Can you believe it? Only those years. The only ones I don't have! And I won! I got them! Oh happy days! I can't wait till they get here. I could barely sleep! lol haha Awe... my collection is complete! lol I still have a few books, and booklets, and flyers, and such to get. But, as for the newsletters, it's complete. And I can't wait to try some more recipes! lol