May 21, 2003

Went to Costco today and bought food for our assembly this weekend. I am going to stay on plan! I lost some inches cause my jeans fit loser today! I was so happy! :) Haven't really been doing much else.

May 18, 2003

Friday I went to the foot doctor I seen in the ER. He was very nice. He said it is healing good and to just keep taking the antibiotics. I am going to go to him permanently. He takes my insurance. And said I could start seeing him. He is really nice. I meant to ask him though how he went from being a cop to a foot doctor. lol He likes to tell me his stories about his life. Which I like a personal doctor. I figure he will listen to me about real problems (foot wise) since he listens about the small stuff too. Vince and I both like him a lot. Plus he has a parking GARAGE! So rare in NYC. Usually for all my doctors we have to park at least 2 blocks, if not 10 blocks away on the street. And in the really cold winter time it can be bad. Last winter it was so cold and I had to walk about 20 blocks to the car, I literally couldn't hardly move when we got there, and got wind burn on my face. He also has a very modern office, which is also rare here. The office I go to now, is like I am at a free clinic or worse! It hasn't been redone I would say since the 70's at least. And has wall paper hanging off the wall half torn, and every thing needs paint, and all the chairs have holes in them and are worn out and stained up. It's really rather disgusting. And scared me the first time I went. Cause I was always used to my welfare doctors offices, that were modern, and had fish tanks, and tvs, lighting, etc. lol So I am excited I will be going to a office I am more accustomed to. And with parking, and a nice doctor to boot.

Let's see I will be working on adding more recipes too. :) That's about it so far though. Been staying in bed a lot. Kind of tired.

May 15, 2003

I keep having nightmares that I am eating wrong food. Last night, I watched Date Plate. (who knew the food channel would give me nightmares.) Any way, then I dreamed I was on the show, and I was having to eat these two huge meals. I kept saying these are not on my plan, I can't eat them. And they said I had to. So I was trying to figure out how to eat the right amount so I wouldn't be off my plan. I can't remember what the first plate was-I think it was pasta though. But the second plate was a huge mound of fried shrimp on a bun. Like a Po' boy. lol

The other night I was having nightmares I was having to eat chicken pot pie, I had baked for some odd reason. And I kept saying why did I bake this, I know I can't have it. But, I don't want to throw it out! lol It was horrible. lol I hope this stops. lol
I'm working on adding all the Richard Simmons Recipes I get to my Healthy Patter Recipe web page. It's going to take me a long time. lol Any way, today I added one just for Chari. Slim 'N' Trim Macaroni and Cheese. Check it out at Slim 'N' Trim Macaroni and Cheese.

Other than that haven't done a whole lot today. lol Just breakfast. lol :)

May 14, 2003

I finally got my scale. Got to Wal-mart, and got a good one. It was triple the price of some of the others. But, the others were flimsy and kept saying a different weight, each time I stood on them. They sure don't make them like they used to! lol

Any way, when we got home, I ended up having to go to the hospital. My right big toe, has been infected since Friday. I tried to take some antibiotics, and drained it of puss twice. But, last night, it was hurting and wouldn't drain, and was turning black. So I went to the hospital. And just so happened they had already called in a podiatrist, cause another diabetic man was barefoot, and stepped on a broken coffee mug and cut his foot in half and it was flapping around and he couldn't feel it. So he severed some nerves apparently and had to have big time surgery. They did my quick surgery before his. ACK. I seen him too and it didn't look good. Looked like my neighbor a few years ago who came to my door, who had cut his foot almost off with a lawn mower. He also severed nerves and is a diabetic! And he didn't want to go to the hospital. But, my step father made him get in the car, telling him he would at least drive him home. Then he locked the doors, and drove past the mans home and to the hospital. The hospital said it saved his life. He lost a trash bag of blood (my mom put a trash bag on his foot) on the way to the hospital. And ewe did our drive way and living room smell for a long time after that. Any way they gave me two pain shots before starting the surgery, and they hurt! And I give myself 4 shots a day, and usually don't feel them. These shots hurt the whole time he was giving them to me. And still hurt where he gave them to me today. But, it was my bad toe, the one that had been broken off and dislocated a few years ago. grrrrrr. So that I think made it worse. I'm supposed to go back to see this doctor in three days.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I did get pretty upset, when they wouldn't call on me, or even look at the form I filled out. And seen 4 people who came in after me, first! One was a nurses husband. I said I didn't care that she was a nurse, I thought it should still be first come first serve. The triage nurse said she felt the same. But, that the nurse thought she could care for him herself. In Kansas, it's illegal to care for your own family member as a nurse, or doctor. I was pretty upset when she wiggled her way above me. And all he had was a head ache! I wasn't that upset about waiting so much as Vince needed to go to work, and I had been there since 10:30 and didn't get seen till 2 am!

And I wouldn't have minded like the guy with the foot going before me. It just seemed like every one they took before me, had trivial to, minor things wrong with them. And I didn't think they at the very least were worse off then me. I think we were on a even playing field. I wasn't worse then them, and they weren't worse then me. So it should have been first come first serve. But the others were throwing fits saying they were going to be seen, and opening the doors and forcing them to see them. In Wichita, they would have been drug right back out by a security guard and sat in the waiting room, or out of the hospital.

May 12, 2003

I didn't get my scale. And I had nightmares that I was eating chicken pot pie I wasn't supposed to. And I kept saying why am I doing this?????? Hate those dreams.

I did win some Richard Simmons cook books on Ebay though that I have been wanting for a long time. So I am happy about that. I got one for only a dollar!

May 11, 2003

Went to Wal-mart, Costco, and Pathmart last night. I still forgot a bathroom scale! lol I hope Vince remembers to stop by Walgreens and get one on his way home from work tonight.

I got a lot of foods I was needing though. And a food scale. A really nice one. But, now I am wondering if I should have went with the smaller one, since it would have been easier to wash. I may get the smaller one next time I am there any way. It was only 4 dollars. The nice one I got was 24. But, will be good for big things too. And I think it will be more accurate. I also got........ Blast off the pounds by Richard Simmons. Had 3 videos in it. I wanted to try the Latin Blast Off. lol I think I will just do one song a day for a while. The first one! lol It came with weights that you freeze too so that you are cooler in the summer. That's about it so far though. :) I like to weigh in a lot though when I m changing my life style so not having a bathroom scale is killing me. lol Hopefully will have one tonight.

May 9, 2003

Sorry didn't get to check in yesterday. Was real busy. I'm trying to start a new health plan. And it's been taking a lot of work, thought, effort and planning to get things correct in the meal planning. Went grocery shopping yesterday. But, still have a lot I need to buy. *sigh* I will try to get back with the pictures soon. If you want to keep up with my new health plan, go to

May 7, 2003

Didn't get to check in yesterday, was busy. Then had security at the Kingdom Hall again. I took a Dragnet CD and now Vince likes listening to OTR too. lol Made the hours go by much faster. They got the black top in the drive way put in, so we can't drive on it till Saturday. It was kind of scary sitting on the street instead of inside the gates like usual. And wouldn't you know it. This was the one night people decided to come and look. Families from other congregations we didn't know. And it was kind of scary trying to figure out if they were witnesses or what. lol Cause in NYC a lot of people dress up not just witnesses. But, they were nice, and we figured out they were witnesses from other congregations. Then Vince's friend Uche relieved us. So we got to talk to him a little. He wanted to know if we were going white water rafting with him and some others. But, I don't think we will this year. He is nice to always invite us.

Went to the doctor today. Then we went to a Chinese buffet. I forgot my camera again! lol

But, today's pic is of our place cards for our wedding. I found them when cleaning out the closet the other day.

May 5, 2003

I didn't do much today. I baked a dump cake. That didn't turn out right. I used too much cake mix. Only us half a cake mix for half a cake. lol

I didn't get to do my laundry either today, the elevator is broken. Awe well. lol

Vince took today's picture. It's of my Winnie The Pooh and one of my favorite dolls in the corner of our bedroom.

May 4, 2003

I guess you DO get a picture. I was watching TV and looked out my bedroom window and saw this, and couldn't pass it up. I wish it could come out as well as I can see it. That's a sunset over Manhattan. WOW I didn't realize I even got the Empire State building in there!

I'm not feeling well. So I'm not going to take a picture today. I will tomorrow. Didn't do much today. Had a nice breakfast though. Apple Cider, home made biscuits, eggs, and bacon and country gravy. I should have taken a picture! grrr

May 3, 2003

The talk was given by Brother Green. It was great. He did a wonderful job. I tried to get a picture with him, but couldn't get to him in time after the meeting. (elders meeting)

I loved the Watchtower study too. I got to answer several times. And Vince got to read a scripture. It's so wonderful how the society helps us see how Bible accounts can apply to us today. Especially with new light and adjusting our thinking from time to time.

I did get Vince's mom to get a picture of us, across the street from the Kingdom Hall. But, no one told me my glasses were down on my nose. lol GRRRR I also had a run in my stockings and looked like granny. Awe.... well.

Today's our special talk. I hope I remember to take a picture. I'm bringing the camera.

May 2, 2003

I finally got to take a bath today! It was feeling funky not being able to for two days with all that stuff in the bath tub from them putting in the new window. Didn't get to go grocery shopping. GRR.

But, I made some CDs for my parents of OTR. Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Flash Gordon, Six Shooter, All Star Western Theater, and a few others. I'm getting quite the collection now. :) Already sent them Dragnet. My mom says she will be glad to get some other stuff to listen to. Vince and Eldon (my step fathers) addiction to Jeff Foxworthy is getting on our nerves. Listening to their cds the first 100 times is ok. Then it just gets boring for us. lol haha And Vince and Eldon still want to listen to it over and over. lol haha

Well, this is a picture of the apartment building catty corner from my apartment. It's all ONE building. But, I couldn't get it all in one photo. I'm sure I will never be able to get it all in one. Cause there is a mall on the other side of us, and houses etc. So I can't get far enough back to get it all in. But, I think you can get a idea. There is 20 of these, plus a community center, HIP Center-all the doctors you would ever need to see-eye, ob, Pediatrician, family Dr, etc., a office and 2 malls. That is all part of our co-op. (what we own part of) Like I've said before it's the second largest co-op in the world.

May 1, 2003

Today will be a picture of the skyline from our living room window. I guess there is a fog over Manhattan, cause I can't really see Manhattan as good as usual. Looks like a fog. I cut out some of the sky. I think you can tell pretty much what we see though.

The workers left stuff in our bathroom. And are supposed to come up after lunch and get it. I hope they don't forget again cause I want a bath, but need their tools and insulation out of the tub. Then will have to clean the tub first.

So far I've been doing good at keeping up with the dishes! :) Not doing much else today. Hoping to go grocery shopping tomorrow.