May 12, 2010

Worked on Sally Strawberry again today. Almost done! I'll be able to finish either tonight or tomorrow. This time I remembered to log the thread colors I used for it. I was just looking at my Pear I made last year and really love the color choices, wish I had wrote them down so I could do it again. And then I rearranged my sewing drawers a little bit. In my dream home, I'll have permanent drawers built into the wall for all my threads, material, and notions. I want drawers or cabinets from ceiling to floor all on one inside wall of my bedroom. I seen on a documentary once that is how they do it in Sweden, or Iceland or some where like that. It looks so much nicer and organized, and clean! I can't wait till I can make that dream come true. I'm hoping next fall I can teach my niece, Casey, how to embroider too, and maybe Lela too.

Made tacos today. I love Mayan Farms low carb tortillas, they are huge, but also thin and a little buttery. I hate thick doughy tortillas. Lela is so funny, she always calls them porpillas! lol haha She also calls cous cous, pous pous! haha Hmm, she must like p's.

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