May 30, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...darkness.

I am thinking...of baby names.

I am thankful for...having a sweet, caring, loving congregation.

I am remembering...Lela feeding the giraffes.

I am get all our books we need back in our book bags.

I am creating...spiritual heritage.

On my mind...all the brothers and sisters who fought for our religious freedoms.

Noticing that...the in laws stay is almost over.

From the kitchen...carnitas.

One of my favorite days outside.

What I am reading...Country Blogs.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Lela and Vince feeding the giraffe.

May 29, 2011

Sickly Sunday

It rained Friday night and is little cool Saturday. Which is good for me. The garden is growing faster then ever from all this rain, sadly so is the grass and weeds.

I woke up sooo sick Saturday morning. Just tired, stuffy and miserable. I wallered in bed awhile, and then the internet repairman came. Finally we have internet again! Apparently the lightening fried the satellite, router, and the ethernet cable! UHG.

There was a change in plans for our guests, which was really a blessing since I'm so sick and really don't even feel like getting out of bed.

I wish I wasn't feeling so drained, last night was Opera on the water for free. And also Rio and Kung Fu Panda 2 were playing at the drive in. If only I felt better!

I woke up this morning still feeling sick, but since my inlaws were here, I drug myself out of bed and got to meeting. They liked our congregation and every one was very friendly towards them. After that we came back home changed clothes and went out to Bishop's for lunch. Then to the mall to Dillard's to find Kathy a dress for a anniversary party she has on Saturday. Next we went to Motherhood and Kathy bought me a ton of meeting clothes for summer, this will really really help. After all that shopping I stopped at Orange Julius and got one of those, and then we came home to rest. I need to get more laundry done but I am still so tired from being sick. Belle's been sleeping most the day too, she probably is getting what ever I have.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, and I invited the Woods to come with us, I hope they do. It's over 100 degrees out today, I hope it's not this hot tomorrow!

May 26, 2011

Bathroom update & Dinner with the inlaws . . .

Last night we went to Walmart to buy a new mug, cause Belle accidentally broke my old one. The location we went to didn't have the one I wanted. I am very picky on texture, feel and weight of my cups, and sliverware, dishes, etc. So I have to have one that is just right. They only had one other that I may consider but it was kind of ugly, the other one was pretty and "just right". haha I will have to go to the other location where I think it is and buy a few! haha

Since they didn't have the mug I wanted. I ended up going to look for Vince, on the way I picked up a hand towel in the new design we have been liking by Home and Garden. Their towels, and wash cloths are a little on the expensive side so I just get one or two per a month to add to what we need. I need about 3 more hand towels, 5 more bath towels, and a lot more wash cloths! haha After that I passed the candle isle and thought I would just price candles, well there was some really really nice ones on clearance, and I came home with 7. Five Hazelnut scented ones-three small, and two large. And 2 two large multi-scented layered candles. the layered ones come in a vase shape glass. I put them on top of the toilet, which turned into redecorating above the toilet! haha Adding picture frames to finish the look. But, upon further thought, I think I will go back soon and buy two more of the layered candles, for the bedroom. They smell great, and I am loving the look. I would also like a glass mouthwash decanter to make to finish a more sophisticated look in the bathroom. So not much else to "finish" it up. Well, except maybe a shower curtain! haha You can see the finished look in the photo. Oh and yes we need to retouch up the paint, my little siblings were the ones to paint the bathroom, and when they went to do the touch ups from what they missed they grabbed the wrong bucket of paint, one slightly different in color, to do touch ups with. So now we need to touch up their touch ups with the correct color! haha

It's been nice having Amber home since she graduated college. She made us, Loudine, Bennette, and Belle lunch today. And then we watched a movie on adoption, which featured Dixie who is the care taker, of God's Littlest Angel's orphanage in Haiti. Which is the orphanage my sister Krystal was adopted from. It was about how she expedited 80 adoptions directly after the earthquake, which was a double fold blessing for the children of Haiti. It got the children already in the process of adoption out of the toxic environment that Haiti was in at the time (dust, more aftershocks, etc), along with opening up 80 more spaces for other orphans that really needed a place to go as well! I really wish Vince and I had the money to adopt from Haiti. But, I just can't see when we would ever have the amount that is needed to adopt from there. This world can be so corrupt! It will be so wonderful when the day comes that orphanages will no longer be needed, because we will no longer have orphans. And people can live how God intended them to, being raised in clean, healthy, spiritual and upbuilding families. For now, I can only imagine much of what God sees rips at his heart daily.

Kathy and Vincent came to the house for a few minutes, and chatted with Amber. Amber gave Kathy a gift for taking her around NYC earlier in the spring this year while she went to visit colleges. Then we went and helped them get new cell phones. After that we went out to dinner, and Lela fed the fish there. Meanwhile Belle decided to be the comedian and balance watermelon on her head! haha We're supposed to have company tomorrow. I guess we will see, I need to make some food for that, but I don't know. I want to at least make some deviled eggs. Every one is supposed to bring a dish though. I've just been so busy, trying to find time to make something!

And now I think I'm getting sick, my throat is swollen and hurts, and I have a little post nasal drip. UHG!

Tomorrow the internet repairman is supposed to come back out and try to fix the dish again, he cancelled today! UHG!

Mount Washmore the never ending saga

I am so far behind on Mount Washmore it's driving me insane! UHG, I wish I could just get it done. But, working on it at least is a start. Just changed the sheets on the bed, and put those sheets in the washer, now only like what......10 more bags to go! haha

The weather is AWESOME today. But, of course that's how it always is after a big storm.

Dad, Amber, Belle, and I went to a new Cafe, called Wildside Cafe and Bakery today. It was awesome. The food reminded me of the deli in Food for Thought, which is a family owned grocery. The youngest daughter, Michelle, ran the deli, and would get up at 3 in the morning to start the day with the deli. But, when she got married she left the family business and they decided to close the deli part. I have missed it ever since. So in other words this cafe has all organic, healthy, and now glutton free foods. It was delicious.

We decided to split a few things, we had a turkey club, a angus beef sandwich, and a smoked turkey glutton free quiche, we also had hummus and pasta salad for our sides. The sandwiches and quiche were awesome! We weren't too thrilled with the sides though a little bland, but the flat bread that came with the hummus was delicious they had flavored it with herbs and such and heated it. Was the best I had ever had of that. And it was soft not dry and hard. However, at this point I must add I tried every thing that Michelle made at the Food for Thought Deli as I was always her guenie pig when it came to new dishes on the menu and she never had anything that was bland or that I didn't LOVE. She was really special and had great ideas on healthy foods-most innovative I have ever had. So far no one has ever came close to her cuisine. But, Wildside cafe is still really good, and as far as what's open still and running around here probably put it at the top of the list right now! If only Great Harvest would serve more food and for longer then lunch!

On the way out though I asked for a sample of the tofu salad and it was by far the best side they had that we tried. It was delicious the only thing is, to get that and quiche together (which the quiche was my favorite although the sandwiches were really good too!) would be a bit redundant in flavors and textures. They had good looking desserts as well, and great looking juices and smoothies. I think Amber and I may go back often it's right down the street from our house which really is the only thing around here except one other family owned restaurant, Sihls, which is closed most the time, Pizza Hut, and of course Kwik shop. Which up till now Kwik Shop is usually our preferred place to go when we don't want to go to town. lol Even though I like Sihls too but they are usually closed. Oddly enough Kwik Shop's roasted chickens and pasta salad is pretty good. So we get that quite often when in a hurry and wanting something cheap and not to have to go all the way to town. But, this cafe is for sure going to be our new spot. Will have to take Kathy and Vincent (my mother in law and father in law) there this week. Maybe tomorrow or something.

Oh and I also got a giggle that a couple had a little boy in there, he was eating a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of roasted brussel sprouts. lol I'm sure he was happy with that! haha But, who knows Lela and I both love veggies no one else likes so maybe he does too. That would be awesome! I was also happy they had a REAL high chair for Belle and not the little wooden ones every one has now that only has a lap belt, and babies like Belle find no challenge at all in climbing out of! So Belle stayed in her high chair and was very happy. She likes the real ones too! So that also makes it a for sure place to go back, when I am not constantly scared Belle is about to fall on her head!

The internet guy came out today only to tell us he doesn't have the tools to repair the problem and will be back tomorrow. *sigh* When I get my internet back, I can then use the phone again! Love Magic Jack except for when the internet is down. Oh well though, with storms they can blow out our phone lines just as easy as electric and internet, so I've been with out land line for weeks as well after a storm so really not any different. Just wish I could have contact with the outside world while Vince is at work! haha

May 25, 2011

In laws coming for a visit

We had violent thunder storms last night with pea size hail, blinding rain, and 60 mile a hour wind. With tornado warnings. So the brothers called and cancelled the meeting.

I was able to at least finish up cleaning the house though. Which is a good thing since the inlaws came in town today. They were supposed to be here on Sunday but their car died in Pennsylvania early Saturday morning and nothing was open around where they were stranded till Monday. So they finally made it here early this morning. We went to their hotel after Vince got off work, had dinner with them in the hotel Lobby free dinner menu. And then showed them the way to our apartment and showed them around our apartment. Lela is spending the night with them, and will be back in the morning. When we first got there Belle was a little scared and wanted to stay near me, but after a while with lots of toys warmed up. Thankfully they found a push toy mom had bought Lela and a push Winnie the Pooh scooter I had bought Lela some years ago. So Belle was very happy to play with them.

May 24, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...thunder lightening and hail.

I am glad I am that the house is clean.

I am thankful for...having a healthy pregnancy thus far.

I am remembering...all my family members who live in the Joplin area and hoping they are safe.

I am hoping...we find a good obgyn soon.

I am creating...a beautiful family.

On my mind...hoping the inlaws visit goes well.

Noticing that...the days are getting longer, and summer is almost upon us.

From the kitchen...burgers.

One of my favorite things...fresh veggies from the garden, can't wait till mine are ripe!

What I am reading...Mary Jane's Farm Magazine.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Lela reading one of her favorite books.

May 23, 2011

Riverside Park

Sunday we had awesome weather. So I decided we would go check out Old Town it has really developed since I left 10 years ago. I remember when I was in high school meeting the man who decided to buy all the old factory buildings down there and make it a "happening" place. It had went to waste, and had mainly vagrants and homeless living there. Now it's a hip happening spot. So we walked around there a bit, but wasn't able to get there till around 5 pm and since it was a Sunday most things were closed for the day or not open for the night yet. But we went to one shop that had a ton of neat and interesting stuff. For sure a cute gift shop, I found magnets for the whole family there. Very humorous ones. I was wanting to go to the antique mall and flea market supposedly there but never could locate them. Lela and Belle were kind of tired of the heat, so I made the rash choice to go to my second favorite all time park when I was growing up. Riverside Park.

First I thought we would get some beirochs though and eat them at the park, but when we got to the beiroch place they had moved. So that was disappointing, we will have to go to a different location and get some though. Cause I'm still craving one! For any NYC'ers reading my blog, a beiroch is something between a knish, and a Jamaican beef patty, kind of like the outside of a knish with the filling of a beef patty, also served with mustard like a knish, and does not come with cocoa bread-another BTW cocoa bread in Kansas is called King's Hawaiian bread! haha.

Riverside Park has also underwent a major overhaul. When I was growing up the main feature was the small free zoo. It's gotten a bit smaller, but the play ground is huge now. Has a water part for the kids to run through, and lots of equipment. When I was growing up there was one little stand (still standing) that was sometimes but not often open for snacks. This time there was at least 10 different food carts there. All Mexican foods. There was pinwheels (fried dough in the shape of pinwheels drenched in hot sauce), churros, and every Mexican ice cream you can imagine. I had a pina colada ice cream bar, and Vince got a Strawberry one. YUM YUM! The girls ran around and around and played and played, Belle loved the baby swings. We were getting mighty hot and tired and didn't make it over to the zoo, will have to do that next time.

After the park we went to eat, had Tater tot casserole, pears, green beans, and apple pie. Belle Loved the green beans!

Today poor Vince decided to make us some grilled hamburgers and a fire started on the grill and broke two of the dining room windows. Apparently the grill was too close to the house! UHG! Glad the house didn't catch on fire! And now Vince has yet another burn. Needless to say we didn't get any burgers.

Belle is getting her fourth tooth it's a bottom tooth on it's the one on the left of her first two bottom teeth which are directly in the middle. She loves towels! All towels and loves to drag them out of the laundry basket and drag them around, play peek a boo with them, sniff them, and lay on them. She took a run and jumped in the laundry basket earlier today, it was hilarious.

We're supposed to have some pretty nasty storms tomorrow, I hope all will be well. And then on Wednesday Vince's parents should be here.

May 21, 2011

The Thunder Rolls and the Lightening Strikes

We have been having some severe thunder storms here, with aboding tornadoes. We only have Vince's phone for internet till at least sometime next week. As during one of the storms the other night the dish that provides the internet got fried from the lightening. So I probably won't be on too regularly till that is fixed up.

Thursday my little brother Ben graduated from high school, we went to his graduation. Then came home and had pizza, cake and ice cream. His birth mother, grandmother, sister and niece came from Kansas City to his graduation and were invited over afterwards. It was nice to get to know them a little bit. Darla had a DVD of pictures of Ben of his whole life to be played at his party today. So we played that for his birth family to see. I think they really liked that. They got to see him from baby till now. Many places he has gotten to go on vacation, and with boy scouts, etc. And of course what a cute little boy he was. I think it went really nicely. Belle loved the cake and was licking the plate afterwards entertaining every one. haha

Later that night is when the storms began. Thankfully I had a bought a lot of candles when we first got married in case of storms but NYC doesn't really have the electrical storms we have here and I never needed them. So I pulled them all out and lit them. Which made Lela and Belle very happy. Especially Belle, it really scared her when it was too dark for her to see us. So she was very happy when I started lighting the candles and she could see us again. The power was back on in a few hours, however, the internet was fried as I explained earlier. We tried to reset it but nothing worked, we finally called the company and they said they thought it was the dish, but they can't schedule a visit till sometime mid next week. So I guess we will see.

Friday there was a home school used book sale at the county extension office so we went there and the girls really made out! I got about 20 books for 9 dollars. A few really really good books that I paid a few dollars for. Then our last table we went to, the lady was selling boxes of books for only 3 dollars a box, and you could fill the box with any books you wanted. I was able to get a whole lot of really good books for the girls that way for only 3 dollars.

We met dad for lunch at Bella Luna, which had horrible internet reviews, but was packed. I really liked the food myself. I'm not sure why they had such bad internet reviews. Amber, Belle, Lela, Dad and I split hummus and pita, herbed chicken pizza, and chicken scalopini which in my opinion tasted more like chicken picata, but that was ok it was delicious! Again before we left Belle decided to lick the plate. haha I also had a chia tea, it was just a box kind-Oregon Chia, but they made it up really good with a lot of frothy milk and spices on top, I liked the texture they added with all the spices. It was so good! Then they gave us little chocolate mint sticks for dessert. And of course Lela wanted to eat them up but was still stuffed from lunch as we all were. Practically had to roll out of the place.

After that Amber went to Borders to meet a friend for coffee, while I played with the girls in the kids section. And went through the bargain bin. I was able to get some really cute books for only a dollar each. Some monkey books from a famous monkey painting artists, I've seen shirts and such of his around for a long time. The books were really well written as well which is nice change for some of the newer kids books. And a little rabbit finger puppet book, that Belle and Lela both loved!

Then we rushed over to Bennette's school, which we thought was a little graduation for her whole class but ended up being a party just for Bennette, for all her academic accomplishments even under the adversity of not being educated at all before coming to America and being so much older. She had to learn to write and read completely as she didn't even know how to in creole, she had to learn English, and just so much. And she has done amazing. She has really had to work hard at learning all this but is so smart and so advanced. She is doing wonderful. There was people there from all over the school district to recognize her accomplishments, even from the school board. It was quite amazing. I wish I had taken my camera but had no idea it was just to recognize her! I could of kicked myself. Everyone had even brought her gifts, her teacher had baked her a cake and served lemonade and such. It was just very nice and sweet. And Bennette was beaming from it. Wish I had a picture to show it!

Today is Ben's graduation party. Dad's best friend since Kindergarten, Terry, is going to come over and grill burgers for it. He's always been a great friend always doing stuff for us and our family. Wish I had had a friend that long, that was that close still. But, glad dad does.

May 18, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...beautiful beach.

I am thinking...excited to hear what the elders are going to share with us tonight!

I am thankful beautiful family.

I am remembering...all the older people that are no longer here that I grew up around.

I am hoping...we get approved for this new insurance soon!

I am creating...a baby.

On my mind...the visitors we will have soon.

Noticing that...some things are getting better.

From the kitchen...the seasons first Mount Rainer cherries-yum yum!

One of my favorite things...Vintage dress styles.

What I am reading...Homesteading blogs.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Black Krim tomato, very first tomato of the season