November 26, 2008

As usual it's been busy around here.

I was able to get some new dress shoes at Macy's. I haven't bought new dress shoes in about 4 years. So it was nice to get a new pair. They are a cute red leather mary jane, from Naturalizer. Even Vince likes them. So that was nice.

I finally found a lipstick color I really like on myself too. I usually do not wear make up. But recently have found I would like to start wearing lipstick. So I finally just last week found a shade I really really like. I think I'm really liking revlon. I also like the new lip liners that you don't have to sharpen. Mine never did sharpen correctly so these are nice. I wish they would make some transfer pencils like that for iron on embroidery patterns! Cause I never can get those pencils sharpened correctly either.

I'm still working on my step grandma's towels. Taking much longer then I have hoped. I've just been so busy. So I don't even have one done yet. But, getting close. I hope to get done with the other shortly.

I'm thinking we really need some more towels as well. So after I am done with this other pillow case swap I joined, I'm going to make us at least 2 if not more towels.

Only a few days left now and I start my new cookbook cooking club! It was so much fun last time. I hope I can have that much fun this time. I really need to get a menu created and a shopping list made.

Lela is saying such large sentences now it's so much fun! Things like, Look, I found a sock!

I have also kept up with my daily walking. I am exhausted, but so glad I am exercising again. December 1st, I'm upping the time from 30 minutes a day to 40 minutes.

I will try to get back soon. It has been frigid here!

November 16, 2008

A lot has happened in the past week, and it's been terribly wet and windy. Thankfully today it's just windy and not so wet.

Lela started singing full songs last month and it's so cute! She sings Sesame Street's Sing, Sing a Song, Sesame Street's Sunny Days, Backyardigan's Theme Song, Patty Cake, Old Mc Donald Has a Farm, and a few songs I made up that I sing to her. It's just so cute!

Last Saturday, not yesterday, I was painting my nails, and she got really close, face right up on my nails. I started with my toes, and she watched every toe, then I did my fingers. When I had about 4 fingers done she stuck out her hand to get it done too! I went ahead and did hers after I finished my fingers. I only did her fingers at first, then she looked and seen her thumb wasn't done, so she stuck that out at me, as if you forgot this one! So I did that too. She was really good with it. And she blew on them and every thing I showed her. It was cute.

I forgot to take photos though. So I thought I would the next morning, but she sweats so much the polish was pretty much gone the next morning. Next time though!

Then on Monday I returned some DVDs I rented from the library and thought all was well. On Thursday when I checked my library account online it showed two had not been returned. So I had to straighten that out. That took forever. And then they said all had fines, cause I renewed them online instead of in real life. Well, they had told me previously I could do it online. So they thankfully straightened that all out.

However, Thursday I also had tivo'd Wednesday's Oprah and seen every one going to Snapfish could have a photo book for free. Well, the site was flooded and it took me till Friday, but I got it done finally. I used over 50 photos in the book, so it seemed like it took me forever. I can't wait to see what it looks like in real life. If I like it, I noticed Wal-mart offers the exact same thing for cheaper. So I may buy more from them.

I was able to get another sweater for winter at Costco, and that will probably set me for this winter in the sweater department, however, I would like to get a couple of wool skirts if I can find any good ones.

I also was able to get a really nice wool coat at Walmart that looks really good on me, and I really like, and it has a hood which you desperately need here in NYC.

We took Lela to Chuck E Cheese yesterday, it was crowded but not as bad as a usual Saturday. I seen there is a dress up wardrobe that comes with a lot of dress up stuff for 5000 tickets. So far Lela has 1000. She likes to play the duck game and a bee catching game and we are able to get a lot of tickets at both! Next time I want to play the Deal or No Deal game. I've never even watched the show, and probably never will, but the game they have there looks fun. After we get Lela the dress up thing, they also have a toss across bean bag game I know she would love at home, and it's only 3000 tickets. I know the way Vince and I rack up the tickets helping her play, it won't take us long!

Then I went to Whole foods and got a few more reusable bags. They have vintage ads on them and are so cute. I had been seeing other people with them, but always seen on the racks ugly bags, well I finally figured out where the vintage ones are! On another isle! I have some with bananas on them and some with clams. They had some with grapes for a while that were so cute, but I never did find those! I only seen other people with them all the time. Oh well. I just love using them though. And it's like free, since every time I use them at all the grocery stores I go to, I get a discount, and now I don't have to have those stinking plastic bags piling up every where either! And they work better then the plastic ones too!

Then, I finally was able to get something I've been looking for, for 5 years! A 8 slice pie cutter! I can never seem to slice the pie exactly even. And I've been looking at every cooking and baking shop I've went to for 5 years! And all they ever have are 7 slice cutters. But, being diabetic most the recipes I have for diabetic pies are to cut into 8 slices, and I don't really need more then 1/8 of a pie any way, with diabetes especially. So a couple of weeks ago I seen in the Bed, Bath and Beyond ad circular, a ad for one, and it had a 5 dollar off coupon on the back. So YES, finally. Now I can't wait to make a pie, just so I can try it out!

Then I finished my shopping with going to Barne's and Noble. I had a internet coupon, and a membership discount, so I was able to get one of my favorite secular magazines for 20 percent off, which that ended up taking almost a dollar and a half off! That's quite a bit!

So it was a happy a day.

And the shopping for this month, and pretty much winter in general is over!

However, I have joined another pillowcase swap. And can't wait to get started. I'm hoping I can find the new primitive Aunt Martha patterns soon so I can use them, in this swap! Thankfully the end of the swap isn't due till mid February. So I have plenty of time to work on them. I am still working on my grandmothers kitchen towels though. I got lazy doing them cause the hair on the pattern was difficult, but I finally got past the hair, so I need to just speed stitch my way through and finish!

November 6, 2008

My wardrobe had been a little pathetic for a while. And I really have no winter clothes, so I went to Burlington Coat Factory and I actually found some really classy sweaters. I also found cute and classic ones at Costco. I can't believe it. For sweaters I usually end up at several stores and come home empty handed. This time I came home with 5 and had to restrain myself! haha But, they look so good on me even Vince commented on them, which he doesn't do often. So that really made me feel good.

I've been taking Lela to the park quite often and that's been fun. I hope our community center will start having something for me to take her too now for winter.

I've been having fun coming up with new Tea recipes as well. So far I've came up with two really yummy ones. One I call Decadent Peppermint Patty, which is my favorite. And the other I call Lela's Caramel Chocolate Kiss.

Last night my K key came off my lap top so that's been aggravating. I'm going to work on replacing the whole keyboard I think.

I was able to get some neat crafting books from the library, and one showed how to make a yo-yo quilt. Now I'm all fired up to try it! It looks fun! I have some cute ideas for it, and can't wait to try it.

And now I need to get back on the ball at trying more Healthy Exchanges Recipes I've been lax at trying new things, it's time to get back in the swing of things!

But, at least I finally started exercising. I am in a 100 day challenge where I have to exercise every day for 100 days. So far so good. I'm up to walking 30 minutes a day now. By, the end of the challenge I want to be walking 50 minutes a day!

October 29, 2008

It's been busy, busy, busy again.

We went to Pennsylvania with my mother in law. We went to a outlet mall there, and both Lela and I was able to get new shoes. We wanted to get Vince some dress SAS shoes but they were too expensive this time, hopefully next time we can get him a pair.

While there we went to Bob Evans and had the Turkey Lurky our favorite! :) And we went to Golden Corral another family favorite. We also went to Chuck E Cheese there, but it wasn't a good one, all the games and rides Lela and I tried to do were broken and ate our tokens. Or already had a broken sign on them. So there was very very few workable games. Oh well, next week we will go back to a local Chuck E Cheese.

We also were able to get to Super Wal-mart and stock up on Lela's puffed brown rice! We were getting pretty bare on that.

I went to A.C. Moore while in Pennsylvania and was able to get some really good smelling pumpkin pie scented drawer packets. They were on sale really cheap. I bought them for less then 1.00 each. So my sister who LOVES pumpkin pie will get a bonus gift from me of some of those. Meanwhile, I smell pumpkin pie all the time in the house now and it smells soooooooo good! I also was able to get some Thread Heaven. I have never tried it before, but am anxious to give it a try. I've always used bees wax, but they don't sell that up here. So I'll see how the thread heaven works.

We also went to Harry and David's and they now have a ton of teas I must try! But, I didn't have the money to buy them now, maybe next time. I want to try the watermelon mint and cantaloupe really badly! Also the pomegranate blueberry and a chocolate pie one!

We were also able to go to Dollar General and get some cleaning supplies stocked up. I bought Ponds Cold Cream, and night Cream there. And have started using them. Except for washing my face with Cetaphil, I've never really had a routine with my face. But, I bought lipstick about 2 weeks ago and I apply it every day, and started feeling good about that. But, I also noticed my skin has been getting more and more dry, then I read about a lot of people like Ponds and they have good skin using it daily. I've heard that from Martha Stewart too. So decided I would start with that routine too. Well, I like it I must say! I will try to stick with it! The only thing is we don't have many wash cloths for some reason, so we are going to buy some more tomorrow. I've also started wearing my perfume I've had forever, but rarely wear. And again it's been feeling really nice to start pampering myself with little things like that.

I was surprised that even my mother in law, commented that she liked the shade of lipstick I was wearing. It took me about 2 hours to look through all the shades at Wal-mart one day and finally chose one. So it was nice to get a comment clear out of the blue, especially from some one who usually doesn't comment on things like that. Vince likes it too! So that was nice too. He's said things a few times about it. So it is nice that he has noticed as well.

We also got to go swimming which Lela really loved. I pool walked for about a hour. So I'm hoping that helps in some weight loss.

Right now I'm doing a 100 day challenge to walk or exercise every day for 100 days. So far so good. At the hotel I walked the hallways every morning, and walked in the pool in the evenings when I could.

I finished my sisters pillow cases, and am now on to my step grandmother's kitchen towels. They are coming along nicely and are really cute.

I bought some home made swiffer covers, and wash cloths from a sister and they also came while we were gone. I can't wait to start using them, they are very very cute!

I'll for sure try to get back here more often then I have lately!

October 17, 2008

Talk about a busy couple of days. Yesterday I woke up at four am. I was in severe pain. I knew I had mastitis. So decided I better head to the ER. Once there they said yes I indeed had it and they put me on antibiotics, and thought about hospitalizing me but let me go home. They were really sweet! I was worried what they would say cause they asked how old Lela was. I said two. Then I said, yes I know I breast fed a long time. (as I usually get lectures about it after I say she's that old). And the doctor said, no no that's good! What a relief. But, this came on all the sudden. I haven't pumped in a month! And I was not feeling full or even like there was milk or anything. So I really don't know how this happened. But, I have been in a lot of pain and very tired I hope it passes soon. Today it is worse, I'm hoping by tomorrow it will be better though. Today things are bright red and swollen though and yesterday it was just painful no redness or swelling. A lot of puss has been oozing out though both days. About a ounce last night. Today not as much.

Today I took Lela to the library for the first time. Well I've taken her before but not for her. Usually for me. Today I took her just for her, in the children's section. She liked it a lot and we picked out two books for her to bring home. So we had a pretty good day. The children's librarian was quite nice, and it was very refreshing. We checked out The Elephant Quilt, Stitch by Stitch to California. Which seems to be a very cute fictional book about a young girls wagon trip on the Santa Fe Trail, meanwhile her grandmother and her stitch a quilt together on the way there. And also a Dr. Seuss type book, called But Not Hippopotamus. Lela picked that out her self. And it's pretty cute!

The library has been updated so much since last time I went. EVERY thing is now all technical. There is now self check outs. You have a pad you put your card on, then you pile your books on the pad. Then you push a button and a receipt prints that tells you what books you checked out and when you return them. WOW. What a time to live in. I have to admit I kind of miss the card that the librarian would stamp with a date! But, it was something new to learn.

I also ordered two MaryJane books to be sent, so I can read them. Now all they will do is email me when they arrive at the Library then I can go and pick them up. Neat! :)

October 11, 2008

I have wonderful news, I joined classmates a few months ago, but then let my membership run out. I was just hoping I could connect with a few of my really good friends from school. I ended up connecting with two of my BEST friends from school.

One I seen had visited my profile but did not leave a message. I thought her name was so unusual it had to be her, so I wrote her. And then eagerly awaited her response. She just emailed me back last night. She doesn't have the pay for classmates (and neither do I any more) so I guess that is why she couldn't email me sooner. But, I am oh so happy we finally were able to connect again. We haven't seen each other since second grade. But, I have thought about her often. Truth be told, I really never thought I would ever find her again. However, I would always ask any one I ever met, that was from around where she moved to, if they knew her. No one ever did. But, I am so glad we finally did find each other. She said it was a Miracle, and I must agree. I can't wait to hear more from her soon.

Other then that, not a lot going on around here. I am half way done with my sisters pillow cases, and am on the second case. Then, I have my step grandmothers towels, two friends some cases, and then Lela a set and myself! I have never actually made myself a set yet. In fact, all I have ever made myself so far is two towels. I never cross stitched, or embroidered anything for myself. Just this year was the first time I ever made anything for me. I've always made things for friends and family. Well, I can't wait to have a set of pillow cases, I did myself! That will be soon, hopefully.

Lela slept all night the night before last, and we were so happy. Last night though, not so well, haha. She was up a few times last night. But, thankfully not for hours like she sometimes is. Only a few minutes. So maybe we are getting closer and closer to all night being asleep! We can only hope.

She sure has liked going to Chuck E. Cheese. We started going once a week. A good friend told me that they have cups you can buy and get free drinks every time you go. Well, they sure don't advertise that much! So the next time I went, I asked about them. Sure enough they have them. But, they sure keep it under wraps. I didn't see any one else there with one, and there is no signs or anything talking about them. Oh well, all the better for us. So we bought a couple, and will probably get one more later. That will help while we are there. We usually only drink water any way. But, it will be good to get a "free" treat once in a while. Especially since they have the VERY rarely ever seen, and really I've only seen in the south, and midwest, Mellow Yellow, which is Vince's favorite drink. You can't even buy it at the store here, let alone see it at a Restaurant so he was pretty excited and happy about that. We usually load up the truck when we visit my parents. He doesn't drink much, but he usually gets about 4-12 packs each year to bring home. So now he won't have to do that. haha And it will be free!

On a bittersweet note, today I gave Lela the last of my frozen breast milk. It is so bittersweet. But, we are going onward and upward, to bigger and better things every day.

October 6, 2008

I got started on my sisters pillow cases. This time I am doing them in light baby blue. They have the cutest little kitten in a high heel with a ribbon around him. And a few flowers strewn about. I think they're going to be super cute when they are all done.

I'm hoping I can get Amber's cases done in two weeks or less. That will give me a running start on getting every thing else done this year. And that way I can start fresh on projects in January. And have time to get in on some more swaps!

I've also just started scrapblogging on and it's super fun. I added two scrapblogs already. Just click on Married, and Daughter on the right hand side of my blog and you can see them. I'm also going to add one of Vincent, my family tree, past vacations and more! It's a ton of fun.

I had been wondering where I was going to put up all the photos from my since I am giving it up, and it will be gone next year. And now I know exactly how I will do it, through scrapblogging! FUN stuff!

Other then that, that's about all that has gone on this week. I've been working on a few more menu plans, and will go do laundry tomorrow, and hopefully on Wednesday take Lela to Chuck E. Cheese, and that's about all.

October 3, 2008

We finally found some training pants that will fit Lela! YEAH! So we began potty training today. She almost made it twice. So it will be a slow go. We'll keep trying. She was excited about it though. She about never wanted off the potty. And really didn't want me to pull her pants up. lol She just wanted to sit on the potty. She did that for 2 hours! lol haha Then she tried to teach her frog Lilly to potty too. hahaha

I finally finished my pillow cases for the swap. So now I'm working on my sisters cases. Then it will be my step grandmothers towels. And hopefully two friends some cases. Then maybe some for us! And hopefully another swap. I'm excited to see what I will get in this swap. I did decide to add the chickens to the pillow cases. I thought they came out pretty cute. I'll have to add pictures later.

Earlier this week on a message board we were discussing embroidery floss thread, and how to store it. And I took a picture of mine, so I thought I would post it here as well. Lela and I both just love looking at it. I've always loved to look at all the colors of embroidery floss for some reason. I can spend hours in the floss isle at the store. haha

I also am part of a book share, and received a book about Kansas Pioneer Women, it's a collection of memoirs. It's really pretty interesting. I've gotten about 2 1/2 chapters read. I'm hoping I can hurry and finish it and send it off to the next person.

September 30, 2008

Seems like I have been running around non stop the past few days. Finally things are going to slow down a bit to catch my breath!

Sunday Richard Simmons offered me a free month to his club house. I accepted it. And in the past when I have had a membership there I have kept all the monthly recipes on a file. Well, when I went to get caught up on the recipes, I noticed I had like 3 years worth missing from my files! That shouldn't be, cause I've had a membership there for a long time. So I guess yahoogroups must of ate them up. Cause I had them filed in their database. Oh well, that took most of Sunday night and Monday morning to get all back in place. But, at least I got them all again now!

Monday we went to the Palisade's Mall, in upstate New York. My favorite stores are gone from there-Super JoAnn's, and Le Gourmet Chef. But, there's a few shops left that I like there.

Camille's being one. However, it's getting less and less stuff I need there. It's going more and more formal-like wedding dresses. And less and less clothes that I can actually wear on a daily basis. They are over the top for meetings. It's mainly wedding dresses and evening gowns. When I first started there was a ton of meeting clothes as well. And just a small room in the back for weddings, and another small room to the side for evening gowns. Now it's almost the whole store, with only one tiny spot for regular clothes. I LOVED a skirt they had but it was marked too high for me. They used to have GREAT clearance. I used to be able to get meeting clothes for 3 to 6 dollars there. The skirt I liked was 60! Oh well. Maybe some day I will get it.

The big score was Steve & Barry's! Even cheaper then here. All their stuff was marked down to 4.00! So we got a bunch of overalls and pajamas for Lela. And when it was all done they gave me a coupon for 5 dollars off my next visit there. I can't wait. I love their jeans so I will probably buy myself some jeans with the coupon.

We took Lela to the Lego store there and she really liked it. That was her first experience with legos. We may have to buy some.

We went to Target and I got another cracker jar, and went ahead and just bought a pack of 3 year old training pants they are way too big, I think, but we'll give them a try. They don't seem to ever have anything smaller.

Then my mother in law was tired so it was time to go.

So I didn't get to see much of the mall. It's HUGE though. 4 stories, has a Ferris wheel, a ice skating rink, a BJ's! All kinds of things. I didn't see much of it though on Monday. haha

However, one striking thing, all the Starbucks (and there was many!) had free samples. That's the first time I have seen that. I really liked the coffee sample I got. Much much better then the time I paid for one on a vacation. What I got on vacation was horrible at Starbucks, and I've always wondered why people would pay for that when mine at home is like 500 times better. BUT, that particular one I had this time would be worth it once in a while! So, I should of asked what that was called, but Lela being sick wasn't having any of me staying there long so I moved on.

I had to use the sling a lot yesterday and carry Lela cause she is so sick and clingy. Good thing we bought those. I seen another mommy there with a ergo though, and she really liked hers a lot. So I want to try one of them out too. She said Buy Buy Baby lets you try them on. So that's another thing on the list of things to do.

After the mall I wanted to go to Super Walmart. Even though others was against it, I won this time. haha I usually don't win. haha So we went to Fishkill, even further upstate New York, and went to Super Walmart, they didn't have Lela's puffed brown rice that I went for. BUT, they did have the NEW Fiber One Pancake Mix, I can't wait to try it! I bought two boxes! I think I'll really like it.

After that we went to Cracker Barrel, and there was a little girl that looked just like Lela there! We should of taken a picture but I was too chicken to ask! When her father seen Lela, he did a double take, and then said Holy Cow, I thought you were walking off with my daughter! She looks just like my daughter. I said I know. My husband seen your daughter while we were in Wal-mart, and thought she was ours! haha Funny we had been to Wal-mart at the same time, and then both went to Cracker Barrel. Even the waitress did a double take, and said, wow I thought they were the same child till just now! I sure wish I would of been brave enough to ask to get a picture with the girls together. Awe well.

My mother in law bought Lela a rocking chair from Cracker Barrel. And I know Lela is going to love it. She never wants to get out of them when we are at Cracker Barrel. And I remember mine from when I was little. I spent a lot of time in mine. I think Lela will too.

She also got Lela a Jack in the Box. Lela has been loving the ones there for about a year. And I always have to pry them out of her hands, with her crying when we leave. But, this time they had them with sock monkeys instead of the clown. I really didn't like the clown/jack that was in jack in the box, cause they were creepy looking. Even though I happen to LIKE clowns! But, the sock monkey was much cuter! So my mother in law bought Lela that too. And she's been playing with it ever since. All the way home, and all of today. She loves it. And I think it's so cute!

Then today, poor Lela had to have blood drawn. Monkey in the box to the rescue! haha She's still sick, but hopefully will start feeling better soon.

September 28, 2008

I haven't posted in forever! I've been terribly busy. It's also been a wet, windy week!

First Lela has had to go twice to get shots. The doctor was a little upset cause I want delayed shots for some of them. I accept most of them but a few I wanted delayed. Which I did, and signed all the papers. But, they really want to make you feel like you are a bad parent by not getting them. I think they should be a little more open since I am only delaying them. Oh well!

She told me Lela could go deaf from the mumps since I am delaying that shot till she is 4 or 5. Well, I almost laughed about that. What was funny when I got home and told my mom, she laughed and said the EXACT same thing that came to my mind but I didn't say out loud to the doctor. Which that was just hilarious!

So you're wondering what I was thinking, that my mom said? "Go deaf? Oh that was a given. We never thought there would be any other possibility." It's a given if you are born in my family you will go deaf at some point! Some earlier then others! hahaha I've had hearing problems my whole life. So has my dad. Dad was raised by his deaf grandparents! Both his grandmother and grandfather were deaf. My step father is deaf. My mom is hard of hearing. I have deaf uncles, aunts, etc. My dad has been wearing two hearing aids since he was 19! My sister is 20, and been going deaf the last few years, already fitted for hearing aids. So deaf? Oh we figured that. Mumps or no mumps! hahaha

Now is deafness something to kid about, of course not. But, personally I know how to deal with deaf. I also know people can live a full active life, having almost any job they want with deafness. My dad is a RN, a therapist, a IV specialist, and a psychiatrist now! Married to a doctor. Great Grandma and Great Grandma never let their deafness stop them from doing anything! I have a uncle who is deaf and did the computer programming for the SR750! (for those of you who don't know that's a very famous air plane). Another uncle who is deaf has worked for NASA for many years, he's a bio-engineer. And my sister is going to law school to be a lawyer.

Most people don't even know most of my family is deaf. They have learned to deal with it like it's just another part of life. They are not upset about it. And they get on with life. They can read lips well, and like I said people who even know them, do not know or even forget if they do know that they are deaf! They use it for their own advantage. When others are having to concentrate to study something or do something, and can't cause of noise around them. They just turn off their hearing aids, put their head down and study!

Any way...that's just one thing. haha But, if only the doctor knew! I also have autism in my family and as much as I love those kids. I feel very bad for them, cause getting a job, communicating with others, etc. Will forever be a challenge for them. I am much more worried about that any day then deafness. Deafness I know how to work with!

Any way, on to a happy note. After her shots we went back to the Broadway Mall. And she played there the rest of the afternoon, and I got more of my embroidery work done.

We took Lela to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time this week. We were supposed to go to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday with Vince's cousins but they forgot and were doing something with the grandparents. So we decided to go to Mc Donald's on Friday, but it was one we had never been to before but decided to try cause it was close to the house. It was disgusting, and smelled of cat urine. It also has a lot of scary looking men there. So we decided to just go by ourselves on to Chuck E Cheese, and we had a great time there. I had coupons that I printed from online where you get 100 tokens for 10.00! That made the tokens 10 cents each. And all the rides/games at our Chuck E. Cheese only take one token! So she had a ball for around 3.00! We didn't eat there. We just went right after breakfast, then left and went some where else for lunch.

She rode the Chuck E. Cheese car that takes your picture (they've had that ride for a long time now) several times. The angle is so wide Vince and I got in some of the pictures with her! hahaha

We also had her picture sketched for 1 token.

They had a horse ride that was really cool, it's a big horse, and you have to use the reigns to steer it on the game in front of you! It's a race horse game. That was really neat. She also liked trying to catch bees game.

Her favorite game was Skee Ball, she about never wanted to stop! haha She will be playing it a lot I can tell. For 10 cents a token I think we will start taking her once a week. I like Mc Donald's still, but there is not a lot she can do there yet cause she is so short. There's a lot at Chuck E. Cheese she can do on her own. And since it is less then 3 dollars for her to have hours of fun. I think we can swing that once a week.

We took her back again on Saturday but there was just way too many people. Friday hardly any one was there and it was lovely. The manager was even cleaning all the games, inside and out! He would open each game and really clean it! I was very impressed by that. The one we went to on Saturday was also quite filthy. So the one on Friday was much much nicer. But, still it was such a mad house at the one we went to on Saturday I just said let's go and we went to Burger King next door, which was also quite dirty.

At Burger King we had their Apple Fries for the first time. They are over priced. But, good! The caramel sauce is GREAT! It's half the calories as Mc Donald's caramel sauce. But, also 1 1/2 times the price. Shame, shame Burger King for charging much more for the apples then fries. In fact to get them in the Kid's Meal at Burger King you have to pay 40 cents extra! Both Mc Donald's and Wendy's lets you have their fruit for free in the kids meals. So... Burger King really don't care if our kids are fat and sick! Oh well, at least they tasted good. haha

I've almost got my pillow cases done for the swap I'm part of.

Then I want to get some done for my sister, and step grandma. And a friend or two. Then I would love to do another swap!

I can't wait to move back to Kansas, so I can get together with some other sisters who stitch and we can maybe take the kids to the park and just sit and stitch and gab a bit!

My inlaws anniversary is upon us. But, we really don't have much money to get them anything this year. Last year I made them pillow cases, which they like but don't use. I wish they would use them. That's why I make them. We also got them silverware which they again never have taken out of the box. They are out of town this weekend, so Vince and I took it upon ourselves to stay at their house, found the silverware washed it, dried it and put it away! haha So now they will have to use it! Their old flatware is really in bad shape.

I think this year, what I have figured out we will do, is go buy some wood glue, I have felt at home. And put felt on each of their dining room chair legs. They don't slide well at all, and they have wood floors. So this will protect their floors and help the chairs slide better! So I think that's going to be our gift to them.

I also got some more bad news this week. Richard Simmons Sirius Radio show has been canceled. They can't afford his show any more. That was really really sad. He was helping a lot of people especially truckers, who desperately need his help. Considering so many are morbidly and even super obese. That was really sad. I listen to his show every week. He says he is considering going to internet radio stations, I sure hope he does! Truckers won't be able to listen like they could with Sirius but at least people can have his help again.

There's of course been much more this week. But, that's the basics of the week.

September 22, 2008

We had quite the last few days!

We had Lela's two year old pictures taken at Babies R Us. It took us two days!

It started early on Saturday. So we would get to Babies R Us extra early we decided to eat breakfast out, and we went to Dunkin Donuts. I had the new Turkey Sausage Spinach Eggwhite flat bread sandwich. I LOVED it! I will definitely get it again.

We went to Babies R Us to get photos taken but then they were over crowded and couldn't fit us in till Sunday. So we went to Red Lobster and had lunch. After lunch I took Lela to look at the lobsters. She kept trying to jump high enough to get into the tank with them but couldn't. haha So finally she put her hand on her chin, and said, hmmmm........I know just what to do, Luluuuuuuuu?

I laughed so hard. She watches a cartoon that is Chinese, and when ever the main character needs to get something high up, she always says let's call Lulu! Cause Lulu is a pink rhino that has balloons tied on her that helps her float up high! lol haha

Vince laughed so hard he was doubled over crying! haha

Then yesterday we finally got her pictures taken. *sigh* I got stuck with the two people I dislike most that work there. They are not patient and want to push you through like cattle, even though we are spending like 400.00 there! And it makes me upset. The lady wouldn't wait for Lela to smile, and made me just go on. So out of about 20 picture only 2 are of her smiling. I begged the lady to just wait a minute and let me get Lela together. The poor baby is sick, and usually does better at picture taking time. But, she's been stuffy nosed and not feeling her usual self. Grrr. And Lela doesn't like this lady either. We've had her a few times and she really doesn't know how to relate to children at all. There's another lady that used to take her time and Lela loved her, but they fired her cause she wasn't fast enough! No she didn't rush people through like cattle, she waited for the children to get warmed up to her, and then she got WONDERFUL shots! UHG. I was there the day she was fired, they were yelling at her about how much time she was spending with us. And it makes me very upset, I think I will write the company!

Any way, then to pick out the pictures they put us with the guy who doesn't like his job (I've also had him in the past) He is just there to flirt with the teen girls. He doesn't really like to do all the photo editing, so he was lost in space, while I was trying to get what I wanted. And I had to repeat myself many times, cause of course I'm not cute and beautiful like the girls he kept leering at and always does when I am there.

So it was another all day experience. But, I do like a few of the pictures. :)

Then we went to Barnes and Nobles! I have known for a long time that Australia had more embroidery magazines then we do here in the USA. But, I never thought I would find one on a shelf here in the USA. But, yesterday surprise, surprise I found a GREAT one! I am so happy. I am going to go back to that Barnes and Nobles over the next few months and see if it's a magazine that I will continue to like, and if so I'm going to look into getting a subscription. The one issue I bought is GREAT!

So all in all it was a good weekend! And I'm glad we finally got some more photographs of Lela! :)

September 18, 2008

More shopping today. Lela had a great time. She needed new pajamas as her current ones we bought last year, and are getting too small. I find that Steve and Barry's has the best baby and toddler pajamas. Very cute. Very very very extra soft. And very roomy. Also nice and long. I've never had to pay more then 8 dollars a pair. And today they were on sale for 6 dollars a pair! So we bought 4 pair. We also got her two overalls as they were also 6 dollars. One brown-tan pair, and one navy blue. I was so excited cause they had cuffed legs. Which meant, I could get the 2T size, which she will probably be able to wear for a year. They fit her just right now, when I put the shoulder straps on the tightest they would go and the cuffs rolled up the shortest they would go. Which was about 4 inches! So that means I am sure she will be able to wear them at least a year. Cause if she grows more then 6 inches this year, I will be in shock. (4 inches on the legs, and at least 2 inches on the shoulder straps). She hasn't really grown that much this past year. Maybe 2 to 4 inches. We will see soon as her doctors appointment is coming up.

Any way, I chose to go to the Steve and Barry's at the Broadway Mall, in Hicksville, Long Island. I chose it, because it has a GREAT toddler play land. It has a bunch of squishy toys all Lela's size. And a slide she could go down all day long if we let her. She went down it at least 50 times today.

Her favorite used to be the sail boat, cause it had a tiny incline and when she was tiny tiny it was enough for her to slide down herself with out any help. But of course now she's a "big" girl, so loves the big girl light house slide.

As always it was packed with lots and lots of children. Sometimes there is up to 40 children in there. Children of all ages, sizes, and color. Which is really nice.

It also has a nice little bench all the way around the perimeter for parents to sit and watch the children.

We let her play in the play area for about a hour and a half. Then it was time for lunch. She and Vincent had pizza, and garlic knots. Which she was very happy to have. Of course being a "big girl", she had to eat her pizza with a fork. haha She ate a lot of onions, her favorite!

After lunch, I let her play by the rides. It's great that at two she doesn't HAVE to have them move to have fun. So it was a lot of fun for absolutely free! hahaha She played at least thirty minutes on rides with out spending a dime.

I am so glad she doesn't mind, or even know better. Because the rides sure are getting expensive. One dollar per a ride. And they don't even last but a few seconds, literally. Another mom put in money for her child to ride, and I don't think it lasted 30 seconds. It was over before Lela was even able to get up on the rocket, and she had just gotten off the ride the other mother paid to have her child ride.

When I was little my mom would try to get the rides that had room for more then one child. And of course they only cost twenty five cents then. But at least that was split by at least three children also! Now a days they seem to on purpose make the rides one passenger only. At least here in NYC.

Any way, she sure did have fun riding them. Mainly pushing the buttons and using her own imagination. Which is just great I think.

She had great fun flying both the rocket and the space ship. She even knew what they were with out me telling her. And she told me, I'm flying mommy, I'm flying! I thought that was so cute. And I was shocked she knew what they were.

She formed a pretty close bond to ole Arthur here. She even had to give him a hug and a kiss good-bye before exiting off the school bus. haha Have a good day at school Arthur!

Next we headed over to another Steve and Barry's, as the first one didn't have all the clothes we needed. This time we headed to the one in Westbury, another town in Long Island. On the way I stopped in to the only Joann's, here in NYC to check if they had the newest Aunt Martha primitive pillow case hot iron transfers. But, they did not. And in fact their stock of all the patterns was really really low. I hope they don't stop selling them. They are the only place left in NYC that sells them now!

And then last but not least, we went to Babies R Us. We went to get some more of those soft fuzzy bibs that I like so well. While Vince was checking out, I noticed the newest Kiwi magazine, and it was so interesting I had to buy it. Which meant I had to get back in line. While I was in line, Lela designated herself the cashier at another cash register! Batteries any one?

Then when we got home, she said the funniest thing. My husband and I always watch Dr. Phil. However, we don't watch the re-runs, and he's only been having new shows the past 2 weeks. When we got home, we turned on Dr. Phil, and she said, Hi, Uncle Phil! And then just kept telling us, that was Uncle Phil! hahaha She must think Doctor means Uncle! hahaha

It's amazing how much they listen and watch our every move. It's a good thing we don't watch anything bad. I was a little shocked she picked up so quickly who he was. Especially since we don't even watch it every day. We've missed several in the past two weeks! She's only seen him a hand full of times, since last season! We better stay on our toes!

September 16, 2008

We took Lela to Mc Donald's today. We found a GREAT one. It was the best one I have ever went to. It was all decorated up, so very nicely. It was almost like going to Panera Bread, or Chipotle's or other upper scale fast food restaurant rather then Mc Donald's. It was quite surprising.

It had very nice comfy chairs, and booths. The chairs just perfect for sitting and embroidering, or any craft for that matter. I think there will be many winter days spent in one of these chairs while Lela is playing, and I am getting more embroidery work done. A good time can be had by both of us. The booths were also nice and rounded. I seen a lot of women in there, just reading and drinking coffee. I will have to try their coffee at least once this winter, as I hear it is really good. And they now offer sugar free flavored syrups for them. So I'll have to see what all the buzz is about.

There was even a fire place! I was quite surprised by the fire place. I hope they decide to turn it on this winter. I think it looks mighty cozy, cute, and neat. By the amount of women, I seen gathered in that area today, I can tell once winter comes and it's turned on, there will be women gathered there to read and drink their coffee next to the cozy fire. How unique for a Mc Donald's. That's one of the reasons I like Panera Bread, is the fire places. So that is really nice to have one there as well.

It also had three flat screen TV's. Lela liked watching the Cartoons on one of the TV's, while Vince and I enjoyed watching CNN on the other. Pretty unusual for a Mc Donald's that's for sure.

And this was the first Mc Donald's I have ever been to with dispensers for the sweet and sour sauce, and barbecue sauce for the Mc Chicken Nuggets. Sure for Ketchup and Mustard, but never for Sweet and Sour sauce, and Barbecue sauce. I rather liked being able to get my own. Rather then what ever the cashier deems we were allowed to have rationed to us for the day. Especially considering the fact many Mc Donald's here in New York are now charging 10 cents per a package for Mc Chicken Nugget sauces, ketchup and mustard!

The murals in the play land were beautiful! Wild animals and flying creatures of all kinds. Pandas, Panthers, Tigers, Parrots, Toucans. And just all kinds of creatures.

Trees, and waterfalls, beautiful landscape. I had never seen such beautiful paintings in any restaurant let alone Mc Donald's! It was like visiting the rain forest.

They also had beautiful paintings all through out the Mc Donald's. Above almost every table. They were on real canvas, and looked like oil paintings. Mainly of roses, and various flowers. Very vibrant oranges, and reds. They were just gorgeous. And it was VERY clean. The playland was spotless. I could tell they hose or pressure spray it down often. There was a lot of drains in there for just such a cleaning. And it was so spotless, I could tell they do this often. And most importantly there was not any spray painting from gang members in there, like at the Mc Donald's from last week. Which was so sad, that people are so insane today that they would even defame even little children's play grounds, for no good reason.

It is a little far from our home, but well worth going to, at least in my opinion. And I'm sure in Lela's too.

Lela had the same food as she did last week at the other Mc Donald's we went to in Brooklyn. She had the Chicken Mc nuggets, the apple dippers, that come with caramel sauce, even though she didn't eat the caramel sauce, which is a good thing, since it's probably not much better then the french fries, instead of french fries, and whole milk instead of the regular soda pop that used to come with happy meals. Again I am so glad they have made it a tad bit easier to select healthier choices for our children, and ourselves for that matter.

And she also received another cute toy, for children three years old and younger. It was not as cute as the other one that she got last week at the other Mc Donald's we went to. But I decided not to open it, and leave it in it's plastic, in case they get in a cuter one, that I can trade it in for, later.

A funny moment was when Lela went up to the Ronald Mc Donald statue that was sitting on a bench in the playground area and wanted to play with him. Meanwhile, when we took her to Sesame Place, and she wanted nothing to do with those big Sesame Street characters there! And started crying. The poor baby girl. And then we had to pay money to get pictures of her crying with the Big Sesame Place Characters. At least I was able to take this photo of her, happy, and didn't have to pay a dime for it!

There was also another little girl there that was 16 months old that had a lot of interest in Lela. But, Lela was too busy running to stop too much for her. But, the little girl was so very cute. She was also interested in me, once Lela began to go off on her own. She crawled up in a chair beside me and wanted to drink Lela's milk that Lela had lost interest in.

I think we will be going back to this one often, as the chairs are wonderful for me to sit in and embroider while Lela is playing her heart out. Of course I'll have to go in and play with her some too! But, the climbing in those things does a number on adult knees. At least there was plenty of other children there for her to play with, so she wouldn't mind at all if we just sat back and watched!

Lela had a ton of fun though, so I can tell we will go back again and again. Probably next week! I can't wait till next time, next Tuesday. The older she gets, the more fun life seems to be.