June 29, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I am thinking...I need to get to Babies R Us and pick up the girls pictures.

I am thankful for...baby smiles and giggles.

I am remembering...How much loved being pregnant with Lela, and oh how I loved her before she was ever even born.

I am hoping...that I can be a good mother!

I am creating...XML templates for my blogs.

On my mind...My grandmothers Lela & Martha. Both were such great story tellers. I've been turning off the TV and telling Lela stories. She loves it! The only thing is, she never wants it to stop. Gonna bring back up my story tellin' blog and record some of theirs in there, before I forget! Took me a good 5 minutes to remember Uncle Guffrie's name this morning! I'm surprised Lela understands the stories so well. When I get to places where people died, she actually understood and said that's sad, mommy! Yup it is......

Noticing that...Lela is growing up so fast!

From the kitchen...fried chicken.

One of my favorite things... zoo's! We're going to the Bronx zoo in a few weeks before we move. I can't wait to go. Will be my first time. I loved the Central park zoo when we went there though.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...My dream thread cabinet.

June 28, 2010

Fire in 13D

It's been hot and muggy here!

Yesterday we came home from meeting and there was a fire in apartment 13D, in our section-C. We stood outside for a hour waiting to be let back in, and then decided to just go get in the car, and sat there for another 2 hours. Finally we were allowed back in. We were terribly worried about Willow the cat. I always wondered how well the firewalls, and fireproof doors worked, but they worked great! Not even a hint of smoke in here. Although the hallways were covered in suit, and water at least 2 inches deep! Thankfully our elevator continued to run, the even elevator is out of service. ACK!

On a good note, I was finally able to use a coupon and go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a new blender. We haven't had one in about 3 years. So I've been making lots of smoothies to cool off and get refreshed the last few days. And to top it off Stop and Shop has had blueberries cheaper then I have ever seen them before! 3 pints for 4 dollars. So I've been adding lots of them to my smoothies. YUM, YUM!

June 25, 2010

Went to Hungry Girl's happy hour in Garden City last night. Boy was the food yummy! And all healthy and low calorie! I tried a few of the drinks too and they were yummy too. I liked the lemon drop the best. They gave out a year supply of vitamuffins but I didn't win. I was sure hoping to win! Lela had fun eating the pigs in blankets, and watermelon. I thought the bacon wrapped shrimp was really really good! And the new vitamuffin flavor that was released was apple crumb, they served it with vanilla frozen yogurt. It was soooooo good. The dip they had out for the veggies was also good.

It was at a really swanky hotel too. When we first pulled up Vince said, are you sure we're dressed good enough to go in there. I said, well she's never dressed up on tv or anything, so I think we'll be ok. We were ok for Hungry Girl's party. But, the people arriving to stay at the hotel were really dressed to the hilt, and arrived in limo's and Rolls with their own drivers and every thing. There wasn't even a place to park your own car, valet only! It was a beautiful hotel. And the room the party was in was HUGE, and had several sitting areas with different ambiances. It was very dimly lit, and every one had glow sticks, necklaces, head bands, rings and bracelets. Lela loved it!

The man who developed Vitamuffins was also there, he looked like a professor in a bow tie and every thing. He had brought over 4,000 vitatops and they were gone with in 30 minutes! He was super nice and personable.

We had a great time.

On sad news, the dresser I planned on getting Belle that matches the dresser we got for Lela and their bunk beds, was discontinued! UHG! They have the frames left for half price, but no drawers to put in the frames. It was so upsetting as I had planned on buying them once I saved the money, finally saved the money and now they are gone! Grrr. I wish they had at least posted signs or something.

I really really need to lose 20 lbs. So I am going to be opening up my weight loss blog again soon. Look for it in upcoming post. I'm working on updating it's looks first though. And I have renamed it, it's new name is Easy As Banana Cream Pie. I wanted to use As Easy As Pie but that name was taken. So I liked the name Banana Cream, 1 I like banana cream pie, 2, I like the way it sounds, and 3 that was one of the first kinds of pies I made of JoAnna's. I chose the Easy as Pie maxim, because I lost most my weight, because I was adhering to Healthy Exchanges recipes. And JoAnna was famous for all her pie recipes! Thousand's literally. And I have made hundreds of her pie recipes. And actually lost weight eating pie! So it's as easy as eating pie to lose weight the Healthy Exchanges way! haha So it just fit.

Blogger has a new editor as well. I'm still using the classic (their oldest editor), but their newer one also lets you have 10 extra pages, for things like about me and the like. If I could just learn to get the boxes out from around the images I may switch over, so I can get those 10 extra pages! We'll see. I need to go on their forum and see if I can get any answers about the boxes around images.

On good news, I was able to back up my entire blog and have it on file now, in case my account is EVER stolen again! It took me a while but it's done, and I can rest easy now.

June 22, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I am thinking...I can't wait to move back to Kansas.

I am thankful for...unanswered prayers. So glad my husband is in the truth, and loves Jehovah.

I am remembering...I was so heartbroken 10 years ago, when my relationship with some one failed. And today, I am happily married to a very nice man.

I am hoping...that I can pack the house and be out of here on time!

I am creating...still working on my bread and butter kids dish towel! But, I'll be done shortly. I can't wait to start on some pillow cases.

On my mind...wanting to get things done so we can get out of here, and back to Kansas.

Noticing that...today is beautiful outside, sun is shining, only small drifts of clouds. Jehovah knows how to make a beautiful day!

From the kitchen...sloppy joe's.

One of my favorite things... the circus, I hope we get to go!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...where my heart is.

June 20, 2010

Thursday my google account was shut down! And I couldn't get into my email or my blog. I was beginning to think I never would see either again! It finally got resolved a few minutes ago. It was driving me nuts! I went through most the old post and saved them though. Now I need to go back through and fix things. I wish I had of as I went along, but I really didn't think I would be able to use this blog again. I need to relink old pictures that were on my homestead and my homestead account will be shutting down soon.

Vince finally put together the changing table for Belle last night. I love it! It's going to help me so much! I bought it before she was born, but haven't gotten Vince nailed down to build it yet. So happy it's finally done. Next we are going to rearrange the bedroom so we can try to eek out some more space in here. We have my rocking chair, 3 dressers, Belle's swing, Lela's bunk beds, our queen size bed, two stacking drawers for our night stands, a rolling hospital table, a air conditioner and much more in here! We need to make it work till we move.

June 18, 2010

Took Lela Roy Wilkin's park today, after Vince got home from work. They are having the Univers-Soul Circus there this week. We are hoping we can go later this coming week. I went ahead and went in and checked on the prices of the concessions. They weren't too bad. However, the scents were calling to Vince and I. We never eat hotdogs, but were sure craving one with all the circus scents wafting around our heads for a couple of hours! We ended up getting icee's instead from the icee pushers. Lela finished a large rainbow, and wanted a second! haha We had to tell her they went home-which they had, they had given us the last of their icee's and was packing up their van when we caught them as it was. It was a nice walk in he park though. Belle loved it even!

Belle has also had her first food, she got some avocado. Not sure if she liked it or not, a lot of working with her tongue and pushing it back out. But, she'll get used to it, I guess.

June 15, 2010

Ikea is so cheap on Tuesday nights 15 meatballs, 2 roasted potatoes for 2.49, that we can barely make a meal at home for that. So we go there as much on Tuesdays as we can. We took Lela, she ate all her potatoes and almost all her meatballs all by herself!

I seen that they have the dresser I want to get Belle, 50% off because I guess they are discontinuing it! UHG, I love that dresser! We're going back next Tuesday and buying it. At least it being 50% will make it a lot cheaper, but I hate they won't be selling it any more.

Then we took her over to the toddler playground in the food court of the mall. She played for about two hours and had a ball. She really liked a little Asian girl named Olivia. I was able to get caught up on some embroidery work. And that made me happy!

Then we went over to Target and got butt paste for Belle. On the way back to the car, I stopped and looked at Kay's Jewelery as I really need a new wedding ring, since mine has been broken for years now. A jewelry designer was there, selling his own designs and they were beautiful! Had a antique look to them, with filigree and other touches that really draw me. None were wedding rings, but I sure wouldn't mind using one of his designs as a wedding ring. They were all one of a kind and beautiful! And I've never been traditional any way!

June 13, 2010

Last night I was making tea and accidentally poured the boiling water on to my hand instead of in the tea jar. I received some first, second, and third degree burns from that. I ended up at the ER where they gave me new silverdine, as mine had expired and wasn't helping at all. And some pain medication which made me pretty goofy, but at least out of my misery! My Father in Law took me, and then Vince met us there when he got off work. After I was released, I just went ahead and went to the grocery store so I wouldn't have to worry about leaving the house today.

On a happy note, finally got Lela's old baby swing out, got the seat washed in the washer, and put Belle in it. Belle likes it! Of course she likes lights and it has spinning light stars.

June 11, 2010

I have been busy, busy, busy!

First my step mother Darla, and my sister Amber were able to come up last Thursday and stay till Sunday morning. It was so much fun. Darla bought a blow up scooby doo at party city for 50 cents! Came with a spatula and hamburgers to throw into his mouth. All made from parachute material. Pretty cute, and Lela really liked playing with it. She also bought her a Kialan lego set, and several golden books! We love Golden Books! I noticed our grocery store is selling Golden Books card games now! I hope we can afford to get them soon for Lela.

They both helped me fill the thank you boxes for the baby shower, and make the pinwheels, and all the set up for the baby shower. We were so happy that they let us decorate the room the night before the shower. Boy did that help. And the day of the shower they let Lela start riding the carousel 2 hours early and 1 hour late. I loved that place, they were so kind and nice. If we were staying here we would for sure rent that for more occasions.

Many people were able to come to the shower, including Sam and Phil who we had never met in real life before. It was great meeting them.

I thought the shower turned out great. And I really liked how I decorated it. I'll have to get some photos to post soon of it. Every one I think had fun at the party and I'm glad about that. The prizes I got at Michael's were a pretty big hit, so I will do that again! And I'll also use the toilet paper roll center pieces I learned from the Duggars again. As that was fast easy and cute!

After the baby shower, we took my sister and Darla to Deer Park the outlet mall, and I got my 10 dollar gift card. They shopped till they dropped. Then we went to Panera bread, where I could barely hold my head up to eat, but managed a bowl of soup.

I sent Amber home with a box of the mints to have Meagan try and see what flavor she would like for their wedding. Meagan is my oldest little brother, Nick's, fiance. They are getting married in December. I think I'll make some for their wedding shower too. Amber and I will probably throw them some sort of shower. Hmmm, I wonder when we can do that! lol May have to be with out my brother, since I don't think he is supposed to be back in the States till November.

Then on Sunday my cousin in law, Gary, gave his first public talk. I meant to go, but I was just to exhausted. And I really really wanted to go. But, we did go to the bbq his parents threw later that day. We went late and left early. As I was just too tired.

On Monday we met, Katrina, Shawn, and Zack. Zack was a riot. Belle was fascinated by him. Stared and stared at him. Shawn said you got a new girl friend, she is burning a hole through your head with her eyes. I think I finally figured out she had never seen any one with blonde hair, and was probably thinking, I didn't know it came in that color! haha I got to ride the Long Island Rail Road for the first time. As there is a station right behind our house. It cost us a lot more then the subway but oh so worth it. We will do that from now on if we have to. It had a bathroom on the train that was clean and was a really nice ride. And I was able to pump both on the way there and on the way home. We met them at Penn Station, Lela and Vince had Papaya burger, fries, and pina colada, I'm pretty sure they have been on Martha Stewart, then we went on to China Town. I bought Lela a cute little dress for 8 dollars in China town. We walked over to Little Italy and ate dinner at Lombardi's. Zach said, now I can never have pizza again! Katrina said, oh you'll eat pizza again. Zach said, yeah, but then I'll be saying, this is good, but it's no Lombardi's! haha He is so right too. That's what I said the first time I had pizza there too. I could never eat another pizza now, it will just be a disappointment, and it is! Nothing like Lombardi's! Then we went to a sub station, I pumped in the back, and hoped my girls wouldn't be electrocuted. Vince opened the garage door to let in some air, with all those breakers in there it was hot hot hot! Thankfully the weather was beautiful and cool outside. There was a HUGE cockroach that crawled up on Shawn as he was taking it's picture. It was every bit as big as a mouse, bigger then a lot of mice I have seen. It was HUGE! YUCK! Then we said our good byes, and we went back to Penn station. Had some Mc Donald's drinks, and headed home.

I've been having to get caught up on dishes from the party, and bottles being washed ever since! I finally am all caught up. Now to get caught up on laundry and the house clean and packing.

My dad is ever closer to having our apartment ready, it's looking awesome. We can't wait to get there!