November 10, 2014


Belle: Can we have donuts mom?

Me: yes. (we bought enough for each kid to have one today).

Belle: *whisper voice* good because I got them out myself... we ate the chocolate ones.

Me.... LOL!!!!

October 26, 2014

Crazy Busy Day

Such a busy day! and I'm exhausted! Meeting, came home washed dishes, made lunch, defrosted food for tomorrow, reorganized garage, cleaned back patio, cleaned front porch, reorganized Lela's closet, Vince's closet, packed away coats that were too little for this year, had date with Vincent, shopping, cleaned dining room.... ARG. today was long! lol

August 12, 2014

Captain Hook!

Conversation between Belle and RJ.

Belle puts a used paper towel cardboard on her hand, and says, I'm Captain Hook!

RJ: No you're not, you're Belle!

Belle: Yes, I am Captain Hook! Come here Mister Noodle Pants!

Um.... where did she get Mister Noodle Pants? lol

March 12, 2014

West Congregation Hot Cocoa Party!

Such a fun hot cocoa party that the congregation had for the children. Sooo many things they had. It was awesome. Each child was able to take home a mug for hot cocoa and their own stuffed teddy bear too. It was such a neat party!