February 26, 2003

Sorry didn't come here for a while again. I'm trying to get better again. lol Any way Monday night was our first 2 month oral review. It was neat. I like it better then a 6 month review where I forget so much in that time period. It was kind of funny though. Cause the brother said ok we are doing a new format tonight. We will have a oral review instead of written. Ok get started. And then he walked off the stage. I just looked at him and thought, hmmmm am I wrong in what oral review could mean? lol Then he got back on stage and said, oops sorry, I can't believe I did that. lol Uh I guess I have to be up here to get started. lol Our examples on how to present the mags was also hilarious. lol We have a brother who used to be a news caster in our congregation. Well, news casters are used to having every thing wrote out word for word for them. So he is that kind of guy. He and his wife get up there, and she gets to the donation part. And he just looks at her. (apparently forgot his lines.) So then she says, so are you going to give me a donation or what? lol It was a funny night. I am not making fun of these brothers. It just helps me not be so scared to make a mistake, when I see every one does. And it lightens the mood I think.

Any way, haven't done a whole lot more. Except go to Costco where the crowd was CRAZY!

February 21, 2003

Not doing a whole lot lately. I only worked a very little on my cross stitching. Although it's almost done. I got the cutest jeans though. They are capris (which means just the right length for me), that had red roses embroidered up one leg from the bottom. I've never been able to have jeans like that since I would have had to cut off the bottoms to hem them up. So that was pretty exciting. lol Hmmmm, I think it's been brought up that I have a boring life.

February 19, 2003

I got done with the back stitching of the face and the hands yesterday and the DRESS! So now I'm working on her hoop.

Went to Wal-mart today and got some new clothes for summer. Very cute. :)

February 18, 2003

Yup yup got done with back stitching the hair. And started the face. I hope I'm done with the face, and hands today. :)

February 17, 2003

I've started the back stitching last night. I got all three hair bows done. Now, I'm working on the hair. I think the hair will be done before the days end. :) I'm taking it slowly. Cause when I rush I make too many mistakes and end up having to rip half the stitched out and do it over.

We're pretty snowed in. Having a blizzard here. Not supposed to go any where. But, Vince still went to work!

February 16, 2003

Still working on my cross stitching. But, thankfully only have the backstitching left to do. I didn't work on it for a few days.

We've canceled our cruise for 2004. There wasn't enough support for a group cruise. But, have decided instead to go to Silver Dollar City theme park. I think it will be fun. We will go with my mom and step father and my nieces and nephews, for a week. Can't wait. :)

Let's see other things we've done? Not a lot. lol Sorry.

February 12, 2003

Almost done with my first cross stitching project. I have a lot more I need to get done. lol :) But, it's been fun.

I bought My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night. It was hilarious! lol I love it.

February 8, 2003

Still working on my cross stitching project. I have gotten the head done, and part of the chair and dress. Here's a picture of the figurine of the pattern I'm doing. http://www.gocollect.com/images/PreciousMoments/300/E3106.jpg

I was not doing too much fly lady. Fell off the wagon. The living room gets depressing with all the papers. They are driving me crazy. Any way I cleaning the kitchen though a little this am. Thankfully the bathroom doesn't need much this time. Just basic maintenance.

February 4, 2003

Still doing my cross stitching and having a lot of fun. I also hung up a doll I've had since I was little, and a wedding picture in our bedroom, I think it sure looks a lot warmer in there. Working on getting rid of the stale office feel. I want a warm homey feel. lol I also got a really nice candle in ginger bread scent that I love at Wal-mart. I actually started burning a huge 3 wick candle I bought for our wedding. For some reason we didn't light it at the wedding! So I've been burning it and other candles and listening to some nice jazz cds and just relaxing and cross stitching. It's been really nice.