August 31, 2002

Vince's father was supposed to take me to the grandparents house after meeting today, but he ended up having to work. This is the one Saturday a month that Vince works 8-4. I was going to go with Vince's father then Vince would come after work, since Vince works in Brooklyn, very close to his grandparents house. So then after his father called we changed and Vince was going to come home and get me. It is about a 2 hour round trip from Vince job, to me and back to Brooklyn. And then he called me and says he has over time. So I don't even know if it will be worth it to go. Especially since today is the last day of Red Lobster having a special on Crab Legs and we wanted to go. Although I have almost 40 eggs made for the day at the grandparents house. :( GRRRRRRR

August 30, 2002

We've been invited to Vince's grandma's tomorrow. So I boiled some eggs, I'm waiting for them to cool down. I will make deviled eggs AGAIN, lol for my part.

I made a new linkie today. :) But, grrrr I've been having problems being able to upload it to homestead so I can bandwith it to here! Finally got it.
I made a really cute hamster I think today. It's a little big, but cute! :) Ok now I need to sleep. lol

August 29, 2002

No cleaning again today! I really need to get with it.

This morning Vince is on the 8-4 shift, and he was looking and looking for his keys. Well, it woke me up and I asked him what was going on, he said he was looking for his keys. This is a daily thing, so I let him continue to look for them. Well he kept on and on. I suggested a few places, and he said he would look there. Still didn't find them, it was getting later and later so I finally got up and decided today he needed my help. (usually he always has to look for them daily, but finds them in about 5 or 10 minutes tops. And yes I have suggested a key holder, we got one and he never uses it!) So finally I was still looking in the apt, and he left, I said where are you going, he said he was going to back track and see if he had dropped them some where-I figured if he had they were long gone. He gets all the way to the truck, looks in and sees he had left them in the ignition!!!!!!!!! He called me and said he found them. This is NYC, the truck is parked on the street, a very busy street at that. I just can't believe we still have a car!

Then I went back to bed, and got up at 12:30 whew I haven't slept that late in a long time.

I also made Caz a sig tag for PLN today.

August 28, 2002

Not much to write about today, we laid around. lol It was Vince's day off.

I did make myself a new sig tag for PLN & I made the bloggin' buddies sign over on the right hand side last night. If any one else would like to send me their linkie to put over there let me know.

Oh and a pretty cool thing I seen today while reading my Southern Living magazine is my step father's mothers Mexican casserole dish recipe! I never knew any one else who made this particular dish as it has some unusual ingredients like cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup in it. Although they said 2 cups of tortilla chips, she always just used a bag of cheese Doritos it was always a big hit with the kids, cause we were allowed to have chips! lol My mom didn't allow much junk food-chips back then, so this was kind of a junk food meal for us. I never knew growing up about the cans of soup in it. lol Till about 3 years ago when my nephews school was making a recipe book and wanted all the students to bring in family recipes, and that was my nephews fathers favorite that grandma made, so I called her up and asked for the recipe and then found out.

August 27, 2002

I didn't get the corner done today. I went to Costco and then I was feeling really ill. So I had to rest a while. Then I called Chari, then I called my mother. And now I'm here. lol
I didn't finish the corner. But, it will be finished today. That is my mission. I did get a bag of recyclables out of it and a bag of stuff to throw out.
So I have done nothing today so far, except for take the clothes off the shower rod cause they were finally dry and put the bathmat on the floor. I must do more cleaning. I see my self waning from my cleaning mission. I must stay on target. I will clean a corner today. I must get it done. I will recheck in when I have accomplished that.

August 26, 2002

I didn't accomplish all my goals, although I did put up quite a bit of stuff. I didn't get laundry folded, or new laundry washed. I did gather quite a bit up though. And I gathered another thing of recyclables and a thing of trash. And I shredded quite a bit of paper. *sigh* Still so much to do. I also didn't nap. The bath mat is still damp. But, I think the coat, and dress or dry, so I will put them up. Then I need to bathe.
PS I feel like I need another nap.
I gathered up two bags of recyclables, the bathroom trash and the kitchen trash and got Vince to take them all out! So yea! The bathroom is complete except it's kind of cool and humid here so the bath mat is still drying on the shower rod. It should be dry by tomorrow though. And I did some dishes.

Goals for today. Putting up some more stuff, gathering more stuff to throw out, folding laundry and a few more dishes.

August 25, 2002

I got my laundry out of the dryer, folded it and put it away. I called my mom, and then I got that nap I desperately needed.
I haven't taken a nap yet.

I read my e-mail. Then I mopped the bathroom. Then I took the bathmat, a load of laundry and a winter coat down to wash.

On my way out of the elevator I all the sudden was drenched with sweat and my thinking was disoriented. I went ahead to the laundry room put my clothes in the machines, spilled some soap as I was putting it in. And one machine decided it didn't want my money grrrrr. I was trying to hurry as I was feeling more and more disoriented and hot. I figured my blood sugar must of quickly dropped from the exertion of mopping.

Finally got myself back in the apt, and took my sugar, it was 60. Which a normal sugar should be between 80 and 120. Especially since I just ate at 3:00. So I got some chips and licorice.

When I was feeling better, I figured it was time to check on the laundry so I did that. Brought up the bathmat, winter coat, and dress that Sherri-AskPowell-SassyNanny gave me to hang dry on the shower rod. And put the other load in the dryer. Then I mopped the bathroom floor again as a rinse. Since the bathroom floor was kind of getting bad I used vinegar and soft scrub on it. So I was letting it dry so I could rinse the soft scrub off easier. It is looking pretty good now. Vince's cologne fell on the floor and shattered a while ago, and some places turned a weird green from that. Not mildew, just weird, so that came up with the soft scrub.

BTW, a quick tip soft scrub works real well on coolers too! lol
I put up a few bags of things, that's been needing to be put up. Took a bath. Took some things down to the recycling. Then we went to Wal-mart, and Krispy Kreme for Vince's mom. We didn't get home in time for Vince to help me put up stuff from Wal-mart, so I had to put it up. We got stack of drawers, could only afford one right now. But, will get 2 more on Thursday. I am going to use this one to start on organizing the pantry. But, that will be later tonight. Right now, I think I will take a nap after I read through my e-mail.

August 24, 2002

Two more bags of trash out of here! And some dishes washed.
Ok I just came back from getting rid of the bathroom trash, and the kitchen trash, and two bags of recyclables! I'm on a roll. I hope I can keep up, till this place is presentable.
I've been cleaning and cleaning. Let's hope I can keep it up. Last night I eliminated 5 bags of things. This morning Vince wasn't feeling well so we stayed home from meeting. He's been in bed. I got rid of 5 more loads of things, and gave some boxes to the neighbor who is moving. Vince hates getting rid of boxes like, the DVD player boxes, his RC airplane mailing box, directv dish box, the entertainment center box and many more boxes, but we live in a apt and have no room to keep them. By the time I get him talked into getting rid of them, his mother says oh you need them in case you need to return the "___". We are not returning the DVD player, RC airplane, directv dish, the entertainment center, etc and if we do they will have to take it with out the box, and same with all the other stuff we bought that came in boxes, cause we have no room for those huge boxes here. So I got rid of 5 loads of them today myself! Yeehaw! lol He's still in bed and has no idea. Maybe he won't notice. lol

August 23, 2002

We went grocery shopping a little today. I bought stuff to make a nice salad.

It's finally cooling off here today, it rained all night last night. This morning Vince had brought me home a gyro. But, by the time we were home from shopping I was feeling really sick. I had to put all the groceries up cause Vince had to go to work. So after that I ate my gyro and went to bed. I didn't sleep well though, I kept waking up. Then I had a horrible headache, so I took some medicine. Now, I'm going to soak in a hot bubble bath and see if that helps any.

August 22, 2002

I forgot to post yesterday. Things have been ok, just not much to report. :)

August 20, 2002

Oops I forgot some things. LOL Some people came and forgot to bring coolers. Since ours was empty with out food out to eat, they had a bag of ice and asked if they could use our cooler. I said sure. And then when Vince came along he said some other peoples food is in our cooler! lol I had to explain to him what happened. (we needed ice any way. lol) And yes we FORGOT to take pictures again! WE had the camera and completely forgot! GRRRRRRRRRRR
Thursday we had to shop for the Poconos. And groceries for home. Friday we went to the Poconos. It was a lot of fun and there was a SUPER Wal-mart there. I was so happy for that. LOL Saturday though when I got up to start making food for the picnic on Sunday I realized I had forgot a few things, so we went to a gourmet grocery store there and Vince found a lot of different vinegar he had been wanting so he was very happy. I made food all day on Saturday. I made 60 deviled eggs, 2 cream pies, 2 salads, and a cherry dump cake. Every one loved the food at the picnic and was taking some home for later! lol One sister wants to pay me to cook for her. A sister from Zimbabwe (sp) said I need to teach cooking. lol Sister Johnson said, Vincent got him a wife that can cook. lol

We also went swimming on Saturday and had a lot of fun. We may buy a villa/condo there in a few years when we have the car paid off. I think it would be nice to vacation with my parents there.

We got up early on Sunday 5:30 am and went to Wal-mart again to get a picnic blanket, Vince some socks, and some cheap serving spoons for the picnic. We got to the picnic in Long Island from Poconos, PA, at about 10:30. (we did come home to drop some stuff off though first.) We had a lot of fun, I talked and talked to a lot of sisters. BUT, I forgot to bring make up pads/sponges to do the make up on the kids. :(. After the park was closing we played mini golf. Vince wanted to all day! lol Poor Alpine4Air though had gotten sick and wasn't able to come to the picnic.

Next year our big buy for the picnic will be some really nice lawn chairs that I seen a a brother and sister bring. They looked really comfortable and had cup holders. So that will be our next year picnic buy. That will make it a lot more comfortable. Since NYC is so big the old stand by brothers and sisters (part of me and Vince.) have to get to the park when it first opens in order to get enough tables and big enough space for a cong picnic. Cause there is just too many people here! lol Vince and I have decided to host a cong picnic in May though next year. Before it gets as hot as it was Sunday.

I got sick on Monday I think from the heat again. There was a pool at the park, but they charged 15 dollars a person to use it. And it was just a pool not a water park! That was way too much!

So all in all though things went well I think. And I'm BACK!

August 14, 2002

I made a new How well do you know me quiz. And I made a What do you think about me survey. Please take them! They are on the right hand side of the site under About Me.
I did my study this morning. Chapter 6. It was on Jehovah's destructive power. He only uses this part of his power with love, justice, righteousness and holiness. And isn't driven by blind emotion.

Yesterday I made a book mark to go along with this book, to use for the meditation box. We are supposed to ask our selves three questions with each of the meditation box questions. They are listed in chapter 3. But, just so I don't have to flip back over to remember I made these book marks for my family.

BTW, I'm feeling much better today. I hope I continue feeling this way.

August 13, 2002

I'm feeling a little better. I slept most the day. Then we went to Red Lobster, since there wasn't much food here at home. And it doesn't make sense to go shopping when we will be leaving town in two days. I hope I continue to feel better.
I'm still not feeling well. But, I did get my study done today.

I did the meditation box for chapter 5. It was about how we can/should be humbled by Jehovah's creative power. And how we would want to give glory to Jehovah after meditating on his creations. Also the way he takes care of other creations ie flowers, and birds we can see he would also take care of us, if we put our priorities straight-keeping the kingdom first. And of course if Jehovah created us and all the earth, how could we think that something that we made with out hands, idols, he could dwell in. Of course it doesn't make sense. And since we are made in his image he isn't far from us.

Vince has been playing with his remote control plane a lot today. He wanted me to go to the park with him. But, I'm just not up to it yet. I hope I feel better for the picnic next week.

August 12, 2002

I'm not feeling well today so I stayed home from meeting. I've been in bed all day.

I did do my study though today (in bed). It was about Jehovah's creative power. Especially in all the creation of the animals. And how if we can be in awe of the animals themselves how much more so should we be in awe of their creator.

August 11, 2002

We just got back from the picnic, we been there since 3 pm. All the deviled eggs were eaten up and so was my chocolate cream pie! :) And I had my first taste of curried goat, it wasn't bad. But BBQ ribs are still my favorite! lol We had a lot of fun. We played dominoes, Vince and I taught a lot of people how to play. Vince taught about 6 children how to play too! And we talked and talked and talked. The only bad thing was, we FORGOT the camera again! But, we will try extra hard to get it next week at the congregation picnic. Had a great day. Lots of people ended up coming.
I got all the deviled eggs made! I made 60. I don't know how many will be there tomorrow. But, we will be glad to bring any left overs home. lol We love deviled eggs. But, it's just as easy to make 60 as it is 4. So I like making more when I can. So unfortunately I don't make them just for Vince and I much.

August 10, 2002

I never did get to my study yesterday, but today I got up early to do it. It was about Jehovah's creative power. Mainly it spoke of the powerful sun and stars, and how many of billions of billions of stars there is, and Jehovah knows them all by name. Pretty powerful.

Quite a bit has happened since yesterday. We went to Wal-mart and I got a little three tiered cart. The problem was they were in front of the check out line, and Vince forgot 50 dollars worth of groceries in the bag carousel. Then we went to Vince's parents house and stayed there for 3 hours, by the time we got home and figured out what happened Wal-mart was closed. I thought for 50 dollars we would go up today and explain what happened. LOL They had our groceries waiting for us, behind the customer service counter. Thankfully none of it was perishable.

Also yesterday I found out we were invited to a BBQ tomorrow. So I got stuff for it, I made a chocolate cream pie so far, and have boiled and peeled the eggs, next I will make the deviled part of it, and stuff them and fridge them. I think it's a going away party we are going to tomorrow, but the sister who it's at her house, doesn't remember why they asked her to use her house for a BBQ. And she is the one who invited us. I have no idea how much to bring, since even she don't know how many people she is expecting, cause some one else is the inviting. Oh my, I could never be that generous with my home. I need to know how many and WHO!

Oh yeah and we had meeting today. It was a nice WT study and the talk was on the flood and how it applies to our day. Then we came home changed, and picked Vince's mom up, went to TGIF's and then went to Wal-mart.

Yesterday and today was busy days. Tomorrow looks like a busy day too. Actually it looks busy for another week. It's fun though.

August 9, 2002

Quizzie of the week:

What's your Chocolate flavor?

Quiz made by Chesa
I'm gonna do my study a little later today. I went to Book Study last night. It was good of course. Brother Green is very humble & tactful when he conducts the study. Also he said we are going to be going with another congregation on the picnic, and we are the host so we are supposed to bring enough food for the other congregation too. They hosted a picnic for us last month, but Vince and I was out of town for that one.

I'm getting so excited about it, I keep waking up, thinking I need to start cooking for it! It's not for another week! But, I am just so excited about it. I keep asking Vince questions. See we are going to the Poconos this Thursday till Sunday morning. The picnic is on Sunday from 7:30 am till 7:30 pm. So we won't be there probably till about 11 am. Since we will have to come in from the Poconos for the picnic. And I am going to make all the food up there. We will be in a big suite, Vince says it has a full size fridge, so I can make several things and put in the fridge that means! lol I keep adding more food I want to make. I like to make things for others. So I really can't wait.

Now that I know it's going to be two congregations, I think I will make 4 pies, and still the dump cake, and 7 layered salads, and I am going to try, to make 120 deviled eggs. Which will take 60 eggs. (we have carriers for 60, so we will have to buy more carriers) And I think I will make potato salad too! Since I will have mayo and mustard any way for the deviled eggs. And the eggs that don't cooperate for the deviled eggs, and don't look nice, we will just dump in the potato salad! lol I also decided on the sugar free chocolate cream pies, I would crush up some sugar free chocolate oreo like cookies and decorate the top with them! I've decided we would put it all in our big cooler and use the bottles that you freeze to put in there instead of ice. We will fill in any space left in the cooler with newspapers so that nothing can jiggle around and get messed up. I also thought we would use our biggest cooler and fill it with cheap Sam's choice soda and ice.

As you can tell I just can't wait. I love wholesome association that you feel upbuilt when you leave.

Also I found some salt water taffy I had bought for my mom and dad's anniversary party, but forgot to give out to the kids. So I thought when I paint the kids faces they can get a piece of taffy for holding still!

August 8, 2002

I seen Home Matters today, and it was about fun things to do with kids during the summer. (it was a rerun). Anyhow I seen this face paint kit. Comes with stencils and looks real fun. It's washable and non toxic. So I am going to look for it tomorrow. And take it to the picnic to do on the kids. I think that will be fun.
I did the meditation box on page 45 today. It really emphasized that we need to rely on Jehovah. And he is happy to use his power on our behalf, if we just put our trust in him and rely on him. If we don't rely on him not only will we be unsuccessful but it could mean our lives.

I haven't done much else again today. Except for checking PLN.

I did do some more reading last night in my Little House on the Prairie book, it is so nice to have some recreational reading back in my life.

Today though, I will be doing some laundry and we have book study tonight.

August 7, 2002

Today, in my study, I studied Chapter 4, pages 44-46, paragraphs 19-23. It was about how Jehovah always uses his powers in accord with his other cardinal attributes, wisdom, justice and love. He is slow to anger so he doesn't use his power abusively. And he doesn't use his power to force people to worship him, he dignifies people with the choice to worship him or not. He wants people to willingly worship him out of love, not force, or coercion. And he is happy to share his power with others. Like Jesus who he has shared the most power with. But, also servants who are trying to worship him, he will impart power beyond what is normal to. The next chapter will be about how Jehovah uses his power to create. But, tomorrow I will be studying the meditation box for chapter 4. So I won't get to the next chapter till tomorrow.

That's really all I have done today. I will have to check back in later when/if I do anything else worth mentioning. lol I slept in today.

August 6, 2002

Today I only did half my study cause I had so much to do. I studied more of chapter 4, pages 42-44, paragraphs, 13-18. It was about how Jehovah uses his power. Mainly 5 ways, to protect, destroy, restore, create, and most importantly to fulfill his will. Also he uses his power to help his people. It went into detail of how he helped Elijah, and gave him strength to carry on. Very interesting. It went on to show how this power should cause us to draw closer to Jehovah. And since Jehovah is holy we have no fear that Jehovah will use his power in a corrupt way.

Then I went to the doctor but only to get my birth control shot.

And then we went to Wal-mart. I have decided on a few more things to take to the picnic. I decided a cherry dump cake, layered salad, and deviled eggs too. Very cheap and easy to make, so it won't be a big deal. We decided to go ahead and buy some non perishables now. (pie crusts, cherry pie filling, pineapple, cake mix ect)

We also bought two new coolers for the get together. We needed a smaller one for conventions any way, so Vince wouldn't have such a hard time carrying it. And we needed a larger one for picnics and in the hotel rooms for conventions, etc. We only had a medium one, and a big round one for drinks.

We also bought dominoes, big over sized ones. I wanted regular ones. But, I was thinking one these shouldn't be able to blown in the wind easily, since we will be in a park. And two since we will have a lot of older people there they shouldn't have any problem seeing these! lol They were really heavy and came in a metal tin.

Then I came home and took a nap.

After that Vicki AKA Daisimae called and she is all moved in her new place! Just has to unpack now.

That's been about my day. haha

August 5, 2002

Today I studied chapter 4, pages 37-42, paragraphs 1-12. It was on Jehovah's power. Elijah had seen many amazing things performed by Jehovah and could see his power from those actions. But, today we can see his power through his creations. It's power that allows him to become what ever he needs to become. Jehovah used a bull to symbolize his power, since at the time that was the most powerful thing people could relate too. Especially the wild bull that is now extinct. But, apparently it was almost as big as a elephant and very speedy. Because of Jehovah's unlimited power he alone can be called Almighty. Also a term I hadn't heard of before, but Jehovah's holy spirit is his power in action. It also talked about Jehovah being called Jehovah of armies because of his large army of not only dedicated humans but millions of angels as well. And of course Jesus is the mightiest of all the angels. Another point I appreciated was about the Bible being powerful. I like the scripture, that said how God's word can reach the marrow of a person. That is as deep as you can go. Very powerful. And of course Jesus quote, that With God all things are possible. It was a very meaningful study on Jehovah's power.

Tonight is our TMS, and Service meeting. Looking forward to it. I guess I really don't have much of a life either. lol That's about all I can come up with that I've done so far today.

August 4, 2002

I'm up late again. I really need to sleep. But, um I took two naps today. And it's just not happening. lol I just wish I could get this site to load a bit faster!

At least I can say with keeping up with my studies and reading recreationally, playing with blogger, and making my own graphics I haven't been as bored lately.
Today I did the meditation box on page 34. It was about the principles we need to apply to be holy. Such as helping the poor, afflicted, blind, deaf, and alien resident. Fearing our parents. And not wanting to lie, cheat or steal. And of course above all things we wouldn't want to worship any false gods. Also how cleanness does relate to holiness, and how Jehovah required cleanness from the Israelites. Also we should view sin as something we would stay away from. Just because Jehovah doesn't have a law regarding something, we need to think of his principles and would it be sinful. And lastly, we wouldn't want to take sanctification and holiness lightly. We would want to be careful not to put things in our own paths to stumble ourselves, but also we would want to watch what we do so as not to stumble others. All very good food for thought.

A congregation picnic is coming up, and I can't wait for it. I think it will be nice. I really love our book study overseer. And I think this will be nice to spend time with him and his wife. They are so sweet. I am going to make two sugar free cream pies, a chocolate one and a banana one. And probably a African rice dish. Although at the block party last year my African rice dish didn't go over to well, but people I think were expecting BBQ and things. But, at last years congregation picnic, there was things like crab, ox tail, curried goat and the like, and it was all eaten, so I think my African rice dish will be more accepted at the congregation picnic, plus with the curry in it it is a bit Jamaican and most my congregation is Jamaican. In fact that's why we are having our picnic so late in the summer, people were in Jamaica visiting their families till this late in the summer.

LOL Last year I think we messed up. Vince took fried chicken to the congregation picnic and I took African Rice to the block party. lol At the block party people would have liked fried chicken more and at the congregation picnic people would of like my rice more. Hopefully this year we will be doing it right! lol Plus people were expecting Mexican food from me both times. Since I apparently am the only Mexican person around here. Awe well. lol There is a Italian sister maybe she will bring something Italian. Probably not though, she will probably be like me and bring something totally unexpected.

We are the only two non black sisters or for that matter members of our congregation though. I have never been part of a congregation that was mostly only one race. I've always went to congregations with a good mix of all races. But, since we are all brothers and sisters the congregation doesn't make us feel left out in the least. In fact, I rarely notice. Well, in fact I didn't notice till last Saturday at meeting that we were the only ones there not black. But, the congregation is so nice and loving race would never come into the picture I don't think.

August 3, 2002

I will put in a quiz tomorrow. Still trying to get my site to load faster.

I did how ever make a new adoption for people to adopt for their web pages, or blogs etc. It can be found at:
Which is also my book review/book club blog-site.
Today I studied Chapter 3, pages 30-35, paragraphs 12-21. It discussed Jehovah's name is holy because his name encompasses all of his qualities, therefore since Jehovah is holy so is his name. Also his holy spirit is holy since, it is the force he uses, and every thing he does is pure, clean and holy. Also how Satan as besmirched Jehovah's name, and that is why it needs to be put back in it's rightful place of sanctity.

Also holiness is related to beauty, since both can be described with the same adjectives-clean, pure, and bright. When we think of things that are clean, pure and bright, we think beautiful or beauty, yet these same words describe what holiness is.

And since Jesus sacrificed himself in 33 CE for our sins, if we repent, and change our wrong doing and have faith in the ransom, we can attain a relative holiness. Also since we are made in Jehovah's image we do have the capacity of holiness in us. It won't be perfect, but we can continue to work on it every day. Our realization of this can motivate us to do even more for Jehovah-anything he ask. Even though Jehovah's holiness is far superior to ours. We can have a awe inspiring respect for his holiness.

Last night, I finally did something for me that I haven't done in a long time, I took a bubble bath, lit some candles, and read a recreational book. I haven't taken a bubble bath in nearly a year. It was really relaxing.

I then got out of the tub and worked on my book club for sisters. I have it ready and it is open for business today. I am curious to see if any one will join. :)

August 2, 2002

As usual I will start out with my study. I studied Chapter 3, pages 26-30, paragraphs 1-11.

This chapter is on Jehovah's holiness. He is holy to the superlative degree. And that doesn't make him smug, or haughty, but the opposite. Holy has a new meaning to me now. I didn't realize it meant separate. But, of course Jehovah is separate, he is clean and pure infinitely. We are not. And he alone is most high, another separation. Yet, he still provides a way for us to be relatively holy, by giving us principles to live by that are clean and pure, if we follow them.

Last night was our book study. It was really good. Some times though Isaiah is a little deep. But, the association there was wonderful. And Brother Green, our book study conductor, is such a peach. He is the sweetest brother even though he is living with cancer. He really made a effort to encourage Vince that I am so grateful for. He had Vince say the opening prayer, and he had Vince hand out the KMs. I was very happy about that.

Then we went to a book store, Barnes & Nobles, and I got 5 Little House on the Prairie Books. I am going to start collecting them again, and reading them! I would also love to have the box set of 8 of Anne Of Green Gables books I had growing up. They are a wonderful series. I have decided I spend too much time watching tv for recreation. And studying is not recreation, although it is good for our soul. But, there is a time for everything. And I also need to improve the quality of my recreation, so for part of my recreation I will be reading and collecting good clean wholesome books. Taking more bubble baths, listening to more music (jazz, and Kingdom Melodies), and just doing fun stuff that doesn't involve the tv, and is wholesome.

Then we went to Out Back and had lobster, our favorite! :)

Today so far, I have been working on getting together a Sister Book Club. Any sister could join, as long as she had a blog or a website about her reading adventures. IE what she is currently reading, what she likes to read, what she thinks of the book she is currently reading and when she is done with it a rating of the book she read, would be nice. But, she can have on her page anything she wants regarding books, as long as it has to do with books, and the books are wholesome, and not against Christian principles.

August 1, 2002

I just studied the meditation box for chapter 2. It was really nice. I really thought about and talked to myself about each of the 4 questions. It realy made me think about what Jehovah expects of his us as his friends. And how important prayer is. Also just how much friendship and dealings with people and things that don't have Jehovah's approval is not acceptable. We really all need to rely on Jehovah for friendship and he will be there.

Quizzie of the day, What type of make-up are you? I am eye shadow!

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