December 30, 2002

We went to Vince's grandfathers last night. And seen a lot of family. It went well. Seen a lot of photos too.

I did my 15 minutes of decluttering today too! And I've been keeping up with my evening and morning routines. :) So I'm doing well with things.

Had meeting tonight and it was good. I can't wait for the convention. I started packing today for it. When I was clearing out some of the summer stuff out of the closet. I just need under clothes, and PJs, meeting clothes, all the after convention day clothes except for one outfit is now packed. And socks are packed too.

December 28, 2002

Oh I forgot, I also gave myself a pedicure! I need to do that more often. :) Pretty red toe nails. :)
I've been doing my mourning and evening routines. And I am getting my laundry done! YEAH!

I got 5 more thank you boxes done. So I only have 2 more to do.

I think I will start the nut cups after my next shopping trip. I figure I can put them together then freeze them. I have the cup part made. I just have to mix the nuts and m&m's. And put them in plastic and ribbons. Where they will fit in the cups. Then I guess I will just freeze them till it's time to go. :)

December 27, 2002

I haven't done much today. I've been super tired. I think I'm getting sick again! I did do my 15 minutes of decluttering and Vince did too.

I'm going to try to put together some more boxes. I found some more glue while I was decluttering today. lol

Last night I made a morning and evening routine schedule, I put up in the bathroom. Along with a calendar. Hopefully some day I will get a afternoon schedule too. I'm adding a little every month.
I put together 3 more boxes today. But, now I'm out of glue. I guess until I can get to the store. I will just fold the boxes, so they will be easier to glue together when I actually get my glue.

It's late. I'm going to do mile source soon. Then go to bed. I haven't been getting to sleep till very very late. 4 am or later. And that has me out of whack. I need to start my early sleeping schedule again.

Oh and we got a load of laundry done too. I can do more tomorrow when I have change. I just washed some today and hung them in the apt to dry. I'm kind of behind in laundry. But, I think I should be caught up in no time. Been putting away the summer clothes as much as possible. And still unpacking the winter. But, it's coming along.

December 26, 2002

I didn't do much today. I did my 15 minutes of cleaning. And that's been about it.

I went to bed late last night. Well, early this morning. At about 6 am. Then mom called at 6:30, 8:00, and 9:00. lol She was being nice and getting me stuff at the sales. So I didn't get any real sleep till about 10 am. lol So I slept most the day. Till about 2:30 pm. Then, did my house work. And here on the pc. :) I need to get some food soon. lol

December 25, 2002

I got two more boxes put together today.

I have had a head ache most the day though, since yesterday. And I am getting bumps. So maybe I am getting chicken pox again. I don't know. :(
I did my 15 minutes of decluttering today. And last night I bought fly ladies feather dusters, they look really nice. I can't wait to get them.
Didn't get another 15 minutes done yesterday. But, I will do my 15 minutes later today. I did get all my boxes cut out thought. So now I only need to put them together. :) Things are coming together.

December 24, 2002

I did my 15 minutes of decluttering today. Although it's hard to do the stuff on the floor! I will be glad when the bedroom week zone is over. lol Only till Saturday. Hopefully I can do another 15 minutes today.

December 23, 2002

I updated my blog for winter. At least have 3 months of this last. I do want a new blinkie though for winter. lol

I did another 15 minutes of decluttering today. And I cut out 4 more boxes. And put together 3. I have another 5 to cut out, and 12 to put together. It's getting there! I also need to retest the chocolate covered cherries. :)
Oh my over a month since I posted. I need to redo my layout. Awe well. I am just going to post any way. lol

Well, I've been cleaning my house really well. I started the and it's been a great help. So far today I've done 2-15 minute rounds of decluttering the bedroom. LOL It still needs about 50 more of those. lol Naw it does need a lot though. I will try to do at least one more 15 minute spree today. It won't be perfect this week. But, maybe it will be a lot better. We have a apt inspection coming up and I'm scared of that. EEK.

Any way, my mom came and visited in November. And helped a lot. But, now I need to finish up. :)

Vince had the chicken pox. And this is his first day back to work in 2 weeks!

I've got all the thank you boxes for my anniversary party printed out. 10 put together, and 6 more cut out. I need to cut out 8 more. And put them all together. That's 15 more boxes. I got all my nut cups put together. I just got to buy the nuts. While doing my fly lady stuff on the Kitchen week I found m&m's in the freezer for my nut cups. They are from Valentines last year. But, been in the freezer since then. So I think they will be just fine. I will taste test first to make sure though. I also got all my mints done-this time though I put them in cool whip/butter/cottage cheese containers instead of my good tupper ware, so it doesn't get left behind and if it gets thrown out it's no big deal. All I have left is doing the invitations, and thank you cards. And getting the invitations sent out.

I am also having a dinner party on March 2nd. I already have every thing all planned out for months in advance. :) I have one invitation I might use already made up. But, I think I will make a different one.

November 16, 2002

I tested another chocolate dipped cherry. I think it must be that, I bought milk chocolate chocolate chips. Instead of semi sweet. I thought it would taste better. But, apparently this milk chocolate once melted never hardens again! I will have to get semi sweet chips and see what happens. I'm hoping it's not our elevation.

I was up most the night last night. I think I'm getting what ever illness Vince has. ACK! *sigh*

November 15, 2002

Oops a PS, I forgot to mention at the quilt viewing party. That we also had heavenly chocolate rum cake, and lemon cookies, and a really nice oj spritzer..
I'm doing bad about coming here every day. Yesterday Vince defragmented the pc, so that took all day almost. Any way, I'll get back in the habit of coming more often.

Yesterday I made a test chocolate mouse, and it fit in the gift boxes I'm making so that was GREAT! Now I only have 20 boxes to make. lol And the kitchen is almost ready to start making candies. :) So I think every thing should be done in time. Although on the test mouse I had problems with the chocolate hardening, so I don't know if it's the elevation or what. But, I'm going to try again today and work on the hardening part.

November 12, 2002

I'm still tired. UHG. And Vince is sick. I've been trying to get the kitchen up to my specifications though before I start making candies for our anniversary. It's going slow........ *sigh*

November 10, 2002

I'll start off just for documentation sake, Friday Vince and I got new meeting coats. Then Vince's mother introduced us to a new restaurant, called The Spare Rib. It was GREAT. I had a whole lobster, and BBQ ribs, creamed spinach, great corn bread and bbq potatoes. All for 14.00! Oh yeah and half a onion loaf, YUM.

Now, for my totally totally totally AWESOME day.

It started out at noon, when I went to Port Authority to meet my great friend and bosom buddy when it comes to our thoughts and feelings Jaquelyn Mooney Hues, who just so happens to be a quilter to the stars, like Oprah and Bryant Gumble, Mariah Carey etc. When I finally made it to the car with her, there was another friend waiting for us Gwen, and her daughter, Catrana. Then we headed for Jaquelyn's show casing and poem reading/history education she had been hired to do in Harlem (Manhattan). As soon as we walked in, I said this place is money! (whispering to Jaquelyn and Gwen.) It was a gorgeous older home in Harlem. Wonderful antique furniture, and art work. I was having a great time mingling and talking to many people. And eating great hors' dourves, steak dianne, cabbage rolls, stuffed mushrooms, prosciutto stuffed with hollandaise sauce and asparagus, olives, grapes, and great crab dip. And a nice glass of red wine.

Gwen and I had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing for quite some time. At the end Jaquleyn presented Vince and I with a belated wedding gift of a beautiful quilt. She hadn't got to make the broom for our wedding and come to our wedding cause of scheduling.

After about 3 hours, we were finished with the show casing, mingling, education and wonderful poem readings. etc. And we headed for food! lol We went to Fridays. While we were there, and Gwen and I was discussing our witnessing. Jaquelyn let us in on just who we were witnessing to, the Vise President of AT&T, and the executive of HBO. Quite awesome. And I don't think my feet are on the ground yet. lol

November 7, 2002

I'm done making the nut cup cups today. And started on the thank you boxes. Made 2 and a half. lol I want to make sure the mice will fit in them though before I make all of them. So hopefully tomorrow I can buy the stuff and make a test mouse. lol

November 6, 2002

I've decided to give my self a second anniversary party. Really small. So far only 18 people are on the invitation list. And of those 18, I think only about 13 will probably come. Some are sick, some are old, and others have memory problems.

But, I'm doing stuff now for the party. I'm making nut cups EARLY. lol I actually had enough done for my parents party, but didn't think I did. But so few came, if I would have brought them, they would have been enough. But, I have 10 of 25 I am making done for mine. And then I am going to make thank you boxes, and my own mints of course. I want to make chocolate covered mice like I did for my wedding too as thank you favors. :) I don't know exactly what else I'm doing yet though. Probably just keep things very low key.

Any way, still addicted to literati. :) And having fun doing some crafts again.

November 5, 2002

I'm still liking playing literati.

The meeting was good tonight. Felt good while I was there. Of course my hubby was giving a talk. So that made it extra special. I got to talk to some sisters about vegetarianism an diabetes. It was kind of nice talking to people who knew what I was talking about! lol

I'm still feeling yucky though. Just sooooo tired! ACK!

November 3, 2002

I played literati again last night. With 3 sisters. It's soooooo fun. I love it. And it really helps with the stress. lol

November 1, 2002

Chari, introduced me to a great new Yahoo game! Literati! I love it. :) It's been very relaxing.
Seen Survivor, was sad to see Shii Ann voted off. I liked her.

Any way, still tired, and a little stressed. I need to get out and do something, I think that would help a little.

October 31, 2002

Stress, Stress, Stress. I had to go to the Social Security office. And it was just a lot of stress. But, at least it's over.

Next, I have to go to to a endocrinologist. And I just hate going to doctors. So I will be glad when that's over too.

And stress being a admin. *sigh*

I need a break. lol :)

We're trying to cut down on money, live simpler, and that's hard to figure out where to do that too. But, we are getting there I guess.

October 28, 2002

I'm still tired! I don't know what's up. It's probably just diabetes. Still nothing new to report really. lol

October 27, 2002

I have just been really sleepy lately. Grrrrrrrrr.

I'll be glad when Fox is done with the sports shows, I'm ready for the real programming to come back.

I have been having fun making AVs the last couple of days though. :)

October 26, 2002

Ok, I've been bad and not posting for a few days.

I can say I was very happy when Rob was voted off Survivor. What a maroon.

We went to Wal-mart yesterday, really low on money so no clothes! awe well. lol :) Got a ton of food though. And a surger.

Yesterday, I was frying frozen shrimp, and the oil had gotten heated up in the deep fryer and every thing. And sizzled when I put in the shrimp. THEN, when it was time to take them out. I noticed it wasn't even warm when I opened the lid. And the garlic toast in the toaster oven wasn't toasted either! So I tried and tried, but figured out the surger had died. The deep fat fryers cord was too short to reach the outlet. So I had to plug the toaster oven into the the outlet, finish the toast and then finish the shrimp in the toaster oven. By, the time I was all done I wasn't even hungry any more. :( *sigh* what a day!

October 23, 2002

I've been working on my mom's blog. It's not completely done but it's up at

Still doing my milesource. lol Sometimes I lose interest in it. I hope I don't though, need those free hotel nights, I keep telling myself. lol :)

Still a bit under the weather too. :(

Watched The Amazing Race tonight, I think I'm rooting for the bald eagles-The balding brothers. lol :) Very interesting race. I think the lawyers were a bit dumb though. But, I've thought that since the first episode. I made my popcorn to early though for it. For some reason I keep thinking it comes on at 8, but it doesn't come on till 9. lol So I had to eat my popcorn watching My wife & kids, and George Lopez. lol Finally a Mexican sit com. The first one actually ever, since I Love Lucy, but I can't say that was truly a Mexican sit com. He was supposed to be from Cuba, and it mainly revolved around Lucy. There's another kind of Mexican sit com on the WB. Something about Arizona. It's pretty funny too. I watch it after Reba, on Fridays.

October 22, 2002

I'm doing more of my milesource stuff to get our hotel hopefully for free when we go on our cruise. Too bad I didn't stick with it, I would have had a ton of points by now. Awe well.

I'm feeling kind of creative, so I'm going to make my mom a blog. She won't get to use it though till she gets a new pc. But, I'm hoping she can get a new one soon. She likes journalizing, so I think she will like it once she can actually use it.

October 20, 2002

I just love the new gif that Chari made me, the Deeply...... in love one. It's beautiful!
Another pretty boring day. I still feel achy, and I have a dull head ache.

October 19, 2002

I found a cool how many people are viewing my blog html tag. I really like that.

I can't wait to see my mom on our trip in March. And the kids are excited about going on a cruise with us next year. :)

I'm kind of bored, nothings on tv. And my throat still hurts. GRRR. Oh well.....

October 18, 2002

Rob on Survivor is getting dumber and dumber. I will be glad when he is gone! I am rooting for Shi or Helen.

Now I hear people are eating fried twinkies!

October 17, 2002

Been lazy today.

I really love to see the places they go on Amazing Race. I still don't have a team to root for, but it's fun to watch. Can't wait for Survivor tonight. Looks like they may be switching members of teams again. But, they always try to fool us, so who knows.

October 16, 2002

Went to Costco today. Got some food and car mats. I was kind of surprised to see that carpet mats versus really heavy duty rubber mats cost the same amount. I was like the rubber heavy duty ones will last for years, where the carpet ones last 1 to 2 years tops. Carpet ones look a bit nicer at first but by the time the are stained and ruined by mud, spills, water, etc don't look as good as the rubber ones we can hose down.

Also we got AOL 8.0 today. It's really nice. Almost like AOL is with power tools. Also now they even provide a buzz me type service so you know when a call is coming in and can send the person a message or accept the call, it will come up on the first ring with caller ID in a message. I liked changing my IM wall paper and background for AOL. And I had to change my smilies to teddy bear smilies, I may have to change them to monkeys though since my IM wall paper is leopard skin. lol :)

I love this chilly weather. Keep it on. I can't wait till I'm chilly enough to have another cup of cocoa. :)

Will have to use the new mug family brought us back from their last vacation. :)

October 15, 2002

Vince and I had security again last night. The same shift 4-8 am. They were needing help with more volunteers so we did. Boy was I tired today. lol :) I'm bringing a pillow next time. lol

Meeting was good last night. I thought the part on how Book Study Conductors/Overseers are supposed to help the publishers in their group was very encouraging and kind.

I'm hoping that Vince and I can build up well, spiritually and reach some higher goals. I would like to pioneer, and I think it would be nice if Vince could reach out to be a Ministerial Servant. I think he would like it too, we have been discussing it. Of course it will be a while off, till we get some other spiritual goals reached first. :) But, maybe not too far off, if we work hard. Our congregation is mainly older and needs some younger brothers to help out more. So it would be a good thing all around. They have been having Vince take some more responsibilities which I think is really good. Last night he helped count the money, I was proud of that. :) And I think he was too. He said he should be learning these things, so he can do them. So I'm pretty happy today. I really like doing the security and being busy in the work of the Lord. I always feel better when I am busy with the congregation and spiritual things.

I still have a bit of a sore throat and hacking stuff up. I feel like I'm not totally sick, just on the edge of getting something. Of course I usually get something like pneumonia, so I don't know what it's like to just have the sniffles, I always think that's not totally sick yet. lol

October 14, 2002

Sunday morning from 4-8 am Vince and I did security at the Kingdom Hall. It went fine. Then we picked up Vince's mom and went to breakfast at IHOP, I ventured from my usual steak omlette and got the chicken fried steak, eggs, and pancakes, and a large milk of course. Then we made our day in New Jersey at a outlet mall. Had a great day. Got our favorite garlic oil, and shoes. Shopped all day long. Then we came back to NYC, and went to TGIF, and I had the meat loaf stack as usual, but I had the cream of broccoli, or should I say cream of parsley soup. I ordered cream of broccoli soup, but it had no broccoli in it, only flat parsley. It was ok....... but left a lot to be desired for instance Broccoli, I don't know why, but I was for some reason expecting broccoli in the cream of "broccoli" soup. How silly of me. lol When we finally arrived home almost 24 hours after we first left home at 11 pm last night, after I took my bath and got in bed, I was sound asleep. lol It was a lovely day. I woke up with a soar throat though. grrrr hope it goes away.

October 12, 2002

Still not feeling well. grrrr

But, I've been really excited about the cruise since they showed Cozumel on the Amazing Race. Since that's one of our destinations, and it was so fun there! So I've been reading my little cruise magazine. And I found a new tidbit, the children get chocolate chip cookies on their nightly pillow! The adults of course get the mint on our pillow, but I had no idea about this cookie business. lol My niece and nephews will love that.

It will be my mom's first cruise, and mine and Vince's 3rd. I went the first time when I was 8 years old, and Vince went his first time as a teenager. So our honeymoon was both of ours second cruise. I'm really excited to share the experience with my mom though. She deserves some R&R. Taking care of all those kids all the time, before that it was grandma and foster boys, and before that it was my step brother, me and half the neighbor children, before that it was her brothers, and before that she had to take care of her mother after her father died for a few years too. So she's been taking care of people since she was 9 years old when her father died, and she's now 47. She deserves to have a little rest from it all.

October 11, 2002

I'm still not feeling up to par. But, I did get the new video watched, Respect Jehovah's Authority. It was a good video. Much like the last one. It is so well acted out and the scenery is very real. It's like a drama but better. I hope we continue to get these.

Survivor was ok last night, too bad the young team won both challenges.

October 10, 2002

I've been really tired the last couple of days. So I haven't been online much at all. I think I have a infected tooth. YUCK. I've got a sore throat right now, so I'm up.

The Amazing Race was great last night! Still don't have a team I'm cheering for, but definitely booing for the twins. lol There's none that I can say I really like though, yet. Last race I liked the Cha Cha's cause they were so polite.

Been planning our cruise for 2004 and that's been fun. :) We've decided to go around our anniversary so we can celebrate that on our trip. :) My mom says my nephew Levi is getting really excited about it.

October 7, 2002

I got another star on my calendar today, made another meeting. It was good of course, like all meetings. I felt sorry for the sisters giving the talks on the Jews being God's chosen people. I know those had to be hard. I also got the new video Respect Jehovah's Authority. So I can't wait to watch it. :) I probably will watch it tomorrow.

Oh before meeting I melted a pair of Vince's suit pants with the iron! I don't know what happened, I had ironed the legs just fine, I went to do the waist and as soon as the iron touched it, it just disintegrated! Now we have to buy a new iron, and I don't know what to do about his suits, he barely had any to begin with. I am thinking something must of been on the pants there though, maybe salad dressing or something, I don't know. But, it was weird, and upsetting.

But, it's finally getting cooler here. YEA! Last night was a bit chilly even, and so is tonight.

October 6, 2002

We went to Vince's grandparents today. I was so happy! Vince's grandmother found our wedding glasses and cake cutter. I had wanted them for our first year anniversary and we couldn't find them. Well at least we will have them for our other anniversaries, or other romantic dinners. :)

Grandpa also gave us some chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii and a coffee mug. Very sweet. I was really surprised.

I told him we had discussed it, and if he wanted next year we will drive him to the convention. He said ok. :)

October 5, 2002

Meeting was great this afternoon. Got to answer a lot during Watchtower. We had a visiting speaker. The talk was about always trusting Jehovah, and seeking him as our refuge. Even if we don't have high positions in the congregation if we continue to always put our trust in Jehovah we will be victorious. Very true. I loved the songs we sang today too.

October 4, 2002

Survivor was great last night. The older team won both games! YEAH! I'm rooting for them.

I've been kind of tired lately. So not doing much. blah.

October 3, 2002

Watched the first episode of Amazing Race last night, LOVED it! It's so exciting, can't wait till I get to know the teams well enough to have one to root for. I did however, didn't like that the poor soccer moms lost already. I would have rather seen the crying lawyer girl lose.

October 2, 2002

I'm still working on the door a bit more. Almost done though. Maybe two more days of work on it. It's kind of intricate, so it's taking a while.

Finally going to Wal-mart today. YEA! lol

I really like the new fall line up this year. Been watching the new shows, like The in-laws. lol I also like the retro one about American Bandstand.

And of course am just loving Survivor. I'm ready for the young ones to die. lol

October 1, 2002

Went to meeting last night. It was really good. We were a tad late though. Oh well. We went. :) It was fun, got to talk to a lot after meeting.

I liked being on the Regional Building Committee growing up. I would really like to join again. A elder handed me a application. But, I know it's too early right now. I need to get my health more stable and more stable in other areas, then I would like a eventual goal of
Regional Building Committee, maybe in 5 to 10 years.

I really love children, but I think I'm coming to a realization, to reach some of my spiritual goals it just may not be a good idea.

September 30, 2002

I redid the window graphic and really like it now. Next I want to revamp the plant and make a door. :) I think I'm getting a bit better every day at this graphic stuff. :)

September 29, 2002

All the backgrounds are mine now. I might adjust the colors later. But, for now I'm happy.

Yesterday we went to Wal-mart. BUT, I forgot deodorant, so we have to go back today.

I did however find a nice meeting outfit. A corduroy skirt, and a soft ribbed sweater to match it, both in cappuccino. I look better in reds and wines, they had a wine skirt but it wasn't my size. GRRRRR. But, I will just have to wear jewelry with the cappuccino one to make it look nice on me. But, I've been needing some new clothes, and I like it. I also got a nice satin shirt. That has vertical stripes alternating shiny and dull satin. I thought it would go with almost anything, it's cream color.

I need a full length mirror though, so I can see what I look like before I leave, grrrrr. I've came home twice and seen in the door downstairs reflection I had had my slip showing 3 inches, two different times. No one bothered to tell me! They had full length mirrors at Wal-mart last summer for 5 dollars. But, Vince wanted to wait! GRR Now the cheapest ones is 20 there. But, he says maybe next time he gets paid we can get one. I hope so. Cause, I don't want to come home again with my slip showing 3 or 4 inches! So embarrassing. They probably think I'm some kind of simpleton.

September 28, 2002

I'm not feeling too well today. And I'm a bit bored. I need to work on how Vince looks in my drawing of him.

September 27, 2002

I drew Vince and I today. I did better with my mom, then Vince and & I. Oh well. I also did a quilt square, finally. I want to make one for my home page too.

We didn't make it to meeting last night, I wasn't feeling well and had fallen asleep, Vince didn't want to wake me up. GRRRRR, I had been all prepared. But, it was probably better to stay home, and not get sicker out, and/or make the older ones in the book study sick.

September 26, 2002

I made a new blinkie today. I'm real proud of it. It's a drawing of a actual picture of my mother. I just love it! I also added shading to my I love my hubby blinkie.

Yesterday we rented The Road to Eldorado. I'll watch it later today. Maybe after meeting. I got my favorite meal again from Boston Market. And Vince is starting to like spinach! I'm so happy. lol

September 25, 2002

I told Vince about the volunteering. He said ok. lol

Aida, has to be paid by Saturday. I don't think I will go cause Vince has to work, and I don't want to go with out him. Especially with the price. But, he wants me to go. I don't even know what I would wear.

I did get a idea for something to do with some friends from the congregation. I thought it would be good to get a group together to go to DC and visit the Holocaust Museum. It would be a day trip. I've wanted to see it since Purple Triangles came out. I hope we can. I did get to see the outside before the convention when we drove through DC though.

September 23, 2002

I'm doing so much better on meeting attendance. I had been so sick for so long. My meeting attendance had been very low. Now, it's up very well. I am so happy with myself. I wouldn't really know how well I was doing if it wasn't for my sticker/calendar idea. I forget so much.

It was a good meeting. And I volunteered Vince and I for something. lol He doesn't know yet. He had to work tonight. But, he will be at meeting on Thursday. Any way, we had a local needs talk. And well we are building a new Kingdom Hall. They will need security round the clock for 9 months. So I have put Vince and I on the list to do security. lol I've done it before. And I can help teach Vince. I think it will be something good for us. We can really talk and get some personal study in. They also are providing us a trailer to stay in. That's nicer then when I've done it before. lol

I can also help with food, but they don't have that set up yet.
Well, 7 degrees makes a huge difference. lol It's been between 79 and 81 degrees. Today it is 72 degrees. It feels so much better. I have a really good fan in the bedroom and it's just lovely in there. lol I actually got cold in the night. In the living room it's still warm, but I put up a box fan, so it is helping. I just need another vornado type fan for the living room. We tried to get one, earlier this year but the stores were out of them.

Yesterday I got heat rash it was so hot. Today I feel so much better! It's finally cooled off. I hope it stays cooled off. I will be very happy if it does! :)

I rented A Beautiful Mind today. We've already rented 18 movies. If I had a car I could have rented more. lol I was bored all day yesterday, nothing was on. On Thursday when Vince gets paid we are buying Monsters Inc. So we are keeping it till then. So that way we get to buy the one we have. So that way we have a brand new one. Since we got ours the day after it came out, so we were the first to rent it. And when we go to take it back for 9.99 we can buy it. So that's what we will do. It was pretty good for a cartoon. :)

September 22, 2002

I've been so hot the past few days. YUCK! Heat heat go away, don't come back some other day! I am really pining for the coldness to come. I just can't take much more of this heat.
I've been drawing today. I made me a bride of the month blinkie, and a quilt rack. I don't care too much for my quilt rack, it is the first one I ever made. Well, The raggedy ann was the first one I made and I wish I was better at drawing her. Those were my first candles too, I like them pretty well. But, I'm real happy with my month bride blinkie.

September 21, 2002

Had a good meeting today. We were a bit late though. GRRR Vince's mom wanted him to help her go buy a TV. I told him I thought it would make us late. So the TV is still in our truck, cause when he came home from the dolly to take it into their house, it was already past 11, and our meeting is at 12. And they live 30 minutes from us. So I insisted we go to meeting instead of keep on with a TV! So we were a tad late. But, we made it. Vince's dad agreed to help him take it in tonight after he gets off work.

But, the Watchtower was good. And even though I think I buy modest clothing, I may try to get a little more modest. One comment said we shouldn't wear jeans cause the kids in the pics were all wearing Khaki's. But, I think that was to make them stand out. I don't see anything wrong with modest fitting jeans. And plus it's hard for me to find Khakis in my size. I see nothing wrong with wearing jeans when it is a casual time. As long as they aren't tight, extra baggy, wide, etc like the fads. And plus I don't have much else as far as casual wear goes for winter time to wear. I have a couple of Khakis but they are too small for me now. I have been eying some cords though. I always liked cords when they were in style when I was young. I never understood why they went out. I also always liked the cord jackets for men, with the leather elbow patches. That was always one of my favorite men's jackets. LOL I now see Wal-mart has the same kind of brown leather coat with the sheep skin like in the inside that I wore in kindergarten. I really wanted it, but it was like 60 dollars, and I didn't have the money even though it was reasonable.

September 20, 2002

Ok this is bad. We don't have screens on the windows, but it's so hot we have to have them open. Now I hear a chirping type sound, or it could be a nasty bug I don't know. I'm worried there's either a bug or a bird in the apt. I'm scared to go look in the corner I hear it from.

I watched Monster's Inc. It was really cute. I'm thinking about buying it, since we can only be either the first or second renters, and if we tell them we want it when we take it back, we can buy it for 9.99.
Vince is still asleep so I haven't been able to exchange DVDs yet.

I went to book study last night with my father in law. Vince had to work. He has to miss one book study a month. Any way it was a great study, and I got to comment a lot. Of course it was our first study in the second volume of the Isaiah book. And I learned several things I didn't know before. This is really interesting.

I've also instated a new visual for my meeting attendance and other spiritual goals. I have a pocket calendar, I put a blue star on every day that I go to meeting. I will get a star for service and prestudy too. yeah! That way I can see visually if I am improving, or what I need to improve on at a glance, instead of having to search my memory. Or beat my self up on things, I may be doing good on. So yeah, I got to add another star last night. lol

Although I didn't get it all the way finished studied, I only got it studied through paragraph 14. And then.... grrrrr we ran over time, so they didn't read those last paragraphs and therefore I was kind of lost. That will teach me! lol Same thing happened the first day of pioneer school. Taught me if I couldn't finish it all, to skip to the end, cause most people won't have the end studied and there won't be many comments if any. My PSS got in trouble that day cause no one raised their hands on the last 3 questions. Although they had told us to only take 45 minutes per a unit to study. I had taken about 90 minutes per a unit and just was getting too tired and didn't finish the last few questions. That taught me, when I started getting tired to skip to the end. lol We didn't get in trouble any more during PSS cause I would raise my hand. lol

Last night was also the first episode of SURVIVOR! lol We had it recorded so I got to watch it when I got home. It was good. Already has some new twist. And I already have a team I'm rooting for, but not a particular person yet. I'm rooting for the older wiser team. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

September 19, 2002

I finished both Return to Never Land and Cinderella II. Both were really cute. I am getting Monsters Inc tomorrow. And I think maybe Winnie the Pooh.

I tried the mesquite Mrs. Dash today. But, Vince wanted two burgers and I had one. And it was only a little packet sample. So........ I didn't really taste much of it on my burger. I will go ahead and buy it. It came with a 50 cents off coupon. And we are Mrs. Dash aholics. We buy huge things of the ones they sell at Costco. And three or 4 at a time of the ones they don't sell there and we have to get the smaller sizes at a regular store. I especially like the Onion Medley. They only sell the Garlic one and the Original ones at Costco. But, we use all of them just about. The Table one, lots of Onion Medley, and several others. YUM. We also use a lot of Worcester sauce.

I see it's only 75 degrees here today. But, I feel really hot! I wish they wouldn't shut off the AC. We just have vent air now. And the windows have to be open. And in NYC they don't have screen windows, so the bugs just fly in. GRRR. We will have to pay some one to put in screens next spring. Since we are on the 11th floor I don't want Vince hanging out the window trying to put them up. I'll just be happy when Autumn is here and it's nice and cold! lol

September 18, 2002

I finished the Legend of Vagger Bance last night. the last 20 minutes of the DVD was messed up! GRRRR.

Vince was at his parents almost all day, ordering a Tivo player for them. Then on his way home he rented me Return to Neverland and Cinderella 2. I am anxious to watch them. I've started Return to Never land so far so good.

I got some Mrs. Dash grill packets in the mail from today, and am anxious to try the mesquite one out tomorrow on burgers.

September 17, 2002

I never did get to go to Wal-mart. I'm sure they are gone now.

It's so hot here. And the AC has been cut off for our buildings now. So I'm barely making it with the windows open and fan on. Can't wait till it cools off here. I think I'm getting a heat rash.

We went to 2 different bowling alleys yesterday but they are all booked through December for leagues. So we don't know if we will be able to get to go bowling with the congregation or not. Another brother is going to go by some bowling alleys by his house to see if they have any openings. I really liked the one that we usually go to though cause it's smoke free.

Meeting last night was good. We had a ton of letters to be read so our 10 minute announcements went way over so the other two talks had to be cut short. But, it was a really good meeting. I just miss not being able to comment the whole night. There wasn't any parts that needed it. The local needs of how we did for the year was good to know what we all need to work on. And Vince and I have some of our own goals too.

I can't wait to get in our video. I accidentally already ordered it, because I didn't hear it announced till last night, but had seen it on the other 3 congregations boards. So I ordered it about a week ago. lol The letter read said though it wasn't ready to be ordered yet I don't think. I will have to reread the letter on Saturday. But, I have a feeling it's another drama. Very exciting. I also can't wait to get my new WT CD.

I rented Shallow Hal but I didn't much care for it. I thought it overly made fun of fat people. I've never had a metal chair nor a booth crash and fall apart on me when I sat on it. Nor any where near that. I felt sorry for the actress who played that part as I think that must of been horrible for her self esteem. And any how Hall was a moron that needed to have his "friends" always making his choices. Who wants a man who can't think for himself.

I have Legand of Baggervance or something like that tonight. It's got Will Smith lol and Matt Damen (sp) I've only got to see the first 30 minutes of it so far. I will have to go and finish it. I think tomorrow I will get Return to Never Land and Cinderella 2. I also want to see Rugrats in Paris, but I didn't see that in DVD there. And our program only includes DVDs. I also want to see Monsters Inc, which it is supposed to be there today or tomorrow. And The Ya Ya Sisters. I don't know if the Ya Ya Sisters is on DVD yet though.

September 15, 2002

We went to Wal-mart last night. And I'm upset with myself. They had two pairs of overalls I really liked in my size. Eeyore and Tweety ones. Vince said I could put them on Lay away and I didn't. I'm going back today. But, I bet they will be gone. GRRRR I should have gotten them. Stuff moves fast here. I was worried about money though. GRRRRRR

Oh a good thing we did do is join the Blockbuster monthly plan for 23 dollars a month we got to rent unlimited DVDs, and keep them up to 30 days. So I got a DVD last night and Vince got two. Mine can go back today, and I will get something else.

Right now Vince is helping his father with some electrical work for a neighbor to make extra money.

September 14, 2002

I haven't done much today. But, we are going to Wal-mart after Vince takes a bath. I want to see if they have any other PJs I like. I may put some one layaway. I forgot to mention yesterday we ate in the Wal-mart Cafeteria. It's pretty good here cause a lot of people eat there. Most the workers too. We had the shrimp baskets, which normally at a place like Wal-mart I would be scared of, but decided to give it a go. It was really good! It was so good I wanted shrimp again today so we made it in our deep fat fryer. lol

Also today we are going to go book a bowling alley for a congregation bowling night October 12th.

Last night I worked out Vince's work schedule all the way through to January 2005. So we know we are leaving on vacation in March on the 16th, and coming back on the 29th. In February we will making our plans for April 2003-March 2004. That's why I needed a calendar that went all the way through those years. We have to plan our Vacation for that long ahead of time every February.

Our anniversary always coincides with the right weekend we need to leave to get the most out of our Vacation time. My mothers anniversary is always right on the weekend we should either be leaving on a vacation or coming home cause it's always right on Vince's 5 day weekend. Which that would give us a extra 3 days of vacation if we made that the beginning or end of our vacation. lol Of course we were smart and that's why we had picked when we picked to get married, cause then he would have a extra few days before having to go back to work. It's kind of complicated but it gives Vince a extra 3 days if we use that five day weekend at the beginning or end of the vacation, we just waste the 5 day weekend if we choose to use it in the middle of the vacation.

September 13, 2002

We went to Wal-mart today. They were out of hamburger patties that we usually get there. And they were low on TGIF buffalo wings. Awe man. lol Vince feel in love with the frozen garlic bread there. So we had to get more of that too. lol

But, I got two nice shirts and a jacket that matched a outfit I got this summer. And a pair of tweety PJs. I have a ton of PJs but most of buttons down the front and I just can't wear buttons down the front is some one comes to the door. grrrrr

I also got a three hole punch, for the recipes I print out for my binder. And a pocket calendar that goes up to 2005. That will help with Vince's work schedule so I can schedule things really far in advance now. So I'm pretty happy. :)

September 12, 2002

I'm still feeling achy.

But, we went to Costco today and got some supplies. It was only 40 something. That's good for us. They had some good samples too.

Then we went to Vince's parents house to help his mother pick out a tivo receiver.

Then, we all went out to Outback, our favorite restaurant. Of course Vince and I had our usual. 3 lobster tails. Usually though I get a Ceaser salad with it. BUT, tonight the lady told Vince, after I had already ordered mine with Ceaser salad, that you didn't have to have a salad with it, you could get soup! So I got the cream of onion soup. It was delicious. Usually I get the french onion if I get soup there, that's if I get a cup of it for a appetizer. I'm so happy to learn of this. cause their soups are really good. I like salad ok. But, I can do salad easy at home. lol But, Vince loves salad and soup. So he still got the salad, and got cream of onion soup for the appetizer. I like their french onion too. But, I had never had cream of onion. So I tired it and it was really good. And I had the baked sweet potato with it. It's really good too. Vince got the baked potato with everything. Now, he does usually get a baked potato with every thing. But, tonight it had more stuff on it. Onions, sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon, chives, the WORKS! It looked really good too. But, I really like my sweet potato, so I think I will stick with it, and just steal a bite of Vince's baked potato. lol :)

September 11, 2002

I slept most the day, I wasn't feeling well at all. I've had a head ache since yesterday. I keep taking tylenol but it just isn't helping. I think it may be sinuses.

September 10, 2002

Oh yeah I forgot I did call my mom today too. The car dealer charged them 1500 more then they had signed the contract for. They got a used Suburban last month.
I haven't done much today. I need to fold more laundry and clean more. I did get some dishes done though.

Last night after the meeting we were invited to go as a group to a Matinee of Aida. Apparently several from our congregation are going together at the end of October. It's 65 dollars a ticket for Matinee/group rate. I really want to see it. As it may been close to home in it's theme. And I do like Elton John's music. But, I don't know if we can afford it. It will be my first NYC Broadway theater experience. I haven't even seen a movie here yet. I really really want to see the Lion King on Broadway too.
Oh and I almost forgot my pharmacy sent me a letter today that said that the Depo-Provera contraceptive injection that I took contained particles of inert polymeric material from a pumping hose. I was having some physical problems a couple of months ago and now I'm wondering if it's from that!

September 9, 2002

Oh yeah it's 64 tonight and I got a bit of a chill so I am having some cocoa! I love hot cocoa. It's just so rare though that I'm cool enough to drink some. :) I want to get some Atkins flavoring syrups to flavor my cocoa.
I folded some clothes today. Took two trips to the recycling place. And did some dishes. I've almost got a corner finished that I wanted to finish. I will be glad when it's done.

We had book study tonight instead of TMS, because next weekend is the convention. But, Vince and I have already went to the convention so I think we will stay home and clean. But, book study was really nice tonight. I wasn't feeling well. But, I am glad I went any way. I had missed lately cause of not feeling well. And so I made myself go tonight cause I hate missing. And yet another sister is still talking about my cherry dump cake and wants to know how to make it. She wants it for company and put ice cream on. lol :) I hate diabetes, too bad I can't eat the stuff no more. I just make it for friends.

September 8, 2002

I cleaned in two corners today, and did some dishes. I hope this cleaning trip lasts a while.

We also went to our favorite Chinese buffet-Big Apple Buffet. I had crab legs, and really good crab stuffed mushrooms. I wonder if they are the same kind that Chari makes. They are always really good there. And I like their green beans too.

I also called my mother today. I heard you should eat blueberries every day. They reverse heart disease, prevent cancer, help your short term memory and help you not be depressed.

September 7, 2002

The meeting today was nice. We had a speaker from Brooklyn. The Watchtower study was also really good.

My ego was boosted today by a sister. She said that she took some of my cake home from the picnic and her son ate it and said. You got to get to be friends with this sister, so she can make us some more. And she said, she is my friend. lol

We went to Mc D's today. I got a fish sandwich. I just can't believe the price of happy meals now. A chicken nugget happy meal at the Mc Donald's across the street from us is now 5.00!!!!!

I miss Mexican fast food though. Grrrr. Or for that matter Mexican food at all here.
GRRRR I went in to put away the dishes I had washed earlier only to see I needed to wash the pot again. I washed it two more times, with a scouring pad. And I see it still needs it again. GRRR. But, I got too tired to do it again tonight. I will have to do it again tomorrow. I was hoping to get to clean some of the other dishes in the sink instead of the same one over and over. I think it's mainly the gas residue from the stove that is sticking to it.

September 6, 2002

I haven't done much today. I washed some dishes, and did get a few things picked up here and there. Hopefully I'm back on a cleaning trip. lol Awe, to live in a uncluttered home again. I long for it. If only I can achieve it.

Yesterday I was online quite a bit though. And DaisiMae/Vicki also called me, so it wasn't a bad day.

I just hope I can get more stuff cleaned up again.

September 5, 2002

Chari was nice enough to send me the templates for the I love my hubby blinkie and I redid the colors to match my blog. I love it! I loved it before but now it goes so well. It's just lovely! :) Thanks Chari. :)
I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday. Not much happened though. I made a linkie and a sig tag. And in the evening Vince took me to Red Lobster. It was good. But, it is getting more expensive every time we go. So we decided from now on when we want crab legs we will go to a Chinese buffet and it will be cheaper. We used to choose Red Lobster over the Chinese buffets, because of the quality of crab legs. But, now it seems like their quality has went down further then the buffets. So we might as well save money and get the same quality or better quality at the buffets.

I made bacon cheese burgers today. But, while I was making the bacon, I asked Vince to take the burgers off the grill. He did that then he unplugged the grill and got shocked. I always just turn off the surge protector instead of unplugging the machine. He wants to write George Foreman and tell him to add a on/off switch to the grill. lol I think it needs one too.

September 4, 2002

I couldn't sleep so I made a regular blog sisters blog award. I want to make a winter one next and I need something for book sisters. I think they are really cute. I can't believe I can draw people!

September 3, 2002

I made a fall blog sisters award today. I will work on a winter one, and a regular every day one in the next few weeks. :) I think it's really cute. I just got to come up with a idea for a every day one.
Didn't do much today or yesterday. lol I love George Foreman grills though. I had a grilled bacon cheese burger today. YUMMY! Yes we are gadget people. lol But, I really do love the indoor grill especially for summer. But, living in a apt we can have grilled food any time. And it really taste like outdoor grill too, except no lighter fluid after taste! lol

Oh yeah, I'm a theme person too. I got to thinking about my 50's/60's party, and I also have these sundae dishes. So instead of having root beer floats, I think we will just have plain root beer, and then for dessert have hot fudge sundaes. And it would still be in theme, since I have the real glass sundae dishes, they're really cute. lol I also have popcorn boxes (they are plastic) but they look just like the old theater paper red and white striped popcorn boxes.

Where do I get all this stuff? After Christmas sales at Walmart and drug stores. They sell these boxes of retro things that come with a name brand thing. For easy gifts. Like my sundae dishes came with Smuckers hot fudge and caramel sauce. Now during the peak of Christmas buying they are about 10 dollars a set. You get like like 4 sundae dishes and 6 little jars of sauce and a ice cream scooper. But, after Christmas, they are only 2.50! Same with the popcorn things, they came only with two popcorn boxes though and a big thing of popping corn, popcorn salt, and butter stuff. I also have Campbells soup mugs, with the campbells kids on them. I love them. lol I also like the stuff Knottsberry Farm puts out with their jams and jellies, that time of year.

September 2, 2002

I love it. It's so nice and chilly today! 63F. I got to have a cup of yummy cocoa! In the summer I'm so hot I can only drink iced drinks and think I'm dieing. lol I'm a chilly willy penguin. I could live some where where it was fall/winter year around and be a happy camper.

Last night we went to Walmart and did some shopping.

Bought some food, and looked for pets, but they don't sell fish or anything at this one. Although I don't suggest Walmart pets, as none of the ones we bought in the past lived long. But, I just wanted to look at some. Awe well.

I did find something that made me really happy. lol It's the small things that make me happy. lol I found these baskets, they were yellow and red. You got 2 red ones and two yellow ones in a pack of four, for 1.50 really cheap. They are the kinds you would see at a drive in, or one of the old root beer hang outs like A&W. That the hamburgers and fries come in, lined with wax paper. They had the old mustard and Ketchup bottles too, both matching the baskets for only a 1.00, 50 cents each!! So I had to get them. Although I will get one more set next time I am there if I remember. I just love these things. I thought I also want to buy some nice mugs. Then have some friends over and watch something like Grease, or some other 50's/60's movie have hamburgers, and fries and root beer floats. Oh did I mention we have a deep fat fryer, and this cool curly cue potato thing to make our own fresh french fries! So I think it would be so cool and fun!

Any way, like I said it's the small things that excite me.

September 1, 2002

Oh yes, I put my fall decorations up in my blog today. I just love fall. I can cook again and eat all the yummy foods that I love of winter. Summer is ok, but I end up mainly munching salad and quick foods. No warm comfort foods as it's too hot to cook! I think September is one of my favorite months cause finally the heat of August is gone!!!!!!! And it's finally going to end summer! Then November I just love the scents in November, apple cider, and pumpkin pie, mmmmmmmmmmm. I think November is my very favorite month. Then I like March because it's my anniversary and flowers start to come up, but it also reminds me that winter is over and it's about summer again. UHG! I don't like summer!
We ended up going to Vince's grandparents. But, only his cousin Brandy with her three children was there and his uncle Mike, even though it's Vince's dad's parents, Mike is Vince's mom's brother. And Grandma and Grandpa was there. Every one else had left already. Mike's wife Pat, is doing rural territory in Mass. But, we stayed till about 10:30 or 11. And had a good time talking to them.

I still want Red Lobster though. lol

August 31, 2002

Vince's father was supposed to take me to the grandparents house after meeting today, but he ended up having to work. This is the one Saturday a month that Vince works 8-4. I was going to go with Vince's father then Vince would come after work, since Vince works in Brooklyn, very close to his grandparents house. So then after his father called we changed and Vince was going to come home and get me. It is about a 2 hour round trip from Vince job, to me and back to Brooklyn. And then he called me and says he has over time. So I don't even know if it will be worth it to go. Especially since today is the last day of Red Lobster having a special on Crab Legs and we wanted to go. Although I have almost 40 eggs made for the day at the grandparents house. :( GRRRRRRR

August 30, 2002

We've been invited to Vince's grandma's tomorrow. So I boiled some eggs, I'm waiting for them to cool down. I will make deviled eggs AGAIN, lol for my part.

I made a new linkie today. :) But, grrrr I've been having problems being able to upload it to homestead so I can bandwith it to here! Finally got it.
I made a really cute hamster I think today. It's a little big, but cute! :) Ok now I need to sleep. lol

August 29, 2002

No cleaning again today! I really need to get with it.

This morning Vince is on the 8-4 shift, and he was looking and looking for his keys. Well, it woke me up and I asked him what was going on, he said he was looking for his keys. This is a daily thing, so I let him continue to look for them. Well he kept on and on. I suggested a few places, and he said he would look there. Still didn't find them, it was getting later and later so I finally got up and decided today he needed my help. (usually he always has to look for them daily, but finds them in about 5 or 10 minutes tops. And yes I have suggested a key holder, we got one and he never uses it!) So finally I was still looking in the apt, and he left, I said where are you going, he said he was going to back track and see if he had dropped them some where-I figured if he had they were long gone. He gets all the way to the truck, looks in and sees he had left them in the ignition!!!!!!!!! He called me and said he found them. This is NYC, the truck is parked on the street, a very busy street at that. I just can't believe we still have a car!

Then I went back to bed, and got up at 12:30 whew I haven't slept that late in a long time.

I also made Caz a sig tag for PLN today.

August 28, 2002

Not much to write about today, we laid around. lol It was Vince's day off.

I did make myself a new sig tag for PLN & I made the bloggin' buddies sign over on the right hand side last night. If any one else would like to send me their linkie to put over there let me know.

Oh and a pretty cool thing I seen today while reading my Southern Living magazine is my step father's mothers Mexican casserole dish recipe! I never knew any one else who made this particular dish as it has some unusual ingredients like cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup in it. Although they said 2 cups of tortilla chips, she always just used a bag of cheese Doritos it was always a big hit with the kids, cause we were allowed to have chips! lol My mom didn't allow much junk food-chips back then, so this was kind of a junk food meal for us. I never knew growing up about the cans of soup in it. lol Till about 3 years ago when my nephews school was making a recipe book and wanted all the students to bring in family recipes, and that was my nephews fathers favorite that grandma made, so I called her up and asked for the recipe and then found out.

August 27, 2002

I didn't get the corner done today. I went to Costco and then I was feeling really ill. So I had to rest a while. Then I called Chari, then I called my mother. And now I'm here. lol
I didn't finish the corner. But, it will be finished today. That is my mission. I did get a bag of recyclables out of it and a bag of stuff to throw out.
So I have done nothing today so far, except for take the clothes off the shower rod cause they were finally dry and put the bathmat on the floor. I must do more cleaning. I see my self waning from my cleaning mission. I must stay on target. I will clean a corner today. I must get it done. I will recheck in when I have accomplished that.

August 26, 2002

I didn't accomplish all my goals, although I did put up quite a bit of stuff. I didn't get laundry folded, or new laundry washed. I did gather quite a bit up though. And I gathered another thing of recyclables and a thing of trash. And I shredded quite a bit of paper. *sigh* Still so much to do. I also didn't nap. The bath mat is still damp. But, I think the coat, and dress or dry, so I will put them up. Then I need to bathe.
PS I feel like I need another nap.
I gathered up two bags of recyclables, the bathroom trash and the kitchen trash and got Vince to take them all out! So yea! The bathroom is complete except it's kind of cool and humid here so the bath mat is still drying on the shower rod. It should be dry by tomorrow though. And I did some dishes.

Goals for today. Putting up some more stuff, gathering more stuff to throw out, folding laundry and a few more dishes.

August 25, 2002

I got my laundry out of the dryer, folded it and put it away. I called my mom, and then I got that nap I desperately needed.
I haven't taken a nap yet.

I read my e-mail. Then I mopped the bathroom. Then I took the bathmat, a load of laundry and a winter coat down to wash.

On my way out of the elevator I all the sudden was drenched with sweat and my thinking was disoriented. I went ahead to the laundry room put my clothes in the machines, spilled some soap as I was putting it in. And one machine decided it didn't want my money grrrrr. I was trying to hurry as I was feeling more and more disoriented and hot. I figured my blood sugar must of quickly dropped from the exertion of mopping.

Finally got myself back in the apt, and took my sugar, it was 60. Which a normal sugar should be between 80 and 120. Especially since I just ate at 3:00. So I got some chips and licorice.

When I was feeling better, I figured it was time to check on the laundry so I did that. Brought up the bathmat, winter coat, and dress that Sherri-AskPowell-SassyNanny gave me to hang dry on the shower rod. And put the other load in the dryer. Then I mopped the bathroom floor again as a rinse. Since the bathroom floor was kind of getting bad I used vinegar and soft scrub on it. So I was letting it dry so I could rinse the soft scrub off easier. It is looking pretty good now. Vince's cologne fell on the floor and shattered a while ago, and some places turned a weird green from that. Not mildew, just weird, so that came up with the soft scrub.

BTW, a quick tip soft scrub works real well on coolers too! lol
I put up a few bags of things, that's been needing to be put up. Took a bath. Took some things down to the recycling. Then we went to Wal-mart, and Krispy Kreme for Vince's mom. We didn't get home in time for Vince to help me put up stuff from Wal-mart, so I had to put it up. We got stack of drawers, could only afford one right now. But, will get 2 more on Thursday. I am going to use this one to start on organizing the pantry. But, that will be later tonight. Right now, I think I will take a nap after I read through my e-mail.

August 24, 2002

Two more bags of trash out of here! And some dishes washed.
Ok I just came back from getting rid of the bathroom trash, and the kitchen trash, and two bags of recyclables! I'm on a roll. I hope I can keep up, till this place is presentable.
I've been cleaning and cleaning. Let's hope I can keep it up. Last night I eliminated 5 bags of things. This morning Vince wasn't feeling well so we stayed home from meeting. He's been in bed. I got rid of 5 more loads of things, and gave some boxes to the neighbor who is moving. Vince hates getting rid of boxes like, the DVD player boxes, his RC airplane mailing box, directv dish box, the entertainment center box and many more boxes, but we live in a apt and have no room to keep them. By the time I get him talked into getting rid of them, his mother says oh you need them in case you need to return the "___". We are not returning the DVD player, RC airplane, directv dish, the entertainment center, etc and if we do they will have to take it with out the box, and same with all the other stuff we bought that came in boxes, cause we have no room for those huge boxes here. So I got rid of 5 loads of them today myself! Yeehaw! lol He's still in bed and has no idea. Maybe he won't notice. lol

August 23, 2002

We went grocery shopping a little today. I bought stuff to make a nice salad.

It's finally cooling off here today, it rained all night last night. This morning Vince had brought me home a gyro. But, by the time we were home from shopping I was feeling really sick. I had to put all the groceries up cause Vince had to go to work. So after that I ate my gyro and went to bed. I didn't sleep well though, I kept waking up. Then I had a horrible headache, so I took some medicine. Now, I'm going to soak in a hot bubble bath and see if that helps any.

August 22, 2002

I forgot to post yesterday. Things have been ok, just not much to report. :)

August 20, 2002

Oops I forgot some things. LOL Some people came and forgot to bring coolers. Since ours was empty with out food out to eat, they had a bag of ice and asked if they could use our cooler. I said sure. And then when Vince came along he said some other peoples food is in our cooler! lol I had to explain to him what happened. (we needed ice any way. lol) And yes we FORGOT to take pictures again! WE had the camera and completely forgot! GRRRRRRRRRRR
Thursday we had to shop for the Poconos. And groceries for home. Friday we went to the Poconos. It was a lot of fun and there was a SUPER Wal-mart there. I was so happy for that. LOL Saturday though when I got up to start making food for the picnic on Sunday I realized I had forgot a few things, so we went to a gourmet grocery store there and Vince found a lot of different vinegar he had been wanting so he was very happy. I made food all day on Saturday. I made 60 deviled eggs, 2 cream pies, 2 salads, and a cherry dump cake. Every one loved the food at the picnic and was taking some home for later! lol One sister wants to pay me to cook for her. A sister from Zimbabwe (sp) said I need to teach cooking. lol Sister Johnson said, Vincent got him a wife that can cook. lol

We also went swimming on Saturday and had a lot of fun. We may buy a villa/condo there in a few years when we have the car paid off. I think it would be nice to vacation with my parents there.

We got up early on Sunday 5:30 am and went to Wal-mart again to get a picnic blanket, Vince some socks, and some cheap serving spoons for the picnic. We got to the picnic in Long Island from Poconos, PA, at about 10:30. (we did come home to drop some stuff off though first.) We had a lot of fun, I talked and talked to a lot of sisters. BUT, I forgot to bring make up pads/sponges to do the make up on the kids. :(. After the park was closing we played mini golf. Vince wanted to all day! lol Poor Alpine4Air though had gotten sick and wasn't able to come to the picnic.

Next year our big buy for the picnic will be some really nice lawn chairs that I seen a a brother and sister bring. They looked really comfortable and had cup holders. So that will be our next year picnic buy. That will make it a lot more comfortable. Since NYC is so big the old stand by brothers and sisters (part of me and Vince.) have to get to the park when it first opens in order to get enough tables and big enough space for a cong picnic. Cause there is just too many people here! lol Vince and I have decided to host a cong picnic in May though next year. Before it gets as hot as it was Sunday.

I got sick on Monday I think from the heat again. There was a pool at the park, but they charged 15 dollars a person to use it. And it was just a pool not a water park! That was way too much!

So all in all though things went well I think. And I'm BACK!

August 14, 2002

I made a new How well do you know me quiz. And I made a What do you think about me survey. Please take them! They are on the right hand side of the site under About Me.
I did my study this morning. Chapter 6. It was on Jehovah's destructive power. He only uses this part of his power with love, justice, righteousness and holiness. And isn't driven by blind emotion.

Yesterday I made a book mark to go along with this book, to use for the meditation box. We are supposed to ask our selves three questions with each of the meditation box questions. They are listed in chapter 3. But, just so I don't have to flip back over to remember I made these book marks for my family.

BTW, I'm feeling much better today. I hope I continue feeling this way.

August 13, 2002

I'm feeling a little better. I slept most the day. Then we went to Red Lobster, since there wasn't much food here at home. And it doesn't make sense to go shopping when we will be leaving town in two days. I hope I continue to feel better.
I'm still not feeling well. But, I did get my study done today.

I did the meditation box for chapter 5. It was about how we can/should be humbled by Jehovah's creative power. And how we would want to give glory to Jehovah after meditating on his creations. Also the way he takes care of other creations ie flowers, and birds we can see he would also take care of us, if we put our priorities straight-keeping the kingdom first. And of course if Jehovah created us and all the earth, how could we think that something that we made with out hands, idols, he could dwell in. Of course it doesn't make sense. And since we are made in his image he isn't far from us.

Vince has been playing with his remote control plane a lot today. He wanted me to go to the park with him. But, I'm just not up to it yet. I hope I feel better for the picnic next week.

August 12, 2002

I'm not feeling well today so I stayed home from meeting. I've been in bed all day.

I did do my study though today (in bed). It was about Jehovah's creative power. Especially in all the creation of the animals. And how if we can be in awe of the animals themselves how much more so should we be in awe of their creator.

August 11, 2002

We just got back from the picnic, we been there since 3 pm. All the deviled eggs were eaten up and so was my chocolate cream pie! :) And I had my first taste of curried goat, it wasn't bad. But BBQ ribs are still my favorite! lol We had a lot of fun. We played dominoes, Vince and I taught a lot of people how to play. Vince taught about 6 children how to play too! And we talked and talked and talked. The only bad thing was, we FORGOT the camera again! But, we will try extra hard to get it next week at the congregation picnic. Had a great day. Lots of people ended up coming.
I got all the deviled eggs made! I made 60. I don't know how many will be there tomorrow. But, we will be glad to bring any left overs home. lol We love deviled eggs. But, it's just as easy to make 60 as it is 4. So I like making more when I can. So unfortunately I don't make them just for Vince and I much.

August 10, 2002

I never did get to my study yesterday, but today I got up early to do it. It was about Jehovah's creative power. Mainly it spoke of the powerful sun and stars, and how many of billions of billions of stars there is, and Jehovah knows them all by name. Pretty powerful.

Quite a bit has happened since yesterday. We went to Wal-mart and I got a little three tiered cart. The problem was they were in front of the check out line, and Vince forgot 50 dollars worth of groceries in the bag carousel. Then we went to Vince's parents house and stayed there for 3 hours, by the time we got home and figured out what happened Wal-mart was closed. I thought for 50 dollars we would go up today and explain what happened. LOL They had our groceries waiting for us, behind the customer service counter. Thankfully none of it was perishable.

Also yesterday I found out we were invited to a BBQ tomorrow. So I got stuff for it, I made a chocolate cream pie so far, and have boiled and peeled the eggs, next I will make the deviled part of it, and stuff them and fridge them. I think it's a going away party we are going to tomorrow, but the sister who it's at her house, doesn't remember why they asked her to use her house for a BBQ. And she is the one who invited us. I have no idea how much to bring, since even she don't know how many people she is expecting, cause some one else is the inviting. Oh my, I could never be that generous with my home. I need to know how many and WHO!

Oh yeah and we had meeting today. It was a nice WT study and the talk was on the flood and how it applies to our day. Then we came home changed, and picked Vince's mom up, went to TGIF's and then went to Wal-mart.

Yesterday and today was busy days. Tomorrow looks like a busy day too. Actually it looks busy for another week. It's fun though.

August 9, 2002

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I'm gonna do my study a little later today. I went to Book Study last night. It was good of course. Brother Green is very humble & tactful when he conducts the study. Also he said we are going to be going with another congregation on the picnic, and we are the host so we are supposed to bring enough food for the other congregation too. They hosted a picnic for us last month, but Vince and I was out of town for that one.

I'm getting so excited about it, I keep waking up, thinking I need to start cooking for it! It's not for another week! But, I am just so excited about it. I keep asking Vince questions. See we are going to the Poconos this Thursday till Sunday morning. The picnic is on Sunday from 7:30 am till 7:30 pm. So we won't be there probably till about 11 am. Since we will have to come in from the Poconos for the picnic. And I am going to make all the food up there. We will be in a big suite, Vince says it has a full size fridge, so I can make several things and put in the fridge that means! lol I keep adding more food I want to make. I like to make things for others. So I really can't wait.

Now that I know it's going to be two congregations, I think I will make 4 pies, and still the dump cake, and 7 layered salads, and I am going to try, to make 120 deviled eggs. Which will take 60 eggs. (we have carriers for 60, so we will have to buy more carriers) And I think I will make potato salad too! Since I will have mayo and mustard any way for the deviled eggs. And the eggs that don't cooperate for the deviled eggs, and don't look nice, we will just dump in the potato salad! lol I also decided on the sugar free chocolate cream pies, I would crush up some sugar free chocolate oreo like cookies and decorate the top with them! I've decided we would put it all in our big cooler and use the bottles that you freeze to put in there instead of ice. We will fill in any space left in the cooler with newspapers so that nothing can jiggle around and get messed up. I also thought we would use our biggest cooler and fill it with cheap Sam's choice soda and ice.

As you can tell I just can't wait. I love wholesome association that you feel upbuilt when you leave.

Also I found some salt water taffy I had bought for my mom and dad's anniversary party, but forgot to give out to the kids. So I thought when I paint the kids faces they can get a piece of taffy for holding still!

August 8, 2002

I seen Home Matters today, and it was about fun things to do with kids during the summer. (it was a rerun). Anyhow I seen this face paint kit. Comes with stencils and looks real fun. It's washable and non toxic. So I am going to look for it tomorrow. And take it to the picnic to do on the kids. I think that will be fun.
I did the meditation box on page 45 today. It really emphasized that we need to rely on Jehovah. And he is happy to use his power on our behalf, if we just put our trust in him and rely on him. If we don't rely on him not only will we be unsuccessful but it could mean our lives.

I haven't done much else again today. Except for checking PLN.

I did do some more reading last night in my Little House on the Prairie book, it is so nice to have some recreational reading back in my life.

Today though, I will be doing some laundry and we have book study tonight.

August 7, 2002

Today, in my study, I studied Chapter 4, pages 44-46, paragraphs 19-23. It was about how Jehovah always uses his powers in accord with his other cardinal attributes, wisdom, justice and love. He is slow to anger so he doesn't use his power abusively. And he doesn't use his power to force people to worship him, he dignifies people with the choice to worship him or not. He wants people to willingly worship him out of love, not force, or coercion. And he is happy to share his power with others. Like Jesus who he has shared the most power with. But, also servants who are trying to worship him, he will impart power beyond what is normal to. The next chapter will be about how Jehovah uses his power to create. But, tomorrow I will be studying the meditation box for chapter 4. So I won't get to the next chapter till tomorrow.

That's really all I have done today. I will have to check back in later when/if I do anything else worth mentioning. lol I slept in today.

August 6, 2002

Today I only did half my study cause I had so much to do. I studied more of chapter 4, pages 42-44, paragraphs, 13-18. It was about how Jehovah uses his power. Mainly 5 ways, to protect, destroy, restore, create, and most importantly to fulfill his will. Also he uses his power to help his people. It went into detail of how he helped Elijah, and gave him strength to carry on. Very interesting. It went on to show how this power should cause us to draw closer to Jehovah. And since Jehovah is holy we have no fear that Jehovah will use his power in a corrupt way.

Then I went to the doctor but only to get my birth control shot.

And then we went to Wal-mart. I have decided on a few more things to take to the picnic. I decided a cherry dump cake, layered salad, and deviled eggs too. Very cheap and easy to make, so it won't be a big deal. We decided to go ahead and buy some non perishables now. (pie crusts, cherry pie filling, pineapple, cake mix ect)

We also bought two new coolers for the get together. We needed a smaller one for conventions any way, so Vince wouldn't have such a hard time carrying it. And we needed a larger one for picnics and in the hotel rooms for conventions, etc. We only had a medium one, and a big round one for drinks.

We also bought dominoes, big over sized ones. I wanted regular ones. But, I was thinking one these shouldn't be able to blown in the wind easily, since we will be in a park. And two since we will have a lot of older people there they shouldn't have any problem seeing these! lol They were really heavy and came in a metal tin.

Then I came home and took a nap.

After that Vicki AKA Daisimae called and she is all moved in her new place! Just has to unpack now.

That's been about my day. haha

August 5, 2002

Today I studied chapter 4, pages 37-42, paragraphs 1-12. It was on Jehovah's power. Elijah had seen many amazing things performed by Jehovah and could see his power from those actions. But, today we can see his power through his creations. It's power that allows him to become what ever he needs to become. Jehovah used a bull to symbolize his power, since at the time that was the most powerful thing people could relate too. Especially the wild bull that is now extinct. But, apparently it was almost as big as a elephant and very speedy. Because of Jehovah's unlimited power he alone can be called Almighty. Also a term I hadn't heard of before, but Jehovah's holy spirit is his power in action. It also talked about Jehovah being called Jehovah of armies because of his large army of not only dedicated humans but millions of angels as well. And of course Jesus is the mightiest of all the angels. Another point I appreciated was about the Bible being powerful. I like the scripture, that said how God's word can reach the marrow of a person. That is as deep as you can go. Very powerful. And of course Jesus quote, that With God all things are possible. It was a very meaningful study on Jehovah's power.

Tonight is our TMS, and Service meeting. Looking forward to it. I guess I really don't have much of a life either. lol That's about all I can come up with that I've done so far today.

August 4, 2002

I'm up late again. I really need to sleep. But, um I took two naps today. And it's just not happening. lol I just wish I could get this site to load a bit faster!

At least I can say with keeping up with my studies and reading recreationally, playing with blogger, and making my own graphics I haven't been as bored lately.
Today I did the meditation box on page 34. It was about the principles we need to apply to be holy. Such as helping the poor, afflicted, blind, deaf, and alien resident. Fearing our parents. And not wanting to lie, cheat or steal. And of course above all things we wouldn't want to worship any false gods. Also how cleanness does relate to holiness, and how Jehovah required cleanness from the Israelites. Also we should view sin as something we would stay away from. Just because Jehovah doesn't have a law regarding something, we need to think of his principles and would it be sinful. And lastly, we wouldn't want to take sanctification and holiness lightly. We would want to be careful not to put things in our own paths to stumble ourselves, but also we would want to watch what we do so as not to stumble others. All very good food for thought.

A congregation picnic is coming up, and I can't wait for it. I think it will be nice. I really love our book study overseer. And I think this will be nice to spend time with him and his wife. They are so sweet. I am going to make two sugar free cream pies, a chocolate one and a banana one. And probably a African rice dish. Although at the block party last year my African rice dish didn't go over to well, but people I think were expecting BBQ and things. But, at last years congregation picnic, there was things like crab, ox tail, curried goat and the like, and it was all eaten, so I think my African rice dish will be more accepted at the congregation picnic, plus with the curry in it it is a bit Jamaican and most my congregation is Jamaican. In fact that's why we are having our picnic so late in the summer, people were in Jamaica visiting their families till this late in the summer.

LOL Last year I think we messed up. Vince took fried chicken to the congregation picnic and I took African Rice to the block party. lol At the block party people would have liked fried chicken more and at the congregation picnic people would of like my rice more. Hopefully this year we will be doing it right! lol Plus people were expecting Mexican food from me both times. Since I apparently am the only Mexican person around here. Awe well. lol There is a Italian sister maybe she will bring something Italian. Probably not though, she will probably be like me and bring something totally unexpected.

We are the only two non black sisters or for that matter members of our congregation though. I have never been part of a congregation that was mostly only one race. I've always went to congregations with a good mix of all races. But, since we are all brothers and sisters the congregation doesn't make us feel left out in the least. In fact, I rarely notice. Well, in fact I didn't notice till last Saturday at meeting that we were the only ones there not black. But, the congregation is so nice and loving race would never come into the picture I don't think.

August 3, 2002

I will put in a quiz tomorrow. Still trying to get my site to load faster.

I did how ever make a new adoption for people to adopt for their web pages, or blogs etc. It can be found at:
Which is also my book review/book club blog-site.
Today I studied Chapter 3, pages 30-35, paragraphs 12-21. It discussed Jehovah's name is holy because his name encompasses all of his qualities, therefore since Jehovah is holy so is his name. Also his holy spirit is holy since, it is the force he uses, and every thing he does is pure, clean and holy. Also how Satan as besmirched Jehovah's name, and that is why it needs to be put back in it's rightful place of sanctity.

Also holiness is related to beauty, since both can be described with the same adjectives-clean, pure, and bright. When we think of things that are clean, pure and bright, we think beautiful or beauty, yet these same words describe what holiness is.

And since Jesus sacrificed himself in 33 CE for our sins, if we repent, and change our wrong doing and have faith in the ransom, we can attain a relative holiness. Also since we are made in Jehovah's image we do have the capacity of holiness in us. It won't be perfect, but we can continue to work on it every day. Our realization of this can motivate us to do even more for Jehovah-anything he ask. Even though Jehovah's holiness is far superior to ours. We can have a awe inspiring respect for his holiness.

Last night, I finally did something for me that I haven't done in a long time, I took a bubble bath, lit some candles, and read a recreational book. I haven't taken a bubble bath in nearly a year. It was really relaxing.

I then got out of the tub and worked on my book club for sisters. I have it ready and it is open for business today. I am curious to see if any one will join. :)

August 2, 2002

As usual I will start out with my study. I studied Chapter 3, pages 26-30, paragraphs 1-11.

This chapter is on Jehovah's holiness. He is holy to the superlative degree. And that doesn't make him smug, or haughty, but the opposite. Holy has a new meaning to me now. I didn't realize it meant separate. But, of course Jehovah is separate, he is clean and pure infinitely. We are not. And he alone is most high, another separation. Yet, he still provides a way for us to be relatively holy, by giving us principles to live by that are clean and pure, if we follow them.

Last night was our book study. It was really good. Some times though Isaiah is a little deep. But, the association there was wonderful. And Brother Green, our book study conductor, is such a peach. He is the sweetest brother even though he is living with cancer. He really made a effort to encourage Vince that I am so grateful for. He had Vince say the opening prayer, and he had Vince hand out the KMs. I was very happy about that.

Then we went to a book store, Barnes & Nobles, and I got 5 Little House on the Prairie Books. I am going to start collecting them again, and reading them! I would also love to have the box set of 8 of Anne Of Green Gables books I had growing up. They are a wonderful series. I have decided I spend too much time watching tv for recreation. And studying is not recreation, although it is good for our soul. But, there is a time for everything. And I also need to improve the quality of my recreation, so for part of my recreation I will be reading and collecting good clean wholesome books. Taking more bubble baths, listening to more music (jazz, and Kingdom Melodies), and just doing fun stuff that doesn't involve the tv, and is wholesome.

Then we went to Out Back and had lobster, our favorite! :)

Today so far, I have been working on getting together a Sister Book Club. Any sister could join, as long as she had a blog or a website about her reading adventures. IE what she is currently reading, what she likes to read, what she thinks of the book she is currently reading and when she is done with it a rating of the book she read, would be nice. But, she can have on her page anything she wants regarding books, as long as it has to do with books, and the books are wholesome, and not against Christian principles.

August 1, 2002

I just studied the meditation box for chapter 2. It was really nice. I really thought about and talked to myself about each of the 4 questions. It realy made me think about what Jehovah expects of his us as his friends. And how important prayer is. Also just how much friendship and dealings with people and things that don't have Jehovah's approval is not acceptable. We really all need to rely on Jehovah for friendship and he will be there.

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July 31, 2002

I'm trying to make my blog load faster, but it still seems to take some time!
I'll start out with my study today. I studied pages, 21-25, paragraphs, 14-24. It was about how Jesus more then any one else could show us how Jehovah truly is, because of his intimate relationship with Jehovah. And how Jesus teaches us about Jehovah, through illustrations, and by his life's example. And how Jehovah uses Jesus as a live example to teach us who he is. Also that Jesus reflected Jehovah's cardinal attributes Power, Justice, Wisdom and especially Love. Of course his ultimate act of love in his ransom sacrifice. The chapter also said that this book is going to help us to search to know Jehovah.

It is set up so neat! We are going to study thoroughly Jehovah's 4 main attributes, divided into 4 sections of the book. Each section will start out with a explanation of the attribute, then we will read a few chapters on how Jehovah shows the attribute, and in each section one chapter will be on how Jesus exemplified the attribute in his life on earth, and one chapter on how we can apply and exemplify the attribute in our lives.

Also interesting will be the meditation boxes. We are to really meditate on these questions, and do research on them. I think I will use the IT books, and the cross reference in my Bible and study deep these questions. And in fact, I have decided in each chapter that will be all I study for one of the days of my study of the chapter, is the box. I figure to properly meditate on each question in the box, and do the proper research it should take at least 30 minutes to a hour to go through the entire box, which would be a whole study. And since I want this to go deep into my heart, I want to take my time on it. So it will be a study with in itself for me.

Now, for the rest of my day. I went to Wal-mart and stocked up on soda, and Vince stocked up on TGIF's buffalo wings, since at Wal-mart they are only 2.85 a box, and for the exact same box, at Pathmart they are 9.99. We got so much the check out clerk asked if we were having a party. lol

Also from now on I will only do quizzies every other day, because they are kind of making my page load too slowly if I do them every day. So look forward to a quizzie tomorrow! :)

July 30, 2002

Today I had my third study of Draw Close To Jehovah book-Chapter 2, pages 16-21, paragraphs 1-13. Today was about Jehovah wants us to be his friend. And how he was Abraham's friend. He had the Bible written in a way so that we can understand him, and draw close to him. And he does tenderly care for us.

I also went to the doctor today, he didn't know anything and is sending me to a different doctor, oh joy. I can't go to the other doctor though till the 14th, of August. The rest of the day I just had a lazy day of rest, and sleep. I also got Boston Market food, spinach, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, squash and chicken, some real comfort foods, I tell ya.

And now for the quizzie of the day. What Pet am I? Apparently I am a puppy!

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July 29, 2002

I'm still feeling weird. But, it could just be that time of the month, which I haven't had in about 2 years, and forget what that is like. Vince also thinks I have a fever, but our thermometer is broke. But, I go to the Doctor at 10:30 tomorrow.

I had fun helping Chari with her blog today. YEA! Another blog sister added!

Quizzie of the day: What Gum am I?

I had my second study in Draw Close To Jehovah, pages 11-15, paragraphs, 13-23.

Today it was about Jehovah's name, and it's meaning, and the other titles he is referred to as, and how those titles give us insight into his personality. And why he is Sovereign Lord. Also about his cardinal attributes, love, wisdom, power and justice. And how love predominates all his qualities, since he exercises love in all his ways. And that He truly does want us to draw close to him, and says that he is not far from any of us. He is really the best imaginable Father we could ever have.

I must also say the box on page 14, is really interesting to meditate on.

I am really excited about going through this book and gaining insight and love for Jehovah. I do believe this will draw me the closest to Jehovah then I have even been. I remember the Greatest Man book giving me such insight and true love for Jesus, and more knowledge of Jehovah since Jesus is the reflection of his father. But, this book is just as insightful.
I started my study in Draw Close to Jehovah. I have decided to take it slow and savor the thoughts and scriptures so they will sound down into me. And really think about how to apply what I am learning as I study this book. I am trying to apply this weeks WT lesson, on really studying for the right motives. I will keep a log of my study in here to keep me on track.

Today I studied, pages 7-11, paragraphs 1-12.

So far it is a excellent study book. I can really see this will truly live up to it's title.

July 28, 2002

I'm bored. And I guess every one is away on vacations and at conventions, & Vince has been working over time all week. So I'm kind of lonely too.
The first time I took this quizie I was Fozzy. I don't know what changed but now I'm Kermit. lol :)

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Now I am making mini mini blinkers here's a few I made tonight: