September 30, 2002

I redid the window graphic and really like it now. Next I want to revamp the plant and make a door. :) I think I'm getting a bit better every day at this graphic stuff. :)

September 29, 2002

All the backgrounds are mine now. I might adjust the colors later. But, for now I'm happy.

Yesterday we went to Wal-mart. BUT, I forgot deodorant, so we have to go back today.

I did however find a nice meeting outfit. A corduroy skirt, and a soft ribbed sweater to match it, both in cappuccino. I look better in reds and wines, they had a wine skirt but it wasn't my size. GRRRRR. But, I will just have to wear jewelry with the cappuccino one to make it look nice on me. But, I've been needing some new clothes, and I like it. I also got a nice satin shirt. That has vertical stripes alternating shiny and dull satin. I thought it would go with almost anything, it's cream color.

I need a full length mirror though, so I can see what I look like before I leave, grrrrr. I've came home twice and seen in the door downstairs reflection I had had my slip showing 3 inches, two different times. No one bothered to tell me! They had full length mirrors at Wal-mart last summer for 5 dollars. But, Vince wanted to wait! GRR Now the cheapest ones is 20 there. But, he says maybe next time he gets paid we can get one. I hope so. Cause, I don't want to come home again with my slip showing 3 or 4 inches! So embarrassing. They probably think I'm some kind of simpleton.

September 28, 2002

I'm not feeling too well today. And I'm a bit bored. I need to work on how Vince looks in my drawing of him.

September 27, 2002

I drew Vince and I today. I did better with my mom, then Vince and & I. Oh well. I also did a quilt square, finally. I want to make one for my home page too.

We didn't make it to meeting last night, I wasn't feeling well and had fallen asleep, Vince didn't want to wake me up. GRRRRR, I had been all prepared. But, it was probably better to stay home, and not get sicker out, and/or make the older ones in the book study sick.

September 26, 2002

I made a new blinkie today. I'm real proud of it. It's a drawing of a actual picture of my mother. I just love it! I also added shading to my I love my hubby blinkie.

Yesterday we rented The Road to Eldorado. I'll watch it later today. Maybe after meeting. I got my favorite meal again from Boston Market. And Vince is starting to like spinach! I'm so happy. lol

September 25, 2002

I told Vince about the volunteering. He said ok. lol

Aida, has to be paid by Saturday. I don't think I will go cause Vince has to work, and I don't want to go with out him. Especially with the price. But, he wants me to go. I don't even know what I would wear.

I did get a idea for something to do with some friends from the congregation. I thought it would be good to get a group together to go to DC and visit the Holocaust Museum. It would be a day trip. I've wanted to see it since Purple Triangles came out. I hope we can. I did get to see the outside before the convention when we drove through DC though.

September 23, 2002

I'm doing so much better on meeting attendance. I had been so sick for so long. My meeting attendance had been very low. Now, it's up very well. I am so happy with myself. I wouldn't really know how well I was doing if it wasn't for my sticker/calendar idea. I forget so much.

It was a good meeting. And I volunteered Vince and I for something. lol He doesn't know yet. He had to work tonight. But, he will be at meeting on Thursday. Any way, we had a local needs talk. And well we are building a new Kingdom Hall. They will need security round the clock for 9 months. So I have put Vince and I on the list to do security. lol I've done it before. And I can help teach Vince. I think it will be something good for us. We can really talk and get some personal study in. They also are providing us a trailer to stay in. That's nicer then when I've done it before. lol

I can also help with food, but they don't have that set up yet.
Well, 7 degrees makes a huge difference. lol It's been between 79 and 81 degrees. Today it is 72 degrees. It feels so much better. I have a really good fan in the bedroom and it's just lovely in there. lol I actually got cold in the night. In the living room it's still warm, but I put up a box fan, so it is helping. I just need another vornado type fan for the living room. We tried to get one, earlier this year but the stores were out of them.

Yesterday I got heat rash it was so hot. Today I feel so much better! It's finally cooled off. I hope it stays cooled off. I will be very happy if it does! :)

I rented A Beautiful Mind today. We've already rented 18 movies. If I had a car I could have rented more. lol I was bored all day yesterday, nothing was on. On Thursday when Vince gets paid we are buying Monsters Inc. So we are keeping it till then. So that way we get to buy the one we have. So that way we have a brand new one. Since we got ours the day after it came out, so we were the first to rent it. And when we go to take it back for 9.99 we can buy it. So that's what we will do. It was pretty good for a cartoon. :)

September 22, 2002

I've been so hot the past few days. YUCK! Heat heat go away, don't come back some other day! I am really pining for the coldness to come. I just can't take much more of this heat.
I've been drawing today. I made me a bride of the month blinkie, and a quilt rack. I don't care too much for my quilt rack, it is the first one I ever made. Well, The raggedy ann was the first one I made and I wish I was better at drawing her. Those were my first candles too, I like them pretty well. But, I'm real happy with my month bride blinkie.

September 21, 2002

Had a good meeting today. We were a bit late though. GRRR Vince's mom wanted him to help her go buy a TV. I told him I thought it would make us late. So the TV is still in our truck, cause when he came home from the dolly to take it into their house, it was already past 11, and our meeting is at 12. And they live 30 minutes from us. So I insisted we go to meeting instead of keep on with a TV! So we were a tad late. But, we made it. Vince's dad agreed to help him take it in tonight after he gets off work.

But, the Watchtower was good. And even though I think I buy modest clothing, I may try to get a little more modest. One comment said we shouldn't wear jeans cause the kids in the pics were all wearing Khaki's. But, I think that was to make them stand out. I don't see anything wrong with modest fitting jeans. And plus it's hard for me to find Khakis in my size. I see nothing wrong with wearing jeans when it is a casual time. As long as they aren't tight, extra baggy, wide, etc like the fads. And plus I don't have much else as far as casual wear goes for winter time to wear. I have a couple of Khakis but they are too small for me now. I have been eying some cords though. I always liked cords when they were in style when I was young. I never understood why they went out. I also always liked the cord jackets for men, with the leather elbow patches. That was always one of my favorite men's jackets. LOL I now see Wal-mart has the same kind of brown leather coat with the sheep skin like in the inside that I wore in kindergarten. I really wanted it, but it was like 60 dollars, and I didn't have the money even though it was reasonable.

September 20, 2002

Ok this is bad. We don't have screens on the windows, but it's so hot we have to have them open. Now I hear a chirping type sound, or it could be a nasty bug I don't know. I'm worried there's either a bug or a bird in the apt. I'm scared to go look in the corner I hear it from.

I watched Monster's Inc. It was really cute. I'm thinking about buying it, since we can only be either the first or second renters, and if we tell them we want it when we take it back, we can buy it for 9.99.
Vince is still asleep so I haven't been able to exchange DVDs yet.

I went to book study last night with my father in law. Vince had to work. He has to miss one book study a month. Any way it was a great study, and I got to comment a lot. Of course it was our first study in the second volume of the Isaiah book. And I learned several things I didn't know before. This is really interesting.

I've also instated a new visual for my meeting attendance and other spiritual goals. I have a pocket calendar, I put a blue star on every day that I go to meeting. I will get a star for service and prestudy too. yeah! That way I can see visually if I am improving, or what I need to improve on at a glance, instead of having to search my memory. Or beat my self up on things, I may be doing good on. So yeah, I got to add another star last night. lol

Although I didn't get it all the way finished studied, I only got it studied through paragraph 14. And then.... grrrrr we ran over time, so they didn't read those last paragraphs and therefore I was kind of lost. That will teach me! lol Same thing happened the first day of pioneer school. Taught me if I couldn't finish it all, to skip to the end, cause most people won't have the end studied and there won't be many comments if any. My PSS got in trouble that day cause no one raised their hands on the last 3 questions. Although they had told us to only take 45 minutes per a unit to study. I had taken about 90 minutes per a unit and just was getting too tired and didn't finish the last few questions. That taught me, when I started getting tired to skip to the end. lol We didn't get in trouble any more during PSS cause I would raise my hand. lol

Last night was also the first episode of SURVIVOR! lol We had it recorded so I got to watch it when I got home. It was good. Already has some new twist. And I already have a team I'm rooting for, but not a particular person yet. I'm rooting for the older wiser team. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

September 19, 2002

I finished both Return to Never Land and Cinderella II. Both were really cute. I am getting Monsters Inc tomorrow. And I think maybe Winnie the Pooh.

I tried the mesquite Mrs. Dash today. But, Vince wanted two burgers and I had one. And it was only a little packet sample. So........ I didn't really taste much of it on my burger. I will go ahead and buy it. It came with a 50 cents off coupon. And we are Mrs. Dash aholics. We buy huge things of the ones they sell at Costco. And three or 4 at a time of the ones they don't sell there and we have to get the smaller sizes at a regular store. I especially like the Onion Medley. They only sell the Garlic one and the Original ones at Costco. But, we use all of them just about. The Table one, lots of Onion Medley, and several others. YUM. We also use a lot of Worcester sauce.

I see it's only 75 degrees here today. But, I feel really hot! I wish they wouldn't shut off the AC. We just have vent air now. And the windows have to be open. And in NYC they don't have screen windows, so the bugs just fly in. GRRR. We will have to pay some one to put in screens next spring. Since we are on the 11th floor I don't want Vince hanging out the window trying to put them up. I'll just be happy when Autumn is here and it's nice and cold! lol

September 18, 2002

I finished the Legend of Vagger Bance last night. the last 20 minutes of the DVD was messed up! GRRRR.

Vince was at his parents almost all day, ordering a Tivo player for them. Then on his way home he rented me Return to Neverland and Cinderella 2. I am anxious to watch them. I've started Return to Never land so far so good.

I got some Mrs. Dash grill packets in the mail from today, and am anxious to try the mesquite one out tomorrow on burgers.

September 17, 2002

I never did get to go to Wal-mart. I'm sure they are gone now.

It's so hot here. And the AC has been cut off for our buildings now. So I'm barely making it with the windows open and fan on. Can't wait till it cools off here. I think I'm getting a heat rash.

We went to 2 different bowling alleys yesterday but they are all booked through December for leagues. So we don't know if we will be able to get to go bowling with the congregation or not. Another brother is going to go by some bowling alleys by his house to see if they have any openings. I really liked the one that we usually go to though cause it's smoke free.

Meeting last night was good. We had a ton of letters to be read so our 10 minute announcements went way over so the other two talks had to be cut short. But, it was a really good meeting. I just miss not being able to comment the whole night. There wasn't any parts that needed it. The local needs of how we did for the year was good to know what we all need to work on. And Vince and I have some of our own goals too.

I can't wait to get in our video. I accidentally already ordered it, because I didn't hear it announced till last night, but had seen it on the other 3 congregations boards. So I ordered it about a week ago. lol The letter read said though it wasn't ready to be ordered yet I don't think. I will have to reread the letter on Saturday. But, I have a feeling it's another drama. Very exciting. I also can't wait to get my new WT CD.

I rented Shallow Hal but I didn't much care for it. I thought it overly made fun of fat people. I've never had a metal chair nor a booth crash and fall apart on me when I sat on it. Nor any where near that. I felt sorry for the actress who played that part as I think that must of been horrible for her self esteem. And any how Hall was a moron that needed to have his "friends" always making his choices. Who wants a man who can't think for himself.

I have Legand of Baggervance or something like that tonight. It's got Will Smith lol and Matt Damen (sp) I've only got to see the first 30 minutes of it so far. I will have to go and finish it. I think tomorrow I will get Return to Never Land and Cinderella 2. I also want to see Rugrats in Paris, but I didn't see that in DVD there. And our program only includes DVDs. I also want to see Monsters Inc, which it is supposed to be there today or tomorrow. And The Ya Ya Sisters. I don't know if the Ya Ya Sisters is on DVD yet though.

September 15, 2002

We went to Wal-mart last night. And I'm upset with myself. They had two pairs of overalls I really liked in my size. Eeyore and Tweety ones. Vince said I could put them on Lay away and I didn't. I'm going back today. But, I bet they will be gone. GRRRR I should have gotten them. Stuff moves fast here. I was worried about money though. GRRRRRR

Oh a good thing we did do is join the Blockbuster monthly plan for 23 dollars a month we got to rent unlimited DVDs, and keep them up to 30 days. So I got a DVD last night and Vince got two. Mine can go back today, and I will get something else.

Right now Vince is helping his father with some electrical work for a neighbor to make extra money.

September 14, 2002

I haven't done much today. But, we are going to Wal-mart after Vince takes a bath. I want to see if they have any other PJs I like. I may put some one layaway. I forgot to mention yesterday we ate in the Wal-mart Cafeteria. It's pretty good here cause a lot of people eat there. Most the workers too. We had the shrimp baskets, which normally at a place like Wal-mart I would be scared of, but decided to give it a go. It was really good! It was so good I wanted shrimp again today so we made it in our deep fat fryer. lol

Also today we are going to go book a bowling alley for a congregation bowling night October 12th.

Last night I worked out Vince's work schedule all the way through to January 2005. So we know we are leaving on vacation in March on the 16th, and coming back on the 29th. In February we will making our plans for April 2003-March 2004. That's why I needed a calendar that went all the way through those years. We have to plan our Vacation for that long ahead of time every February.

Our anniversary always coincides with the right weekend we need to leave to get the most out of our Vacation time. My mothers anniversary is always right on the weekend we should either be leaving on a vacation or coming home cause it's always right on Vince's 5 day weekend. Which that would give us a extra 3 days of vacation if we made that the beginning or end of our vacation. lol Of course we were smart and that's why we had picked when we picked to get married, cause then he would have a extra few days before having to go back to work. It's kind of complicated but it gives Vince a extra 3 days if we use that five day weekend at the beginning or end of the vacation, we just waste the 5 day weekend if we choose to use it in the middle of the vacation.

September 13, 2002

We went to Wal-mart today. They were out of hamburger patties that we usually get there. And they were low on TGIF buffalo wings. Awe man. lol Vince feel in love with the frozen garlic bread there. So we had to get more of that too. lol

But, I got two nice shirts and a jacket that matched a outfit I got this summer. And a pair of tweety PJs. I have a ton of PJs but most of buttons down the front and I just can't wear buttons down the front is some one comes to the door. grrrrr

I also got a three hole punch, for the recipes I print out for my binder. And a pocket calendar that goes up to 2005. That will help with Vince's work schedule so I can schedule things really far in advance now. So I'm pretty happy. :)

September 12, 2002

I'm still feeling achy.

But, we went to Costco today and got some supplies. It was only 40 something. That's good for us. They had some good samples too.

Then we went to Vince's parents house to help his mother pick out a tivo receiver.

Then, we all went out to Outback, our favorite restaurant. Of course Vince and I had our usual. 3 lobster tails. Usually though I get a Ceaser salad with it. BUT, tonight the lady told Vince, after I had already ordered mine with Ceaser salad, that you didn't have to have a salad with it, you could get soup! So I got the cream of onion soup. It was delicious. Usually I get the french onion if I get soup there, that's if I get a cup of it for a appetizer. I'm so happy to learn of this. cause their soups are really good. I like salad ok. But, I can do salad easy at home. lol But, Vince loves salad and soup. So he still got the salad, and got cream of onion soup for the appetizer. I like their french onion too. But, I had never had cream of onion. So I tired it and it was really good. And I had the baked sweet potato with it. It's really good too. Vince got the baked potato with everything. Now, he does usually get a baked potato with every thing. But, tonight it had more stuff on it. Onions, sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon, chives, the WORKS! It looked really good too. But, I really like my sweet potato, so I think I will stick with it, and just steal a bite of Vince's baked potato. lol :)

September 11, 2002

I slept most the day, I wasn't feeling well at all. I've had a head ache since yesterday. I keep taking tylenol but it just isn't helping. I think it may be sinuses.

September 10, 2002

Oh yeah I forgot I did call my mom today too. The car dealer charged them 1500 more then they had signed the contract for. They got a used Suburban last month.
I haven't done much today. I need to fold more laundry and clean more. I did get some dishes done though.

Last night after the meeting we were invited to go as a group to a Matinee of Aida. Apparently several from our congregation are going together at the end of October. It's 65 dollars a ticket for Matinee/group rate. I really want to see it. As it may been close to home in it's theme. And I do like Elton John's music. But, I don't know if we can afford it. It will be my first NYC Broadway theater experience. I haven't even seen a movie here yet. I really really want to see the Lion King on Broadway too.
Oh and I almost forgot my pharmacy sent me a letter today that said that the Depo-Provera contraceptive injection that I took contained particles of inert polymeric material from a pumping hose. I was having some physical problems a couple of months ago and now I'm wondering if it's from that!

September 9, 2002

Oh yeah it's 64 tonight and I got a bit of a chill so I am having some cocoa! I love hot cocoa. It's just so rare though that I'm cool enough to drink some. :) I want to get some Atkins flavoring syrups to flavor my cocoa.
I folded some clothes today. Took two trips to the recycling place. And did some dishes. I've almost got a corner finished that I wanted to finish. I will be glad when it's done.

We had book study tonight instead of TMS, because next weekend is the convention. But, Vince and I have already went to the convention so I think we will stay home and clean. But, book study was really nice tonight. I wasn't feeling well. But, I am glad I went any way. I had missed lately cause of not feeling well. And so I made myself go tonight cause I hate missing. And yet another sister is still talking about my cherry dump cake and wants to know how to make it. She wants it for company and put ice cream on. lol :) I hate diabetes, too bad I can't eat the stuff no more. I just make it for friends.

September 8, 2002

I cleaned in two corners today, and did some dishes. I hope this cleaning trip lasts a while.

We also went to our favorite Chinese buffet-Big Apple Buffet. I had crab legs, and really good crab stuffed mushrooms. I wonder if they are the same kind that Chari makes. They are always really good there. And I like their green beans too.

I also called my mother today. I heard you should eat blueberries every day. They reverse heart disease, prevent cancer, help your short term memory and help you not be depressed.

September 7, 2002

The meeting today was nice. We had a speaker from Brooklyn. The Watchtower study was also really good.

My ego was boosted today by a sister. She said that she took some of my cake home from the picnic and her son ate it and said. You got to get to be friends with this sister, so she can make us some more. And she said, she is my friend. lol

We went to Mc D's today. I got a fish sandwich. I just can't believe the price of happy meals now. A chicken nugget happy meal at the Mc Donald's across the street from us is now 5.00!!!!!

I miss Mexican fast food though. Grrrr. Or for that matter Mexican food at all here.
GRRRR I went in to put away the dishes I had washed earlier only to see I needed to wash the pot again. I washed it two more times, with a scouring pad. And I see it still needs it again. GRRR. But, I got too tired to do it again tonight. I will have to do it again tomorrow. I was hoping to get to clean some of the other dishes in the sink instead of the same one over and over. I think it's mainly the gas residue from the stove that is sticking to it.

September 6, 2002

I haven't done much today. I washed some dishes, and did get a few things picked up here and there. Hopefully I'm back on a cleaning trip. lol Awe, to live in a uncluttered home again. I long for it. If only I can achieve it.

Yesterday I was online quite a bit though. And DaisiMae/Vicki also called me, so it wasn't a bad day.

I just hope I can get more stuff cleaned up again.

September 5, 2002

Chari was nice enough to send me the templates for the I love my hubby blinkie and I redid the colors to match my blog. I love it! I loved it before but now it goes so well. It's just lovely! :) Thanks Chari. :)
I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday. Not much happened though. I made a linkie and a sig tag. And in the evening Vince took me to Red Lobster. It was good. But, it is getting more expensive every time we go. So we decided from now on when we want crab legs we will go to a Chinese buffet and it will be cheaper. We used to choose Red Lobster over the Chinese buffets, because of the quality of crab legs. But, now it seems like their quality has went down further then the buffets. So we might as well save money and get the same quality or better quality at the buffets.

I made bacon cheese burgers today. But, while I was making the bacon, I asked Vince to take the burgers off the grill. He did that then he unplugged the grill and got shocked. I always just turn off the surge protector instead of unplugging the machine. He wants to write George Foreman and tell him to add a on/off switch to the grill. lol I think it needs one too.

September 4, 2002

I couldn't sleep so I made a regular blog sisters blog award. I want to make a winter one next and I need something for book sisters. I think they are really cute. I can't believe I can draw people!

September 3, 2002

I made a fall blog sisters award today. I will work on a winter one, and a regular every day one in the next few weeks. :) I think it's really cute. I just got to come up with a idea for a every day one.
Didn't do much today or yesterday. lol I love George Foreman grills though. I had a grilled bacon cheese burger today. YUMMY! Yes we are gadget people. lol But, I really do love the indoor grill especially for summer. But, living in a apt we can have grilled food any time. And it really taste like outdoor grill too, except no lighter fluid after taste! lol

Oh yeah, I'm a theme person too. I got to thinking about my 50's/60's party, and I also have these sundae dishes. So instead of having root beer floats, I think we will just have plain root beer, and then for dessert have hot fudge sundaes. And it would still be in theme, since I have the real glass sundae dishes, they're really cute. lol I also have popcorn boxes (they are plastic) but they look just like the old theater paper red and white striped popcorn boxes.

Where do I get all this stuff? After Christmas sales at Walmart and drug stores. They sell these boxes of retro things that come with a name brand thing. For easy gifts. Like my sundae dishes came with Smuckers hot fudge and caramel sauce. Now during the peak of Christmas buying they are about 10 dollars a set. You get like like 4 sundae dishes and 6 little jars of sauce and a ice cream scooper. But, after Christmas, they are only 2.50! Same with the popcorn things, they came only with two popcorn boxes though and a big thing of popping corn, popcorn salt, and butter stuff. I also have Campbells soup mugs, with the campbells kids on them. I love them. lol I also like the stuff Knottsberry Farm puts out with their jams and jellies, that time of year.

September 2, 2002

I love it. It's so nice and chilly today! 63F. I got to have a cup of yummy cocoa! In the summer I'm so hot I can only drink iced drinks and think I'm dieing. lol I'm a chilly willy penguin. I could live some where where it was fall/winter year around and be a happy camper.

Last night we went to Walmart and did some shopping.

Bought some food, and looked for pets, but they don't sell fish or anything at this one. Although I don't suggest Walmart pets, as none of the ones we bought in the past lived long. But, I just wanted to look at some. Awe well.

I did find something that made me really happy. lol It's the small things that make me happy. lol I found these baskets, they were yellow and red. You got 2 red ones and two yellow ones in a pack of four, for 1.50 really cheap. They are the kinds you would see at a drive in, or one of the old root beer hang outs like A&W. That the hamburgers and fries come in, lined with wax paper. They had the old mustard and Ketchup bottles too, both matching the baskets for only a 1.00, 50 cents each!! So I had to get them. Although I will get one more set next time I am there if I remember. I just love these things. I thought I also want to buy some nice mugs. Then have some friends over and watch something like Grease, or some other 50's/60's movie have hamburgers, and fries and root beer floats. Oh did I mention we have a deep fat fryer, and this cool curly cue potato thing to make our own fresh french fries! So I think it would be so cool and fun!

Any way, like I said it's the small things that excite me.

September 1, 2002

Oh yes, I put my fall decorations up in my blog today. I just love fall. I can cook again and eat all the yummy foods that I love of winter. Summer is ok, but I end up mainly munching salad and quick foods. No warm comfort foods as it's too hot to cook! I think September is one of my favorite months cause finally the heat of August is gone!!!!!!! And it's finally going to end summer! Then November I just love the scents in November, apple cider, and pumpkin pie, mmmmmmmmmmm. I think November is my very favorite month. Then I like March because it's my anniversary and flowers start to come up, but it also reminds me that winter is over and it's about summer again. UHG! I don't like summer!
We ended up going to Vince's grandparents. But, only his cousin Brandy with her three children was there and his uncle Mike, even though it's Vince's dad's parents, Mike is Vince's mom's brother. And Grandma and Grandpa was there. Every one else had left already. Mike's wife Pat, is doing rural territory in Mass. But, we stayed till about 10:30 or 11. And had a good time talking to them.

I still want Red Lobster though. lol