May 26, 2010

Whew the heat is back and worse then ever! Vince was able to clean the filter of the AC it's helping a little bit. But, it's still awfully hot. I'll be pining away for winter till fall comes and brings relief from the summer heat. Fall is my favorite season, as it's furthest away from summer. I always dread the summer heat, since I had heat exhaustion when I was 8 years old, it's always made me ill since. So I'll be dreaming of wintery snow days till then.

Before meeting Lela kept thinking we might not go cause Vince and I weren't getting ready early enough for her. Even though it was plenty early enough! She kept crying and getting very upset that we might not go. Even though we re-assured her several times we were going. Poor baby has missed going to meetings all week. Because last weekend was the convention but Vince was working 8-4 so we couldn't go. We had already scheduled going to convention in July which is still the plan. Plus we want to go upstate to a smaller convention so it's not as stressful as the great big ones here in the city. So it's been a week and half since she's been to a meeting and she was sure wanting to make sure we got there! This is a good age!

Meeting was a sweet relief both spiritually and heat wise. Thankfully the AC was on at the hall tonight. It was a good meeting spiritually as well, I particularly liked the part in the Kingdom Ministry about pioneering. I can't wait till I can pioneer again. I'm thinking one year after I have our last child. I don't want to come on and off the pioneer list, and I know I won't be able to pioneer with a less then one year old at home. Till then I want to auxiliary pioneer as much as I can.

Rene held and fed Belle during meeting tonight. It was the first meeting I ever let some one else take one of our children during the meeting. But, I was sitting right in front of her. Still it was different, but nice. I sure hope we get a loving congregation that love us in Kansas, and that we can have some good life long friends in. I can't wait for the girls to get some friends. We have no children in our current congregation. I would also like to make a friend with children as well. So maybe we will.

And of course we had another song that was hard for us again tonight. Maybe one day we'll have these songs memorized as well as we had the songs in Sing Praises to Jehovah memorized. Lela doesn't care though, as long as we are singing she is happy. She loves to practice the songs at home as well. She's always begging me, and then saying just 3 more songs mom, ok 10 more songs mom? haha Gotta love her. I hope she will always like going to meetings and singing as much as she does now.

I finished making the invitations to Belle's baby shower, I think they came out cute. Hope every one liked them. Lela was happy and said now every one would be home safe and sound with a picture of Belle.

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