July 31, 2005

Finally things have calmed down. We went to the district convention in Richmond, Va, and it was great! We got to see a lot of good friends, and over all just had a very good time. The District Convention of course was wonderful as well. :) And we loved the drama.

When we got back we went to see Steele Magnolia's the Broadway production and it was so nice! Delta Burke was in it and did wonderfully.

However, I am now glad to be back home for the rest of the year, and just be in my normal routine again.

In August we get to go to 5 more tapings of Dlifetv. I think that will be a lot of fun.

The kitchen is finally coming along the way I want it to. And the rest of the apartment is following suit.

I won't promise to try to come back more often, but I will try! lol I know I need to! hahaha

July 9, 2005

This week, was a busy, busy, busy week. My dad, step mother, and 6 of my siblings came to visit! We walked all over the place. We walked through central park, through the Museum of Natural History, on a 3 hour cruise, to 3 Broadway shows-which I highly suggest Drumstruck, it was a ton of fun, and we got to play the drums the whole time, what a upper body workout! We walked all over here and tarnation, that was for sure. But, we had a really good time.

When they first arrived, I went outside to meet them, and since my younger siblings haven't seen me in a year and a half, they didn't even recognize me. They said to my dad, when he started coming towards me, that's Heather? And he said yup it is. They didn't even know who I was! But, they kept telling me how great I looked, and they even liked my hair. So that felt really, really good. Although when I looked back, I remember that the last time, the two oldest seen me at this weight, they were only 1 and 2 years old, so no wonder they didn't recognize me. And the youngest ones, have never seen me at this weight, except maybe in pictures. And this time, I look thinner at this weight then I did back then any how. I know for sure I am thinner too, cause I am wearing smaller clothes then I did back then. Back then I wore a woman's size 14, a woman's size 14 has been hanging off me since November of last year. I wear a size 12 loosely now! And a Juniors medium!

So any way, it was a GREAT week! :)

July 2, 2005

It's been a while since I posted but, I am back. I went on vacation, to Branson, Mo. It was a good vacation, all in all. Some crazy things happened. But, the good things, were really good. I got a really nice quilt that I will share a picture of later. I also bought some cozies for my 8x8 dish, and my 9x12 dish. I will use it a lot, in the coming weeks, with block parties, and congregation picnics coming up! I walked, and walked, and walked some more. I also enjoyed a lot of treats-home made chocolate covered strawberries, candies, and fudge! However, I did make most of our meals. In fact, the whole week before we left, I was cooking and freezing for the trip. I returned home with a 2 pound weight loss! So I was very happy with that. I will try to share pictures of our trip soon.

Last Saturday, I went to Apollo's Theater's Health Fair, in Harlem, NYC.

I was there with the Divabetics, helping get people to sign a petition that will be taken to Mc Donald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's and other Fast food chains, to plead with them, to put nutritional facts for diabetics, directly on their menus.

While I was there, I won the grand prize at the health fair..... a 225.00 hat from Harlem's Heaven Boutique. I really didn't think I would win it. First of all, it wasn't supposed to be up on the block to win, for another hour. But, I had to leave to get dinner. And I had been saying how lovely the hat was. And I really wanted it. I was wearing my own hat that day too! So I said, oh well let me draw, and I will shoot for a tee shirt. (you were to put your hand in a bag, and pull out a ball, and if the ball said divabetic on it, you won. If the ball was blank you lost.) Max, the founder of Divabetic, stopped me and said WAIT! Ok, Heather is playing for.... and held up the hat, and did the whole intro for the hat-think Price is right, or Wheel of Fortune! lol Then they did a big count down, shook up the bag, I put my hand in and low and behold I WON! And no it wasn't set up! I was so shocked I won. I didn't even think I could get the right ball any way, many that day lost just trying for the tee shirts! Any way..... here's a couple of pics from the day.....

When I first arrived, I also bought the hat, and the shawl I am wearing in the picture below, while on my vacation, I really love them!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me in the hat that I won!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And here's the article about me on the Divabetic website......

Grand Prize winner Heather & the AVON Makeover Team

Image hosted by Photobucket.com,
originally uploaded by divabetic. DIVABETIC Hall of Famer Heather walked off with the grand prize at our Apollo Theater Health Fair Raffle Extravaganza and we couldn't be happier!

Heather looking radiant in pink spent the better part of the day with her charming husband getting people to sign our SUGAR SAVVY petition in 90 degree heat! DIVABETIC's commitment to diabetes outreach and education, SUGAR SAVVY, continues to build steam our list of supporters grows to over 600 people!

As our GRAND PRIZE winner, Heather, also enjoyed an all star GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS makeover provided by the friendly happy faces of the AVON beauty team. AVON joined DIVABETIC at the Apollo Health Fair to help promote our 'GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS' message and inspire you to look gorgeous and feel great.

Sadly yesterday Luther Vandross died. I really hope this will help get diabetic awareness even more in the spot light! It is so misunderstood, and so needed!