December 27, 2004

For the first time ever, I have created a family newsletter. I've wanted to for years. And never did. Well, I finally did and I am pretty sure I will keep it up yearly. All I have left to do is get a new picture to use for it. The last professional one we had done I was 30 pounds heavier, and I would rather use a more updated one. That one was taken in March this year. So some time this week hopefully some one can take our picture with out it coming out a blur (some people for some reason don't seem to understand our camera and the pictures always come out a blur when we ask others to do it).

I'm working on my mailing list now though.

Vince has been working on getting all my cds uploaded to the PC so I can use it on my mp3 player. He got me a really nice one that will record, so I can use it for conventions as a early anniversary gift.

We went to Wal-mart yesterday and it was the most peaceful I had ever seen it! I can't believe people here sleep in! In Kansas they are in mobs outside waiting for the doors to open! Not here. lol Oh well to my advantage. I think I will always shop the day after Christmas early. It was just so quite and to be the only ones there, was GREAT! Usually it's a mad house. Cause it's so new. NYCers aren't used to Wal-mart yet. And go nuts in there! lol Cause the prices are only about a 1/2 to 1/3 of what other stores charge for the exact same items. For instance at most grocery stores here pudding mix, is 1.10 a box. At Wal-mart, it's .52 cents a box! Any way, that's about it so far.

December 21, 2004

I just posted this to JWLW. And I thought I would add it here, cause it caused me to think so much!

"I was just now watching a TV program, on FitTV called 10 years younger. It's about a group of people being helped by doctors, to make themselves, look and feel ten years younger.

The doctor just said something so profound, I had to run in here and post!

He said, most people pay more attention the kind/quality of gas they put in their cars, then the kind/quality of food they eat!

Oh my!!!!!!!! That is just sooo scary to hear some one say that. BUT, at the same time I know it's sooo true!

It brought to mind, something I hear from soooo many people over and over, it seems to be the number one excuse I hear. "Eating healthy, cost too much money".

Thinking about the above statement of gasoline in our cars. Would we put water in our gas tanks cause it's cheaper then gasoline? NO way! Why? Because the car wouldn't run and it would die. Well, what in the world are we thinking when we don't put the right kind of fuel (healthy foods) in our bodies? Hey it's the same thing, some people say junk food is cheaper (I personally don't believe that, but let's say it is) would it make any more sense to put junk in our bodies that will not help us be healthy and kill us, then it would to put water, or other cheaper fluids in a car, cause it would kill it even though it is cheaper? NO!

Then, I got to thinking a car is a material possession. It will eventually die, and probably much sooner then we will. Cars can be replaced. The only way we will be replaced is in the new system. Cars come from man, our life comes from Jehovah. Which is more valuable? Our life!! What in the world is Jehovah thinking when he sees us put more value on a car, then our lives that he gave us. I wonder if it makes his heart sad.

I know if I gave a gift as precious as life to some one, and they threw it to the way side not caring for it or even trying to keep it, it would make me feel sad, and unappreciated. Especially when I see the same person take care of something much less important and from some one they don't even know! (a car is not from Jehovah, it's from some man we don't even know who invented it, and even though it's helpful, it's not as important as our life).

It was just a big epiphany, and something to think about!"

Man was that a thought! The correlation of people taking more care of inanimate objects then their own lives, never crossed my mind till I heard that single sentence! OUCHEE WA WA! Ack! It's a painful thought even!

December 16, 2004

I am tired. My hips have been hurting like crazy. But, Vince got me a new coat, cause of my over 80 pound loss, my old coat was just way way too big. I love the new coat though! :) So I am very happy about it. :) I can't wait to get to goal weight still though. But, this is nice too. :)

I need to get back with fly lady, I have been doing a little but not as much as I was.

I have decided the moisturizing my face, was very important so I am going to for sure start doing that with my fly lady schedule! I got some really nice cream at Bath and Body Works, it's Creme Brulee Scented, and just awesomely YUMMY!! :)

I've also been cooking up a bunch of new recipes. I totally love this turkey stuffing quiche I tried (very low calories!), and this pumpkin pie. I will be adding it to my site shortly!

Any way, I'm just exhausted today. So I think I will take a nap and start doing more again tomorrow. Or probably later this evening. I think later this evening I will for sure, at least shred papers for 15 minutes.

I will also be working on my site blog redecorating a little more soon. And also be working on some stuff for the Silver Dollar City sites. :)

Here's a picture of me in my new coat. :)

December 8, 2004

On December 1st, is when I last posted here. But, there was tech problems with blogger and it lost every thing. Today they gave me every thing back! I didn't want to post till I heard back from them. Of course I contacted them immediately!

Any way, the house is really coming along! Vince says he don't remember the last time it looked this good. And frankly neither do I. I am just doing it baby steps though. I am so happy I can now open the door with out seeing horrified looks on the delivery woman's face, as she looks on at what must of looked like a explosion in here! lol haha

I still need to declutter the hallway quite a bit. I am still focusing on the living room. So I do my own version of room rescue in the hall way each day. So I do one thing and one thing only. That way I don't get side tracked or overwhelmed. Yesterday I picked up my service bag and put it away. Today I picked up a newspaper that was lying there. Tomorrow as I stroll through to the living room I will pick up something else and so on till it's done. Thankfully the foyer looks great! (that's a major part people see when I open the door! lol) The living room is really coming along. And my side of the bedroom is making head way. I am not doing zones yet. Cause a week will not make a dent in these rooms. So it's better for me to focus on one room till it's done. That's how I did the pantry. And it took me about 4 months. (doing little bits here and there, till I was happy with it.) Any way I am liking actually seeing some progress. And what I have been doing is focusing on the living room by doing 2 fifteen minute sessions each day. Then I do a 27 fling boogie daily in the bedroom, and two of my mini room rescues each day, one in the hallway and one in the pantry. Just needed a little touch up, since I have been doing the other rooms, sometimes in the flings, and decluttering sessions things are tossed in there, cause that's where they belong. So in my mini rescue I put what ever has been tossed in there (one item) exactly where it belongs. Any way it's working!

And boy am I glad my archives are back!

In my cleaning I still have not came across a old stretching mat I used to have. So I am hoping I do. I can't remember if I brought it home, or left it with my parents. But, it sure seems like I brought it home. So far no sign of it. If I don't find it by the time the whole apartment is finished, then I will buy a new one. In the meantime, since I have decluttered so much of the living room, I was able to get out a fluffy towel and put it down, and I have added crunches to my morning exercise routine. I was just doing them at Curves, now I can do them daily. I sure will be happy to get my stretching mat to do them on. The towel doesn't lessen the hardness of the floor too much! lol.
I actually posted this December 1st. But, blogger was having technical difficulties, so I am republishing it!

Today was a good day. I am really getting a lot done. I am trying really hard to stick with it and not burn out and I think it's working. The book case doesn't look like a terrible explosion happened any more. I am shocked and frankly a little upset with myself over the amount of books we have, cause I couldn't find one and would just pick up another one at meeting after giving up looking. Now we have found them all and have several of many! Well, I guess if we ever have children they can use them. Or we can donate them to a new family in the truth or something.

Any way I am happy with the way things are shaping up. It still looks like some redneck/hillbillies had a party gone bad here. But, it's getting much much better! lol We can see the floor! I will share pictures when it is done. But, I figure it may be at least another month for the living room maybe two. I just have been doing small missions in the bedroom. While focusing on the living room. When the living room is through we will focus on the bedroom and do small missions in the kitchen, then focus on the kitchen while doing small missions in the bathroom. And so on. The pantry thankfully has stayed good since I did it all last spring. (The pictures are in the archives). And I am very happy with that accomplishment!

Well, I've been updating my website. And will probably rework the graphics on my blog soon too. Just don't know when. :) So let me know when you see the changes if you like it or not. :)