September 28, 2011

Where, oh Where, is RJ?

I am really liking the new Anew genetics cream from Avon. It really does work. I also really like outlet eye shadow pencils I think I will buy a couple of more tomorrow, while they are on outlet clearance prices. I need to redo my nails tomorrow too, but want to check walmart first to see if they have the OPI color I've been wanting, while I'm there getting Lela a new sleeping cap any way. I'm really hoping it's the color I am wanting, since the color I really like has been discontinued.

Poor little Belle has the sniffles and is really whiny with it. Poor babe. Hopefully I won't get it and it will pass quickly.

I have a OB appointment today. Hoping we have made some progress since lil' Ray-Jay was due on Monday. Vince would like me to be induced tomorrow if all is well so that way he doesn't have to worry about getting days off work. Last Saturday I went to Weight Watchers and bought a bunch of snack bars, to keep me fueled in the hospital and for the first few weeks home. I know with nursing a new born I rarely even get to get out of my nursing chair, let alone go potty or eat! lol So I like having some snack bars that are healthy and tastes good next to my nursing chair. I forgot though to get one of their big cups. Their huge drinking cups are good since they have a lid, they don't spill, and they are huge enough I won't have to get up often to refill it. Hmm, oh yeah they are open tomorrow night, will have to swing by there and pick one up!

Nick and Megan come to town on Friday so would be good if little RJ would make a appearance for us!

September 27, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...sunny days.

I am thinking...When is this child coming?

I am thankful for...making it to due date for the first time.

I am other children's births.

I am hoping...the baby is healthy with out any blood glucose problems-same hope this week!

I am creating...hoping a healthy baby boy.

On my mind...getting this baby out!

Noticing that...the house really needs cleaned.

From the kitchen...gyros.

One of my favorite things...a clean house.

What I am reading...face book.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Baby Belle!

September 22, 2011

Baby Doctors . . .

Turns out that Lela's sore on her elbow is actually staph. So she's on a antibiotic and we are watching it. Saturday it was only the size of a pea. We drained it and cleaned it. Sunday it was looking fine no changes since the draining and cleaning. Then Monday all the sudden it was the size of a quarter. ICK. Full of puss. And icky looking. So I had Vince take her up to see Darla right away, and cleaned it well, bandaged it and put her on a antibiotic. This was a new kind I had never seen before, comes in a bottle that is powder, then you add water to it. Kind of neat. Any way, it's looking better today thankfully.

I went to the OB today.  Things are still looking good, and coming right along. He always measures me and said I was measuring correctly for my gestation. I asked him if he could tell me approximately the size of RJ, and he said any where between 6 and 12 pounds, then he laughed of course and said he's rarely wrong! hahaha Ok, ok! Good news is I am still effaced of course, and 1 1/2 centimeters dilated, he said he thinks he'll be seeing me soon. And he's the one on call this weekend, although he said it wouldn't matter if he was on call or not, he would be at the hospital when I called about going into labor. Just a waiting game now. However, I think it will probably be another week.

Before the doctor appointment, my mom took me and the kids to Mc Donald's, we split the new Autumn Sweet shake and it was really really good! Liked that one a lot!

After the appointment we went over to the Avon store, and I was able to get a lot of chap sticks for the sale they are having this month. And actually found out I like two of their perfumes, I usually hate Avon perfumes so shocked me when I found two I liked. And that didn't give me respiratory problems. Also bought the girls some more roll on soap, as they love the stuff! And for the first time in ages I bought mascara that wasn't cover girl. I got the Avon curling mascara, and I love it. It actually does curl my eye lashes, whew one less step to do-I usually use the eye lash curler but it's just another step and usually doesn't last long. Hmm, liking it. I also tried their chap stick tints, as they were on sale so cheap, and I really like the wine one. I think I'll be using that one quite a bit as I can't buy lip stick any where else for 60 cents! I usually spend some where between 7 and 10 dollars for lip stick. So again . . . good thing. I also got samples of their new Anew face cream . . . will see if it does what they say it will and if I like it. I am not sure though I'm pretty loyal to my Ponds.

After that we went to Target, cause I was out of my favorite salsa, so restocked on salsa, which thankfully now they carry one third larger size for only a few cents more. Yippee. haha I also noticed a new flavor summer fruits, I believe it was strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple, look forward to trying it. I love sweet and spicy salsas. I also checked on getting the same color OPI nail polish I had my nails done in last week. But, they didn't have that color, I bought one that was one shade lighter though. It's good but I still am liking the other shade better. So came home to do a google and found out that it was discontinued. UHG! And now it's online for like 20 dollars on ebay. What eva! I will just have to keep looking for it with a different name maybe. *sigh* I really loved that color too! Any way, came home and redid my nails, at which time Belle and Lela insisted I do theirs too. However, when I finished Belle's fingers she also insisted I do her toes too! haha

September 20, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...cooler days.

I am thinking...I'm ready to get my belly back.

I am thankful for...a good family.

I am remembering...good times at our country cabin in the woods.

I am hoping...the baby is healthy with out any blood glucose problems.

I am creating...pine cone art?

On my mind...poor Lela's elbow-it has staph infection.

Noticing that...I have a lot of laundry to fold-yeah I think even more this week!

From the kitchen...left over italian roast beef sandwiches. Sooooooooo yummy!

One of my favorite babies.

What I am reading...just message boards this week.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Me, while pregnant with Lela, visiting with Mrs. Vandross-Luther Vandross's Mother.

September 18, 2011

A day at the park. . .

Saturday we went to Family day at O.J. Watson Park, my all time favorite park! We didn't do much cause I got tired fast standing in the long lines. But, we did enough for the girls to get some prizes which of course they always think is so much fun, even if it is cheap little trinket things. However, I thought that just the family games, and activities were going to be over at 4 but they were actually closing the park at 4, for clean up etc. So we thought we would go to another park to make the burgers and other food I packed, but Herman Hill, the closest park to Watson didn't have any grills. So we ended up just going to NuWay which made both the girls pretty happy. However, while we were there, Lela showed us a spot on her elbow that hurt. When we looked at it, it burst open with out us even touching it, and had puss oozing. UCK! We disinfected it and hope it goes away. It's odd though, not like anything I have seen before.

So off to the park again today we went. Met, my mom, Eldon, Casey and Hunter there. Had lots and lots of food, I made burgers, deviled eggs, brought mac salad, potato salad, collard greens, and baked beans, and of course stuff to make s'mores. My mom brought salad fixin's, and a lemon pie. It was sooooooo cool outside though the grill was barely able to stay lit or hot. So unlike our Septembers. Especially after having 3 months of record breaking triple digits, for with in a week it going down into the 50's was crazy. But, it is what it is here in the land of never staying the same temperatures. We spent the WHOLE day at the park. This was my first time to actually spot us tables under the pavilion, I was afraid it may begin to rain, but it didn't. The pavilion was nice, had electric, lights, and three huge grills. It would be nice to rent it sometime for a large picnic, with the congregation. The girls had so much fun. Belle literally played till she dropped. It was so funny at the end of the day she came to me to drink some milk, and dropped her cup, she made creaky noises all the way down to pick it up and all the way up to stand back up. It was hilarious! haha Then she sleepily stumbled herself back to the playground. haha Didn't take her or Lela long to pass out in the car on the way home. I was glad this time was much better then last time we went. Last time some crazy guy drove his truck really fast around the play area, and inside the play area! I was scared he was on drugs or drunk, and was going to run over the girls and other children! Nothing like that happened this time. All the families that came, and there was lots, were nice, and were really well behaved. There was at least 4 parties while we were there, also in the pavilion, but the pavilion was so big we all had plenty of space, and tables for us all to be under there. Just surprised how many parties all in one day just in that one pavilion, as the park has many other areas and pavilions. So who knows how many in the park there was total. I figure though I don't know how many more nice weekends we will have, especially before little Rae-Jay comes, so I wanted to have at least one more day at the park for the girls before then. Not sure if we will be able to get out to the park again during the fall before the weather turns cold after he comes. May not be able to go again till spring.

We gathered some pine cones at the park. So I went to Dollar Tree and Walmart afterwards to gather some craft supplies, and so we will be making some crafts with them later. Also bought some veggies for the roast tomorrow. Going to try a new recipe using dry Italian dressing powder instead of dry onion soup mix to season with. Sounds good to me!

September 15, 2011

Hair Do's and Belly Aches

Monday mom took me to get my hair cut, nails, and toes all did. First time I have ever had a pedicure, and first time to have every thing done in one day. So now I have a new hair do-cut, it's basically what I had after I had Lela. I like it pretty well. I think she did a pretty good job. I may shop around though, I'll see after I get more used to it. I love the color I chose for my nails though. It was a OPI carnation color. The man who did my nails was really young and sweet. He was from Viet Nam, he hasn't been in the USA very long-less then a year, but has picked up English so well. He didn't think he was doing well but I thought he was doing really well with his English. He was really nice though too.

Before I left though I put a roast in the oven. First time I have ever done roast in the oven, I've always done it in the slow cooker. I was really happy with how it came out. However, I went by many suggestions and didn't put the veggies in at the same time. I put them in when I got home and turned up the oven heat. Two hours later they still weren't done to my liking but, I went ahead and served it any way. I have always put the veggies in the slow cooker with the roast all at the same time, as I like my veggies really done! lol So next time I will do that in the oven too. The veggies Monday weren't even soft at all, very hard! lol Oh well. I am making another one next Monday but with Italian dry dressing mix instead of my usual dry onion soup mix. I want to see how that will work. As I found a recipe for it online. And we have a lot of roasts to use up soon. Dad's ordering another cow soon, and we still have the majority of roast from the last cow still in the freezer. Almost a year old now. Thankfully it's super fresh cow and packaged well as they all still look great. But, still want to get them used up before the next cow comes, plus if they aren't used up by then we won't even have room in the freezer for the next cow any way. As it takes a lot of room to fit half a cow in all our freezers.

After I came home I was sick as a dog. I got what ever Belle had. I was really looking forward to that roast, but I ate one bite and that was all I could manage. Went to bed, and about couldn't get out for a few days. It was some awful stuff! Glad that's over for me. Unfortunately it started for Lela last night though. UHG! Vomit every where, poor baby. Thankfully we had pedialyte left over from Belle's ordeal with it. So she is doing better today.

Woke up this morning to a horrible mess by the cat. Poo from my bedroom all the way to the bathroom! UHG, being pregnant I'm not supposed to have any contact at all with cat poo, but I had no choice, the girls or I was bound to step in it, it was EVERY where, every few inches! Either she got sick, or she was VERY mad at us. I'm not sure which yet. However, she's never done this before so I just don't know. I got out the spray bottle of rubbing alcohol though and cleaned it up. Once again I am so thankful to have concrete floors instead of carpet!

Then we went to Sally's today and bought some product for my hair. When it's longer I usually don't use any product, but when it's shorter, I like to give it some interest and flock the back and smooth and texture the front. So I bought some texturing wax, and some hair cement. They said the cement was more for mohawks, but my hair is so bad about staying in place that's the kind of stuff I have to use to just make it flock. Amazing how much cheaper the texturing wax was at Sally's compared to Walmart. Then I noticed that there was a Avon store right by the Sally's so went there. Bought some chap stick that was on sale, and meant to get some other stuff, but couldn't remember what I had been wanting, so got a catalog and will mark what I want before going in next time. I had to hurry as the natives were getting restless and started clearing off shelves for me! UHG! And it was time for another doctors appointment as well. So we picked every thing they cleared off the shelves, put it back, and then headed to the doctor.

Seen doctor Jensen next, no real progress as of yet. But, getting there. And the boy is measuring up at 38 weeks. WOW first one ever that is at the right measurements. However, I'm sure getting anxious to get my energy and body back! I'm just sad for little Belle, she's just so young still she's going to be upset by it all, wish I could of waited a few more months. But, things don't always happen as I plan. haha

September 11, 2011

BellE Ache. . .

Went on a grocery run, to Aldi's and then the new Walmart Market, it's only a grocery store and nothing else. I've never been to one. It was good for a quick stop but didn't have many of the things I wanted like red lentils, or yellow split peas. But, did get most the other things I needed so oh well. It's right next to Aldi's and has a Dillion's/Krogers across the street and is on a street that goes straight to our house. So it's real convenient for little common foods. But, isn't so good for specialty items. That's ok though, cause we most often just need the common foods and it will make those grocery trips quick and convenient. Hitting three stores in one shot and straight home.

Well turns out it was more then a belly ache for poor Belle. She threw up on the way home, from shopping and several more times at home, we have taken no less then 5 baths tonight trying to clean her up each time. And went through countless sheets and PJs. Poor baby. Hopefully it's a fast bug and will pass soon. She rarely gets ill, and is generally such a happy baby it's hard to see her so sick. Went back to the store and got her some pedialite and she's not liking it too much. She wants her milk, but she keeps vomiting it up. So it's extra sad.

September 10, 2011

A Day at the Fair. . .

Lela turned 5 yesterday, I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She's going to be grown before I know it! It's going by too fast!

We went to the Kansas state fair today and the kids had a ton of fun. They got to run a obstacle course to get some chocolate milk. Spin wheels to get little junky prizes-treasures to them. They went through a petting zoo that had all kinds of animals, camels, zebras, llamas, goats, all kinds of stuff. Then we headed over to the birthing center, and they seen chickens hatching, and a brand new baby calf that had JUST been born, still had afterbirth on him, and hadn't stood up yet. Took him several times to get stood up, and then there was lots of clapping and cheering for the little fella.

Headed over to some of the other buildings. We seen the butter carvings, had flavored wheat nut samples, and such. Then headed over to the commercial building. Vince surprised me by buying me some cutco knives, and something I've been wanting for years, a cutco pair of kitchen shears! Boy I can't wait to use those babies. Will make cutting up chicken breast so fast and easy. Tried some awesome cherry jam that I wish I had bought now! But, I'll go to the store and look for it later. One of the stores on the list that sells it, is on my way to La Leche League. Also seen a little electric heater that only cost a dollar a day to run, so for sure going to look more in to it. They had some dip there from Colorado but it was gross, especially compared to the stuff made here in Kansas that was at the Home Show this year..don't know why they weren't at the fair. Then surprise, surprise, I was very shocked, and happy to see a booth for the witnesses. Had a nice little conversation with a sister and brother from the Hutchinson congregation. So neat! The booth looked really good and really professional. They said they had a lot of good conversations with people coming by and stopping. So that was good to hear.

Other then that we didn't see as much food as we usually do-new foods that is, with samples and such. We also didn't see too many arts and crafts, I would of liked to of seen more home made stuff. But, oh well, Vince wasn't feeling well and I was tired so we stopped looking. Hopefully next year.

Next we headed over to the pig races, which were VERY crowded. But, Lela got to see them, and that was fun. Then my mom had bought some discount ride tickets, from the local grocery store. So the kids got to go on a few rides. Lela rode the cars, and carousel and Belle just rode the carousel but didn't care for it too much. Lela really wanted to go on the big swings, but she was two inches too short, then she wanted to go on the bungee jumper thing, and we said NO! lol haha Silly girl.

We ate dinner, got a funnel cake and headed home. Belle vomited on the way home, but I figure if you don't vomit after the fair you didn't do something right! lol Didn't eat enough foods, didn't ride enough rides, didn't pet enough dirty animals, something! lol haha So all in all we had a good day at the fair.

September 6, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my air and skies.

I am thinking...of how many things I would like to get done around here.

I am thankful for...the pregnancy going so well thus far and making it to full term at least.

I am fun the first few weeks of a new baby are.

I am hoping...the baby is healthy and strong when he's born.

I am creating...a healthy baby boy, hopefully.

On my I can get next years garden to be better.

Noticing that...I have a lot of laundry to fold.

From the kitchen...home made burgers and fries.

One of my favorite things...collard greens, had some great ones yesterday!

What I am reading...blogs, but may buy 7 laws to breastfeeding soon.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Dorian (former host of Soul Train) and I on DLife, while I was pregnant with Lela. I thought I had posted this before, but couldn't find it in any of my archives, so thought I better share it before it gets lost.