June 11, 2010

I have been busy, busy, busy!

First my step mother Darla, and my sister Amber were able to come up last Thursday and stay till Sunday morning. It was so much fun. Darla bought a blow up scooby doo at party city for 50 cents! Came with a spatula and hamburgers to throw into his mouth. All made from parachute material. Pretty cute, and Lela really liked playing with it. She also bought her a Kialan lego set, and several golden books! We love Golden Books! I noticed our grocery store is selling Golden Books card games now! I hope we can afford to get them soon for Lela.

They both helped me fill the thank you boxes for the baby shower, and make the pinwheels, and all the set up for the baby shower. We were so happy that they let us decorate the room the night before the shower. Boy did that help. And the day of the shower they let Lela start riding the carousel 2 hours early and 1 hour late. I loved that place, they were so kind and nice. If we were staying here we would for sure rent that for more occasions.

Many people were able to come to the shower, including Sam and Phil who we had never met in real life before. It was great meeting them.

I thought the shower turned out great. And I really liked how I decorated it. I'll have to get some photos to post soon of it. Every one I think had fun at the party and I'm glad about that. The prizes I got at Michael's were a pretty big hit, so I will do that again! And I'll also use the toilet paper roll center pieces I learned from the Duggars again. As that was fast easy and cute!

After the baby shower, we took my sister and Darla to Deer Park the outlet mall, and I got my 10 dollar gift card. They shopped till they dropped. Then we went to Panera bread, where I could barely hold my head up to eat, but managed a bowl of soup.

I sent Amber home with a box of the mints to have Meagan try and see what flavor she would like for their wedding. Meagan is my oldest little brother, Nick's, fiance. They are getting married in December. I think I'll make some for their wedding shower too. Amber and I will probably throw them some sort of shower. Hmmm, I wonder when we can do that! lol May have to be with out my brother, since I don't think he is supposed to be back in the States till November.

Then on Sunday my cousin in law, Gary, gave his first public talk. I meant to go, but I was just to exhausted. And I really really wanted to go. But, we did go to the bbq his parents threw later that day. We went late and left early. As I was just too tired.

On Monday we met, Katrina, Shawn, and Zack. Zack was a riot. Belle was fascinated by him. Stared and stared at him. Shawn said you got a new girl friend, she is burning a hole through your head with her eyes. I think I finally figured out she had never seen any one with blonde hair, and was probably thinking, I didn't know it came in that color! haha I got to ride the Long Island Rail Road for the first time. As there is a station right behind our house. It cost us a lot more then the subway but oh so worth it. We will do that from now on if we have to. It had a bathroom on the train that was clean and was a really nice ride. And I was able to pump both on the way there and on the way home. We met them at Penn Station, Lela and Vince had Papaya burger, fries, and pina colada, I'm pretty sure they have been on Martha Stewart, then we went on to China Town. I bought Lela a cute little dress for 8 dollars in China town. We walked over to Little Italy and ate dinner at Lombardi's. Zach said, now I can never have pizza again! Katrina said, oh you'll eat pizza again. Zach said, yeah, but then I'll be saying, this is good, but it's no Lombardi's! haha He is so right too. That's what I said the first time I had pizza there too. I could never eat another pizza now, it will just be a disappointment, and it is! Nothing like Lombardi's! Then we went to a sub station, I pumped in the back, and hoped my girls wouldn't be electrocuted. Vince opened the garage door to let in some air, with all those breakers in there it was hot hot hot! Thankfully the weather was beautiful and cool outside. There was a HUGE cockroach that crawled up on Shawn as he was taking it's picture. It was every bit as big as a mouse, bigger then a lot of mice I have seen. It was HUGE! YUCK! Then we said our good byes, and we went back to Penn station. Had some Mc Donald's drinks, and headed home.

I've been having to get caught up on dishes from the party, and bottles being washed ever since! I finally am all caught up. Now to get caught up on laundry and the house clean and packing.

My dad is ever closer to having our apartment ready, it's looking awesome. We can't wait to get there!

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