March 29, 2009

I finally scored, I've been a part of FreeCycle for years and never found anything I needed or wanted. Today I scored, some one advertised a solid wood 50 year old desk. With out a photo I asked for it, they saved it for me. I love it! One drawer is slightly damaged but it's perfect for us. What is so funny, is we have a dresser that matches it exactly! For now it will be in our living room as our PC desk, but when we get a home, or a room for Lela by herself, it will be great for her to have a matching desk and dresser, both solid wood, in great condition! Tongue and grove drawers and every thing, it's wonderful. The people were extra nice as well, a little eccentric, they were so funny. They were happy, we would be able to take it as well, they were going to throw it in the trash! EEK!

March 22, 2009

I promised photos of the circus and here they are! :)

This one is from the 2008 Circus-

And here's the ones from this year.

Here's Vince, Lela and I with the lion, when we first got to the circus.

Here's us dressed as clowns, during intermission.

And here's Lela with Grandma Kathy.

Lela was just so happy to be there. She really loved it. I still remember my dad taking me to the circus when I was her age, and being thrilled with it too. So much fun!

March 20, 2009

It snowed here today, but other then that it was a lovely day. Today is our eighth anniversary. Wow it sure seems like time has flown by.

We took Lela to the circus and she had a ball. She was so excited, she told every one in the apartment building on the way to the car, she was going to see the elephants!

We bought her a light-with a elephant on a ball, and a plush white tiger in a purse, as she really liked it because of the Bengal Tiger in Wonder Pets.

We had a few photos taken too, I liked the clown ones, but the one with the Tiger the lady didn't center well and I think would of looked better with Vince on the tiger with us.....well, I'll know next time! I'll post the pictures when Vince can scan them in.

She just loved the whole circus she smiled and laughed the whole time. She liked the dogs tricks the best.

This year was really good. Last year, I seemed to be bored with it, as it wasn't that good. But, this year it was really really good. So I was happy for her, and it seemed like the time flew by!

March 18, 2009

We made popcorn in our new whirly popcorn maker, and we LOVE it. It's the best popcorn ever. We are so happy we chose this style of popper, no more icky microwave popcorn for us! I ended up ordering some Kernal Seasonings I have been wanting for a very long time, I can't wait to try the chocolate marshmallow.

I've been exercising up a storm, six mornings in a ROW! Yeehaw! And my new Richard Simmons DVDs came, I'm so excited to try them. While I'm on a DVD kick I was able to finally for the first time order JoAnna Lund's DVD's I've been wanting them forever, I can't wait to receive them.

For only the second time in our entire marriage we went to the movies! We went to a matinee, of Madea Goes to Jail, it was hilarious!

We were also able to get 4 more dresses at 75% off such nice dresses, some came with hair clips and a purse too! I just love them, she's set for dresses till she's 4!

I also found a recipe for my favorite thing at Red Lobster, the Pina Colada sauce, I can't wait to try it!

I took Lela to the park today, she sure had a good time. I wish we could of spent longer, but it started getting cold. I was surprised how many older children was so good to Lela. Even a little boy was extra gentle with her and helped her on the equipment, and would tell the other big kids to be careful with her, she's a baby! And we have to protect babies! It was so sweet, and kind. I'm hoping we can go again tomorrow. She wants to go now! But, now it's dark and cold.

Any way it's been a good few days.

March 14, 2009

Last time I went to Whole Foods they had raw honey, for half the price of our regular grocery store, and it's been so many years since I have had raw honey, I bought it.

It is sooooooo delicious!

I had just a small teaspoon on a small roll, and it was better then any "cinnamon" or "sticky" bun I've ever eaten. Just a plain old roll and a teaspoon of that raw honey. mmmmmmmm YUM! I love "real" food!

Did I ever mention, I also have discovered the joys of almond milk. I had been using soy milk for a few years and it was good and low calorie, but then I heard it wasn't good for us. So I switched to almond milk and I really like it. Plus it was on sale this week! YEAH!

More great news, I did another exercise DVD today. YEAH, exercise two days in a row. This time I did 60's blast off, I didn't even remember having it, let alone ever doing it before, but once I started I remember it used to be one of my favorites. So it was a lot of fun, along with feeling good about finally exercising again after months of nothing!

March 13, 2009

I had a GREAT day today.

First of all, I order the new Richard Simmons DVD's, so I'm excited to get them. But, because of ordering them, when Lela woke me up at 5 am this morning, I decided to just get out of bed, and dig out my old DVDs and just do one! I did one. Whoa, boy am I out of shape. But, it felt so good to finally get off my franny and do something!

Then a few days ago, I received a gift certificate from Tanger Outlets (For being a member of their coupon club), when I went to outlet today, I had to go to the office to turn in the paper I received in the mail, to be turned into a gift certificate. Once in the office they gave me a 20% off coupon for the store I had planned on using the gift certificate in, AND since I am a member of the club, when I seen the strollers, and asked how much they cost to rent, they are normally 5 dollars, but I got to use it for free, since I'm a member of their club. Whoo whoo.

First off, I had a coupon in my email that came this week also for my new favorite children's store, called Strasburg, it was for 75% off! Whoo whoo, I ended up with a beautiful dress for Lela that is normally over 100 for only 24 dollars, and that was with tax! It is very very good quality, all hand made and hand smocked. It is a very very good heavy nice material as well. Their clothes are the kind you clean, box, and save to hand down to future generations. Their styles are the kind that have been in style since my grandmother was a child, same with the materials they choose. They had a lot of dresses, at such good prices, but we could only afford one. I wish I could of gotten her more. There was few though that would work for her, as most were for Christmas, but there was still at least 4 that I would of liked to of gotten her. I just love the baby blue corduroy, with hand stitched embroidered white snow flakes on it, with beautiful smocking that we got her the last time we were there. This time we got her a nice heavy material, red and green plaid dress, that is smocked at the top. It really is a beautiful dress. Both dresses (the blue one, and the plaid one) also has full slips/lining sewn in! Just amazing quality. I highly recommend them to any witness, especially any with more then one child, as these are for sure dresses that will last through several children, and are so very modest, yet cute too, and no worries about them going out of style.

Then I went to Le Gourmet Chef to get my popcorn popper. Well, great deal is not the word to describe it! hahaha I ended up with a 30 dollar popcorn popper for only 6 dollars! And that included the tax! Between the gift certificate and the coupon I made out like a bandit.

Then we went out to eat, to one of my new favorite "healthy" restaurants, Chipotles. I love their black beans, lean pulled pork, and their guacamole is so fresh it's wonderful, best of all Lela ate a LOT! She hasn't been eating much for a while, so we were really happy with her. When I say a lot though, that is relevant to her, she never eats much, but it was at least more then her usual 1 to 2 tablespoons of food, so we were very happy with her.

Then I decided to go to The Icing, because I am growing my hair back out again, and needed something for my hair. Well, again another sale! Every thing I got was only 2 dollars each! I was so happy. I was able to get a pony tail holder that doubles as a broach for only 2 dollars, it's a great BIG ivory rose, with pink on the tips, it goes so well on my coat. I liked it when I seen it on the rack, but when I put it on my coat, it just made me smile. And for some reason just makes me think of Donavon, but in a happy way. It just makes me smile when I see it. I think because it's so huge, and I never wear anything that huge. But, I can't help but smile when I see it. For some reason, like I said, unknown it just makes me feel happy, and I haven't really felt "happy" since the miscarriage, so it makes me feel good for some reason. I was glad to get it, and I think I will think of Donovan every time I see it, since the rose seems to reminds me to feel happy again after his loss. Lela likes it a lot, she keeps wanting to smell it! lol hahaha

Then when I got home, literally I just walked in the door, and the UPS man came with our order. We bought some furniture with our tax return and it arrived today. Along with Lela's name puzzles from Highlights.

I can't wait to get my furniture made-hutches for our kitchen. We have no storage in the kitchen and these hutches will give us a place to put ALL the stuff piled on the counters, and the side boards, I bought 4 years ago! I bought the side boards 4 years ago, and I've been saving now for 4 years to get the hutches that are sold to go on top of them. I am just so excited. It took 2 years to save for the side boards, and I was so very happy when they finally arrived, but now to get the hutches as well, I'm very happy. Finally the kitchen will be organized!

So today has been a wonderful day.

March 12, 2009

I'm so happy, I've been looking for some good school furniture for Lela, and I found some perfect furniture. A online store that sells school furniture! Great desk, I can't wait to get for Lela. However, I'm debating which chairs to get for her and I! Plastic, or birch/wood. The plastic looks more comfortable, however, the birch is better environmentally, and would go better with our decor in the house. I also for sure am getting her a book cart (for libraries!) from there. I love it. She's been needing a book case, but I haven't found anything I'm in love with. Well, I love these book carts. They remind me of school! AND they can be rolled around where ever we want. And they will be so durable they will probably last forever, since they are made for schools.

They have a ton of stuff I want though. But, we'll just get things as we can. I really love all their play stuff too-kitchen, living room, puppet theater, etc.

I'm also in search of a good air pop, popcorn popper, I think we're going to go primitive and buy one you use on the stove top. lol

And one of my favorite people is on TV today, Richard Simmons, I need to get to exercising again! So I'm going to order his new DVDs. And hopefully start getting off my fanny and working out again! I need it.

March 10, 2009

On happier news, we started Home Schooling Lela a couple of weeks ago, on February 27th.

She just loves it!

We use HighFive Magazine, along with their puzzles, matching games, play dough, and the like, we also are using the Great Teacher and My book of Bible stories books. She is having a great time with it.

I'm having a ton of fun teaching her too. She's a real joy.

March 9, 2009

Sadly the night of my last post (February 16th), I broke water and delivered Donavon Jeremy Woodford preterm, he didn't make it.

I had one great nurse, and one horrible one. Because of the horrible one I also ended up with a infection.

Emotionally I didn't think I would get through it. I cried every day so so much. I'm finally moving on though. And doing better.

We have his ashes home, and put away, and now it seems I can move on.

And will work much harder at updating the blog more. I should be able to stay on track better now.