August 23, 2015

Belle's Lessons....

Belle's lesson of the day... don't sit on chairs hanging on a display rack in the store...

1) display rack to the head... blood every where.

2) ER visit.

3) 72 hour concussion watch in action...

August 1, 2015

Burnt Hotdogs

Today at QT, convo with Belle and RJ.

RJ: I want a hot dog. (they sell them in QT)

Me: No, not today.

Belle: (gets on her toy phone) Hello, yes we would like a hot dog, burned, and so hot it never cools down, cause that's the way RJ likes it.

RJ: Nooooooo, no I don't like it that way!!!

Belle: *click* sorry RJ, I already ordered it.

RJ: Noooo, no I don't want a burnt hot dog.

Belle: Sorry, she's already making it.

RJ: But, I don't want it that way!