December 8, 2010

My little brother Nick finally married my new sister in law Megan last Saturday. It was a really nice wedding. Lela, Loudine, and Bennette were the flower girls, and they loved it. Amber was the maid of honor, and did wonderful. Josh, Ben and Caleb were all groom's men, Krystal & Sarah were bridesmaid's they all did their jobs loverly. I escorted Grandpa Chuck down the isle since grandma Martha is no longer with us. Dad officiated their marriage, and then the reception was in dad's barn, which was built just in the nick of time. Lela had a ball dancing the night away with lil cousin Ella. I'm so glad he was able to have a nice wedding, and finally marry, he deserves a lifetime of happiness and blessings. Congrats little brother!

I have sure been loving being back in Kansas. We've been able to save a lot of money at the commissary. And have just been enjoying rural life. Lela loves looking for horses and cows as we drive home. One night we ate at a Amish restaurant and horse and buggies were actually parked in the parking lot. Awe life with the simple things has been wonderful!

With the help of Julie and Raquel I was even able to sew my own dress for the wedding, which was a black and white print, and made from the pattern called Catherine's Choice, it's a maternity/nursing dress. Every one thought it was really pretty. Tonight I've almost finished a nursing slip, which I have made completely on my own. I'll probably get to finish it off tomorrow, as all it has left is the hem. I don't think I want to work with tricot again. But, I don't know it's getting a bit easier. At first it was a real bear! Before next winter, or maybe before this winter is over, I think I will make myself a flannel slip for really cold days in service. The idea just came to me the other night, that a flannel slip may be a awesome extra warm layer when it's frigid outside, and we are out doing door to door. And well even the Kingdom Hall can be a little nippy sometimes! So that will be a task, I'll get to later. First I want to start on a nursing turtleneck sweater. I'm hoping I can get it done in time for the next La Leche League meeting. But, I'm seriously doubting that will happen. But, who knows I have a few days! Just depends on how much time Belle allows me to work on it here and there over the next few days. I actually want to make two nursing turtlenecks, and 3 nursing nightgowns. THEN, if I have time I'll proceed with making my flannel slip.

Julie also reminded me of a store I used to shop at called Needle Nook, it's a small privately owned fabric store. I love it. I was able to even buy hard to find Jalie patterns there. I missed the small privately owned stores while living in NYC. The big box stores often lack heart, and for sure lack in knowledge! The women are so kind in there. They always take Belle, and play with her in the kids section that is set up with toys. So nice compared to the big box stores, where I have to try to entertain the kids, while making choices on fabrics, patterns, etc. Another nice bonus to Needle Nook is it is right next door to a model train store, that gives out free popcorn. Vince and Lela love going over there, eating popcorn and watching the model train layouts. And of course ogling the trains they wish to buy and bring home some day.

I've been able to help dad out here and there making dinner for the kids when he can't be home in time. They really love meatloaf and Salisbury steak! Glad those are hits, as Vince and Lela really loves them too.

My next anniversary will be the big 10. I'm hoping to make it a big bang! I'm thinking of surprising Vince with taking him to a train museum I found in Old Town Wichita, then eating dinner at Savute's Italian restaurant, which we haven't been there since our second anniversary. It's authentic Italian food that is soooooo yummy. They have the best Italian food ever. And I adore their in house, home made rum sauce they put on their spumoni. When I was little I was fascinated by the burning sugar cube they put on top. However, because of me, children under 12 no longer get the sugar cube lit on fire! As when I was 4, my sugar cube, while still lit, rolled off my spumoni and under some ladies chair. Being 4 I watched it, thinking it was a pretty light. Meanwhile, I imagine Mrs. Ladies bottom must of been getting pretty toasty! Thankfully mom eyed what I was watching and was able to put the fire out quick as she could with a glass of water. And from then on, no one under 12 was allowed the fire any more. Awe.......I missed the fire on my spumoni for the next 8 years! That was of course my favorite part back then! Then I'm hoping to be able to stay at this local bed & breakfast I found, that looks really nice. If it's not too expensive, I'm hoping to be able to have a late check out with them, or spend more then one day there. Then I would like to go to the history and-or science museum down town as I like both of them as well.

So all in all, life has been wonderful, and I've really enjoyed getting back to the things I love once again. And finding hobbies that are fun, wholesome, and not as draining as some other distracting time wasters.

October 13, 2010

We finally made it to Kansas a couple weeks ago. It was a hairied and exhausting last few days in NYC, but such a sweet relief to make it to Kansas. We had a really nice drive here as well. We stopped near Hershey, PA the first night after a exhausting day finishing packing and cleaning the last bits of the apartment.

We stayed at Wyndham hotel. It was really nice. Had a great buffet breakfast, and the room was really nice. Some one left us their beer in the fridge. haha We arrived so late all that was open was Wendy's. We went through the drive thru, and all the staff was outside, they ran back inside to take our order. Then said, "Be careful there's a skunk by the trash cans". We laughed so much! Then when we got to the window they went on and on about our cat willow, that had just been shaved and "fixed".

Day two, we went to Dayton, OH we stayed at Hawthorn Suites. I loved the room, it was done in curry yellows and navy blues, with hints of deep red, and cherry wood. Beautiful. Another wonderful breakfast. For lunch we stopped at Hoss's. We had passed it many times over the years but never ate there. Boy were we missing out! It was how Golden Corral used to be before they went buffet. Where you order your main entree, and sides, but can add the salad bar. It was super affordable. The staff were very sweet. And the food was awesome! The potato soup on the salad bar was hard to stop indulging in! Finally rolled ourselves out, and were full till about 11 pm! haha When we stopped at Waffle house for dinner.

Day three, we were making quick time to St. Louie! We had had our great breakfast at Hawthorn, I can't remember where we stopped for lunch that day, but I know the "hot" sign was on at Krispy Kreme so we went in and had one. When we got to Drury Inn it included every thing! We had a potato bar, nacho bar, frank bar, salad bar, and even a drink bar. So we had a good meal, and popcorn and soda pop was available till 10 pm! A online friend Gail and her daughter Abigail came to see us at the hotel and was greeted by the manager that had them get popcorn and soda pop before coming up to visit us! How sweet. haha They came bearing gifts, diapers for Belle, a book for Lela, and a nice fuzzy blanket for Vince and I. Abigail was able to wear Lela out by playing with her. They had a lot of fun. She was so sweet and kind with Lela.

Day four started out with another amazing breakfast from our hotel. And then the final stretch to Kansas! We splurged and stopped at Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. And hurried to Wichita. We made it to Wichita by 8 pm. My sister Amber and brother Josh came home from college (Topeka and Manhattan) to help us unpack. My mom and step dad brought Casey and Hunter to help too. Eldon, Casey, Hunter, and my siblings had the trailer unpacked with in less then 2 hours. Then we went out to eat with mom, Eldon, Casey and Hunter to Village Inn. They were more then excited to finally see us again.

Since then we've just worked on settling in, getting unpacked. Still have several boxes to go, and the pod has yet to be shipped! But, it's lovely here and we're doing great.

Working on getting Lela and flower girl dress, for my brother Nick's wedding. His fiance, Megan was up visiting last weekend and we had a good time with her. One night we went to a corn maze. Belle was confused as to why we decided to go get lost in a corn field at night. But, all had a good time!

I located the LLL meeting closet to me and went to the my first meeting here. It was a good one. There is 3 others really close, and they encouraged me to try them out too. But, I like the convience of this one and the women were pretty nice too. One owns a store near by that sells local, and "green" things for babies. I'm anxious to go to her store. She was not pushy about it, in fact said very little about it. Only brought it up when we were discussing cloth diapers and where to buy them locally and when some one said no one had them locally, then and only then did she speak up and say she had just opened her boutique and sold them.

Hancocks had a sale on patterns for 99 cents each. I got a pattern for a awesome jacket that will go exactly with the dress I want made for the wedding! I ran the fabric I had in my mind by Amber when I found it at Hancock's and she agreed it would go perfect with the wedding! So yeah! Plus I was pleasantly surprised in feeling of it, it was more stretchy then I had remembered. So that will be a huge plus! haha

All in all, I'm glad to be back on the Prairie once again! And not just on the prairie in my mind's eye!

September 20, 2010

First Microburst?

We had a tornado in Queens, can you believe it? We were out at IHOP, can when we went out side, it was dark green, windy and torrential rain! I looked and thought I seen a tornado, but thought it must be my eyes playing tricks on me as we are in NYC, not Kansas. Then they said it was a tornado, now they are calling it something else though that is even stronger then a tornado. They called it a Microburst, I believe it went by our apartment, every one says that a tornado sounds like a train passing by. This did not sound like a train, it sounded like a really really low flying airplane, in fact, I thought it was a airplane that was going to crash into the side of our building! But, it wasn't!

It has been so stressful hoping we would get out in time. We were going to have to rent a truck to get the fridge and other big things over to the pod. I decided the fridge is old, and almost dead already. So we will just leave it behind, and rent a trailer and take things like our beds, and essentials with us in the trailer, instead of spending that same amount on a truck for one day. We will have a fridge where we are going any way. And we needed a new one to begin with as like I said, this one the freezer has been dead since July any way!

Thankfully Vince's father came over last night and helped us pack. It relieved a lot of my stress, as Vince and I have been doing all the packing by ourselves, and still had so much to do. His help sure did speed up the work. He says he is coming back tonight. I sure hope so. If he will come tonight, and tomorrow night and Thursday night. We should be done in time. We have inspection of the apartment on Monday and heading for Kansas on Tuesday. I am sure freaking out! I am happy, but scared about getting every thing done in time too. If Vince's dad keeps coming and helping though we will get it done!

On a sad note last Sunday Vince's uncle Michael, Kathy's brother died. He was my favorite uncle. He was so much fun to talk to, very wise, funny, and spiritual! We will miss him. But, at least we have hope of seeing him again one day. His poor daughters are so young though, only 19 and 24 so my heart goes out to them the most.

Saturday was probably the last block party we will get to go to, at least for a very long time. It was nice to see all the family one last time. But, also sad we didn't get to see Michael there, as he was so looking forward to it. We had just seen him a few weeks ago at the going away party, so it was such a shock that he was gone so soon.

Lela had a ball playing with her second cousins all her age there. And Belle, well she was a little confused about why another baby was there! lol As Linae is her same age, she's Kisha's & Eshawn's youngest daughter. They have a older daughter Shy, that is only about 1 year older then Lela. I will miss them, and I know Lela is for sure going to miss them. We also though look forward to making new friends in Kansas. Hopefully that will happen fast!

September 5, 2010

We are hoping that hurricane Earl will pass right on by us. Right now though it's pretty windy!

In the meantime we are still in the process of moving, I'll sure be glad when this is over! I hate it! And to add on to the stress, the complex wants 90 days of rent AFTER we move out as well! UHG.

Lela got sick today and threw up a whole lot, and missed out on her chance of going with grandma and grandpa to watch tennis live and in person. I can't believe she will be 4 this week!

But, to keep me all centered I have precious little Belle who's still nursing like a champ, and melting my heart with those milky smiles she gives me when she's full of milk and happily playing peek a boo with my breast.

August 20, 2010

It's been too long since I posted. So lots to get caught up on.

First, last week we took the cat to the vet. Because all the rooms were taken, as there was a emergency vet situation, she was left out in the store for a while before getting a room. Where many dogs kept barking and scaring her. So she started hyperventilating. The bag is a bit small so when she hyperventilated she threw herself into a full on asthma attack! They had to give her a steroid shot! She finally calmed down. And had to be brought back today. They said she was still wheezy today! So they can't fix her till she is more stable. *sigh* She's having to take children's benadryl till she has her surgery then she needs a steroid shot that lasts longer.

We are still packing for the move, it's going slow, but it's going. About never got any boxes, store after store now for 2 months. Finally Sears gave us boxes! YEAH! We are shooting for being out of here by the end of next month. Dad is coming up next week and taking a load home, that will be a huge relief!

In my search of nursing clothes, especially dress clothes I've been pretty disappointed. I finally decided to buy a pattern called Catherine's Choice from Ebay. I bought it from Ebay cause they had a best offer deal on it and so I saved half the price over buying it direct from the company. I'm afraid the bust won't fit so I didn't want to pay full price for it. However, I am sure hoping it will fit. I think it will look good in a fake stretch red/wine velvet for Nick's wedding. I'm hoping it can be done by then. I am also really liking Jalie designs a lot for blouses. But, for more dresses, night gowns, and slips, I'm going to buy from Elizabeth Lee. I'm looking forward to hopefully learning to sew and getting some things I need. I figure I will either be pregnant or nursing for at least the next 8 years, so it's not a bad idea to just spend the initial money and get what I need. 1. I've pretty much decided for my own conscience I no longer want to use birth control, I'm allergic to external birth control commonly used in the USA. We do WANT at least 2 more children. So that's that. 2. I believe in extended baby/toddler/child led weaning so, in that most children don't self wean till at least 2, and a lot much later then that. So by my math we'll be nursing or pregnant for quite a few years to come! haha

I'm going to look into taking some sewing classes when I get to Kansas. Maybe there will even be some at the local college, I am not sure. I wonder if the local junior high or high school home ec. teacher would let me come and sit in on a class or two. I doubt it, there is so many rules and laws now with schools it's sad. All because some lunatics for some reason have tried to kill so many children. Oh it will be sweet relief when we no longer will have these worries and concerns for our children's safety!

Went to Babies R Us the other day to buy a another My Brest Friend Pillow as Belle loves it and we need a back up for the car. And I was so impressed by the company sending me a new one to replace the torn one so quickly! Yes they actually did it! And I received it!

While we were at BRU, I found a book I had not noticed before, called-Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers. I liked it so much, I think I will buy it from Amazon, it was too much at BRU. But, I really liked what I read in there, and would like to finish reading it.

I still haven't had to pump or give Belle a bottle since the convention, and I'm so happy for that! Finally something is going right!

Last but certainly not least, the air conditioner broke and started leaking water under Lela's bed! We were storing extra blankets and sheets in a cloth zip up bag, which was absorbing all the water and making it where none of the water was noticeable to us, until I told Vince to pull out the bag of blankets and we would go ahead and pack them! And it came out sopping wet! UHG! Mildew, mold, etc! *sigh* Now it's been miserably hot in here since-of course we turned off the AC!

August 4, 2010

We went to the convention last weekend. It was wonderful. Belle didn't need any bottles at all. I used the My Brest Friend pillow and it worked awesome, all the other sisters wanted to know what it was called and where I got it and wanted one too! I was able to nurse Belle to sleep and then just get up and walk right into the main auditorium while she remained sleeping. It was wonderful! I am so glad I got it! I was able to get a lot lot more out of the convention because of it. And it would of been impossible to nurse in those nursing mother room chairs with out it as well.

The talks were wonderful at the convention. I especially liked all the demonstrations, especially the ones that showed what not to do and then what to do. The drama was wonderful as well. Vince said it was the best one yet. Two points I came away from the convention with that I didn't ever think of before was about Mary being a young widow, apparently shortly after she had her last child Joseph died. I never took note of that before and it sure made me feel for Mary all the more so. No wonder Jesus asked his disciples to take care of her! And that if we were to take too many things with us when we flee, if it comes to that, it could draw bad attention to us and we could actually be harmed because of the attention it would draw from bad people. Something to really think about and had never crossed my mind before.

Then I nearly cried last night. A friend of mine sent me a huge box of clothes before I had Lela. But, I was on bed-rest and couldn't open it to go through it. Then, before I was off bed-rest, laundry detergent spilled, went moldy on it before I seen that happened and it was a big mess. I had been dreading opening it, as I couldn't stand the thought that I had let something happen to it and didn't know. Especially since my friend died shortly after that. Well, I took a big breath last night and opened it to see if anything was salvageable in it. The whole box had been packed so well nothing had been harmed! I had been putting off dealing with damage that never happened! The things in there are so adorable I was crying! My friend was such a sweetie! I miss her.

Like so many friends we've lost along the way,
And I know eventually we'll be together.
One sweet day.

I went ahead and repacked them in a plastic tub for the move. When I get to our new home, I'm going through them and putting her daughters name on the tags, and then going to contact Karen's mom and see if Karen's daughter would want them back before or after I use them for Belle. After all they were Rebbecca's (Karen's daughter) baby clothes. They are the sweetest things I ever laid eyes on!

August 3, 2010

Brestfriend Pillow

ok I can't say enough good about the My Brest Friend pillow! First of all I got to actually stay in the auditorium during most the talks because Belle stayed asleep on it when I walked out of the nursing mom's room still wearing it! And secondly, I contacted them today about a small flaw in the stitching of the velcro and what I could do about it, and they are sending me a new one free! What a awesome company!

July 28, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I am thinking...I hope we are ready for the convention by tomorrow.

I am thankful for...finally getting Belle completely weaned from the bottle.

I am remembering...a great day we had today.

I am hoping...We get this apartment packed up in time to move!

I am creating...boxes filled with all our belongings.

On my mind...trying to figure out how I will get every thing done in time for the big move.

Noticing that...I have a lot more stuff then I thought!

From the kitchen...popcorn.

One of my favorite things... babies.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I am thinking...I hope we are ready for the convention by tomorrow.

I am thankful for...finally getting Belle completely weaned from the bottle.

I am remembering...a great day we had today.

I am hoping...We get this apartment packed up in time to move!

I am creating...boxes filled with all our belongings.

On my mind...trying to figure out how I will get every thing done in time for the big move.

Noticing that...I have a lot more stuff then I thought!

From the kitchen...popcorn.

One of my favorite things... babies.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

July 22, 2010

I found a new nursing chair at Ikea. We ended up with a cover for it, I'm not thrilled with, but it was only 10 dollars, and all the others were 129! After a few days I decided I needed a ottoman too. So we went back and got the matching ottoman. It is making a huge difference.

Ikea also had pink sheets on sale for 3 dollars, so I got both Lela and us a set of them. The chair is the same exact shade of pink. WOW is it pink in here! hahaha I must say the sheets are a bit prettier then the chair though. I think the quilt on the bed makes it look better.

A few weeks ago I bought the My Breast Friend pillow with a gift certificate we got for our shower, and I love it!!!!!!!! It is so much better then the boppy for nursing. I've heard a lot of good about it for a long time. And Michelle Duggar uses her's all the time on 19 kids and counting. Well, I can see why. I loooove it! I am trying to figure out a way of affording a second one to keep in the car. Cause Belle loves it, and it makes nursing so much easier and more comfortable for me too. To be honest I put off trying it, cause I didn't think I would like it going around my back. I thought the thing in my back would be uncomfortable, but quite the contrary! It puts support right where I need it. And the pillow stays in place, unlike the boppy that is constantly having to be readjusted. Oh I love it. Now to save up for a second one.

We went to Babies R Us last week to double check their chairs before we finally bought the Ikea chair. While I was there they were having a nursing class, which was more of a let's sell Medela products work shop. Not that I don't like Medela, it's a good brand, even though I personally prefer Ameda. But, what really riled me is the lady selling it was giving incorrect information. She obviously has never pumped a day in her life. I went ahead and told women the truth to their questions they were asking. And the sales lady leading got pretty mad at me. And said she had never heard of such. Well of course not, she was not a Medela representative only a BRU sales clerk. I said, well, I've been on a pumping mom's group for going on 4 years. And this is what I personally have experienced, along with many on my pump mom's group. Things like, you do NOT need a hands free bra to pump hands free. Sure Medela and such would love you to buy all their products including the hands free pump bra, but with the price of the pump alone and every thing else you NEED the bra is not a need! In fact, I found the bra uncomfortable and useless, and only used it for about 2 weeks before I figured out you could pump hands free with out the hands free bra. In fact, even Vince was like, aren't all electric pumps hands free? haha Because they were really trying to sell the hands free pump, that sells for 100 dollars more then the regular electric pump. Not only that, but that's when I said that many on my pumps mom group said the hands free pump was not as strong as the regular pump and they weren't getting much milk from it. That's when the sales lady said she had never heard that. Well yeah how many women are going to come in and discuss milk production with the sales lady at BRU, versus on a pumping mom's group? Any way, once I had her mad enough at me I asked her if they carried the Womanly Art of Breast Feeding book and she looked at me disgusted and said no, she had never heard of it! I said well do you sell any LLL books? NO!

Hmmm, yet this was some breast feeding class, huh? Any way, that was kind of sad, as a lot of the women were there for real answers and real help, and obviously received none. I had often thought about going to their classes for help too. Now I don't feel so bad I never could make it to them, now that I know they aren't really a class, but a sales tactic. I mean, I always figured they would be trying to sell the Medela products, since they advertised they were sponsored by Medela, but I was foolish enough to think they would actually have a LC or someone who had nursed a child before actually doing a class. Not exclusively a sales program! Oh well, the sad world we live in.

I got the book, the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, though in the mail finally, and I LOVE that book. That's my new baby gift to any mom who is going to breast feed from now on! I just love that book so much! Of course I've been told every single thing in there that it says not to say to a new nursing mom. But, oh well, thankfully I have a strong enough personality those things didn't detour me! Thankfully, I also have a father who worked in NICU for many years and is always very very supportive and cheering on my nursing, along with my mom and step mom cheering for us too! Then there's my wonderful online friends who have been a awesome support system for me. It's made a huge difference for me I think. So I just put the things the people in my real life around me say behind me and focus on what my family who live far away and my online friends say more.

And last but not least the Pod has arrived. I'm scared we won't get every thing moved in time. But, the time is upon us now, and we're trying to hurry. I wish I had help. But, I don't so just doing my best each day. I'm scared and excited both. Send help!

July 13, 2010

We left the house yesterday for the first time in four months, with out bottles or the pump. It worked out beautifully. Belle did absolutely wonderful, and we didn't even take the nipple shield. I'm so proud of her! Her silly milky smile is finally back when she is done. It melts my heart and makes it go pitter pat.

We're going to Ikea today, as usual for Tuesdays, and getting the 15 meatballs and roasted potatoes for 2.49.

Then I am looking for a new nursing chair. The one I currently have is cutting off circulation to one of my legs, causing horrible pain! But, Belle only wants to nurse with me sitting in a chair. So we're hoping we can find something that will work, for 100 dollars or less. At least I hope we can.