October 26, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window. . .crisp autumn weather.

I am thinking. . .So happy that RJ is so healthy!

I am thankful for. . .having a loving, happy, healthy family.

I am remembering. . .all the things I need to get caught up on around here.

I am hoping. . .to get the laundry caught up with soon.

I am creating. . .hopefully some healthy meals soon.

On my mind. . .trying some new whole foods recipes.

Noticing that. . .my kids are growing so fast.

From the kitchen. . .spaghetti.

One of my favorite things. . .friends.

What I am reading. . .LLL magazines-New Beginnings.

Picture for thought I am sharing. . . 

October 22, 2011

Fall Craft Party. . .

The girls had a great day today. The sisters in our congregation organized a arts and crafts party at a local recreation center. They had a ton of fun. The made flower pot creations, butterflies, caterpillars, memory boards, boxes, alligator things, trucks, sun catchers, puppets, tons and tons and tons of things. Lela didn't want it to end!

The invite didn't say to bring snacks, but glad I did. As at the end a lot of people had brought snacks and snacks were served. I made no bake peanut butter cookies, and muddy buddies. Every one really loved the cookies, but I came home with a lot of muddy buddies cause another sister had brought them too! lol haha Vince said I should of brought deviled eggs, and yup I should of as there was only a few savory snacks, but I just didn't think of it. Oh well, maybe the next gathering I will bring them. I hadn't made the no bake peanut butter cookies in decades though, and forgot how EASY they were to make. I will for sure make them more often they are soooooo easy. Plus almost all the ingredients are CHEAP! And with exception of the sugar, they are healthy too! I think I may play around with the recipe and see just how low I can get the sugar in them and still come out with a good outcome.

Lela keeps wanting to know when the next "party" is. I guess I better find out how much it cost to rent that recreation center, and try to help organize something else soon! lol Or clean my own house and invite some kids over. lol hmmm, I think I would rather rent! haha

October 20, 2011

Second Pediatric Appointment. . .

Raphael had his second pediatrician visit today. He's gained some weight, he's now 7 lbs 13 oz. He's doing well. Doctor said to also have him do tummy time for 30 minutes 4 times a day, seems really young for such, plus he doesn't really like laying down by himself but we're trying.

It was still early after his appointment so we joined my mom and Eldon at Kimmy's. It was a greasy spoon for sure. Full of smoke, grease, and the older generation along with several police officers. The food was good and cheap, and reminded me of my childhood, just the kind of place my grandparents liked to go. But, it really wasn't as clean as I like places to be........so I don't think we will be going back. I'll stick with Braum's I think. Or Panera bread, I never have gotten there in time for breakfast but always want to! UHG!

Vince gets tomorrow off, so I think we'll have a big breakfast at home. I'm thinking some kind of egg casserole, sausage gravy, pancakes or biscuits, but with being so tired that will probably turn into what would be easier which is whole wheat toast! lol But, the eggs and gravy is still easy enough to do. However, man Target is selling all kinds of pancake mixes I would LOVE to try! Like the cinnamon roll ones, that come with cream cheese icing, and the red velvet cake pancake mix! mmmm love both of those so I can imagine them in pancake form would be fabulous.

LLL is offering some cookbooks for a special price and coming out with a new one. I have a ton of cookbooks but I like the idea of them being whole foods, and fast and easy. For sure something I need! So I may get them, I just wish I could try a few of the recipes first to see if they are something we would like. But, I would still like to support our local group so may get them any way.

October 19, 2011

Every one's home safe and sound. . .

Vince's parents made it home safe and sound Monday afternoon. Saturday their last day with us, they helped build the girls bunk beds so now we can hopefully get Belle to start sleeping in the bottom bunk soon! And then we went to Yoder and ate at Carriage Crossing. I went to the gift shop and meat store across the street and bought some Amish hullless popcorn I have been very anxious to try it. Tomorrow I'm going to the store and getting some butter first though. haha I've tried other brands and they didn't taste very good, but I have been hoping the Amish one tastes better as I hate the hulls stuck in my teeth, gums and roof of my mouth. Then we went to dinner. They loved the food! Especially the mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmm it was so good. Vince's mom kept saying it tasted like home made, and she really really liked it. We hadn't been there in so long that Vince said when we left he forgot how much he liked the food there. On the way out, Vince's mom bought Lela and Belle a pie making toy from Melissa and Doug. They played with it as soon as we got home. They love that thing. Just this morning Lela brought me a piece of  "pie".

Sunday morning my mom called early and said she was going to Golden Coral for breakfast, so we decided to meet her there. They added a chocolate fountain. Oh my! It was soooooo good, now I want to go just for the chocolate dipped strawberries alone! haha.

Vince has been working nights this week. So tonight is his last night to work, he gets a four day weekend now. I am so glad....that means I may be able to get a little more sleep with him home for four days! I hope at least.

Thankfully I've been feeling a lot better, and been able to get the house cleaned up here and there much better then it had gotten. Hopefully in a few weeks it will look how I would like it to! Rather then the disaster it got into.

October 18, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window. . .cold wind.

I am thinking. . .What a great nurser RJ is.

I am thankful for. . .finally getting the house cleaned up after months of not being able to do much.

I am remembering. . .fun times had with family and friends.

I am hoping. . .the house gets all cleaned before sisters start arriving at my door!

I am creating. . .thinking about creating some nursing tops.

On my mind. . .Vince taking a vacation?

Noticing that. . .there's a lot of laundry to get caught up on.

From the kitchen. . .home made hamburgers and french fries.

One of my favorite things. . .friends.

What I am reading. . .nothing much for now.

Picture for thought I am sharing. . . 

October 14, 2011

Visits going well. . .

Been busy busy while Vince's parents have been visiting. We've been eating out and at their hotel a lot. The chef at the hotel is super nice, so it's been fun eating there and it's FREE. haha

A friend of mine sent me a 5 dollar Khol's cash and I was able to get a cute little monkey outfit with it. It came with a monkey bib, a onesy with monkeys all over it, and then pants that had a monkey tail embroidered on the back. Too cute. Between the cash, and the sale I was able to get it for only 5 dollars and 35 cents, and normally it was 30 dollars! Vince's mom bought the girls the Khol's cares books of the month. Very cute night time story books. They are always hard for me to resist, great quality books for a great price.

Went to my first LLL meeting since I had RJ, of course every one fawned over him, and loved his name too. hehe. He's nursing really well. I'm so thankful! No problems at all this time around! Was a good meeting. After the LLL we went to Krispy Kreme with Vince's parents, and the girls. mmmmm hot donuts....simpson drool!

Tonight we met my mom, Eldon and the kids at World Buffet. We haven't seen them in a few days so thought we would meet up with them. So had a nice dinner.

October 11, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...autumn on it's way.

I am thinking...I am so happy with the family I'm blessed with.

I am thankful for...I don't have to pump milk!

I am remembering...my grandma Lela.

I am hoping...to get to my LLL meeting this week.

I am creating...lots and lots of milk.

On my mind...finally getting the house cleaned up after a loooong pregnancy!

Noticing that...the days are finally getting nice and cool, just right outside
From the kitchen...nada today.

One of my favorite things...spending time with my family.

What I am reading...message boards.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 

October 8, 2011

In laws arrived . . .

Vince's parents came into town yesterday. We met them at Olive Garden for dinner, and Lela was so excited to see them. Later today, after I got caught up on some rest, we went to their hotel to visit them. Poor Belle started getting ill though. She threw up before we left home but I thought that was just a one time thing. Once we got to the hotel though she was very clingy and feverish. Poor babe, I think she has a lot of teeth coming in again. She always gets four or more at a time, and really puts her out of commission. Poor baby. So we stayed in at the hotel and had Vince and Kathy go out and bring us food back. Lela and I had Braum's and every one else had Panda Express. Then we had Braum's homestyle strawberry ice cream for dessert. mmmm I still think it's the best flavor yet! Vince's parents bought a lot of little outfits and bibs for little RJ, much needed I might add.  So that will be nice. Sister Adam's also sent a card with them of congratulations on the arrival of RJ. She's always so sweet.

We had planned on going to the zoo today but it rained all day. And with Belle not feeling well probably best we didn't any how. Maybe later this week. I for sure though want to make it to the pumpkin patch while they are here. Cause I know Lela will have so much fun on the slides, giant swings, the bouncy thing, and the cars. And Belle loves the corn crib. So hopefully it will dry out enough to go there this week. Sadly it's also the Renascence Fair this weekend and the County Fair, but with this rain I doubt we will go to either. UHG, I love going to both!

For me the epesitomy is finally started to not hurt so badly. So things are getting better. RJ also seems to be doing well with his tongue clipping. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it any longer. I am hoping it isn't hurting him. Poor baby. But, I know it was best to get it fixed sooner then later. I didn't have mine clipped till I was 8 and it's still a mess from waiting so long.

We also received the photos taken at the hospital yesterday. I was so anxious to get them. They are so very very cute! I can't wait to take them to a kiosk and print a bunch off. We ended up buying the CD with all the copy rights to print as many as we want. Seemed like the best and cheapest option. Cause they were all so cute couldn't narrow down just a few. I am going to see if I can make some birth announcements for free from Shutterfly too. I am hoping so, cause these photos will make extra extra cute birth announcements. The girl did the best job I have ever seen, let alone for hospital photos. I am hoping we can hire her some time to do family photos too.

October 6, 2011

Oh Boy! He's Arrived!

One week ago I had my little man, Raphael. He came in at 7lbs 3oz. Doctor Jensen barely made it to his arrival. I went in on Thursday, the 29th of September for inducement. We went to Panera bread first to have dinner, then headed over to Wesley Hospital, where they were waiting for us. My veins didn't cooperate to much with getting a IV started, but after that we were able to continue. I got a folly put in at about 1 am, and by 4 am it fell out and I was 5cms dilated. At 6am they started me on pritocin. By 10 am my water broke and about 20 minutes later little RJ was here! They called the doctor when I said he was coming, and doctor Jensen ran across the street but barely made it. They called him back to tell him to forget it that he would be here, Dr. Jensen said he was on the floor just tell him what room to go to! lol He made it, but barely. RJ came out perfectly! He had one bout of low blood sugar, I tried to nurse him through it but he wouldn't latch. So they cup fed him. I was so happy they didn't put a bottle on him, and they asked me first as well. The nurse took a lot of time and care into cup feeding him and also taught a student nurse how to do it. After that he has been nursing like a champ. However, he was tongue tied so I had to use a shield, thankfully I had packed one with me. I was really impressed by the hospital. It was so nice, had a Jacuzzi tub, private big birthing room, they let me walk around, get in the tub, or even a birthing ball anything I wanted to do. Although I really didn't want to do anything but walk a little bit. But, it was nice to know I had the freedom to any how. Both my nurses were also so supportive about all natural birth. Both had done all natural them selves with all their births and encouraged me. Such a difference, between in NYC them telling me every one says that but no one does!

The doctor said I was so calm and relaxed they should of video taped the birth for a infomercial on natural child birth and how calm it can be. haha Later we heard another woman screaming, and the student nurse asked if that was a baby, and the RN said no, that's a woman in labor, that's what most women sound like in labor. Not like Mrs. Woodford, who just calmly said, this really burns. Most are screaming just like that. The poor student nurse looked scared. lol I must say though he was so much larger then Belle or Lela it was a little painful, I didn't have any pain at all with Lela. However, I guess I wasn't in the same kind of pain most women seem to go through, thankfully. The birth it self still wasn't really painful it was the episiotomy that was the painful/burning part. I guess the swiftness that my babies come at causes that. I'm just thankful we have a healthy baby boy and every thing went so very well.

Two hours after his birth I was put on the maternity ward, and for the first time I was able to room with my baby. Both Lela and Belle had to be in NICU. It was so nice to have little RJ with me the whole time. He ate and ate and ate. They only kept me 24 hours, but said I could stay longer, but I was ready to come home, so did.

He went to see his pediatrician Dr. Raman Choprah today, and had his tongue clipped. Hallelujah! I am so happy the ped could do that for me today. So now maybe he won't have to keep using a shield or at the very least maybe he can nurse faster then 2 hours. haha Poor little guy. He cried a little and looked sad, but other then that did well for his procedure. He's sound asleep now. He also has gained a ounce, so that's great considering he's only a week old. We're for sure in love with him. He's very sweet, relaxed, and just a good little baby.

At the hospital they asked me who I wanted for a pediatrician and I said I wanted Chopra but hadn't been able to contact him yet. The nurse putting in the data looked worried, but the other nurse said, type it in, he won't care, he will come, if we call! And he did. He's been a wonderful doctor. I love him. He came right away when RJ was born, he looked him over and asked if I wanted to have him circumcised. When I said no, he stuck his thumb up and gave a wink and said good going. And he's just been so easy going and doesn't pressure us with anything. I am really really liking him. Glad I asked around for a pediatrician, cause I'm very happy with him.