May 14, 2010

Boy was it hot and humid today! I am glad a storm finally came and broke up the heat a bit. I'm still sweating my fanny off. But, it feels a little more bearable now at least.

I got a lot of the "butter" done on my kitchen towel, and started on the bread. Should be done quickly, it's really a quick project. I got to thinking and decided I would embroider a few of Belle's Bibs that she already has that are plain and were pretty inexpensive, should cuten them up a notch! I would like to add some flannel to the back of them for more absorption too, but that'll be another project another day. However, I am seriously thinking about making her some felt lamb booties. Gonna dig out my pattern and check it out a bit. I think they would be too cute for the meeting. My mom had a pattern a long time ago that only took some ribbon and lace doilies and it was all in the way you folded the doilies, there was absolutely no sewing to it! Just lacing the ribbon correctly through the folded doily. I wish I had that pattern cause it make super cute booties.

Went to Target and got more coffee, ok I think I'm really addicted! haha When it goes on sale, I'm going to try the orange flavor, as I really love chocolate and orange together and am wondering if that is what it will taste like. I really wish I could find the sugar free chia one though, as chia is a big time favorite of mine. I just love spices! So really am looking forward to giving it a try. Oh and the pumpkin spice one too! But, I bet it's only out in the fall. I'm hoping it's as good as Fireside Coffee's pumpkin spice, cause it's about half the price! And my sister Amber and I both love pumpkin spice anything!

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