July 21, 2009

Vince and I got so sick of the pediatric dentist here in NYC. So we took Lela to the pediatric dentist I grew up with, Dr. Stephen Moore. He had a brand new office that was cute as always. With a train going around the top, video games and all kinds of stuff. Each exam chair even had it's own flat screen tv. Monsters Inc was on Lela's. It was still hard for her to let them look at her teeth. But, they did and cleaned them. And tried to get some xrays. They said her teeth were ok no root damage. But, to just watch the rough patch on one of her front teeth. She left with a bag of loot! There's a whole station they take the children to and give them a bag to fill up with all the toys and what nots they wanted. She of course got a ton of stickers, pinwheel, and a flying bug thing.

The only thing was it was in a new part of Wichita, I had never been to before. (used to be farm land!). And we about never found it. As I was looking for the address in Wichita, and not outside of town. When we finally figured it out we were pretty late. But, they were nice about it all. Not living in Kansas for 10 years, sure is a learning curve with all the new neighborhoods that didn't exist when I lived there.

After the dentist, I noticed a store I had not been to, and have been reading about for a long time, World Market. So we went there. They sell my favorite chai tea, David Rio. So I can't wait till we move back to Wichita, it will be easy to buy my tea again. As the distributors stopped buying it in my area. But, I didn't get to shop long. The fluoride must of made Lela sick, because she was throwing up and sick the rest of the day. So we took her into see my step mom who is a doctor. And she looked at her, and said she was probably ok. And it was probably the fluoride, we just watched her close the rest of the day. And gave her some medication for the nausea. She was better by the end of the day.

We had to wait at the office for quite a while, and started getting hungry so my sister Amber went and raided the lunch room and found some new Special K chocolate bars, they were sooo good. We both liked them. But, thought they needed more salt and more chocolate! haha

July 5, 2009

It's finally sunny!

We went to the convention yesterday and it was the best one yet! Truly it was. I was very motivated to do more, and even got some ideas of what to do in certain situations I am currently in, and will also be in in the near future. So I'm very grateful for those. I wish I could go in more detail about how great this convention was, but I can't! So it can be a surprise for most.

The only bad part was breakfast time, I went to Dunkin Donuts and it was in Brooklyn, and I think because I wasn't black the lady had a attitude with me, she finally told me she couldn't deal with me and told some one else to come take over. She said I confused her. Because I ordered a combo for myself-a eggwhite flat bread sandwich, with coffee, and added the hashbrowns because Vince wanted them and when you buy a combo it's cheaper. Then I ordered Vince's, which was a omelette supreme sandwich and OJ. Well, that was too much to order at once and confusing, and I needed to stop she said. And I didn't know how to order right, I shouldn't order a combo, I needed to tell her every thing al a cart, as she doesn't know how to do combos-even though it was on the sign above her, a number 6. And she finally threw her hands in the air and said she couldn't handle me. I was nice to her the whole time, she just didn't want to give me the price break of a combo and wanted for some reason for me to state every thing al a carte. *sigh* Oh well, next time I will make sure to try to get one of the men to take my order. They were very nice to me, and when he took over for her, he really tried hard to make up for her treatment of me. Which I appreciated.

But, the good thing was, I took the breakfast and went back to the assembly hall, and was able to eat with the brothers and sisters, and had a great time talking with them, and getting encouragement and spiritual refreshment among them!

Lela tried to give a comment today-it would of been her first-but the brother missed her. By the fourth try though we couldn't get her to say another one. She tried on paragraph 6, then paragraph 12, then for paragraph 16, we tried one last time for paragraph 20, but after practicing the first three with her and she didn't get called on, by the time we tried to get her to do the fourth one she wouldn't do it. I think she would of done it if she had been called on, one of the first three times. We all had our hands up trying to get the brothers attention, during the whole answering time of all of those paragraphs, and Vince even stood up, but for some reason the brother never even glanced our way, during any of those paragraphs. But, we'll just try again next week! :)

July 2, 2009

Whoo today has been a long one already. We are bottle breaking Lela. I know it's a little late in the game. But, it was hard for her to give it up. We finally bit the bullet and just did it. She hasn't had a bottle for 2 days now. And this morning was the biggest melt down yet. After 3 hours of a all out melt down temper tantrum, she is FREE! She drink some milk from her cup! And then I gave her a sticker, hugs, and chicken nuggets! Things are good again! I didn't think the melt down was ever going to end for a while there. But, finally she broke! *sigh* And I think we're over it and can move on from bottles for good now.

We're also working on potty training. She has went a few times, and once even ran and got on by herself just in time. Most other times though we have to put her on it with out her asking, cause she won't tell us. But, I was shocked yesterday when she ran and got on.

We are going to one day of the Convention this Saturday then the rest of the convention in August. I'm making corn bread and salad to take. Can't wait, I hear there is lots of great surprises and releases, and can't wait to see them for myself.