July 31, 2002

I'm trying to make my blog load faster, but it still seems to take some time!
I'll start out with my study today. I studied pages, 21-25, paragraphs, 14-24. It was about how Jesus more then any one else could show us how Jehovah truly is, because of his intimate relationship with Jehovah. And how Jesus teaches us about Jehovah, through illustrations, and by his life's example. And how Jehovah uses Jesus as a live example to teach us who he is. Also that Jesus reflected Jehovah's cardinal attributes Power, Justice, Wisdom and especially Love. Of course his ultimate act of love in his ransom sacrifice. The chapter also said that this book is going to help us to search to know Jehovah.

It is set up so neat! We are going to study thoroughly Jehovah's 4 main attributes, divided into 4 sections of the book. Each section will start out with a explanation of the attribute, then we will read a few chapters on how Jehovah shows the attribute, and in each section one chapter will be on how Jesus exemplified the attribute in his life on earth, and one chapter on how we can apply and exemplify the attribute in our lives.

Also interesting will be the meditation boxes. We are to really meditate on these questions, and do research on them. I think I will use the IT books, and the cross reference in my Bible and study deep these questions. And in fact, I have decided in each chapter that will be all I study for one of the days of my study of the chapter, is the box. I figure to properly meditate on each question in the box, and do the proper research it should take at least 30 minutes to a hour to go through the entire box, which would be a whole study. And since I want this to go deep into my heart, I want to take my time on it. So it will be a study with in itself for me.

Now, for the rest of my day. I went to Wal-mart and stocked up on soda, and Vince stocked up on TGIF's buffalo wings, since at Wal-mart they are only 2.85 a box, and for the exact same box, at Pathmart they are 9.99. We got so much the check out clerk asked if we were having a party. lol

Also from now on I will only do quizzies every other day, because they are kind of making my page load too slowly if I do them every day. So look forward to a quizzie tomorrow! :)

July 30, 2002

Today I had my third study of Draw Close To Jehovah book-Chapter 2, pages 16-21, paragraphs 1-13. Today was about Jehovah wants us to be his friend. And how he was Abraham's friend. He had the Bible written in a way so that we can understand him, and draw close to him. And he does tenderly care for us.

I also went to the doctor today, he didn't know anything and is sending me to a different doctor, oh joy. I can't go to the other doctor though till the 14th, of August. The rest of the day I just had a lazy day of rest, and sleep. I also got Boston Market food, spinach, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, squash and chicken, some real comfort foods, I tell ya.

And now for the quizzie of the day. What Pet am I? Apparently I am a puppy!

i'm a pup.what kinda pet are you?
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July 29, 2002

I'm still feeling weird. But, it could just be that time of the month, which I haven't had in about 2 years, and forget what that is like. Vince also thinks I have a fever, but our thermometer is broke. But, I go to the Doctor at 10:30 tomorrow.

I had fun helping Chari with her blog today. YEA! Another blog sister added!

Quizzie of the day: What Gum am I?

I had my second study in Draw Close To Jehovah, pages 11-15, paragraphs, 13-23.

Today it was about Jehovah's name, and it's meaning, and the other titles he is referred to as, and how those titles give us insight into his personality. And why he is Sovereign Lord. Also about his cardinal attributes, love, wisdom, power and justice. And how love predominates all his qualities, since he exercises love in all his ways. And that He truly does want us to draw close to him, and says that he is not far from any of us. He is really the best imaginable Father we could ever have.

I must also say the box on page 14, is really interesting to meditate on.

I am really excited about going through this book and gaining insight and love for Jehovah. I do believe this will draw me the closest to Jehovah then I have even been. I remember the Greatest Man book giving me such insight and true love for Jesus, and more knowledge of Jehovah since Jesus is the reflection of his father. But, this book is just as insightful.
I started my study in Draw Close to Jehovah. I have decided to take it slow and savor the thoughts and scriptures so they will sound down into me. And really think about how to apply what I am learning as I study this book. I am trying to apply this weeks WT lesson, on really studying for the right motives. I will keep a log of my study in here to keep me on track.

Today I studied, pages 7-11, paragraphs 1-12.

So far it is a excellent study book. I can really see this will truly live up to it's title.

July 28, 2002

I'm bored. And I guess every one is away on vacations and at conventions, & Vince has been working over time all week. So I'm kind of lonely too.
The first time I took this quizie I was Fozzy. I don't know what changed but now I'm Kermit. lol :)

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Now I am making mini mini blinkers here's a few I made tonight:

July 27, 2002

I forgot I also woke up one of the days of the Convention really nauseated and had to buy Peptobismal. I wonder what's wrong with me.
This morning I woke up nauseated and upset tummy. I will have to go to the doctor maybe Monday. However, we did make it to meeting any way. YEA! It was a really good WT, on studying, and to truly take in what we study.

I got around to making my winter and spring skins. I made winter, using Irene's Corner, and Graphic Garden, and for Spring I used Mary's Little Lamb. Really talented women. I still need to make my spring archive skin, and I forgot to save my fall archive skin, so I will have to make it too. They are easy to make though. But, I'm feeling a little tired so I will do them later.

I did take a quizzie though, I found out I am Linus from Peanuts.

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I am linus

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July 26, 2002

It's the end of July, but I finally have a summer skin on my blogger. I saved my Fall one for when Autumn comes. But, I really think this is cute.

I will start working on my winter skin early, so I can just change it for the seasons. I have no idea what I will use for spring though. For my winter skin though, I think I will use snow men from Graphic Garden.
Today I found out I am Pecan Pie. I kind of like taking cute quizies, so look for more to come!

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I made one for my sig tag now!

July 25, 2002

I think I'm addicted. I LOVE making these things. Here's another I made. I found out how to make dolls! Yes!

Here's another one I made.

I am so proud of myself. I made my very first blinky today. Here it is:

So now my blog ring can open up. It's now officially opened. I am so happy. I hope I can get some sisters to sign up. :)
I changed the name of my blog today from My Journal to Heather's Patter.

I am really getting into the blog thing.

I did create a blog webring today, called Blog Sisters. Now, I just need a graphic for it, and it will be up off the ground.

July 24, 2002

There's just so much cute stuff out there for blogs, it's hard not to put it all on my page. But, I did TRY to limit it, even though it doesn't look like it.

Also, I've asked around and I think I will be making a blog web ring for sisters. Maybe tomorrow.
Oh, I wanted to also comment on how much I really love our new publications we got at the Convention. I am going to set out a schedule to get them read.
Also on Thursday we went through Washington DC. We seen the The White House, the Holocaust Museum, the Pentagon, and The Washington Monument.

Today I didn't do much. I got caught up on my email, PLN, and a little bit of my web page. I have a ton of pictures I need to add to my web pages. I hope to get to them soon. Vince took me to Wendy's before he went to work. He has over time tonight. We need the extra money but, I miss when when he has over time. Grrr.
I updated my blogger today, and tried to work out any kinks. Now people can get emails of my blog. I hope it will look nice in the emails too. It's 2:44 so I'm going to bed.

July 23, 2002

We got home from the Convention at 1 am this morning. It was a really great program. I really enjoyed Sundays Youth Talk. All the releases were also really great.

We got to meet so many people. Many I wasn't even expecting to meet. Of course I had planned on meeting Sherry Powell and her family, and Shelly-Shelby. But, we also seen Chatty Kid again, and another sister from Sister Soup. And EnlightenMe. So many friends.

I didn't get my fridge, so I ended up just having to use the cooler, of course my medicine pack was all soggy and wet, but at least it didn't go bad.

We got to go to the pool twice, and Sherry and Amber her daughter joined us one night there. We also found 2 super Wal-Marts which made me pretty happy. haha

Vince's Aunt Pat (The anointed one, Uncle Gordon-the CO's wife) invited us over for dinner on Sunday night. It was so good. We had fried chicken, BBQ chicken, cabbage, home made rolls, and home made jam. We ate in the Kingdom Hall, cause their little apt behind the Kingdom Hall was too small for all of us. I was shocked she had two gardens there, a veggie garden and a flower garden. A very cute apt, in a lovely wooded area. I also got to meet, her sister who lives here in Rochdale too!

July 18, 2002

We were supposed to leave at 7:30 am, but as I suspected, we aren't leaving till 10:30. So I'm still here.

I think I will add a joining tag to my blogger.

July 17, 2002

EEK, well I obviously almost forgot to post again! I have to get better at this. Feel free to email me and give me a nudge. lol

Any way, we rushed around today and got the last bits of stuff done for the convention.

I bought a leather duffel bag, at Costco, and new highlighters, couldn't find mine, grrrr. Did 3 loads of laundry which took me forever, people taking all the washers and dryers today. But, I didn't get anything ironed. Thankfully every thing looks ok though.

Oh and I forgot to mention we got Vince a new book bag at Burlington Coat Factory, it's pretty nice.

Any way we are as ready as it looks like we will get for the convention. Now just getting there. We will be leaving in the morning. Well, it is morning, but later this morning. I hope I get the fridge for my medicine. But, Vince has to work over time this morning, and I have no idea what time we will end up leaving. It's kind of frustrating. But, I need to just let Jehovah provide. I know we will be ok, as long as we get there.

Oh yeah and I do have one new outfit for the convention, a red saran style wrap skirt, with tropical like flowers on it, and a red blouse. And I bought some sandals to match. A tanish color, to mach the tropical theme, of the skirt.

Well, I guess this will be it, till I come back from the convention. I hope I remember to continue to use this journal.

July 16, 2002

Whew it's been a long time since I've been here, I really have to get better at coming here.

We did finally get the china cabinets. And some of or stuff put in them. Using one for china and the other as a book case.

Today we are getting ready for the convention. We are going to Richmond, Virginia. We're going to see Vince's Uncle Gordon and Aunt Pat, Sassy Nanny/Ask Powell, and Shelby.

Right now SSD, is giving us problems but hopefully it may be cleared up.

Well, I will try to post a little more tomorrow. I know I need to get better at this!