May 10, 2010

The sun came out today, it was still a tad windy though.

We ended up taking Lela to the Broadway Mall to play at Ikea, and eat meatballs and roasted potatoes. I was a little disappointed they changed from Pepsi products to Coke. oh well. Lela had fun. She loves playing with their toys. This time she was having a ball playing with their puppets. And we ended up getting Belle a cute plush rattle, on sale for 1.99, a giraffe driving a strawberry. It's so cute, Lela is having a hard time not taking it over though.

Then we went to turn in her summer reading log to get a free book from Borders. But, Borders had been closed down! It is so sad, seems we get less and less book stores. And Lela just loves books, and I just love book stores. It's so sad we are getting so few of them any more. I really hated losing the small local book stores we had when I was growing up. And now we're even losing the big box ones. I guess they are becoming obsolete. What a sad time we live in.

So we ended up going over to Target to get a few groceries, including another can of that instant latte. This time I got the Caramel flavored one. Only 60 calories, I think it will save me many pounds gained, as I really love that new 500 calorie Caramel Frappacino at Mc Donald's. This taste almost exactly like that, for a fraction of the calories!

I wore Belle in my new Baby Hawk, and every one oohed and awed over her. I must admit she is a pretty cute papoose!

I went back through my OTR (Old Time Radio) CDs, and found I had The Couple Next Door already. So we took that with us to listen to in the car. Boy is that one funny series! Vince, Lela and I just laugh our heads off. I'm so glad we can still have some family friendly wholesome entertainment this day and age. Especially the kind the whole family can enjoy. I'm going to download a bunch of Blondie and Dagwood and make us a CD of that for the car next, and of course the Bickerson's! One of our favorite comedy series. I'm thinking about introducing Lela to the Lone Ranger next. She really likes OTR Superman.

Then Vince dropped us girls off at home, while he went into after care for a rash he has. They just gave him some medication but didn't tell him what he had or anything. hmmm. I think it may be eczema, but I don't know, grandpa has shingles. So who knows.

Some how we lost our Watchtowers, and didn't realize it till yesterday at the meeting when going to get them out of the bag. So I ended up printing us new copies from the site. Boy did my printer print them weird, 4 pages per a page, and then when you turn over the page, it printed the next upside down on the other side. Hmm. Odd, but hey didn't take much paper to do it that way! So, we're studied up for next week now, as long as these copies don't mysteriously disappear too.

Gonna have to practice, practice, practice the songs this week. Yesterday was caught off guard by a hard one!

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