May 4, 2010

The day started out very very windy, and stormy looking, but ended up hot and sweltering. I had to take a bath just to feel a bit better from sweating my brains out all day long.

Poor Belle has to get a sonogram tomorrow. They say she can't eat anything for several hours before, but I'm thinking that's not correct with a baby of her age. They don't think breast milk is a clear liquid, but every thing I've always read says it is! UHG!

I said I would share how I made the Jollof with cous cous instead of rice so here's how it went.

I steamed the carrots first, then put them into a bowl to the side. Then I cooked the diced onion till translucent and almost caramelized, and added the sliced mushrooms, then finished cooking till the onions were caramelized, and mushrooms cooked through. I dumped them into the same bowl as the carrots. Then I used 1 can of chicken broth (around 15 oz), and 1 small can of tomato paste, and the two teaspoons of curry, stirred together and brought to a boil. Added 1 1/2 cups of cous cous stirred till well combined. Put a lid on it and turned off the heat. Five minutes later I fluffed it. Then folded the turkey and the vegetables back into the cous cous mixture. Came out great!

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