March 29, 2016

My dear friend has died

I have been friends with Sister Mooney since before I was even married. She was always a dear friend. She spent time with Vince and I in NYC. Her art was amazing, and famous. Every one from Felisha Rashad, to Oprah sought her work. I was honored to be given some of her work as gifts from her. And to go with her on some of her exhibits where she was also able to always tie in a little witnessing. She is and will be greatly missed. It was so sudden, she told me she was on her way to the hospital she wasn't feeling well, and next news I had in the morning was she had died. It was so confusing and sudden!

May you stay in Jehovah's memory my friend, until he calls.

March 24, 2016

Memorial 2016

We had a lovely Memorial 2016 this year. Each year Jesus and Jehovah's sacrifice has more and more meaning to me personally. I am so glad Jehovah drew me to him and his organization here on earth. It was really wonderful spending it with my family and friends.

Our family plus a few extras who asked to be
included in our photo as well. :)