May 2, 2010

I have such a great hubby, Vince brought me breakfast this morning on his way home from work. What a totally sweet surprise.

Ok, I've been making Akua's mothers recipe for Jollof since I was 7 or 8 years old, and never knew the name of it. My family would just call it African rice. haha I decided to ask Akua yesterday what it was called any way, and turns out my mom had the origin wrong as well. So good to have that corrected. See Akua's family had lived in Kenya for a while so mom thought it was from Kenya, but really they were from Ghana so of course the dish has Ghanaian roots. Wikipedia and Akua says it's also Nigerian. But, I'll be telling people when they ask me from now on that it's Ghanian since Akua's mother was from Ghana (she's since passed away, her mother and father both have, they were such sweet people I surely miss them!) and it's her recipe that I make. I'm still pretty stoked to try it with cous cous in place of rice!

Went to meeting this afternoon it was good, a ton of people there and in our sister cong downstairs. Lela slept through her comments though, first time in a long time. When we got to the car, Vince decided to open a soda to drink, it was so hot it spewed all over him and his brand new suit! It was a purple Grape Fanta! Of course it had to be light colored suit too and not the dark one! I hope it will come out of the suit.

We went around to a few bowling alleys to choose which one we want to pick for the kids bowl free summer registration. We want to check out one right outside of Valley Stream first, but pretty sure we're going to go with one in Garden City. The ones we went to sure are nice. A few years ago all the ones we checked on were run down and scary looking. But, the ones we went to tonight were really clean and nice and neat. The one in Garden City is medium sized, clean and nice, also had a good parking lot. We went to one though in Mineola, and it was HUGE! Had two parking lots, 44 lanes, huge! But, boy were they crowded. So it's between the one in Garden City and Valley Stream, kind of want to check out the one in East Meadows maybe too before we make a final choice. But, will choose one. A few families at Cambria Heights (our sister congregation) said they would sign up for it too and come with us. So should be a fun summer doing that. Also the Garden City alley had a sale on shoes and I need a new pair, so think I'll get a pair next week.

I think Belle may be getting sick. Poor baby. She's got goo coming out of her mouth and her right eye. I hope she gets better soon. Every one was falling all over her at the meeting as usual. I hope she didn't get something there.


Rhonda said...

Is this a recipe you can share?

MagnoliaWhisper said...

yup I'm going to share it! Either tonight or tomorrow. I made it with cous cous and it came out great! Next time will be with quinoa! Another good thing, this works great for people on a budget! It's super cheap to make with rice. But, really cous cous and quinoa is stretched so far in this dish it's not really that expensive either.