May 5, 2010

Belle went to get her sonogram today. It was so sad, because they didn't want her to have any milk, only water. We had to buy her nursery water. She had never had water before, and she was not happy at all with it. She cried and cried. Then we got started, and boy was jelly every where! She didn't like that either, as she hates having her clothes off. Then finally she was able to get her milk, yet still had to be naked and smeared in jelly to watch how the milk would do in her. So she wasn't too happy about that either. *sigh* Hopefully we will hear about the results from her doctor soon. In the commotion I believe I missed my doctor appointment. I think it may of been today. But, I'm not sure. We'll have to call tomorrow and check. It was either today or Friday. UHG!

I tried Subway's new breakfast sandwich. I had the steak one. I thought it was pretty good. I'd have it again if I have to be out for breakfast again. It was pretty filling, and tasted good too.

Went to BJ's and seen eggs have went back down in price. Now the regular eggs are 5 something for 5 dozen. There for a while they were up to nearly 12 dollars for that much here! I ended up buying brown farm fresh eggs by Land O Lakes though, 18 for 3 dollars. I wasn't too unhappy about that. They taste pretty good too, and have that bright orange yolk that I like.

Last year we bought a whirly pop popcorn popper. Ever since we haven't been able to eat any other kind of popcorn. Man had our taste buds been ripped off, so many years eating microwave popcorn, and we thought it was good. Now it just seems nasty compared to the whirly pop. We literally can't bring ourselves to eat microwave popcorn any more. Even the scent of it stinks to us. We made some the other day in a hurry for Lela and both Vince and I were trying to figure out what the stench was! Well it was the microwave popcorn! Hard to believe we used to like it! I remember when microwave popcorn first came out it was such a novelty then it became a staple. And here we are back to the oldest way to make popcorn and can't even stomach the thought of microwave popcorn any more!

Lela ask every day for popcorn. But, neither of us has felt like making it for about a week. But, sweet Vincent made us some tonight. So the whole family is happy munching our popcorn and watching tivo.


Rhonda said...

Sorry Belle had such a rough day! Poor baby! At least it's over for now!

Matt's parents got us a whirly pop for our anniversary several years ago. We love it!! Nothing is better! (We are popcorn nuts too)

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks. I'm glad it's over too.

And yeah the whirly pop is awesome! Funny how we can't stomach microwave popcorn any more. lol I guess once you go Whirly you can't go back!

Just a little tip. We found we love to make the popcorn with lard! I know some people thought I was crazy, when I said I was going to try it. But, we tried it and love it! We don't use much, only about a teaspoon for a whole batch. But, it gives a really good flavor and almost a crispness. The oil was gumming up our whirly pop, the lard doesn't!

But, yeah it's Vince's favorite gift now to give now too. He thinks every one needs a whirly pop. The funny part about that was, I was the one that wanted a popcorn maker.][ I was trying to get away from using the microwave so much, and especially all the added chems to the microwave popcorn. So I was going to buy a air popper, but I seen the whirly pop and thought hmm, I bet that would be good. And Vince was all, that looks like a lot of work, I think we should get the air popper. BUT, I had gift certificates from the outlet mall that they sent ME (he gets his own, lol we get them for joining their club!), so I used my gift certificates, and went with the whirly pop. Now he is the one who can't live with out it, and always making the popcorn and doesn't mind the "work" and thinks every one needs one! hahaha

Rhonda said...

LOL, men are crazy like that =D

that's a good tip because yes the oil has really gummed ours up. I don't think I've ever gotten it totally ungummed! We started using butter, it just takes so much to prevent it from burning! So I will try your tip!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

I would be burning the butter all the time. lol

And yeah, we used oil and I could never get all the "gum" off it. Especially the nooks and crannies.

It's been no problem with the lard, and lard is all natural. I figure if in moderation not too bad. And it's only a teaspoon divided by three people! ;) Probably get more then that in a burger. A lot of people think I'm crazy and I am making sooo unhealthy popcorn. But, I would rather have a 1/3 teaspoon of lard in my diet, then what ever chemicals they are stuffing themselves with that is all over the microwave stuff! (the scent alone after we have been away from it so long and then smelled it again, tells me something is seriously wrong with that stuff) I'm so happy I didn't let the nay sayers deter me from trying it.

lol Vince will try anything once, but when I first suggested it. He said ok you can do that for yours but I'm using oil when I make it. He tried it with the lard once, and just like with the first time eating the whirly pop popcorn, he was a changed man and was full force for lard on the popcorn! lol haha

Oh another hint on the lard, because we use so little lard I keep it in the fridge. If you don't use it in a timely fashion or keep it in the fridge it will go rancid.