December 21, 2003

I'm back again. I don't know why it takes me so long to get back here.

Any way I went to Kansas and it was a nice visit.

Been so busy it seems.

I am joining Curves on Tuesday. I've already went and had one work out there and really liked it. So I am excited to get started there. They forgot to weigh and measure me before the work out so I have to wait till Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about that, cause I am anxious to know my measurements. Oh and to get my BMI done too!

Any way other then that just been working on JWLW and getting it going really well. It's been really nice. The chats are going well. So we may start having themed chats soon. IE Recipes, exercise, some kind of topic that we talk about that week, preplanned. The new weight loss buddy program I think is working well too. I send out reminders on Fridays to contact our weight loss buddy and I think that is helping. I've found a lot of neat virtual card places to send to my WLB.

My mom is finally back online and I can't wait to show her how to blog too! I have blogs for my nephews set up also when they start getting online soon.

November 8, 2003

It's been a long time again. I haven't lost much more weight. I've lost around 31 pounds.

Any way, I will be gone for a couple of week starting Monday. I am going back home to Kansas for about a week and a half. My last grandma died on Thursday. So I will go to her funeral and be with my family for a little while.

I am going to miss Vince so much. I hate leaving him. I haven't been away from him in nearly 2 years. And I hated that 2 weeks too. So this is scary and not much fun at all.

On the bright side we got our season passes to Silver Dollar City, and I really can't wait to start camping with Vince. This will be Vince's first camping trip ever!

October 15, 2003

Hmmm I don't know how it's been so long since I last updated again! It didn't seem that long ago. Any way, I am loving my new recipe book. I am putting the recipes up on JWLW so that more the group can use them if they want.

I've changed more things with JWLW I put in a recipe file so that every one can put in recipes for diets they are on. That way other members on the same diet can get more recipes. We used to just send them in emails, but this way we have files and people can scan through just recipes if they want ideas for a meal. I like it a lot. I've been adding at least 2 recipes a day. And then I am adding Richard Simmons monthly recipes that I get too.

So far I've lost 30 pounds now. If I could just update the blog more often. lol I will add a new pic soon, hopefully.

October 3, 2003

Oops been a long time since I checked in last. I'm up to walking 30 minutes in the AMs.

I bought a new diabetic crock pot recipe book, A Deluxe Potful of Recipes and love it. It's by Joanna M. Lund. I was at Costco and BJ's. I'm definitely going to use a lot of her recipes. So many good ones! It's hard for me to find a recipe book that has new ideas. So I really like this one.

September 25, 2003

I forgot to say I started wearing my pedometer yesterday-got batteries for it at Wal-mart. Yesterday I wore it for my exercise and I walked 1620 steps and 1.29 miles. Today I walked 1.52 miles, and I can't remember the steps. But, that's a very big increase in one day I think.

I got real low blood sugar yesterday so didn't feel like going to Wal-mart like I was supposed to. So didn't get my Louis Armstrong CDs.

We had a pretty good turn out for our weekly chat with JWLW last night, 5 people showed up. So that's good. I'm hoping it will get to going really well. Then I figure by July 2004, I will add a Sunday chat too. And maybe eventually a Friday chat. Just to keep people motivated.

September 24, 2003

Yesterday we went to Wal-mart. I got some things I had been wanting. They had some really good deals on CDs. I got a 3 CD set of Nat King Cole-had songs like I get my Kicks on Route 66, and Unbelievable, and a 2 CD set of Ella Fitzgerald-A Tisket, A Tasket. They had a 3 CD set of Louis Armstrong that I wanted but the case was all broken up. I will get it today though if I can't find it at the other Wal-mart cause they are such a good deal and I love their music so much. Our first song we danced to was Unbelievable-Nat King Cole, and our parent dance at the wedding was to A kiss to Build a dream on-Louis Armstrong. I love to listen to them while I'm in a bubble bath (and Etta James, and Billy Holiday-Brown Eyes) they are very comforting, winter time, warm, lovey songs that just make me feel good. So I think I will start dancing to them more. Especially now that it's cooled down so I can close the windows and blinds and no one will see me. lol

I also went to a buffet but remained on plan. I had crab legs, green beans, and just a little bit of Chow Mai Fun. (about 1/3 of a cup of it.) The rest was just crab legs and green beans. It was really good. I didn't even have their butter. Oh I did have some egg drop soup with green onions, but that is still good for me.

Let's see....... I also got some pillow protectors that are hypoallergenic, supposed to keep the dust mites and stuff like that from breeding. I hope they work. But, they were only 1 dollar more then the regular pillow protectors so I think they are worth the chance.

September 23, 2003

I made a new blinkie today. I think it's cute. It's of me holding a fall sign that says my name. I will probably be making some fall changes to my blog soon.

For now I really need to go to the grocery store soon.

September 22, 2003

I'm still trying to brain storm and think of more ways to get JWLW to be a better group. I love my group but, I want it to be able to the best it can be. I think I may see if I can get some more members, and maybe that will bring up our the amount of people who chat in the chat room as well. I want to give it a bit of time though and see how things go, with the new features I've already added.

As of this morning I've lost 27 pounds and I'm pretty happy with that. A lot of people say they can tell by looking at my pictures. I can tell when I look at the pics, and I couldn't tell by looking in the mirror.

I've been also trying to think of themes for JWLWs weekly chats. I've decided we would discuss relaxing music, and what kind makes us feel relaxed and good. And what kind would help us want to move. Cause that was one of Dr. Phil's suggestions to permanent weight loss.

I've decided on having Monthly Challenges with JWLW, and giving prizes of graphics. But, I think it would be a neat idea to also give cds away too, if every one would send in 5 dollars for the price of it and shipping. People could still be part of it for free and get a graphic for winning, and I wouldn't spend their 5 dollars if they didn't win it would just put them in for the next months challenge. But, I don't know how that would go. I would probably only be able to give cds with radio shows that don't have a copywrite any more, cause of it expiring.

After that I can't think of other themes for chats, since every one is on a different plan it's kind of hard to talk about a certain theme sometimes when not every ones plan would coincide with the theme. But, if I keep thinking I will probably think of some other things. Like maybe why we want to lose weight. Or something.

I'm really wanting a treadmill, lol right now I just walk around the bedroom and it gets dizzying sometimes-too tight of circles. lol

September 21, 2003

I've been working on my JWLW group today, and added some new features, I think it will focus the group more on health and weight loss likes it's supposed to be. It's been having big changes for months now, but I think our new features will add to it.

Otherwise I haven't done a whole lot today.

September 19, 2003

A lot of stuff in missing from my blog, I hope it comes back. Sorry I've been not coming regularly I will try to do better. So far I've lost 25 pounds on my new life style. And I'm reading Dr. Phil's book. I think I can do it! :)

BTW, I finished the cross stitch project I was talking about way back in Feb. lol I forgot to tell you all. It's really cute, I will have to scan it in sometime.

July 25, 2003

I'm doing so good. I went to the endocrinologist yesterday. My hemoglobin A1C has went from 6.4 (good should be below 6.5) in March, to 5.1 (excellent) last week. I am just so happy. My doctor is also very happy with the changes. I've also lost 16 pounds, and have been able to decrease my insulin intake 8 units a day. She thinks I will be doing a lot better once I get just 36 more pounds off. She is very happy with how I am now. And she said I may be even able to decrease my insulin another 2 units day, which would be a decrease of 10 units a day. Which would be great. The more insulin you are the harder it is to lose. So this less insulin will also help me lose more weight. Plus the benefit of my sugars being low enough to take it down that much has been just really great. :)

I did have some bad news though and that was kidney problems, possibly due to being on atkins too long. So I have to be on kidney medicine the rest of my life if I want to keep my kidneys. At least they found it in time for medications to work, and I don't have to be on dialysis.

So far not been doing much though since I got home, too tired. But, next week I will be out in service again I hope. :)

July 23, 2003

WOW I have just been way too busy! I have lost 16 pounds since last I posted. So I'm doing really well that way.

I've been really trying to get out in service more. And I ahve gotten in a lot more time. I am so happy about that. I am really trying to be pioneering with in 2 years. I can't wait to get on the list again. I love spending time in service.

We just got back from the convention in Richmond Virginia. It was great. We got to see Vincent's aunt and uncle. And then we got to have dinner with the bethelites who gave the talks on the program. They were really nice, and I hope we get to stay in contact. Then we went to the Holocaust museum in Richmond. It was tough, but very educational. I cheated a little bit on my diet, but didn't gain, and actually lost!

I've got to go to Bethel several times since last I posted also. It was great. So many there from international conventions. We were able to tour with a huge group from Paris. Then I've seen several from Peru, Africa, and Japan.

Any way, I've been having a great summer. Been going out in service a lot, doing street witnessing behind my apt building, Bible Studies, door to door and letter writing. I've actually been feeling so much better then I have since before I was diagnosed with diabetes.

Any way sorry it's been so long. I will try to check in more often.

May 21, 2003

Went to Costco today and bought food for our assembly this weekend. I am going to stay on plan! I lost some inches cause my jeans fit loser today! I was so happy! :) Haven't really been doing much else.

May 18, 2003

Friday I went to the foot doctor I seen in the ER. He was very nice. He said it is healing good and to just keep taking the antibiotics. I am going to go to him permanently. He takes my insurance. And said I could start seeing him. He is really nice. I meant to ask him though how he went from being a cop to a foot doctor. lol He likes to tell me his stories about his life. Which I like a personal doctor. I figure he will listen to me about real problems (foot wise) since he listens about the small stuff too. Vince and I both like him a lot. Plus he has a parking GARAGE! So rare in NYC. Usually for all my doctors we have to park at least 2 blocks, if not 10 blocks away on the street. And in the really cold winter time it can be bad. Last winter it was so cold and I had to walk about 20 blocks to the car, I literally couldn't hardly move when we got there, and got wind burn on my face. He also has a very modern office, which is also rare here. The office I go to now, is like I am at a free clinic or worse! It hasn't been redone I would say since the 70's at least. And has wall paper hanging off the wall half torn, and every thing needs paint, and all the chairs have holes in them and are worn out and stained up. It's really rather disgusting. And scared me the first time I went. Cause I was always used to my welfare doctors offices, that were modern, and had fish tanks, and tvs, lighting, etc. lol So I am excited I will be going to a office I am more accustomed to. And with parking, and a nice doctor to boot.

Let's see I will be working on adding more recipes too. :) That's about it so far though. Been staying in bed a lot. Kind of tired.

May 15, 2003

I keep having nightmares that I am eating wrong food. Last night, I watched Date Plate. (who knew the food channel would give me nightmares.) Any way, then I dreamed I was on the show, and I was having to eat these two huge meals. I kept saying these are not on my plan, I can't eat them. And they said I had to. So I was trying to figure out how to eat the right amount so I wouldn't be off my plan. I can't remember what the first plate was-I think it was pasta though. But the second plate was a huge mound of fried shrimp on a bun. Like a Po' boy. lol

The other night I was having nightmares I was having to eat chicken pot pie, I had baked for some odd reason. And I kept saying why did I bake this, I know I can't have it. But, I don't want to throw it out! lol It was horrible. lol I hope this stops. lol
I'm working on adding all the Richard Simmons Recipes I get to my Healthy Patter Recipe web page. It's going to take me a long time. lol Any way, today I added one just for Chari. Slim 'N' Trim Macaroni and Cheese. Check it out at Slim 'N' Trim Macaroni and Cheese.

Other than that haven't done a whole lot today. lol Just breakfast. lol :)

May 14, 2003

I finally got my scale. Got to Wal-mart, and got a good one. It was triple the price of some of the others. But, the others were flimsy and kept saying a different weight, each time I stood on them. They sure don't make them like they used to! lol

Any way, when we got home, I ended up having to go to the hospital. My right big toe, has been infected since Friday. I tried to take some antibiotics, and drained it of puss twice. But, last night, it was hurting and wouldn't drain, and was turning black. So I went to the hospital. And just so happened they had already called in a podiatrist, cause another diabetic man was barefoot, and stepped on a broken coffee mug and cut his foot in half and it was flapping around and he couldn't feel it. So he severed some nerves apparently and had to have big time surgery. They did my quick surgery before his. ACK. I seen him too and it didn't look good. Looked like my neighbor a few years ago who came to my door, who had cut his foot almost off with a lawn mower. He also severed nerves and is a diabetic! And he didn't want to go to the hospital. But, my step father made him get in the car, telling him he would at least drive him home. Then he locked the doors, and drove past the mans home and to the hospital. The hospital said it saved his life. He lost a trash bag of blood (my mom put a trash bag on his foot) on the way to the hospital. And ewe did our drive way and living room smell for a long time after that. Any way they gave me two pain shots before starting the surgery, and they hurt! And I give myself 4 shots a day, and usually don't feel them. These shots hurt the whole time he was giving them to me. And still hurt where he gave them to me today. But, it was my bad toe, the one that had been broken off and dislocated a few years ago. grrrrrr. So that I think made it worse. I'm supposed to go back to see this doctor in three days.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I did get pretty upset, when they wouldn't call on me, or even look at the form I filled out. And seen 4 people who came in after me, first! One was a nurses husband. I said I didn't care that she was a nurse, I thought it should still be first come first serve. The triage nurse said she felt the same. But, that the nurse thought she could care for him herself. In Kansas, it's illegal to care for your own family member as a nurse, or doctor. I was pretty upset when she wiggled her way above me. And all he had was a head ache! I wasn't that upset about waiting so much as Vince needed to go to work, and I had been there since 10:30 and didn't get seen till 2 am!

And I wouldn't have minded like the guy with the foot going before me. It just seemed like every one they took before me, had trivial to, minor things wrong with them. And I didn't think they at the very least were worse off then me. I think we were on a even playing field. I wasn't worse then them, and they weren't worse then me. So it should have been first come first serve. But the others were throwing fits saying they were going to be seen, and opening the doors and forcing them to see them. In Wichita, they would have been drug right back out by a security guard and sat in the waiting room, or out of the hospital.

May 12, 2003

I didn't get my scale. And I had nightmares that I was eating chicken pot pie I wasn't supposed to. And I kept saying why am I doing this?????? Hate those dreams.

I did win some Richard Simmons cook books on Ebay though that I have been wanting for a long time. So I am happy about that. I got one for only a dollar!

May 11, 2003

Went to Wal-mart, Costco, and Pathmart last night. I still forgot a bathroom scale! lol I hope Vince remembers to stop by Walgreens and get one on his way home from work tonight.

I got a lot of foods I was needing though. And a food scale. A really nice one. But, now I am wondering if I should have went with the smaller one, since it would have been easier to wash. I may get the smaller one next time I am there any way. It was only 4 dollars. The nice one I got was 24. But, will be good for big things too. And I think it will be more accurate. I also got........ Blast off the pounds by Richard Simmons. Had 3 videos in it. I wanted to try the Latin Blast Off. lol I think I will just do one song a day for a while. The first one! lol It came with weights that you freeze too so that you are cooler in the summer. That's about it so far though. :) I like to weigh in a lot though when I m changing my life style so not having a bathroom scale is killing me. lol Hopefully will have one tonight.

May 9, 2003

Sorry didn't get to check in yesterday. Was real busy. I'm trying to start a new health plan. And it's been taking a lot of work, thought, effort and planning to get things correct in the meal planning. Went grocery shopping yesterday. But, still have a lot I need to buy. *sigh* I will try to get back with the pictures soon. If you want to keep up with my new health plan, go to

May 7, 2003

Didn't get to check in yesterday, was busy. Then had security at the Kingdom Hall again. I took a Dragnet CD and now Vince likes listening to OTR too. lol Made the hours go by much faster. They got the black top in the drive way put in, so we can't drive on it till Saturday. It was kind of scary sitting on the street instead of inside the gates like usual. And wouldn't you know it. This was the one night people decided to come and look. Families from other congregations we didn't know. And it was kind of scary trying to figure out if they were witnesses or what. lol Cause in NYC a lot of people dress up not just witnesses. But, they were nice, and we figured out they were witnesses from other congregations. Then Vince's friend Uche relieved us. So we got to talk to him a little. He wanted to know if we were going white water rafting with him and some others. But, I don't think we will this year. He is nice to always invite us.

Went to the doctor today. Then we went to a Chinese buffet. I forgot my camera again! lol

But, today's pic is of our place cards for our wedding. I found them when cleaning out the closet the other day.

May 5, 2003

I didn't do much today. I baked a dump cake. That didn't turn out right. I used too much cake mix. Only us half a cake mix for half a cake. lol

I didn't get to do my laundry either today, the elevator is broken. Awe well. lol

Vince took today's picture. It's of my Winnie The Pooh and one of my favorite dolls in the corner of our bedroom.

May 4, 2003

I guess you DO get a picture. I was watching TV and looked out my bedroom window and saw this, and couldn't pass it up. I wish it could come out as well as I can see it. That's a sunset over Manhattan. WOW I didn't realize I even got the Empire State building in there!

I'm not feeling well. So I'm not going to take a picture today. I will tomorrow. Didn't do much today. Had a nice breakfast though. Apple Cider, home made biscuits, eggs, and bacon and country gravy. I should have taken a picture! grrr

May 3, 2003

The talk was given by Brother Green. It was great. He did a wonderful job. I tried to get a picture with him, but couldn't get to him in time after the meeting. (elders meeting)

I loved the Watchtower study too. I got to answer several times. And Vince got to read a scripture. It's so wonderful how the society helps us see how Bible accounts can apply to us today. Especially with new light and adjusting our thinking from time to time.

I did get Vince's mom to get a picture of us, across the street from the Kingdom Hall. But, no one told me my glasses were down on my nose. lol GRRRR I also had a run in my stockings and looked like granny. Awe.... well.

Today's our special talk. I hope I remember to take a picture. I'm bringing the camera.

May 2, 2003

I finally got to take a bath today! It was feeling funky not being able to for two days with all that stuff in the bath tub from them putting in the new window. Didn't get to go grocery shopping. GRR.

But, I made some CDs for my parents of OTR. Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Flash Gordon, Six Shooter, All Star Western Theater, and a few others. I'm getting quite the collection now. :) Already sent them Dragnet. My mom says she will be glad to get some other stuff to listen to. Vince and Eldon (my step fathers) addiction to Jeff Foxworthy is getting on our nerves. Listening to their cds the first 100 times is ok. Then it just gets boring for us. lol haha And Vince and Eldon still want to listen to it over and over. lol haha

Well, this is a picture of the apartment building catty corner from my apartment. It's all ONE building. But, I couldn't get it all in one photo. I'm sure I will never be able to get it all in one. Cause there is a mall on the other side of us, and houses etc. So I can't get far enough back to get it all in. But, I think you can get a idea. There is 20 of these, plus a community center, HIP Center-all the doctors you would ever need to see-eye, ob, Pediatrician, family Dr, etc., a office and 2 malls. That is all part of our co-op. (what we own part of) Like I've said before it's the second largest co-op in the world.

May 1, 2003

Today will be a picture of the skyline from our living room window. I guess there is a fog over Manhattan, cause I can't really see Manhattan as good as usual. Looks like a fog. I cut out some of the sky. I think you can tell pretty much what we see though.

The workers left stuff in our bathroom. And are supposed to come up after lunch and get it. I hope they don't forget again cause I want a bath, but need their tools and insulation out of the tub. Then will have to clean the tub first.

So far I've been doing good at keeping up with the dishes! :) Not doing much else today. Hoping to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

April 30, 2003

This morning at 7:30 am we got our new windows. They were here till about 3:00pm Whew, what a day.

I know the blind is messed up at the top. I'm not tall enough to fix it. And I don't feel like getting on a chair. Vince will have to when he gets home. That's our living room windows. :) I will take some of the others later on.

I didn't get a picture of us before he left today so no personal picture today.

This time of year is nice, but I have to have the windows open or it's too hot in here. And we live across the street and above several Chinese food places, and the scent of their food wafts up here. And makes me want it! lol Like right now! lol

April 29, 2003

Today's picture didn't come out as good as I would have hoped. But, that's part of the project. Honing photography skills.

Didn't do much today. Cleaned the Kitchen and picked up the living room a bit. Got a bunch of stuff that has been needing mailed, mailed. Trying to get into routines better (flylady, and personal).

Daily Picture:

April 28, 2003

Didn't do much today. Went to Walmart and Office Max. Office Max was having a sale on CDRs-50 for 2.99, and buy one get one free jewel tone slim jewels. Other then that just lazing around.

Here's us outside of Office Max in the car. -(new feature, daily picture. lol) Note I will not be taking a picture from below again. lol Not a good angle for my chinS. lol

April 27, 2003

Here's the funnel cake.

As a SHE-Sidetracked Home Executive, I NEVER ever read instruction manuals. lol Well, I was noticing our pics weren't coming up very good quality. And I have been trying every thing. So I read the instruction manual for the camera. Sure enough I had it at it's highest quality. So that wasn't it. I was thinking man this is worse quality then what I had with our first digi cam. And this is supposed to be high pixels. Well, I figured it out. lol When I edit the pics, I always save them as gifs cause I always thought that was better quality. Apparently with this camera it's best to keep them as jpgs. So hopefully our future pics will be better quality. lol And that wasn't in the manual I broke down and read! lol
Last night we went to The Spare Rib. I love that place. But, they didn't have the special of Lobster and Ribs last night. I wanted the stuffed seafood plate-Stuffed flounder, stuffed shrimp and stuffed scallops. But, they ran out. So I ended up with really good rib tips, baked potato and coleslaw. Then we had a funnel cake with ice cream, whipped cream and a really good berry sauce. YUM! And I thought Funnel cakes were good by themselves. lol

Here's Vince and I last night.

Vince and I the night before last.

And as promised pics of Daisimae! Now Vince should have told us to retake this one! But, it's the only one I got of us together. It would have been too hard in the car to take pics. GRR.

I've decided I'm going to try to start documenting our life with photos. Why not it's free?! Vince's mom isn't liking the camera going every where with us. But, she will just have to get used to it. lol I'm doing a documentary after all. lol

April 26, 2003

Tried to post yesterday but it didn't go through.

Thursday was a busy day. We went 45 minutes early to go meet DaisiMae at Penn Station and ended up being a hour late still! The traffic and the people were horrible. AWE Manhattan. lol So we ended up only getting to spend 30 minutes with each other. Of which we drove around looking for parking so we could feed her. Never found a spot. Not even in the 14 dollar early bird special places (we weren't early lol). There was no amount of money that was getting us a parking place! Not even the 30 dollar places. But, she said she liked seeing Time Square. And every thing she had seen on TV. I'll have to post pics later. Even though there wasn't much.

I think I seen The Double Tree Suites that Beverly stayed in. They were a block off Broadway right by Mama Mia (the show).

So Vince and I ended up eating at a Fish and Chip place. I had cod and portobello mushrooms, forgot to get the mushy peas. (I always forget to take pics. lol) Since it was so late before we ate, it had wore us out. So we came home and took a nap. Then we had security from 8-12. I took my MP3 player with me and listened to All Star Western Theater. :) Then I fell asleep the last 30 minutes. Thankfully Vince stayed awake. Then we went to Mc Donald's. But, they were out of what we wanted. Ice cream and Salads. So we ended up getting the "new" chicken nuggets and came home and crashed. lol

Yesterday we just hung out at home. And then went to dinner with Vince's mom at Olive Garden. I had the Shrimp Scampi. It was good shrimp just too much pasta for me. Also had a good soup with it. And the stuffed mushrooms and fried zucchini for the appetizers. YUM! I took a few pics but, forgot to of the main course. Took a long time to get it. Cause Vince's mom asked for her meal with out green peppers. Might as well of asked them to make a miracle happen. So that took about 2 hours for them to figure out how to make it with our peppers. *sigh* lol Can't confuse people like that. lol

April 23, 2003

Adding another pic. (I got the Irish dishes I can find put in!)

Yes I'm slightly side ways, was hard to get in the right position to take the pic.
Today I did my sock drawer. Still need to do Vince's. As soon as he wakes we will change the sheets and I will wash them. Also will do a few hand washables in the washer on cold and gentle and see how they come out. lol I empties two tubs of clothes today, and put away and put in give away bags. So I'm pretty happy with that. I want to also put up some of my Irish dishes today.

Here's pics of the key to the china cabinet.

April 22, 2003

I got a load of laundry done today. Now I just need to do the sheets tomorrow. The apartment is almost up to snuff. I am going to be organizing socks tomorrow. lol I'm back on my missions a little.

April 21, 2003

About 6 or so months ago Vince's parents gave us a china cabinet. Well the key for it was on a ugly orange key chain. And we keep it in the lock since last time we took one out and put it on top of the cabinet it came up lost never to seen again. And we have cleaned the apt from top to bottom and still haven't seen it. I just couldn't stand the orange key ring it came on. It's a old antique key that is really beautiful. So for 1.24 at Wal-mart I got a pack of two gold tassels. I put them on the end of the key, then while also unpacking another box that needed to be pitched. I found a little white rose (silk), from our wedding so I put that on the key too. Now it looks 20 times better. And is very cute for a 1.24 lol. I still have some Irish china missing. So the top shelf in the cabinet is rather bare. But, I will put the few Irish dishes I have found in it soon. And take a pic.

I also bought some yarn to tie in the holes of the feather duster from Flylady to hand them up. When I get more money I will buy leather strips to hang them up with.

I also bought a CD holder so that our jewels aren't strewn through the house.

So I bought 3 things today that have made a dramatic difference in making our home a home. And not so eclectic.

We also got rid of all the boxes from our last trip. And now just got to get rid of our grocery boxes from today. But, Vince can take them down on his way to work tonight. So I'm pretty happy. The apt is looking more and more like a "home". Instead of the refugee-esque style we were sporting! lol

April 19, 2003

ACK!, I haven't updated in forever.

Well, first off I've been getting back to fly lady and almost have my house really nice looking. We are getting new windows and actually getting screens on the 29th! I can't wait.

We had a great Memorial. It was at Thomasina Banquet Hall. At 7:30. It was great. We did sing the last song with out music though. I liked it a lot. The brothers and sisters are really nice in our cong. It went by very fast. Vince's parents got there before us and had us seats saved. I sat between Vince and his mother. And Vince father was a attendant so he didn't sit down. We had 216 in attendance. Vince father also had a study and his wife attend. Then we went to Outback Steak house afterwards. It's becoming a tradition for Vince and I. It's where we have went after all three of the Memorials we have went to since we've been married. The first year we went with about 20 of Vince's family members. Last year we went by ourselves, and this year we went with Vince's mom and dad. The first year I had BBQ ribs, since then though I get the 3 lobster tails, and sweet potato and cream of onion soup instead of salad.

Hmmmmm, other things in life. I've gotten way into OTR-Old Time Radio shows. I love them. I used to listen to them in junior high and high school on trips. I would rent the tapes from the library then about a week ago I found you could get them online. I already have probably 1000. Lot's of people are sending them to me. And I really didn't know there was so many different ones. So far I like Blondie (Blondie and Dagwood), and Speed Gibson (a junior secret detective), All Star Western Theater (a western variety show, comedy, drama, and music, with guest stars like Hank Williams Sr, Roy Rogers, etc on it), Dragnet and Gangbusters. Also Superman and Batman. Ok ok I like a lot of them! lol Gunsmoke, Frontier Gentleman, lol on and on. lol I ended up having to get speakers for my mp3 player so I don't have to use the head phones. I like to listen to them to get to sleep, they are very relaxing and I am usually asleep before on show is half way over. lol Although most are 30 minute shows.

Well, I will work better at updating more often.

BTW, the visit at my parents went well and we got to do a whole lot of things.

March 10, 2003

Well, here it's been a long time again. We're going to be visiting my parents soon. Can't wait to see them. Grandma's acting nuts though. So I don't think we will be visiting her. Except for that haven't been doing much.

Just can't wait for my real vacation in 2004. lol

Oh I don't think I put in here. I actually found a bargain at Walmart. I got Eyeore overalls, and a Eyeore sweater for only 3 dollars each! I was pretty happy about that. :) I guess that's the big news for the week. lol

Our anniversary is next week. It will be 2 years. They went kind of fast. :)

February 26, 2003

Sorry didn't come here for a while again. I'm trying to get better again. lol Any way Monday night was our first 2 month oral review. It was neat. I like it better then a 6 month review where I forget so much in that time period. It was kind of funny though. Cause the brother said ok we are doing a new format tonight. We will have a oral review instead of written. Ok get started. And then he walked off the stage. I just looked at him and thought, hmmmm am I wrong in what oral review could mean? lol Then he got back on stage and said, oops sorry, I can't believe I did that. lol Uh I guess I have to be up here to get started. lol Our examples on how to present the mags was also hilarious. lol We have a brother who used to be a news caster in our congregation. Well, news casters are used to having every thing wrote out word for word for them. So he is that kind of guy. He and his wife get up there, and she gets to the donation part. And he just looks at her. (apparently forgot his lines.) So then she says, so are you going to give me a donation or what? lol It was a funny night. I am not making fun of these brothers. It just helps me not be so scared to make a mistake, when I see every one does. And it lightens the mood I think.

Any way, haven't done a whole lot more. Except go to Costco where the crowd was CRAZY!

February 21, 2003

Not doing a whole lot lately. I only worked a very little on my cross stitching. Although it's almost done. I got the cutest jeans though. They are capris (which means just the right length for me), that had red roses embroidered up one leg from the bottom. I've never been able to have jeans like that since I would have had to cut off the bottoms to hem them up. So that was pretty exciting. lol Hmmmm, I think it's been brought up that I have a boring life.

February 19, 2003

I got done with the back stitching of the face and the hands yesterday and the DRESS! So now I'm working on her hoop.

Went to Wal-mart today and got some new clothes for summer. Very cute. :)

February 18, 2003

Yup yup got done with back stitching the hair. And started the face. I hope I'm done with the face, and hands today. :)

February 17, 2003

I've started the back stitching last night. I got all three hair bows done. Now, I'm working on the hair. I think the hair will be done before the days end. :) I'm taking it slowly. Cause when I rush I make too many mistakes and end up having to rip half the stitched out and do it over.

We're pretty snowed in. Having a blizzard here. Not supposed to go any where. But, Vince still went to work!

February 16, 2003

Still working on my cross stitching. But, thankfully only have the backstitching left to do. I didn't work on it for a few days.

We've canceled our cruise for 2004. There wasn't enough support for a group cruise. But, have decided instead to go to Silver Dollar City theme park. I think it will be fun. We will go with my mom and step father and my nieces and nephews, for a week. Can't wait. :)

Let's see other things we've done? Not a lot. lol Sorry.

February 12, 2003

Almost done with my first cross stitching project. I have a lot more I need to get done. lol :) But, it's been fun.

I bought My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night. It was hilarious! lol I love it.

February 8, 2003

Still working on my cross stitching project. I have gotten the head done, and part of the chair and dress. Here's a picture of the figurine of the pattern I'm doing.

I was not doing too much fly lady. Fell off the wagon. The living room gets depressing with all the papers. They are driving me crazy. Any way I cleaning the kitchen though a little this am. Thankfully the bathroom doesn't need much this time. Just basic maintenance.

February 4, 2003

Still doing my cross stitching and having a lot of fun. I also hung up a doll I've had since I was little, and a wedding picture in our bedroom, I think it sure looks a lot warmer in there. Working on getting rid of the stale office feel. I want a warm homey feel. lol I also got a really nice candle in ginger bread scent that I love at Wal-mart. I actually started burning a huge 3 wick candle I bought for our wedding. For some reason we didn't light it at the wedding! So I've been burning it and other candles and listening to some nice jazz cds and just relaxing and cross stitching. It's been really nice.

January 30, 2003

Yesterday I went to the ophthalmologist it went well. He said there was absolutely no signs of glaucoma or diabetic damage to my eyes. Which that is great. My mother already had glaucoma by my age. And Grandma too. And mom's sister is now blind from diabetes. So I'm glad I don't have those problems.

Any way, I need to start doing my routines better. I haven't been doing them as well this week. But, trying to at least do my 15 minutes a day.

Also I started cross stitching last evening, and it's really great to get back to having a hobby offline. lol I'm making my mother a Mother Sew Dear portrait, of a girl stitching mother on a hoop and at the bottom says Mother Sew Dear. I think she will like it. :) And I'm having fun making it. I may make Vince's mother one too. But, not sure if I will do that pattern or a different one.

I'm gonna go to bed finally. Just thought I better pop in here. Need to get more on top of my blog!

January 26, 2003

Just thought I would report, that I got all the laundry folded. And most of it put up. lol So doing better. lol Now, I just got to do the bedding today. I'm going to try to wash a comforter that is only supposed to be dry cleaned, but well I hate the chemicals in dry cleaning. So we will see what happens. I will hang it to dry. Then tomorrow is more hand wash items. A bunch of dresses that need washing. Then that's it till Friday. But, I may have to wait if the comforter isn't dry yet. So it may be Tuesday before I can do the hand washing. At least I can say I'm really really close to being done. For the first time in two years, we are almost dirty clothes free. lol It was difficult in Brooklyn with no elevator and being on the third floor to take everything up and down and then into a basement to be washed, and it was so expensive around 200 dollars a trip. So we got so behind. I'm so glad to be up to date on things now, and be rid of all the old clothes I don't need any more.
I found this while I was bored and didn't feel like doing anything today. I thought it was cute.

I didn't get my night time routines done either last night. I was just so tired. But, today I got up and did my morning routines. And my 15 minutes in the living room. Today is bedding day. I hope I get it done. I didn't even fold the clothes I washed yesterday. *sigh* But, at least I'm almost caught up on laundry! YEAH! There's a ton to do in the living room. I need Vince to help go through more papers though. ACK.

January 25, 2003

Eek, I haven't checked in here in forever.

Any way on Weds night we went out to TGIF's with Vince mother, and her friend Gerry, and her son Rudy Jr. IT was nice, but they quit making my favorite-Meat Loaf Stack. lol So I had Jack Daniel's shrimp.

Thursday didn't do much...... just my regular cleaning, laundry etc. Friday much the same.

Here we are on Saturday. Today I didn't get my morning routines done. But, oh well, I've kept up with them almost a month. I will just do them in the morning and get right back on. I was just tired and not feeling well this morning. I still need to do laundry though today. And yup almost done! Can't wait to have that laundry done. The bedroom it came along nicely this week, almost done. Just have a few light touch things left to do. I will do them next month for the most part. Tomorrow starts the living room, and it really needs it, I have gotten Vince to start going through all the junk mail though so that is helping.

I am thinking in April of going through the apartment like a real estate agent and figuring out what I want done in each room, to make it more home, and like I would like it. Right now it's kind of barren to say the least, and lacks a lot of character. No real decorating has been done at all.

I have decided what I want my bedroom to look like. I have a color scheme I am working with, so I figure I will go little by little as I can. So one thing I would like to do is get a silver/gray laundry basket. The color scheme I've came up with is mainly white, red, black, metallic gold/silver, and shades of gray for things I want to fade into the background like the trash cans, and laundry basket. lol I have decided I want all our pics to be in black and white in the bedroom to be more dramatic and I just like the look and feel of b&w over color some days. Easier on the eyes, and more soothing and romantic to me. So I already printed one picture in b&w, for a teddy bear who is holding a red heart picture frame. It's been empty since I bought it for Vince as my wedding gift to him. lol So that's been almost 2 years! It's in the window sill (ours are deep), with bird cage candle holders from our wedding on each side of him. I'm looking for other silver picture frames or red etc that will go well with b&w pics. I think it will look nice as I can do this. Will see how things go.

I would like the bathroom to have a few light house things. Not light house crazy but a few cutesy things to give it a less clinical look. lol Again red/grays/with some shades of blue grays.

Then I have to figure out the hall ways, kitchen, and living room.

My brother on Tuesday gave up his rights to his 5 children. My husband and I are on the list to adopt my niece. They are going to try to adopt her with my mother first so she will be with her other siblings, but if they don't let her because she has so many now as it is, and such a small house. We are next on the list. So that may slow things down. At least we will pass inspection now. We've been working at that since she was born in May.

January 22, 2003

I'm almost done with the laundry, I should be done by Sunday! And the bedroom is almost done too! I'm really happy about that. The living room needs some work, but it will be done next week.

Yesterday was so busy. I had a doctor's appointment. Boy, was that a mess.

I didn't realize she is at two different offices, so I went to the office I had seen her at the first time. I was there mind you about 20 minutes early. I get there, and go up to the check in girl. And I think well this is weird cause the sign in sheets are all for a eye doctor, not a endocrinologist. So she informs me I'm at the wrong office. The office I was at was in Queens, the office I was supposed to be at was in Brooklyn. So I go down, thinking I wonder when Vince will be able to get back here. Cause there is no parking any where around there. I asked a phone girl if I could use her phone to call my the office I was suposed to be at, and she made me use the pay phone. Surprisingly I had the money sometimes I don't have change. Since I usually put change in my piggy bank, when Vince gives me cash/allowance. Which I thought since I was calling a sister office shouldn't have been such a big deal, people just like to be a mess. About 20 minutes later he came. And I told him we were at the wrong office (I didn't know which block he would have to find parking on so it would have been fruitless to go look for him.) So we start to walk back ot the car. Which for him was a 7 minute walk. So that means like a 15 minute walk for me. It was FREEZING (18 degrees). I kept stopping and putting my coat over my face cause it was going numb. Then my whole body went numb. It was just too cold. And yes we were literally walking up hill in the snow! So any way, the last block he had me stay there and he went and got the car. Then he didn't know where the other office was. So we had to call his mother to have her look on a map. She found it. And we got there. By that time we were a hour late! Then we had to go to the travel agent about the cruise. Then, when we got home I looked in the mirror, and EEK, I had wind burn, or chap, or something my whole face was nasty and red. I put some exzema medication on it, so today it looks better just pink now. But, not scabby and scaley. *sigh*

I did get another two loads of laundry done yesterday. So now I can actually see a end in site. I will probably be done by Sunday, and that's with doing my regular clothes on Friday and bedding on Sunday.

I've been getting the closet clean as I can. I can not believe all the stuff I am finding and I've cleaned this closet at least 3 times since we lived here. I'm finding all kinds of lost treasures. My favorite perfume, by estee lauder, shoes (did throw away two pairs), a back massager that has been missing since the cruise lol, clothes-summer jean shorts, winnie the pooh t shirt, etc. Any way, I did 10 minutes yesterday for the bedroom, cause I was just too tired. But, today I think I did around 20 minutes. I did till the timer went off and then wanted to finish where I was at and I think that was probably around another 5 minutes or so. So it's looking better in there. I still need to do against one wall, the dresser tops, and my side of the bed. But, it's 100 times better then last month. The closet still isn't done but I just pick a bag or two every time I am in there and look throw it and put away or toss the stuff.

Any way things are going great!

January 19, 2003

As you can see I did a fly lady blinkie. But, I want to touch it up. And do a home maker one.

Last night we went out to eat at Charlie Brown's it was good. I had ribs and the salad bar, Vince had the fillet mignon and salad bar. You could get salad bar, bottomless bowl of caesar salad, or a cup of soup. The soup didn't sound to good and the waiter suggested the salad bar over it. lol So if even the waiter thought the salad bar was better we went with it. lol. The salad bar was really nice. All kinds of salads, and breads, I had a raisin nut bread. We went with Vince's mom Kathy, and her best friend Gerry, and her daughters, Renee and Tamika.

Well, I did laundry yesterday. I have to do sheets/blankets today. I changed the bed last night. Man I still have I think about a weeks worth of laundry to do. ACK! But, it's finally getting done. I've got rid of about 4 boxes full of clothes so far. Need to get rid of more!

Today starts the bedroom decluttering so I'm doing that. I'm hoping it will be almost done by the end of the week. I think it will be. It looks 100 times better then last month. So that gives me hope.

January 18, 2003

Here I am. Took me a while to get caught up from that jury duty stuff. I was too tired when coming home to get every thing done. It was soooooo cold at lunch times, and I would have to walk like 3 blocks (city blocks in NYC) to get food at lunch, and my legs would be numb from the cold when I got there, then it was cold in the place too, cause in NYC most places are just walk up windows. So there it wasn't warm either! Then back to the courthouse. BRRRRR. It was 14 degrees one day and colder the next day.

Any way, I'm back on track. Doing laundry, my 15 minutes, and trying to get caught up with missions. lol

I redid the I Love My Hubby blinkie, made his pic a little lighter. :) I hope people can tell what he looks like a little better. I want to make a few more blinkies. A Fly Lady one and a Home Maker one. But, I have so much stuff going on, I don't know when I will be able to. Maybe next week, when I am caught up with the laundry and can get to doing it only twice a week.

January 12, 2003

I did my 15 minutes in the kitchen today. Washed all the surfaces down-table, counters, stove. Put a few things away that was on the table. And then swept. That was about it.

I did a huge load of towels. and talked to some one that knew me, and I think I knew her. lol But, was too embarrassed to ask from where. The laundry is slowly but surely getting done. Tomorrow I will do regular day clothes. Then Tuesday Socks. Then Weds, a load of shorts. Then Thursday I have dedicates and a few others to wash. Friday will probably be regular clothes day again. My new schedule once I am all caught up is Friday clothes/towels day. And Sunday will be sheets and blankets day. I did the sheets and blankets the other day though this last week.

I did a quick pedicure. Maybe I will do a more thorough one next week.

Man I am just soooooooo tired. And I have to appear for jury duty tomorrow. So I am going to do my bedtime routine and get to bed. I already have the dishes done. So all there is is a few things left. 8 to be exact. lol. Brush teeth, bath, baby powder, perfume, moisturize face, put on lip balm, put on pjs, sleep! I guess I didn't get my cinnamon water in today. I did however have two glasses of water with breakfast.

January 11, 2003

This is a term used by Fly Lady. But, I think it's a good term-blessed-So I will use it. I hope no one gets offended.

Here's my story. (I'm not saying Jehovah did or didn't anything to do with this, but it was encouraging.)

As I've been going down to do laundry, I've been taking clutter with me. Today, I took down a brand new clock, from my Mother In Law that was from a drug representative (she's a nurse). I didn't want to just put it in the recycle bin. It was still in a box, with bubble wrap and every thing. So I asked one of the hall patrol moderates, if she wanted this clock, or knew any one that needed one they could have it. She said oh yes! I will take it. The hall clock just quit yesterday and I was going to have to buy one! She was so happy with it, and put it up right away. She even thought it was pretty. (I thought it was ugly! lol) Well, she's as pleased as punch with it!

Then here comes my blessing. lol When I went on to the laundry room. I seen a woman coming in with her shopping cart and had a New World Translation in it. I said are you a Jehovah's Witness? She said yes. I said me too! lol We got to talk the whole time our clothes were being done! And she went upstairs and brought down a photo album from 2001 international convention in Italy she got to go to! It was great. I got to see post cards from the Branch in Rome and in Germany.

I only did 10 minutes of decluttering though. My blood sugar went way low down to 60 while I was decluttering, so I had to stop and lay down and get some thing to eat. Although I probably did another 5 minutes any way before I started counting time doing things here and there in the foyer. It looks pretty good in the foyer now. The living room needs help. lol But, I guess we will get to it next month.

Now I'm trying my first cup of hot cinnamon water, it's supposed to be good for diabetics so I am trying it. I like it! I added a packet of Splenda though, lol.

January 10, 2003

I did my 15 minutes today, finished the closet, then washed the hallway walls. Tomorrow I will work on the foyer. Should be able to spruce it up pretty good in 15 minutes. I also did two loads of laundry. Hmmmm, the mountain is shrinking. Yet, now I am out of detergent, and almost our of quarters. lol The closet was pretty scary when I started it. I can't believe I got it done in 15 minutes a day in less then a week. But, I'm so happy with it!

Well, I ran out of insulin today, and the pharmacy wouldn't help me as usual. So I was going to have to just wait for the pharmacy that mails it to me to mail it. It should be here in a few days, but in the mean time does nothing for me. Thankfully, my mom had some and is sending it over night mail, so it should be here by noon tomorrow! I don't know what I would have done! Last time I had to go with out for 2 weeks, cause of the crazy doctors and pharmacies! It was terribly stressful, and no one would help me-medicine wise.

January 9, 2003

I did my 15 minutes of decluttering. And almost finished the closet. I probably did more like 20-25 minutes though, cause the timer went off earlier then I was done. I found a lot of little bottles of stuff from hotels. That will come in useful for our trip this spring, I was planning on packing our bathroom things in the next couple of weeks. I won't have to buy any trial size stuff now! lol I also did a load of sheets and blankets. How do you fold a bottom sheet that has elastic all around making it round? lol I also read the daily text waiting on the laundry and read all the scriptures in the laundry room too. It was nice and quiet at least. The scripture was very good, as well as the lesson on it. About being faithful in least can show we are faithful in much. *whew* I'm tired! I need a yawning smiley. lol

I also ordered Fly Lady's goody bag number 2. Has a timer, pens, clingies, and a lapel pin. I want the timer, for when I am doing rooms with out clocks, like the hall way. lol And for walking, when ever I actually start that.

I'm doing pretty good at my routines, look forward to adding some more next month. Already have them on my yahoo calendar for next month. At least I feel more like I am actually accomplishing something as a house wife. :)

Well, I guess I have a pretty boring life right now. lol

I almost forgot, I put two little yellow barrettes in my hair, on each side of my head this morning. Vince really liked it. I guess I will have to buy some more barrettes.

January 8, 2003

I got the feather dusters from Fly Lady! They are GREAT! So soft, and pretty too. I love dusting with them. They also came with a cling so she's stuck on my monitor. I did my routines am & pm again. So I'm happy with that. I did my 15 minutes of decluttering in the linen closet today. It's looking pretty good in there. I still have 3 more shelves to go though. lol

January 7, 2003

I've been doing good at keeping up on my routines. I even did my pedicure on Sunday! Of course it's on my yahoo calendar to remind me. lol I've been doing both morning and night time routines for about 3 days now. And even did my 15 minutes of decluttering today. I missed yesterday. But, got right back on today! YEA, me. lol And I've been finding a lot of stuff in the decluttering that will really save us money. Especially now that we can find it with all the junk we will never use, out of the way. Any way, I see my self esteem rising and I think I'm doing so much better.

January 6, 2003

I got my night time routines done today. So I got a silver star, on my calendar. lol I also made a real cute blogger for my nephew to keep up with me. :) I hope he likes it.

January 5, 2003

I did my 15 minutes of decluttering today. I did that in the linen closet. lol This will be a job. lol But, at least it got started. I need to get on my routines again, the last few days, I haven't been keeping up with them as well as I should. I will work on getting back on them. I have kept up with the dishes though, and most things around here. So that's good progress.

January 2, 2003

Tired again today. :( But, I got another 6 nut cups done. That leaves 13 to do. And 12 done! YEAH! But, I'm gonna have to buy more nuts, and m&m's. Only have enough left for maybe 2 or 3 more at most. Awe well. :)

I cleaned very little today. :( I need to do more. Just so tired. But, I think I'm keeping with things for the most part. :) The living room doesn't look that bad, besides the extra laundry that still needs done. Although the pile has went down. And the papers I need Vince to go through.

January 1, 2003

Last night I started my nut cups. I'm keeping the nuts in the fridge. I used two tone ribbon that I got on sale at Wal-Mart for 10 cents, and plastic wrap and filled up 6 cups. I have 19 to go. lol I will just do them as I can. I also finished all my thank you boxes! So now I just have to order some meltaways, and do them about a week before the party I think. I might be able to do them two weeks before if I keep them in the fridge I think. I'm not sure though.

I've been doing good with my routines, even though I didn't do all of them this morning. I was tired!

A funny thing happened today. I was tired after breakfast, so I took a nap. When I got up later today, I went to the kitchen for a drink, and noticed all the dishes were done and the sink was clean and empty. I thought, awe Vince did the breakfast dishes. Then I remembered that I had done them! It's a actual habit now. I do the dishes with out thinking about it! lol I am so happy about that.

We also went out to eat, to a Chinese buffet. Tamika and Renee with with us. Then we went to block buster. I got Ice Age, and Stuart Little 2. Had a good time. :)