May 20, 2010

Oh my goodness! Belle said her first word today! Hi! She's such a sweet baby, gonna be just like Lela, a early talker! I'm so excited for her. I just love her to bits. Carol in Oregon sent her the cutest hand crocheted dress and hat, I can't wait for her to wear it to meeting. I think we all need to go see the movie Babies! Photobucket

I also decided to browse my favorite embroider blogs yesterday and found two neat things.

First I found the coolest thread cabinet ever! And now I have to get one! It'll have to wait till we move, but it's the cabinet of my dreams. It's a antique reproduction. I'm quite sure Silver Dollar Cities, Ye Olde Stitching Post used to sell it and I wanted it then too. But, I was so young, I think my mom thought it was probably too much to spend on my craft. Well, I can't wait to be able to get one. I have seen them a few times online but always thought they were smaller then they actually are. I seen a photo of one in a woman's home, and can now see it's scale and see it would be perfect! Now I'm quite certain I recall seeing them at Silver Dollar City ages ago. I have a whole idea in my mind now. I want a thread/material/pattern dressser/cabinet. I'm going to draw it up and see how much it will cost Leeland to make for me. I want 6 small drawers for my floss, one deep drawer for my patterns, and three medium drawers for my material stash. I can't wait!

Secondly, one of my favorite bloggers I found out is from the Wichita, Kansas area. I always went to her blog for her embroidery patterns and never paid much attention to her writings or her pictures. When I was searching through the embroidery patterns though this time, I noticed some of the pictures looked so familiar. Till I came upon one just down the street from my mom's! Then I knew for sure with out a doubt she had to be from the Wichita area. So I went ahead and started reading her blog and sure enough she's from some where near Wichita, if not in Wichita. But, she takes photos all over Kansas, so I'm not sure exactly where in Kansas, but a lot of her photos are in or near Wichita. Kind of exciting. I sure can't wait to get back there so I can get in on some of the great finds she finds at Goodwill and estate sales! Especially embroidery transfers, and vintage books and toys. I love them! She's quite good at finding exactly the stuff I love. lol I hope some is left out there for me! lol

I also hear the painting of my new apartment is finished, now to get one of my brothers or sisters to send me some pictures of it!

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Rhonda said...

Yes!! I want to see too! =D