February 11, 2013

House or a Home . . .

I haven't posted in forever! Any way, lots going on. Some one in the family has been sick for weeks! ARG!

Went to Lela's 100 day field trip, she loved it. I thought it was ok, but kind of wish we had went to the cosmosphere instead. But, oh well. The upside is we did get to meet her teacher in person for the first time. Then we went to Yoder and spent the rest of the day, thrift shops, gift shops, hardware stores, quilt shops, a ton of fun, I need another whole day there, ran out of time to go to a few more of the antique shops, the art store or the furniture store. I told Vince I want to spend one of our anniversaries in the B&B there. But, we did eat lunch there, oh so yummy! mmmmmm The tollhouse pie is just over the moon amazing! The fried chicken best ever!

But, it's still been a fun few weeks. Finally thanks for Dollar Tree, Craig's List and Freecycle my home is finally coming together to look better then the refugee look we had for so long!  Almost every thing is organized, I have some awesome bedroom furniture, I've even been able to decorate a little bit. I am quite sure I'm going to refinish a old dresser I have this week. I took off two of the nobs that the screws were stripped and replaced them with really cute ones, but left all the antique knobs that were still in good condition on the dresser, next I'm going to tear off the rest of the veneer that is already peeling off horribly and oil up the wood underneath it and see what I have when I'm done. I'm just so happy that my house is actually starting to look like a home....in NY the only room I was happy with decor/furniture wise was the kitchen. Now my bedroom is coming along, ALMOST done, I need a few picture frames and some artwork and new nightstands I will be having custom made this year, a coat of paint on the wall, and I'll be HAPPY with it. The living room, needs a coat of paint and custom made book shelves done. School room I'm pretty happy with, but want to add more storage and a coat of paint! Lela and Belle's room, I want Lela a new dresser that my mom said she would give me one if I can get to it, will match Belle's other then that a little organization in there too, and art/pics and boom it will be done too. The bathrooms I would like to paint, but other then that I have art from dollar tree in them that look amazingly good for a dollar! I'm going to add a shelf I already got from Craig's List in the small bathroom, maybe a little more art work in there and it will be so done!

Any way, super excited that the house is coming along. After this year, the only thing left to work on will be the study. But, it doesn't even look bad, just would be nice to personalize it and spruce it up. But, other then that I am just so excited to finally know the whole house is going to look like a home and one I want to live in this year!