May 6, 2010

I finished my egg-one down, two to go towel! And started Sally Strawberry. The egg design came out cute, and Sally is really shaping up.

We are about out of food at home, so we went to Panera Bread. They have a limited time new sandwich, and I splurged. It was a lobster salad sandwich, which was pretty expensive, but I got it on the pick two. I had it with a large bowl of their new soup that came out a few months ago and quickly became my favorite, Vegetable Pesto. It was a really yummy splurge dinner. The lobster was huge, and not a lot of mayo. Very good. I did have it on the asiago bread though by request instead of the bread it was supposed to come on.

Then we went to Target and purchased Vincent's cousin, Karen, her house warming gift from her registry. I had never bought from a registry before. Surprisingly nice Target had it set up pretty well. Glad I doubled checked the registry when I got there though. As we were going to buy the waffle iron, but when we doubled checked, it had been bought by some one else, the registry said. So we bought our third choice gift, as our second choice, a toaster oven, was only available online. However, the registry had a isle listed that didn't even exist as to where the item was located. Thankfully, with a little searching, and determination Vince found it, and we were able to buy it for her. I'm quite sure it will be a useful gift, or at least I hope so. It was at a decent price as well.

Target had instant latte on sale, even the sugar free version. Which I had bought a long time ago. And then they had discontinued the sugar free line for a while, but I guess they brought it back. Last fall I had bought the pumpkin pie spice coffee flavoring from Dunkin Donuts. So when I got home I mixed the pumpkin pie spice syrup with the Vanilla Bean instant Latte mix from Target. And mmmmm, it was delicious! That will save me some money on latte's from Dunkin Donuts for a while! I think I'll go in the kitchen and make another!

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