August 20, 2010

It's been too long since I posted. So lots to get caught up on.

First, last week we took the cat to the vet. Because all the rooms were taken, as there was a emergency vet situation, she was left out in the store for a while before getting a room. Where many dogs kept barking and scaring her. So she started hyperventilating. The bag is a bit small so when she hyperventilated she threw herself into a full on asthma attack! They had to give her a steroid shot! She finally calmed down. And had to be brought back today. They said she was still wheezy today! So they can't fix her till she is more stable. *sigh* She's having to take children's benadryl till she has her surgery then she needs a steroid shot that lasts longer.

We are still packing for the move, it's going slow, but it's going. About never got any boxes, store after store now for 2 months. Finally Sears gave us boxes! YEAH! We are shooting for being out of here by the end of next month. Dad is coming up next week and taking a load home, that will be a huge relief!

In my search of nursing clothes, especially dress clothes I've been pretty disappointed. I finally decided to buy a pattern called Catherine's Choice from Ebay. I bought it from Ebay cause they had a best offer deal on it and so I saved half the price over buying it direct from the company. I'm afraid the bust won't fit so I didn't want to pay full price for it. However, I am sure hoping it will fit. I think it will look good in a fake stretch red/wine velvet for Nick's wedding. I'm hoping it can be done by then. I am also really liking Jalie designs a lot for blouses. But, for more dresses, night gowns, and slips, I'm going to buy from Elizabeth Lee. I'm looking forward to hopefully learning to sew and getting some things I need. I figure I will either be pregnant or nursing for at least the next 8 years, so it's not a bad idea to just spend the initial money and get what I need. 1. I've pretty much decided for my own conscience I no longer want to use birth control, I'm allergic to external birth control commonly used in the USA. We do WANT at least 2 more children. So that's that. 2. I believe in extended baby/toddler/child led weaning so, in that most children don't self wean till at least 2, and a lot much later then that. So by my math we'll be nursing or pregnant for quite a few years to come! haha

I'm going to look into taking some sewing classes when I get to Kansas. Maybe there will even be some at the local college, I am not sure. I wonder if the local junior high or high school home ec. teacher would let me come and sit in on a class or two. I doubt it, there is so many rules and laws now with schools it's sad. All because some lunatics for some reason have tried to kill so many children. Oh it will be sweet relief when we no longer will have these worries and concerns for our children's safety!

Went to Babies R Us the other day to buy a another My Brest Friend Pillow as Belle loves it and we need a back up for the car. And I was so impressed by the company sending me a new one to replace the torn one so quickly! Yes they actually did it! And I received it!

While we were at BRU, I found a book I had not noticed before, called-Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers. I liked it so much, I think I will buy it from Amazon, it was too much at BRU. But, I really liked what I read in there, and would like to finish reading it.

I still haven't had to pump or give Belle a bottle since the convention, and I'm so happy for that! Finally something is going right!

Last but certainly not least, the air conditioner broke and started leaking water under Lela's bed! We were storing extra blankets and sheets in a cloth zip up bag, which was absorbing all the water and making it where none of the water was noticeable to us, until I told Vince to pull out the bag of blankets and we would go ahead and pack them! And it came out sopping wet! UHG! Mildew, mold, etc! *sigh* Now it's been miserably hot in here since-of course we turned off the AC!

August 4, 2010

We went to the convention last weekend. It was wonderful. Belle didn't need any bottles at all. I used the My Brest Friend pillow and it worked awesome, all the other sisters wanted to know what it was called and where I got it and wanted one too! I was able to nurse Belle to sleep and then just get up and walk right into the main auditorium while she remained sleeping. It was wonderful! I am so glad I got it! I was able to get a lot lot more out of the convention because of it. And it would of been impossible to nurse in those nursing mother room chairs with out it as well.

The talks were wonderful at the convention. I especially liked all the demonstrations, especially the ones that showed what not to do and then what to do. The drama was wonderful as well. Vince said it was the best one yet. Two points I came away from the convention with that I didn't ever think of before was about Mary being a young widow, apparently shortly after she had her last child Joseph died. I never took note of that before and it sure made me feel for Mary all the more so. No wonder Jesus asked his disciples to take care of her! And that if we were to take too many things with us when we flee, if it comes to that, it could draw bad attention to us and we could actually be harmed because of the attention it would draw from bad people. Something to really think about and had never crossed my mind before.

Then I nearly cried last night. A friend of mine sent me a huge box of clothes before I had Lela. But, I was on bed-rest and couldn't open it to go through it. Then, before I was off bed-rest, laundry detergent spilled, went moldy on it before I seen that happened and it was a big mess. I had been dreading opening it, as I couldn't stand the thought that I had let something happen to it and didn't know. Especially since my friend died shortly after that. Well, I took a big breath last night and opened it to see if anything was salvageable in it. The whole box had been packed so well nothing had been harmed! I had been putting off dealing with damage that never happened! The things in there are so adorable I was crying! My friend was such a sweetie! I miss her.

Like so many friends we've lost along the way,
And I know eventually we'll be together.
One sweet day.

I went ahead and repacked them in a plastic tub for the move. When I get to our new home, I'm going through them and putting her daughters name on the tags, and then going to contact Karen's mom and see if Karen's daughter would want them back before or after I use them for Belle. After all they were Rebbecca's (Karen's daughter) baby clothes. They are the sweetest things I ever laid eyes on!

August 3, 2010

Brestfriend Pillow

ok I can't say enough good about the My Brest Friend pillow! First of all I got to actually stay in the auditorium during most the talks because Belle stayed asleep on it when I walked out of the nursing mom's room still wearing it! And secondly, I contacted them today about a small flaw in the stitching of the velcro and what I could do about it, and they are sending me a new one free! What a awesome company!