July 18, 2011

Sew much done today!

Another fun day of sewing on my Dial N' Sew. I am loving it more all the time. It sure did make it through the layers of the top of this nursing gown. I just know my "Brother" would of never done it! I am also liking the left, right, middle needle position option more and more. Used it a ton today again. I'm so glad to have a good machine! I still want a Bernina but till that dream comes true, I'm having a ton of fun with this one!

I was able to, finish the nursing openings, get all the gathering on the back and front of the gown done, the entire yoke-inside and out put on, and a few more things today. I also sewed some lace on to the front yoke but then accidentally melted it with the iron so had to take it off, and it was so cute too! UHG! Oh well, I don't think I will go back for more, just keep on going. Tomorrow I plan on binding the neck/collar. And starting on the sleeves. I'm surprised I was able to get so much done today between Belle's clingyness and my own lack of energy from this pregnancy. But, happy about it! I hope I can get more accomplished tomorrow too. I know for certain the new machine is helping me get things done much faster. Off to bed, so I can play more tomorrow!

July 17, 2011

First day with my new machine. . .

Yesterday we went to Topeka and picked up the sewing machine. It actually is a old Dial N Sew. No longer being made, ironically though the company is still in business just making other things, and is located in St. Louis. I am going to contact the company about possibly getting a user manual. The man's house was quite cluttered and a bit smelly from all his animals, three dogs and three cats, all indoors, with the litter box right behind me at the door! It was quite fragrant to say the least. Add that to the clutter, dust, etc. The poor guy needs fly lady. He had a house full of sewing machines though! lol I may buy more from him later if this one turns out good. He had a Nechi had I had the extra money I would of bought from him. I hope he gets a bernina or elna though! But, hmmm maybe a Neechi or Pfaft is something to consider as well... I don't know.

Thankfully the man taught me to thread the machine. It's quite the ordeal. It has a total of ten holes, and slots to go through, before reaching the needle. I must say though with all those turns and curves, and all it doesn't come unthreaded constantly like my brother! Thankfully the man left it threaded for me, but some how on the way home it came unthreaded! At first I was a little intimidated about remembering it all, and said to Vince we should of just video taped him threading it! lol haha But, whew thankfully with a little prodding my memory I remembered what he said and got it done. Then I decided I better change needles, as the one on there was a big ol' needle for doing denim and canvas and the like. So I took it off and put on a smaller medium sized universal needle. That took me a while as the oil he put on it kept making the needle slip out of my hand. And um this is the first time for me putting a needle on a machine since like middle school! But, got it done.

Before all that though I wiped every thing down with alcohol and disinfected it. The inside does look pretty clean though, and the outside is not that bad...but with all the animals and such...it did have a "smell" to it. It's aired out though and the disinfecting seemed to of helped.

Then I spent most the afternoon working on getting the right tension for my weight of thread and fabric. Finally got it how I wanted. Even though I was beginning to wonder if I would ever figure that out!

I think I thoroughly have it down pat how to thread the machine now as I have went through about three different colors of thread today and one of them I put on about three different times, going back and forth weather to use it or not, not wanting to waste it on practice. haha

After all that I finally started really sewing on it. I did a zig zag on some FOE for the nursing openings of my next night gown. Worked great! I am quite happy with the machine now! I'm glad I had the Sew In at Needle Nook last week as well, cause I must say it's features are a lot like the Bernina 817 and I wouldn't of known how to use the left and right needle positions if it hadn't been for Anne showing me that just last week! So I used it tonight on my FOE! Worked great! A lot of newer and cheaper machines today don't have the left, right and middle needle position options. To be quite honest I really didn't think I would use it much when Anne showed it to me last week, but after using it on my machine today I can see I will use that feature a TON! After getting the tension all set up correctly I am not having near the problems I was constantly having with the Brother, things like the thread getting tangled up in the bobbin, (although that did happen a few times when I was working on the tension getting just right, and oh a huge mistake I made, when I was cleaning the thread out from that, I forgot I had moved the little things back from the bobbin casing to get the thread out, cause it came out with out me removing the bobbin casing then I went to sew....and the whole casing flew out hitting me in the foot, I was sure I broke the needle, thankfully nothing bad, just had to find where the casing flew to, and put it all back together again......UHG I can't believe I didn't even remember moving those little things! I will always double check now!) and it just keeps on going through thick stuff and every thing! I am loving it. And it's heavy as a bear! I can barely even lean it back to look under it, it's so heavy!

I also really didn't think I would care for the knee control, but actually I am beginning to like it better then a foot peddle. It's always where I left it! It did take a little while for me to find my way of getting the speed to be just right for what I wanted it. I was so used to a foot peddle the knee did take me a little bit to get it just right speed control. But, really less then a day, and I think I have it? Not bad. However, I must say every time I go to sew my foot still does just go out in search of the peddle at first, instead of moving my knee to the side! lol

It also has 39 different kind of stitches, I am doubting I will ever use any except for straight and zig zag but they are there. None of them are really cute though, no ducks, bows, or curly cues. Mainly geometrics. If I was in to southwest decor they would be perfect-southwest geometric designs, trees, half moons and such as that is what they mainly consist of. I never really cared about all those fancy stitches though so it's ok. However, wouldn't mind the ducks and bows! lol haha

Went to Joann's today and got thread as I forgot to get the colors I needed for the next two night gowns. I seen fabric I am going to go back and get for another cotton gown too. I wanted to get it today but between money, this light that was blinking so much I thought I was going to have a seizure (a old light bulb about to go out, the tube fluorescent kind) and it being so hot in the store, being 110 here the mall never has any good AC and it was hot as hades in there! I just couldn't take it any more, and got the thread and left. I did let the girls know why though. I just couldn't take that blinking light any more, it was making my eyes go buggy and I couldn't even focus, I asked if they could just at least unscrew it and they said it was against mall policy that a mall maintenance man had to do it, and that they don't work on weekends! UHG! Add that to the heat, and I just couldn't keep shopping. I came out so wet from sweat, Vince asked what happened. I told him it was HOT in there! But, I did I think locate some cotton I will use, I just want to find a contrast yoke fabric as I think it's cute to have a contrasting yoke to body. Probably go back later this week or next.

Well, better get to sleep, I can't wait to play some more on my machine tomorrow!

July 14, 2011

First nightgown is complete!

I finished my first nursing nightgown yesterday, and worked on the fabric for nightgown number two. Today I ironed the fabric for nightgown number two and then was going to redraft my sleeve, but there was a dresser blocking the door for me to go to the family room to use the ping pong table! I tried to use my sewing area but forgot how wide those sleeves are cut. So I gave up and will start again tomorrow! hahaha I really like how my first one came out though. It's very soft and comfy. Will be great this winter! Warm, soft, comfy and wonderful nursing openings.

When Vince got home I rushed to Needle Nook and bought more stretch lace, and some dyed FOE. For the next two nightgowns. The other sewing machine I had wanted fell through cause some one else had bought it just a hour before I emailed the lady about it. So I was back on Craig's list nothing was interesting me much in my own city so I searched surrounding cities. Found what sounded great in Topeka so I emailed Anne the ad and asked her what she thought. When I came in the shop today to get the lace and FOE, she said she looked at the ad, and at first couldn't tell what kind of machine she was looking at, then she called over one of the other ladies who works in the store to come look too. And they figured out it's a industrial kenmore sewing machine. The man selling it said he's a retired engineer and buys and restores sewing machines as a hobby. And that he has it fully refurbished and it's the best machine he has ever came across. He says it's the only machine he has ever found that is ALL metal and no plastic parts at all. And it has the highest amp motor he has ever came across. He has a few others on Craig's list for sale too, same ol', same ol' though for what you see around here, New Home-see tons of them!, such as that. Any way, Anne said after looking at all the pictures that she thought it was a steal and would be great. She said normally she probably wouldn't buy it as it's probably been in a factory and really seen some wear and tear but if the man fully refurbished it as he said, then it would be really good. I am tending to lean with Anne. I have no reason to believe he didn't fully refurbish it since he has other ads for other machines up as well and I would think if he was selling bad ones some one would post about him on there saying to look out for him and not to buy from him. Any way, I'm excited! I will send Vince up on Saturday if I get in contact with the man and I can buy it from him! I can't wait! I think I may of found a good one!

Then I went to La Leche League and had a good meeting. Two new women came as well, both pregnant. It was a fun meeting with some games as well. Belle had fun playing ball with the other kids. Then we went to Walmart and picked up some groceries, came home put them away, and had Vince take some pics of the night gown and skirt I made. However, the skirt pics didn't turn out will have to take new ones tomorrow. The nightgown ones aren't the best, but at least better then the skirt ones. Would of been nice though if he had  told me my hair was a mess, when I put on the gown before the pics! UHG! Husbands! lol

July 12, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...HEAT!

I am thinking...how many things I need to get done.

I am thankful for...Anne's sew in! lol

I am remembering...all the cute things Belle does.

I am hoping...that baby boy nurses well.

I am creating... nursing night gown number two.

On my mind...getting the grass out of the garden.

Noticing that...the garden is getting over grown.

From the kitchen...spaghetti and garlic bread.

One of my favorite things...looking at patterns.

What I am reading...Pattern Review.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 

Oh Boy!

Got awesome pics of R.J. today! Man I love Kansas medical care so much better then NYC. They even gave us a CD of the pics! Vince said there's no doubt he's a boy after seeing today's sonogram. lol haha The tech said well those sure aren't girl parts. haha

Oh and good news, he has turned over and is now head down. Boy I was getting worried he would be a stubborn boy and want to be breech! My dad was breech too, boys can be so stubborn! lol Seems to be mainly boys at least in my family that like to be breech. haha He's 2 . 6 lbs which I think is awesome. That's already half the amount that Belle and Lela weighed at birth, so sounds to me like he is coming along nicely. I just hope he doesn't get too BIG! ;o)

I was able to get a LOT done on my gown today. Almost done. I need to go upstairs and even up the hem, as I can tell it's way off, but I need a big table to lay the whole gown on to assess how to go about evening it up. And then I will pin and hem it. And it will be done! The only thing is I think I chose to make the arms a bit too tight with the elastic so I will make the next arms a bit longer so that the opening doesn't have to be as big that way. But, other then that I am loving it!

I think I will go ahead and cut out my next gown so I can get it done in a hurry too while I still remember how to do it all. I also think I may buy some knit from Needle Nook and make a knit one too.

I wish I had more energy though, I'm feeling really nauseated still and like a slug with no energy!

July 10, 2011

Gown Arms...

Had early morning breakfast with my mom. It was yummy yummy!

I was able to finish one arm of my night gown, which with my horrible machine took forever, and I gave up on doing the other arm till tomorrow! haha One frustration at a time. I did have to take a lot of the gathering out to make it fit for the extra ease I gave it under the arms per the patterns suggestion for bigger busts. I think I will redraft the arm part of the pattern to bring the gathers back in, and keep the ease. I am loving it so far!

I checked Craig's list again today. I really want a bernina or a elna. They had a few but none of the models I wanted. However, did find a New Home one that looks to be the right age, and size for me. (old heavy metal!) Comes with a cabinet. Looks all super clean and only 55 dollars. I emailed Anne to ask her to check it out and she said it looked good and the cabinet alone looked worth the 55 dollars. Then she gave me some questions to ask the seller, but, if the answers are right she thinks it looks like a good machine for me. So I'm hoping this may be a way of me getting a better machine then my cruddy plastic brother. So here's hoping for that!

Tomorrow I have my next sonogram, looking forward to what they will say.

July 9, 2011

Sew In, Sew Great

Whew so glad Anne offers these Saturday sew ins. I got a lot of help with her with the neck for the night gown I am doing. Whew with all her help and suggestions I'm almost done with it. Probably be done in a day or two now! Yippie!

I seen she had also done a cardigan by kwik sew I had been wanting to try. And it looked great done. She said if I reminded her she would have all the stuff ready to make one next sew in and teach me to make it. I would LOVE that. The cardigan is a perfect style that would go with so much! Can't wait.

She also had the country extension office schedule and they are having a sew in, in August I may go to it, will have to see, it's from 4 pm till midnight. But, cost 10 dollars, however they say they are offering help and will be providing food. I know I want to take their canning workshop for sure though.

I ended up buying a bar of lotion, I'm so dry between being pregnant and diabetic I so needed it, and it's locally made. And ordered some KIA scissors from her, I had never tried that brand but just recently read they were really good, and she let me try her's and they were amazing! And really not badly priced either. So I am looking forward to those coming in. But, I completely forgot to get a cleaning brush for my machine. UHG! I need one badly.

Any way so far, so good on the night gown. But, with out Anne's help today I so know I wouldn't have gotten this far on it. So so happy she is so generous with her time and so helpful to me. Have to figure out a gift to her. I don't buy near enough in her shop to pay her back for all the help she is always giving me. Hmmm.

Getting up early to go to breakfast with my mom, so better get to bed.

July 6, 2011

Nightgown Lace

Made it to Needle Nook Fabrics today. I bought lace for all the night gowns, bobbins, and a measuring thing a ma jig. All for less then 5 dollars. I love living here! Anne invited me back Saturday for a sew in. I think I might try to make it over there, I want to buy more of those bobbins at that price as well. She also helped adjust the sleeves of my bed jacket for my short fabric. Whew. She said she thinks it will be cute. I hope so. But, looks good so far. I may finish it after I finish my night gown as I don't think it will take much. It's only three pieces. I just need to figure out if I want it long or short. I think short. But, I just don't know! I'll probably cut it long, since my scraps won't make much of anything any way, and pin it both ways to see what I like best. But, I'm leaning towards short. I'll start on the nightgown tomorrow. I want to look through Anne's knits, and maybe some cottons at Grandma's Calico Cupboard as well and make a fourth night gown if I can get enough time before bubs gets here.

Saturday I bought a pair of Dansko's from Shoe Central/Clog Central and love them! I bought chocolate brown ones. They arrived today and I so love them. If I can find some Veg Red ones next year I think I will buy the same ones in the Veg Red. Maybe I will get black ones too! haha I love them that much. They are "high" heel, but feel like flats! LOVE them! And bonus was they had a sale coupon code! So even better. I am so happy with them though. Loving Dansko. Why oh, why did I used to wear payless shoes? haha

I also received the sweetest gift from a friend today a sweet sweet blanket for little R.J.. So sweet of her. Thanks so much! She sure didn't have to do that, she has given me so many gifts.

I think I better start looking for a home coming outfit for bubs as well, as we pretty much have nothing for baby boys around here. haha Hmm, he's on the small side, so probably safest to go ahead and look for him a few preemie outfits just like with the girls. Probably some preemie pjs. I need to look through Belle's, sure seems like I bought a few boyish ones for her as well. But, can't remember for sure. The girly ones were just so darn cute!

Had spaghetti for dinner, Belle and Lela ate, and ate and ate. Never thought the two of them would finish. They love s'getti! On the bad news of that, seems no one around here is selling the Smart Taste Angel Hair pasta any more. Grrr. That was my favorite one. They do have the Barilla Plus in Angel Hair but it seems like Vince bought that last time and we didn't care for it. UHG!

We got our first two tiny yellow pear tomatoes today and Belle ate both of them. Likes veggies at a early age. I could barely get her to wait till I got the dirt off them she wanted them so badly! haha

July 5, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...kitties.

I am thinking...all the fabric I want to get.

I am thankful for...healthy baby so far.

I am remembering...all the health problems so many of my family has.

I am hoping...getting all my sewing done before munchkin comes!

I am creating...a nursing night gown.

On my mind...Raphael Jaivon.

Noticing that...it's getting to be a mess around here, I have to do some major cleaning.

From the kitchen...runza pie.

One of my favorite things...babies.

What I am reading...face book.

Picture for thought I am sharing... 
Vince's favorite show.

July 4, 2011

Feeling a bit miserable. . .

Dad made waffles and bacon this morning, yum!

Again I finished my sewing goals for the day I finished cutting out the fabric for the night gown pattern. Then family came over, and had fun in the lake and we had some BBQ. It was delicious......but now I'm hungry again. lol

I wanted to get started on sewing the night gown but first I just didn't feel that good today at all, so kind of lazed around, and secondly as I suspected when I read the directions I need to go buy lace before starting cause I need to add it to the yoke before adding it to the bodice and that's pretty much the first step, with exception of safe stitching the nursing openings. I will probably safe stitch them tomorrow and see if I can get a ride over to Needle Nook, I know Joann's was open today but they are limited on laces. And since Needle Nook specializes in underwear, bras, and night gown fabrics and notions they have a ton to choose from, many hand dyed so that they match many undergarment fabrics in their stores, so they have a huge selection of colors to choose from when it comes to lace. So I'll go over there. Plus I need some stretch elastic lace for the arms of the night gown as well. The pattern calls for both elastic and lace, I'm sure not many people have as much access to the elastic lace as we have here with Needle Nook is probably the reason for calling for both, but since Needle Nook has such a large selection of that too it won't be a problem, and will be easier and cheaper to kill two birds with one stone.

July 3, 2011

Skirting Goals

Happy to say I got all my goals for making my night gown done today. I traced the pattern onto my pattern tracing paper, AKA doctor exam table paper. Cut it all out.

Met Darla, and all the kids at Panera for lunch. Then asked Nick if he wanted to go to Joann's with me. haha I decided to go ahead and get the rest of the skirt fabric I needed. Bought thread for my raspberry colored cotton gauze dress I plan on making. And while I was looking for the cotton I am using for my skirt, came across another cotton I just love! Will be perfect for fall, so I had to get it too, and then decided to get more raspberry gauze for a shirt to go with the skirt! lol Cause it was the perfect color. WOW how did all that happen. ha

It was so hot out we decided to go to Orange Julius and get pina colada banana drinks. Nick wanted a Aunt Annies pretzel so we did that too. Then it started really really storming. Nick wanted to go see the 3rd street canal that dad used to go kayaking down when it rained hard like that and man they must of put a lot of drains in cause it wasn't flooded at all. We also drove by the old house they lived at on Green over there. Came home in blinding rain. And then every thing was over.

Dad made a delicious roast for dinner. Grandma Delores, and Grandpa Merlin came for dinner too, as well as Uncle John. Grandma brought a yummy checkered cake and mini cup cakes too.

Then I decided to pick out the stitching from the fabric for the night gown, and iron it. Stitched up all the new fabric I bought and threw it in the wash. And then I was also able to cut out all four pieces of fabric for the yolk of the night gown. So I only have the two sleeves, and front and back of the night gown left to cut out tomorrow. Maybe I will even get started on sewing a little bit of it tomorrow as well.

Got a bath taken, but now my throat is hurting. I hope I'm not getting sick. *sigh*