March 31, 2002

On Weds, I called Scott Mitchel and got Jeri Falcon and Perry's phone numbers. Tracy Fugit-Brandon had given me a lot of addresses and phone numbers as well!

On Thursday I called Perry Proctor and got his address.

I went to the Memorial Thursday, March 28th. It was good. We went to the Tomasina Banquet Hall for our Memorial. We sat next to Vince's parents, Vincent and Kathy. I took a picture of the table with the bread and wine. Then I took a picture of Vincent Sr and Kathy, then I had them take a picture of Vince Jr and I. We talked a lot to Gerry, Tamika and Colleen. Then we went to Outback by ourselves. Vincent Sr and Kathy went to the diner and went home. Kathy's back was still hurting her too much. And no one else wanted to go to Outback, they went to Red Lobster. But, Vince and I just love Outbacks Lobster. So we had three tails each, I had a sweet potato and Coconut Bay shrimp with mine. Vince had cream of onion soup and a baked potato with his.

Then we came home and watched Survivor and The Amazing Race. We love Tivo! We thought that voting out Gabriel was rotten. And we felt sorry for the twins on the Amazing Race.

I've been making mint flavored leaves for days. I have hundreds made.

I went to Wal-mart on Friday and bought butter flavoring from Wilton's and used that to add to the mint flavored dough and it makes it taste like butter mints. It was really good.

I also bought a new perfume that I really like called Cherry Vanilla and surprisingly it smells remarkably like Tuscany by Este Lauder. So I was happy to find a affordable likeness of it, so I can now wear it daily.

I also found a GREAT find, in finding egg carriers for deviled eggs. So I hope they still have some left in a couple of weeks so I can get three more. I got three on Friday, but I want three more. Three for me and three for my mom. They are wonderful when you are going to a get together or picnic to carry the eggs in. And people like them so much you need a lot of deviled eggs. This way you can keep them in the cooler and bring them out one carrier at a time. And they are rare, we rarely find them, and my mom and I just love to use them. I also seen a relish tray I really want to get.

And we bought a trash can to put the soda bottles in the broom closet till we take them to the recycle place. I have a ton of stuff we still need to get though. But I know we will eventually have the place looking presentable. I am just hoping it's by Vince's parents anniversary so we can have a small dinner for them here. We will have a large party for them on their 25th anniversary.

I also called Mildred Vogt and she gave me her address. Then yesterday on Sat. I called Sister Vogt again and she gave me several addresses, including Lajonna and Edward Andrews. And Carla Bennet. And she is going to send me all of Central and Hyde Parks publishers addresses and phone numbers. I called Mike Schroeder and got Allan and Millie Hayworth's phone number. I also got a hold of Jeri Falcon and talked to her for quite sometime.

Raquel has also been helping me get a lot of addresses. Thank goodness for her phone book. :)

I also found out on Thursday that Hyde Park is taken on May 25, till 4:30. So we can't have it till 5 and that was disappointing but every one says 5 is fine. So we are going ahead and going with it. So we can watch the kids playing outside with out people being out there. It's the only one where we can watch the kids play outside and not be outside too.

March 26, 2002

Yesterday and last night, I made 245 rose mints. Today I am going to make leaf mints. I made the dough up now I need to add coloring and flavoring, and mold them.

I called Charlene today, she was sick. She gave me Zanie Elmore's phone number I called her and she was doing ok. I got Mildred Brazil's phone number from her and called her. She was sad about her husband John's death but very glad to hear from me. We talked for along time about how good her husband and her were to me as a child. And how they were like my grandparents.

John always singled children out to talk to them, and joke around with them. It always made me feel good. Others ignored kids. She said John thought a lot of me too. That was good to hear. I remember one time when John told me he loved me. And he said he had never said that to any one but his wife, and hoped I didn't take it the wrong way. I knew he loved me only like a grand daughter, so I told him I loved him too, like my grandpa.

Then I talked to my mom. She said Casey went to the pediatrician today and he wasn't very nice. Then they got tacos and burritos and went to Watson park, a duck came right up to hunter and was quacking in his face. And Hunter started jabbering at the duck. They were having a conversation. The duck was trying to peck at his fingers and he moved them fast and yelled at the duck.

March 25, 2002

Friday March 22, 2002 We went to Wal-mart and bought a four pack of Wilton's flavoring, Cinnamon, peppermint, cream de mint, & cherry and a four pack of Wilton's paste coloring, peach, juniper green, rose petal pink, and cornflower blue for the mints. Then we went to Pathmark, and I bought a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar, a 5 pound bag of granulated sugar(first time I have bought sugar since I moved to NY), and 2 philly cream cheese 8 0z bars, they were on sale for 99 cents each, really cheap for philly!

Then late that night, I made 81 cherry flavored pink roses. They were GREAT! So I decided to call the place I had bought the molds from and bought several more, a wedding bell, slippers, baby booties, and calla lillies, and I ordered a book on candy making, and Butter Rum flavoring. I am going to experiment making white wedding bells for the party, that are butter rum flavored. Today we went to Costco and bought a ton of powdered sugar and more cream cheese so I can make tons now. Oh I did forget to get wax paper though, but we had bought some cape cod potato chips for Vince's mom that she wanted so she gave me a new thing of wax paper she had, so that was a good trade. lol The molds and butter rum flavoring should come tomorrow. So the plan is to make, 200 cherry flavored pink roses, 200 butter rum flavored off white wedding bells, and 200 mint green mint flavored leaves.

Saturday late at night, some one hacked our account kicked me off line and changed all our passwords. Vince had to call aol, and run a anti virus program on the PC to see what happened, seems a AOL file was infected, when he came home Sunday morning. I went ahead and got on our other account though and talked to Chari.

I asked her if she comes up to Wichita while we are there, on May 24th, we could go out to dinner on the Chilsom Trail with them, and then they could come to my parents anniversary party on the 25th. She said she would talk to Ed about it, and see if they can do that, she would like to.

Yesterday, I showed Vince's mom the nut cups and she is going to help cut more of them out and put them together, she thought they were lovely, and couldn't belive I did them on the pc. Then I just have the invitations, thank you boxes and thank you cards left. Then hopefully we can get the napkins ordered and every thing else together really quickly. It seems to be coming along nicely. Now, if I only knew exactly what I am going to do for center pieces.

She also really liked the cherry flavored mints, I made, and so did Oveela (Vince's grandmother).

Yesterday, Vince, his father and I went up to Brooklyn and worked on our old apt. Then we went to Vince's parents house and stayed and chit chatted with his mother a little. She said she is feeling a little better but her back still hurts a lot. Then we ended up eating at Mc D's. When I got home and finished dinner my mom called, to say they were back from the cabin. She was pretty sick though so we didn't talk long. Then later I called Julie Hutcherson for a little while. Told her about the mints, nut cups, etc.

March 22, 2002

I guess I have a lot to catch up on.

Weds March 20, 2002 was Vince and I's first anniversary. It was good.

Except we went to Target to get our pics taken and we had forgot to put on our rings. So on Monday we will go to Sears and have our pics taken.

Vince's parents took us out to eat to City Island, in the Bronx, to a little place called the Lobster Box, it was pretty expensive. And they also bought us a pineapple anniversary cake from Hillside Bakery in Queens.

My mom and Eldon sent us a vibrator for underneath the bed. Vince loves it. And also pics of the kids.

Yesterday we were going to get our pics taken but with Vince's mom hurt back she needed to go to the dr. So Vince took her to the dr. And then he came and got me and we went to a Chinese place for dinner.

Oh also on Weds the mint molds came! So tonight when we go shopping I will buy the stuff to get started on them! I can't wait! So it only took from Monday to Weds for them to come! That was pretty fast.

I have been thinking about going into the mint making business. Or at the very least I can make them for gifts of my family and friends weddings and parties.

March 19, 2002

Vince brought in my Carnival Cruise recipe book last night. Today he will bring up another one of my recipe books. I love my recipe books. lol :)

Guess what?!?!?!?! Tomorrow is our one year anniversary! WOW I can't believe it's only a day away! As Annie would say.

March 18, 2002

I still haven't done much with the nut cups today. BUT, I did get the mint molds ordered. Whoo was that a task, I couldn't find a place around here to buy them! They are really hard to find any where though. I hope to start making mints as soon as they come. I ordered rose, and leaf molds.

Our anniversary is fast approaching. WOW it's hard to believe it's been a year! But, I am so happy that we got married last year and didn't wait. It would have been so hard waiting to be with Vince almost another year. I think emotionally it's been much easier on me that we didn't wait and we got married last year. I mean we had thought about getting married in October instead of March. But, I'm glad we didn't wait till then.
Hmmmmm I had posted earlier but some how it got misplaced.

Any how what I had said was. I ordered the mint molds. I went ahead and ordered them from a store I had gotten my wedding mint molds from in Wichita. I got a set of roses and a set of leaves. I will start making the mints as soon as they arrive. I hope they don't take too long.

I haven't gotten much more done on the nut cups. Awe well.

It's almost my anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year. I am so glad that we went ahead and got married in March. We had discussed waiting till Ocobter. I am glad we didn't do that. It would have been hard for me, missing Vince for that long. I am glad we went ahead with teh marriage. It has been a good thing, as Martha would say.

March 17, 2002

I didn't get much done today or yesterday.

Yesterday I had a horrible head ache so didn't do much. I literally could not really move, not even to get out of bed. When Vince got home he brought me a drink and some Tylenol. Finally after a little while I was feeling well enough to move and get around the apt a little. I thanked him so much for it. He said that was a husbands job. Then I could take a bath and put lotion and powder on, and nice clean PJs, I felt so much better. I just can't wait till I can find where my perfume was packed away. I would also like to have nail polish, I would feel a lot better if I could paint my nails and put on perfume.

Today has just been a lazy day.

I have only gotten two more boxes cut out, for a grand total of 27 boxes. I have to really get to work on those.

It's been real hard to find the rubber mint molds I need to make the mints. I think I will have to find a place in Wichita to send me some.

March 16, 2002

So far out of the 100 printed nut cups I have 25 cut out! Woo Whoo! Only 75 more to go!

March 15, 2002

I've been thinking a long time about a piece of art work to go over our bed. It's been hard to think of something that has to be that big, yet, nice and personal. I finally thought of it today, while watching a quilting show.

One summer we went to a renaissance festival. Grandma seen a crazy quilt jacket, she fell in love. It was marked down I think to 125.00. She put it on and wouldn't take it off. My mom had to send Eldon home to get more money to pay for this jacket. It is absolutely beautiful. I think it would be wonderful framed and hung above our bed.
I got started on the nut cups today! YEA! I got 100 printed out and only 10 cut out. Vince's mom is home sick, so I will have Vince take her some to cut out too! lol I also thought we would do a assembly line when it's time to fill them. I have changed my mind on the foil. I am going to use plastic clear bags, put 2 to 3 scoops of the nut/candy mix in the bag, while Vince is holding the bag open for me, so I don't get grease on the outside of the bag. Then he will give the bag to his mom, she will tie a ribbon on it. Then she can hand it to her sister in law, and she can curl the ribbon, then she can hand it to her daughter and she can put it in the nut cup box, and close the box! phew! It should be fast and easy that way, I hope! :)

I will start on the Thank you Boxes tomorrow. I have to design them still. Then I have the invitations to do! And figure out some more decorations. :) Then I also have to figure out how we will be doing the mints. This is going to be so nice and fun.

BTW, we have to get every thing out of Vince's grandparents house by the end of the week. I hope we can do that. I would really hate to have my stuff thrown out.

I am feeling better today. I've been taking my vitamin B12 sub-lingual. LOL :)

March 14, 2002

Yesterday we finally got some more of my stuff home. Still have so much to get home. :(

Vince has over time today. I hate when he has over time. But, at lest he gets some more money that way.

I refilled the soap dispensers today, whoo hoo! lol

My real highlight of the day, I got a email from my sister Amber. So that was really nice.

March 13, 2002

I was feeling depressed yesterday, so I did one of my favorite things and went to a thrift store! It was over priced. But, it was fun to look. Even though it was only 10 minutes, I didn't know they would close to early. Closed at 5:30 I was expecting them to be open till at least 6. Oh well it was fun while it lasted! My first time getting to go to a thrift store in NY. I have always loved going to them. I just wish there was a Goodwill in Queens, and not just Manhattan.

March 11, 2002

Finally after 2 months, maintenance came to check the bedroom central air/heat unit. It has been filling the bedroom up with the odor of cigarette smoke since we moved in. They said they didn't see or smell anything! GRRRRRRR

We're hoping they will finally put our names on the board downstairs in the lobby so visitors will know what number to dial so we can let them in. That's also been a big drawn out process. It was supposed to be added the first week we were here.

Any way other then that today has been going well. :) I cleaned the stove and kitchen in general and the bathroom. Woo hoo, lots of fun there! lol NOT.

March 10, 2002

Today I'm feeling much better.

Vince and I had a long talk last night. And I think it helped me a lot.

March 9, 2002

Yesterday was a very hard day with depression. VERY HARD! It has been the worst that I have had in many years. Any way I am going to try to get back on St. John's wort, and I have been trying to remember to take Vitamin B 12 to try to help it a little.

Vince helped me feel a little better. I was mad at him at first. But, he tried to be loving and kind to me. He brought me home a gyro when he got off work. I love lamb. :) And he brought me extra yogurt sauce. I love that stuff! So was feeling a little better.

I am still feeling sick, and depressed but things are better today.

March 7, 2002

I got the CD for the nut cups and thank you gift boxes today! It works with Windows XP! YEA! I am so happy! This has been the best thing that has happened for a while. I love planning this party. Now, it will be more fun with the right tools! :)

One of my friends, Chari, gave me the idea to make a picture matte for a wedding picture of my parents and have every one at the party sign the matte. I love that idea, and now I think I can make that match with this program too! :) I'm very happy today!

March 6, 2002

My mom sent me another program. So hopefully it will work with my pc, and I will be able to make those nut cups! It should come tomorrow.

Today's been a slow day. I've been sick most the day and tired. Slept a lot.

March 5, 2002

Today has not been a good day.

I went to the doctor for him to fill out a paper for me to get a disabled parking permit. He said he couldn't fill it out. The paper plainly says a MD or DO should fill it out. He said that my back, with broken rods, and screws coming lose, nueropathy in my leg, and arthritis in my feet should not hinder my walking abilities. And he didn't think that arthritis would be applicable for a permit. Although the three major reasons for permanent handicap parking permit was arthritis, neurological, and orthopedic. And I have all three! It was very depressing. I am also gaining weight from my insulin for diabetes, and it is all very depressing.

March 4, 2002

I just finished watching a great new drama, from PBS, American Family. It's about a Mexican-American family. The first Latino Drama on American TV. I really like it. The one I watched today was recorded on Weds. It's been the best show so far.

Also on Thursday I picked up Victoria Magazine. My favorite secular magazine. I have been wanting a subscription for a long time. But, the price is always too high. Finally it had a card in it to get a 2 year sub for only a dollar a issue. So I am going to get my sub back!

I aslo noticed in this mag that they have a website now. Has some excellent recipes. I am going to make the Pig and Pepper Wrap for one of the days at our convention. It's spinach tortillas, spread with cream cheese and chives then a layer of black forest ham, and a layer of cheese, rolled up. I think I will freeze them and let them unthaw during the day till lunch in the cooler. That way there is less of a chance of food poisoning if they can be kept colder while frozen till lunch. I just hope they will unthaw enough in the cooler before lunch. I think we will have to experiment with them first and see.

March 3, 2002

Didn't do anything much today. I did buy a new tea jar as my last brand new one's spout broke the first time I used it and I was washing out the fridge for a hour. This time I bought one with out a spout. So I made tea, to help save money on sodas and other drinks.

March 2, 2002

I bought Print Master 11, because Stationary store didn't work with windows XP. I hate it! It's a horrible program, I can draw better then the graphics on that program and I can't draw worth a hill of beans!

Any way, I gave up and took the program to my mother in laws, it worked on her pc! Woo HOO! But, it was the wrong cd in the program. I need Dog Bytes Arts and Crafts CD. LOL So my mom is now sending me that. I'm so glad to know they will work on my in-laws pc though. I will just make the stuff over there.

Went to meeting today. I live in Jamaica, Queens NY. So my Public talk and WT study is on Sat. It was a good talk and very encouraging WT.

Things are looking up.