May 30, 2010

Was a hot one today. Had a good meeting. Most every one said they were coming to the baby shower. And Rene held Belle again through the meeting. She was a happy baby today!

Lela went with Vince's father to a family get together in upstate New York and every one was sure asking about her. We decided to go to meeting instead. And didn't want to have to hurry back for Vince to go to work tonight any way.

I put a beef roast in the crock pot last night so it was nice and ready when we got home today from meeting. Boy was that a relief to have dinner ready and waiting for us. I love the crock pot. So we had BBQ pulled beef sandwiches and watermelon. Yum.

Earlier this week a dear sister sent me a sample she got of my favorite caramel vanilla Maxwell House coffee. That was so sweet of her. It's so yummy!

Went around and bought a few last minute things for the shower. And we seen that Babies R Us's portrait studio is back. But, it looks like Sears may of bought it. They have changed the packages all up, and no more free photos for new borns. grr But, we're going to go and get Belle's photo taken tomorrow any way hopefully. We'll just get the 7.99 special. Which smells of Sears! haha But, that's ok, I like Sears photos for the price too.

I'm really happy with the plates we chose for the baby shower. I got some cheap (20 for 99 cents) solid pastel pink plates, and we're going to mix and match them with some slightly higher (20 for 2 dollars) baby whale plates that have a celery green back ground with polka dots. We went with solid pink cups from Party City-50 for like 4 dollars. So far, so good.


Rhonda said...

Have a blast!! I wish I could come! *sniff* Happy you're going to have a full shower though!! Take plenty of pics!!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

awe I wish you could come too! ;) I think it will be fun. I'm excited to see my family.