December 27, 2004

For the first time ever, I have created a family newsletter. I've wanted to for years. And never did. Well, I finally did and I am pretty sure I will keep it up yearly. All I have left to do is get a new picture to use for it. The last professional one we had done I was 30 pounds heavier, and I would rather use a more updated one. That one was taken in March this year. So some time this week hopefully some one can take our picture with out it coming out a blur (some people for some reason don't seem to understand our camera and the pictures always come out a blur when we ask others to do it).

I'm working on my mailing list now though.

Vince has been working on getting all my cds uploaded to the PC so I can use it on my mp3 player. He got me a really nice one that will record, so I can use it for conventions as a early anniversary gift.

We went to Wal-mart yesterday and it was the most peaceful I had ever seen it! I can't believe people here sleep in! In Kansas they are in mobs outside waiting for the doors to open! Not here. lol Oh well to my advantage. I think I will always shop the day after Christmas early. It was just so quite and to be the only ones there, was GREAT! Usually it's a mad house. Cause it's so new. NYCers aren't used to Wal-mart yet. And go nuts in there! lol Cause the prices are only about a 1/2 to 1/3 of what other stores charge for the exact same items. For instance at most grocery stores here pudding mix, is 1.10 a box. At Wal-mart, it's .52 cents a box! Any way, that's about it so far.

December 21, 2004

I just posted this to JWLW. And I thought I would add it here, cause it caused me to think so much!

"I was just now watching a TV program, on FitTV called 10 years younger. It's about a group of people being helped by doctors, to make themselves, look and feel ten years younger.

The doctor just said something so profound, I had to run in here and post!

He said, most people pay more attention the kind/quality of gas they put in their cars, then the kind/quality of food they eat!

Oh my!!!!!!!! That is just sooo scary to hear some one say that. BUT, at the same time I know it's sooo true!

It brought to mind, something I hear from soooo many people over and over, it seems to be the number one excuse I hear. "Eating healthy, cost too much money".

Thinking about the above statement of gasoline in our cars. Would we put water in our gas tanks cause it's cheaper then gasoline? NO way! Why? Because the car wouldn't run and it would die. Well, what in the world are we thinking when we don't put the right kind of fuel (healthy foods) in our bodies? Hey it's the same thing, some people say junk food is cheaper (I personally don't believe that, but let's say it is) would it make any more sense to put junk in our bodies that will not help us be healthy and kill us, then it would to put water, or other cheaper fluids in a car, cause it would kill it even though it is cheaper? NO!

Then, I got to thinking a car is a material possession. It will eventually die, and probably much sooner then we will. Cars can be replaced. The only way we will be replaced is in the new system. Cars come from man, our life comes from Jehovah. Which is more valuable? Our life!! What in the world is Jehovah thinking when he sees us put more value on a car, then our lives that he gave us. I wonder if it makes his heart sad.

I know if I gave a gift as precious as life to some one, and they threw it to the way side not caring for it or even trying to keep it, it would make me feel sad, and unappreciated. Especially when I see the same person take care of something much less important and from some one they don't even know! (a car is not from Jehovah, it's from some man we don't even know who invented it, and even though it's helpful, it's not as important as our life).

It was just a big epiphany, and something to think about!"

Man was that a thought! The correlation of people taking more care of inanimate objects then their own lives, never crossed my mind till I heard that single sentence! OUCHEE WA WA! Ack! It's a painful thought even!

December 16, 2004

I am tired. My hips have been hurting like crazy. But, Vince got me a new coat, cause of my over 80 pound loss, my old coat was just way way too big. I love the new coat though! :) So I am very happy about it. :) I can't wait to get to goal weight still though. But, this is nice too. :)

I need to get back with fly lady, I have been doing a little but not as much as I was.

I have decided the moisturizing my face, was very important so I am going to for sure start doing that with my fly lady schedule! I got some really nice cream at Bath and Body Works, it's Creme Brulee Scented, and just awesomely YUMMY!! :)

I've also been cooking up a bunch of new recipes. I totally love this turkey stuffing quiche I tried (very low calories!), and this pumpkin pie. I will be adding it to my site shortly!

Any way, I'm just exhausted today. So I think I will take a nap and start doing more again tomorrow. Or probably later this evening. I think later this evening I will for sure, at least shred papers for 15 minutes.

I will also be working on my site blog redecorating a little more soon. And also be working on some stuff for the Silver Dollar City sites. :)

Here's a picture of me in my new coat. :)

December 8, 2004

On December 1st, is when I last posted here. But, there was tech problems with blogger and it lost every thing. Today they gave me every thing back! I didn't want to post till I heard back from them. Of course I contacted them immediately!

Any way, the house is really coming along! Vince says he don't remember the last time it looked this good. And frankly neither do I. I am just doing it baby steps though. I am so happy I can now open the door with out seeing horrified looks on the delivery woman's face, as she looks on at what must of looked like a explosion in here! lol haha

I still need to declutter the hallway quite a bit. I am still focusing on the living room. So I do my own version of room rescue in the hall way each day. So I do one thing and one thing only. That way I don't get side tracked or overwhelmed. Yesterday I picked up my service bag and put it away. Today I picked up a newspaper that was lying there. Tomorrow as I stroll through to the living room I will pick up something else and so on till it's done. Thankfully the foyer looks great! (that's a major part people see when I open the door! lol) The living room is really coming along. And my side of the bedroom is making head way. I am not doing zones yet. Cause a week will not make a dent in these rooms. So it's better for me to focus on one room till it's done. That's how I did the pantry. And it took me about 4 months. (doing little bits here and there, till I was happy with it.) Any way I am liking actually seeing some progress. And what I have been doing is focusing on the living room by doing 2 fifteen minute sessions each day. Then I do a 27 fling boogie daily in the bedroom, and two of my mini room rescues each day, one in the hallway and one in the pantry. Just needed a little touch up, since I have been doing the other rooms, sometimes in the flings, and decluttering sessions things are tossed in there, cause that's where they belong. So in my mini rescue I put what ever has been tossed in there (one item) exactly where it belongs. Any way it's working!

And boy am I glad my archives are back!

In my cleaning I still have not came across a old stretching mat I used to have. So I am hoping I do. I can't remember if I brought it home, or left it with my parents. But, it sure seems like I brought it home. So far no sign of it. If I don't find it by the time the whole apartment is finished, then I will buy a new one. In the meantime, since I have decluttered so much of the living room, I was able to get out a fluffy towel and put it down, and I have added crunches to my morning exercise routine. I was just doing them at Curves, now I can do them daily. I sure will be happy to get my stretching mat to do them on. The towel doesn't lessen the hardness of the floor too much! lol.
I actually posted this December 1st. But, blogger was having technical difficulties, so I am republishing it!

Today was a good day. I am really getting a lot done. I am trying really hard to stick with it and not burn out and I think it's working. The book case doesn't look like a terrible explosion happened any more. I am shocked and frankly a little upset with myself over the amount of books we have, cause I couldn't find one and would just pick up another one at meeting after giving up looking. Now we have found them all and have several of many! Well, I guess if we ever have children they can use them. Or we can donate them to a new family in the truth or something.

Any way I am happy with the way things are shaping up. It still looks like some redneck/hillbillies had a party gone bad here. But, it's getting much much better! lol We can see the floor! I will share pictures when it is done. But, I figure it may be at least another month for the living room maybe two. I just have been doing small missions in the bedroom. While focusing on the living room. When the living room is through we will focus on the bedroom and do small missions in the kitchen, then focus on the kitchen while doing small missions in the bathroom. And so on. The pantry thankfully has stayed good since I did it all last spring. (The pictures are in the archives). And I am very happy with that accomplishment!

Well, I've been updating my website. And will probably rework the graphics on my blog soon too. Just don't know when. :) So let me know when you see the changes if you like it or not. :)

November 25, 2004

I've really been cleaning my living room and picking up the bedroom the past week and a half. I have donated 19 bags of clothes! WOW! And I haven't got to the closet yet! SCARY! lol Any way I am happy to see things coming along though! YES! I am thinking of having a anniversary party here on our anniversary.... the house could conceivably be clean enough by then. So I have started a plan for it. But, if it's not, it's not. But, that's what I'm shooting for. I know for sure by next year it will be how I want it!

November 20, 2004

I just donated another 2 bags of clothes! So that's 13 all together!

I cleaned the hallway closet today. And I was taking a mental inventory of what I needed to buy to make the closet more functional (shelves, hooks, shoe bag, coat rack!). And then later I thought, I should write that in my control journal! And I did! The control journal is GREAT. I never thought I would use one. But, I love it! I like that mine is small so it's not over powering for me. I am just really loving it. Even though I don't do every thing I put in there yet (most are goals!) I am doing a lot! And it's nice to look at, at the end of the day and see just how much I really did accomplish. Before I would go to bed worried I didn't do enough. Now I go to bed happy that even though I didn't do every thing, a LOT was accomplished. Cause I can see it in black and white. Before I would have thought I didn't get so many things done so it wasn't good enough, forgetting all about all the things I did to! So I am highly highly suggesting a control journal! If you don't know what a control journal is, or how to make one, go to . I got a dayrunner that is so cool at Wal-mart for only 8.50! And it has a pocket even for my cell phone. And a handle like a purse too. Has literally every thing I need once I get off insulin, I won't need a purse at all, I will just use this. Cause it has a place for credit cards, ID, money, calculator, literally every thing I need! But, now I need a purse to carry my insulin in. But, I'm just about off it. I only take 25 units a day, versus the 144 I used to have to take. So I think I will be off it in a couple of years tops!

November 19, 2004

I've kept up with fly lady! Oh yeah! And I have donated 11 bags of clothes so far! I have finally made a dent. But, probably could donate at LEAST another 11 bags. Then we are going through Vince clothes too! In fact, I have a pile waiting on the bed for him when he gets home from work. I will have him tell me if wants to keep them or not. He has a lot he don't like, or that are too small for him. So we are getting rid of them! It's only a small pile right now. I will just have him do a little at a time since he works.

Any way, did a lot today did 3-15 minute segments! It's still a disaster, but it will get there!

The really sad thing, that is keeping me going is Oprah's show yesterday! See, it was on hoarding compulsions. I believe I have it a little. Really even though my house wasn't nearly as filthy as the woman's on there (mine's mainly clutter!). I can relate. I mean.... well it starts with the weight. I can see so many correlations between clutter/hoarding and obesity. No one wakes up one day 250-300 pounds, no one wakes up one day with a disastrous house. It slowly takes over. Also like with weight when you try to lose it, and you mess up one day you say oh well I ruined the day I am a failure and you quit (most times), same with the clutter, you try to get rid of it, and you mess up one day, and you think you ruined every thing and you quit. Also like weight, when you have 100 or more pound to lose it takes a long time to lose it! And you have to just try to take it as a journey and focus on small segments, cause 100 or more pounds is not coming off over night. A disastrous house won't be clean over night, you have to take it in small segments.

Oprah said over and over again she didn't understand how the woman could live like that. (granted it was disgusting!). But, I thought, I wish I could talk to Oprah. Cause see Oprah was 100 pounds or more over weight at one time. Oprah kept saying most people would do this or that at this or that point. I want to say to Oprah a lot of people if they gain just 5 or 10 pounds jump on it, and cut back on desserts, exercise more, etc until they get that 5 or 10 pounds off. But, something in us didn't make us stop... sure we tried some things, but we didn't stick with it, till we were more then 100 pounds over weight. It's the same with a cluttered house, sure most people would do something at a small point... something in us weather it's a compulsion, depression or a compulsion driven by depression or other health problems, started it then it was hard to dig out of it! So I think if I could explain it that way to Oprah maybe she could relate. This all just came to me while I was watching the show. Just how much obesity and the clutter can relate. Even though not all obese people are clutterers, and not all clutterers are obese. The root problems are the same! Depression, compulsion, illnesses!

Any way it's helped open my mind a little more to why I got to this point. And just like I have resolved this time to not let my weight over come me again, I am not going to let the clutter win again either. I will beat it, and over come it. It will just take some more loving my self (just like losing weight has). And working on truly finding the root problems and working on changing them!

Well, that's my book for today!

November 14, 2004

I haven't posted here in forever, I know I need to do better! lol

Any way I've been to LA, and visited Richard Simmons, and went to Hoot Camp in September. In October, hmm don't remember what I was doing! lol November has been good, I've been trying a lot of new recipes, at least one new one a week and that's been a lot of fun. I need to get out a calendar and some newsletters and plan my menus for December soon.

I also made a new website, where I post the recipes I have tried and a little review on them. It's at

I will try harder to get back to blogging. On a good note the pantry has stayed in pretty good shape. The rest of the house needs help! lol So I am back to my fly lady! I need it! So.... as of today, I'm doing 15 minutes a day at least, FLYING! I'm going to try for 2 or 3-15 minutes segments a day though cause my apartment really needs it. I have done 2 today so far. So I actually may be able to get in 4 today.

Wish me well with the fly lady endeavor I really really need it. And if any one is coming to NYC bring a mop and a bucket and help me!! lol J/K

August 29, 2004

Not a whole lot has been going on. We went to a picnic at Vince Grandparents in Brooklyn last night. It went well. I took a layered salad and After Dinner Mint Cheesecake Squares. They were good. But, a little on the minty side. lol Next time I think I will use peppermint or cherry flavoring instead.

Let's see not much else going on. We're going to dinner with Vince mom, and her sister and daughter & son, and his fiance tonight.

Curves has still been going well too. Hmmm not much else going on really though.

August 18, 2004

Grrr, it's been forever since I have been here again!

Last weekend we had a family picnic. It went well. I made a JoAnna Lund recipe of course. Pineapple Coconut cake. Every one loved it.

My Curves was closed for a few days though. They had a flood. So I had to go to a different Curves, boy am I glad to be back to my regular Curves. I like it much more then the other one. Especially the people there. And now I see what people mean about disco music. See my Curves doesn't have Disco Music, we have country, R&B, hip hop mix thing. lol Yes all those on one CD. lol It's Dolly Pardon, Will Smith, and Cher all on the same CD mix. lol hahaha Things like Working 9 to 5 (Dolly), Miami (Will Smith), and some Cher Song I know it's Cher, but I don't know the name. I don't care for Cher much, and am always happy when that one is over, especially since this particular song makes it sound like the CD is skipping, but it's just her singing. lol Also funny thing is, this same CD even has that de da song that the little hamster online is famous for. lol (it was originally in Disney's cartoon version of Robin Hood though). The Disco music the other Curves had on I didn't recognize but one song. I recognized KC and the Sunshine Band Singing, Get Down Tonight, and that was it. lol

Well, when I got back to my Curves today, apparently it was flooded cause of the patrons (women who go there), have been flooding the toilet, and putting feces on the walls, and floor etc! EWE, so now no one can go to the bathroom with out permission. It said Curves staff was no longer going to clean feces off the walls and floor. Well, I should hope not. Apparently this has been a ongoing situation. But, I never go to the bathroom, so I didn't know! How can people be so nasty. I know when my step father was a janitor for a high school, the girls were nastier then the boys there too. The girls bathroom would have feces, always on the stall walls, floor, and even ceiling! Worse then animals. Totally disgusting! I just don't understand it though. Makes me totally disgusted in how humans have drove themselves to this kind of injury, and insanity!

Well, any way that's about it for now. Will try to get back more often!

July 31, 2004

I have been busy. Grrr I need to get here more often.

Any way Vince has been having really long over time lately. So yesterday I didn't figure I would get to Curves. I go on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Cause they aren't meeting days. And it gives me days in between off from strength training. Then I walk in place at home. Any way I finally broke my plateau too! Well, yesterday Vince was working the 8-4 shift. And he called and asked me if he could work over time. He's never had over time on this shift before, (well only during 9-11) and we need the money this month so I said yes. And I would just do a harder work out at home. Although I was fine with it I was kind of disappointed cause on this shift I don't get to go on Sunday either, I have to wait till Monday then go on Weds, and Friday. And it messes up the whole week, but Curves closes early on Sunday so this week each month I just have to do it out of whack. Then Vince mom called and said she would pick me up and take me. I was so happy! So she took me, and even though she joined on the 9th this was her first work out. She loved it. And said she wanted to go back on Sunday. Really she wanted to go back today, but I told her to give her muscles a rest. So she is going to take me Sunday too! I am so happy about that! So I don't have to have my week out of whack. I hope she sticks with it, and will keep taking me this one Sunday a month at least. So that way I don't have to have my week out of whack, and go on Wednesday which is a meeting day. I really like to have my meeting days off.

Other then that I don't really know what else to talk about. lol I've been eating some new foods. Well, not exactly new just in different ways. I've been experimenting a lot in the kitchen. My new favorite is my version of eggplant Parmesan, I make with eggplant, that I coat lightly with bread crumbs and bake instead of fry. Then I use fat free ricotta, and low calorie spaghetti sauce, and low fat mozzarella cheese. It is so good with spaghetti squash on the side! I have also made chicken parm, using Bocca vegetarian chicken patties and it was AWESOME! I did it the exact same way I did the eggplant one, except the chicken patties were already breaded and cooked. And only 1 starch and one protein window! YEAH!

Then I discovered Keeblers fudge shop ice cream cones. I LOVE THEM! They are one extra window for me (35 calories) on the Richard Simmons plan. And I love to fill them with Skinny cow chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream! Oh my! YUM!!!!!!!

So I've been having fun with my food. And my exercise. And am so so so glad I am finally past that plateau!

Oh yeah and yesterday I hand washed 4 loads of laundry in the bathroom sink to save money. Now that was some upper body exercise! It took me 2 hours. But, I think I will just keep on washing our laundry this way. It's cheaper, and it really wasn't that bad. And I like the way the clothes smell too.

July 19, 2004

I went to Bethel today. We went to 90 Sands (residential/kitchen/dining room), Adams-Printing, and 360 Furman-Shipping. It was a great day. I will add pictures soon!

I went to the literature cabinet, and I looked through the catalog of every thing that we have. I had no idea that they had a book of Questions to use for the My Book of Bible Stories. It was a paper back (like a thick tract). The brother said it was for the sign language brothers to use. I picked one up any way. Because, I have studied the My Book of Bible Stories with many children, and adults for that matter, and always put my questions I made up on sticky notes. I liked having the questions already made up for me. That way I am not missing any important details either! Wow I highly recommend it, if you study with or have small children. It's very neat.

The other thing I learned was that they make special books for prison, the Live Forever, New World Translation Bible, and a few other books come in paper back! Who knew? I never knew this, the whole time I have wrote to friends and family in prison. I always had to rip the covers off to send to them! The sister on the tour said when ever you witness to people in prison, you should contact the society first, and see if they aren't already shipping to that prison, I think she said that there were three thousand prisons that they ship to regularly! WOW!

The other neat thing we learned, was that duplicating of tapes (Watchtower & Awake) will no longer be done by the Society, but by a outside source after October. AND, that they believe with in five years we will no longer have anything on cassette tape, but not only go to CDS but actually we will probably be doing MP3s and DVDs! That was exciting to hear!

I also picked up a DVD in the literature-The Blood Transfusion one.

We had a great day. I packed PB & Jelly sandwiches. So we had a really good time. Pictures soon to come!

July 17, 2004

We are home. We had a great vacation. Then we went to the convention in Richard, Va. It was great! Vince's uncle did the talk for a new release. It was just a wonderful, wonderful convention. Our friends Sherri and Amber were in the drama too, so that was a added bonus that was neat!

I can't wait to get pics up. We have a new member to the family a bunny rabbit, named Strawberry Shortcake. She's the cutest. I will post her website soon. And some new pics of her also.

I'm working on getting my kitchen all decorated and nice. I will probably have pics up soon of it. Can't wait. It should be done in at the most 2 weeks. Then it's off to getting the hallways done! lol Then the living room, then the bathroom, then our bed room. The pantry is still staying nice, so that's a accomplishment!

May 29, 2004

I am ready! lol I have every thing packed, and almost every thing, except for the food is in the car. I did forget the vitamuffins when I went shopping so we will have to stop and get them on the way out of town in the AM. Then we will be on our way. I am really excited now that we are ready and haven't forgotten any thing. lol Can't wait to get there!

May 27, 2004

We are leaving soon. I am hurrying trying to get ready. Not having the PC for so long, and hurting my back/kidneys in March really put a damper on my preparing. I would usually of been ready for every thing right now and just sitting back waiting for the day to arrive. And now I am hurrying around trying to get every thing done last minute. I hate this! I mean I am happy to be going, but this is not the way I like to prepare for a trip. Thankfully I am packed, Vince is not packed. I have all the nonperishable food packed. And will be ready to go shopping for perishables Saturday.

However, I waited way to long to get the menus together. I had the menus planned out around February. BUT, I had just started typing in the recipes, when I fell and hurt my back, at the beginning of March. (March 2nd) Then I never got the rest typed in. I never got back to it. The last couple of days I typed in about ten recipes, to print out and the rest I just copied out of the book with our copy machine! ACK it looks horrible. I do have them in a binder though ready to go. I also put off making reservations till about a week ago. BAD me. I got reservations though, even if they aren't the best. I tell you, when I get back from this vacation. I am going to first thing make next years menu, and type out the recipes, at least two a day and I want the binder done by August, or September for out menu plan. I will also make a shopping list, and have all my nonperishables bought and packed by November. Then In February I am making our hotel reservations. I am making the camping reservations before we leave the camp ground. Thankfully they were made in March this year. That is how I LIKE to have things done. This year has had me in a mess, and it's my own fault for the most part. But, I am just not like this for trips. I was shopped and packed for my cruise a year in a advance, in fact for both cruises I have been on, I was packed one year in advance. I usually have my bags packed at least 6 months, if not 8 months in advance. This year it was harder cause I didn't know what I would be able to wear by summer time. My clothes are falling off a little, but I can still wear them, next year will be different. I know if I lose another 50 pounds like I want, I will have no clothes what so ever, so I will wait till late April and then I will go shopping and buy all my clothes. And pack. Oh we did buy our season passes in November, so I did do good on that. We will do that again this year as well. That was about the only thing I did in a timely fashion this year. UHG! So not like me. Even Vince said what was wrong, this isn't like you, I can't believe you didn't have every thing ready like you usually do. He wasn't upset with me, just knew this was not my usual way. What I don't like about this is it's stressful trying to not forget any details. When I do every thing in steps leading up, months before (up to a year before), I know systematically I didn't leave anything behind, and every thing is ready, and we just get in the car and go! I love that!

We are going to do that next year. Keep me on the ball! lol No, I won't need to be reminded, this is the first time this has ever happened with me, and I will tell you it won't happen again. Well actually it's a first time in adult hood. I think I am so obsessed with ahead planning, cause I did not have this as a child. My father was very moment to moment kind of person. Which I can do that, and I can adjust to that. BUT, I like the luxury of really being ready. What I mean is, he would come and pick me up on a Friday afternoon after school and tell me to pack, we were going on a week's vacation. And I had 30 minutes to be packed and in the car. For a elementary age child, this meant so many things were forgotten, then I would be in trouble for forgetting them. The number one thing I always forgot to back was underwear! I always forgot them, and then I would usually forget pillows and towels as well. Oh yeah and silverware. The pillows and towels were the worst to forget cause we always camped, and so you would have to air dry, and use your back pack as a pillow. Any way, I think I fear being in trouble for forgetting things, and not having the things I needed. Even if we were less then a block from home when I would remember something I forgot, my father would not go back. He said we were in the car and going and if I forgot, it was my fault. That was hard for a 6 year old. I mean I look back, and I can't imagine my nephews and nieces packing for themselves, let along remembering anything, let alone every thing! So now, I just avoid that, and am to the other extreme, in I pack every thing really really early and have every detailed planned out before hand. I am not rigid however, I can go with the flow. I just like having a basic outline, and being as prepared as I can be. And this vacation that did not happen. It's not ruining things for me. It's just causing me stress, that if I would have done things on time I wouldn't be having. But, I am not stressing big time. It's just stress, that I just want things done a certain way and that's not what is happening. But, I can live with it. I just won't do it again. lol

May 25, 2004

Still busy. Got the living room really cleared out, it's not at all near company clean yet, but it's much much better!

Been still working on my website. lol I have tons to go on it though.

Then we had the Assembly last weekend. It was a wonderful assembly, to see pictures go to:

It was just so nice.

We're just about ready to go on vacation too, I can't wait!

May 17, 2004

I have been busy, busy, busy working on my website. And it still isn't done. I think it will probably take me about a week to finish it. Then I will be adding another page when we get back from our vacation, and maybe one when we get back from the District Convention. Lots of pictures! lol

Any way, that's been about it lately. Check out my site if you want to. Click on The Woodford's linkie. It's not done yet, but it's coming along nicely.

May 13, 2004

I made some new linkies today. I think they are really cute! :)
I was finally able to get the pictures off my camera today. So here is pics of my pantry, FINALLY! I hope I can get the kitchen cleaned up soon for pictures of it too. I also added some pictures on Healthy Patter, so if you are interested skip over and look at them too! Just click on Healthy Patter on the right hand side of this page.

Upper part of Pantry~

Middle part of Pantry~

Lower part of Pantry~

Inside Pantry Door~

May 11, 2004

Well, we couldn't get the hard drive to work last night. Vince took it to see if it could be fixed, or we could get the data off it, they said it would probably cost any where from 2 hundred to 5 thousand dollars! But, they thought it could be done. Well.... probably means we won't be able to do that for a very long time. They think static killed it. It's so very sad.

I hope I can afford to buy PSP8 with in the next couple of months. I really need the animation workshop, cause I can't even download the trial of it, it won't download! GRRRR.

Not a good month!

Well, at least I'm back.

Oh BTW, I can't believe they let Amber and Rob go all the way on Survivor! I thought for sure that Jenna would wake up and vote off Rob, and not Rupert. What a stupid, stupid choice! I hope Rupert wins this viewers vote on who gets a million dollars!

May 10, 2004

I have my pc back, but it's not all up to par. The big hard drive isn't working and it has my graphics programs, and all my pics etc on it. I did take some pics of the pantry, but I can't share them cause I can't edit them with out my graphics program. As soon as I can share them I will! This is just really a mess. I had nightmares all night last night, from losing all our pics and all my graphics I have made. SAVE every thing on back up friends. This is just so sad. We are hoping though some how maybe we can retrieve our data off of it. It just won't open. :(

Add to that Blogger has changed it's interface, so I am learning new things. lol It may be a while before I am in full swing of things again. But, at least I can check in with every one.

Speaking of tea parties, I have decided next year (May 8th) when I celebrate my health anniversary (last year on May 8th, is when I started to really work on getting healthier and losing weight) I am going to have a health tea party.

I thought as favors I would give out little recipe cards of some of the foods I will serve at the party (all healthy). And then I may give out some other gifts, like a door prize, and some others, of baskets of health care luxury items, like bath gels, lotion etc. I am trying to think of something we could do besides eat as the main event of the party. lol Exercise? lol Hmmm, actually I was typing that to be funny, but maybe we could try some chair exercises....hmmmm. And maybe we could have every one bring a poem or saying about health.... hmmmm maybe that would work. Any ideas, be sure to share with me.

I'm also not sure what to call it, where I don't sound like I am from outer space, hey yall come to my health party! lol hahaha. I need to come up with a name that won't scare any one. lol

This year, we went to a really good Chinese place to celebrate. Just Vince and I. I dressed up and put on make up. And it was nice. AND I ate right! There was however, another brother and sister and the brothers parents there. We didn't expect to see. They are really nice. The brother used to be a newscaster here in NYC. He does sound a little like Ted (Mary Tyler Moore). But, I think he has much more sense then Ted. But, he has that deep voice that Ted used to try to have when he was trying to be a newscaster. lol Any way, they were nice, and they brought up that they go there for the food cause it's healthy. I didn't tell them we were there celebrating my health anniversary. lol I just said, that's why we go there too. (They offer a lot of veggies, sea food, and steamed brown rice. And it's really good!)

May 7, 2004

PC is still in the shop, so I'm at the library. Just wanted to check in. I finally got the pantry all cleaned out. I still want to get some more shelves in there. But, it's a LOT better then it was. Now, I'm working on the kitchen. It's coming along nicely.

So as soon as I get my pc back, there will be pics of the pantry posted! YEAH finally right?

I'm really hoping I can have a tea party and poetry reading soon in my apartment. I think that would be a lot of fun. That will be my prize for when I get the place cleaned up. We still don't have much furniture but I guess every one will have to be happy with folding chairs. lol

May 1, 2004

We're having PC problems and it won't even start. So I am on my in-laws pc. Don't know when I will be back. Good news though is I have been cleaning on the pantry again. lol It should be finished soon.

April 29, 2004

I've been adding still tons of things to Healthy Patter, getting ideas from all over the place. I will probably still add more. lol

My new weight loss is now 58 pounds GONE! YEAH BABY! lol Almost at a pivotal 60! I'm hoping by my trip to Silver Dollar City at the beginning of June I will lose another 4 pounds.

Not much going on here. I want to take some pics with the digital camera on May 1st, and start doing monthly pics at least. So I hope I can do that. And keep up with it.

April 27, 2004

I made some more mice today. lol I really like them. I also added a comments part to my site. So I will be working with it, over the next few days probably perfecting how I want it to be. And then adding one to my Healthy Patter as well.

When I got on the pc this morning, to my horror Netzero has taken the PC hostage and I am limited to the websites I can go to. Thankfully I can go to some. At first it didn't let me go any where. Then Vince downloaded some things at Microsoft and it's now letting us go a few places. I hate that you just can't get online and have fun any more. I hate hackers.

Then I about couldn't think cause literally right outside my bedroom window was workers drilling away, hanging from a scaffolding. Oh what fun, I looked at them as I closed my blinds. I wanted to open the window, but then they could come right in. lol It is a weird feeling being on the 12th floor and having some one inches of your window.

Let's see not much else done today. lol Lazy day. I took a long nap and I'm tired again. Time for bed.

Oh yeah, I'm almost done with both Healthy Patter, and Book Fancy's. Hmmmm when will I unveil Book Fancy's? lol

April 26, 2004

I finally made it to the store today, and got every thing I needed. I got the new pickles made with Splenda. I seen both Mount Olive and B&G had sugar free pickles. So I got both. I got bread and butter, gherkins, and relish. I can't wait to try them. The B&G is zero calories a serving, and the Mount Olive is 10 calories a serving. Not bad.

I've been in a drawing mood, and haven't finished the pantry. BAD me. lol Check out Healthy Patter, I created new mouse characters I call Wise Mice. I have all kinds of things I am planning on doing with them. They are really cute I think. But, I will get back to the pantry real soon. lol Probably tomorrow. BTW, I made those new linkies for Book Fancy's so that's done.

I'm trying to talk my mom into starting a blog. I hope she does. I think it will be fun. She saw this blog for the first time yesterday, and she liked it. I have her one blog already set up, but I made it over a year ago and so I would like to make it better if she does do a blog.

Let's hope I get back in the pantry tomorrow! For now I'm going to watch Dr. Phil. Two people are going to get kicked off the weight loss challenge. SCARY! But, I think I know who the two might be. Sad, that they must be in such a depression/denial/not ready or something, to not even take advantage of such a good program. It really shows, that I feel you have to be ready to lose weight. Not just gung ho I want a new size dress, I'm too fat. A change in mind, and life that says, I am ready to live a healthier life style, cause I want to be healthy no matter what, and I need to for me, and because I love me. It's hard to explain the difference. But, I can sure tell it's different for me this time then any other time. And it's cause it's a change in my mind. Not just a diet, or something that is temporary. I wish others could have this change in their mind too. But, I know it has to be the right time for them. Oh well, guess I will see who gets kicked off.

April 25, 2004

Today I drew my first pig. I think she's pretty cute. lol I made a new ring for sisters keeping online weight loss journals. I hope a lot of sisters will join. I need to work on it just a little more. Then it will all be done. My weight loss journal is just about finished and so is Book Fancy's. I just want to make new linkies for Book Fancy's and finish the Archives to match. It will be unveiled soon. Healthy Patter is almost done. Just a few things left and I haven't even began matching the Archives yet.

And yes the pantry is almost done too. I just have a hard time reaching up to the top shelf working on getting all that stuff down. I had no idea that pumpkin in a can that was not dented or anything like that would leak! ACK! And then the dried pumpkin cut me. So I quit after being cut. lol It was just barely a little around the bottom of the can and it cut me. I was trying to figure out why it was stuck to the shelf. Cause there wasn't really much at all that leaked out, (I couldn't see anything, but figured it out when I looked at the bottom of the can really really closely, it looks like just around the rim some seeped out.) but I think that is what happened. I am kind of surprised since it isn't dented or anything. Must not of been sealed correctly at the cannery.

I can't wait till PLF is up and running for every one. It seems to be really nice so far.

I need to go shopping today too. I hope I get to go. Need lots of odds and ends at the grocery store.

April 24, 2004

We had our special talk today. It was really good. Brother Pascal gave it. He used to be the reader in our book study, but now is a Book Study Overseer of another book study. He's really nice. And the talk was great! It was very encouraging to endure to the end courageously, even under persecution, like Enoch, Noah, David, and Daniel did. Knowing Jehovah will always be there for us. I was kind of surprised the brother actually said, that Jehovah had our backs. It's a nice thought, to know Jehovah will always be there for us, as long as we stay faithful and courageously endure to the end. Then the Watchtower study being on witnessing, like Jesus set the example, really went well with the talk.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the brother, and the talk. But, I will take pictures during our open house. There is still some finishing touches being put on the hall, but it is truly beautiful. I really like the blue. I haven't had windows in a Kingdom Hall, however, since I was first in the truth back in the mid 80's. And they were just small basement window type windows. Cause we were not in a conventional hall. It was more of a cement structure, that was really small. It was sold a long time ago. Back in the late 80's. Our hall has I think a total of 4 windows upstairs. Two are in the main hall/auditorium. And it is over looking some trees, which was unusually pretty for being in between so many buildings in NYC, I wasn't expecting it to be much of a view. All we really see is some tree tops though. And it's lovely. My Father in Law operates the elevator. It is a really nice elevator as well. Has two glass accordion type doors. I will take pictures probably at Open House when every thing has it's finishing touches on it. I just love it. So much room. And the new chairs have a lot more padding and aren't nearly has uncomfortable as our old ones. Although I still think the ones at my congregation in Kansas has the best chairs ever. lol haha. :)

Today I worked on my weight loss blog some more. And am doing a little bit of work on my book fancy archives. I am going to make a new linkie and archive linkie for it soon. Then I just have a little more work in my weight loss blog and that's about it.

I will probably be done with the pantry today or tomorrow. Finally I have every thing screwed to the wall. Even though the spice rack is a bit crooked. lol Now I just have to put every thing back in there, that I pulled out. That's the easy part though. So pictures are soon to come.

April 23, 2004

I went to Wal-mart yesterday, in the Pocono's. We picked up our anniversary pictures so that was nice. And then I did some shopping. I bought several shelves for the pantry so that should really help out in there. Although I am having a hard time getting them screwed to the all. Thankfully I only have one more screw to get in. It's about to kill the poor screw driver. lol So pictures of the new and improved pantry should be coming soon.

I didn't find any clothes that I liked. The clearance was a bunch of junk, and was higher then their regular priced items. WEIRD!

Oh I did find that Wal-mart makes their own brand of sugar free apple pie filling. So I bought some and hope it is good. I wish they would make the cherry pie filling in sugar free, cause the Lucky Leaf is expensive in sugar free. Oh I found out that Mount Olives brand of relish and pickles you can now get in sugar free made with Splenda. I am anxious to find that and use it. I know they sell Mount Olive here but I haven't seen the kind with Splenda. I love sweet relish and bread and butter pickles so this will be good.

I worked a little more on Healthy Patter and Book Fancy's today. They need a lot more work, but I am just going to do a little each day. I finally got the archives to match the front of Heather's Patter, hopefully it won't be long till all the updates are done. lol

BTW, what is with this fashion with some thing wrote on your buns of your pants? I really don't understand, if you are old enough to wear something like this, more then likely your buns are so big you don't want to call attention to them, and you are smart enough not to be so brazen. If you are young enough to look good in them, why would your parents buy them and allow you to wear them? I mean do people want child molesters attracted to their children's buns, saying yummy, princess, honey buns, hottie, hot, bad girl, kitty, bad kitty, cutie etc on their bum? I just don't get it. And Wal-mart was full of these.

April 21, 2004

I went to Wal-mart today. I didn't really see anything I much wanted. I wanted one tee shirt that was a care bear shirt, but it was too small. So that was it. Nothing else. So I left with nothing. We are going to another Wal-mart tomorrow, to pick up our pictures, so maybe they will have something. I really need a swimming suit too. And I don't see anything I like this year. *blah* I usually like at least one. There wasn't really anything in clearance either. Grrrr. Maybe there will be something tomorrow.

Other then that I have been updating the looks of all my blogs. It will probably take me a few more weeks to get every thing exactly how I want it to be. And I have some more graphics to make.

Still working on the pantry. It needs a lot of help! lol I figure it will take me about 3 maybe 4 more days to get it organized the way I want it. I need to get a shelf for in there from Wal-mart too. I will take pics when I am done. Even though it's pretty ugly in there. It was meant to be a coat closet not a pantry. But, we have a smaller closet by the door we use for our coats. So we didn't need the big one for coats, and I did need some where to put food, so it works for us. Maybe some day I will decorate it. lol I doubt it though. lol For now it's just trying to serve a purpose. Next cleaning adventure will be the kitchen. That will be fun. NOT! lol Needs a lot of help as well. But, I think it can be done in a week, a little at a time. I really don't spend much time cleaning and organizing, just a few minutes a day. That's why it takes so long. And of course keeping up with other chores like, cooking and washing dishes too. Washing dishes has been challenging the last few months. They keep messing with our water, so it's either off, on but cold as ice, or once in a very little while it's hot, but so hot it can give you burns, they have no in between temperatures for the last few months! Although I would rather it be on and hot, then off or ice cold. I don't do the dishes unless the water is hot so sometimes they have to wait a day or two. Cause when the water is so cold, the soap won't rinse off, and I don't feel like they are really clean any way. I bet the water in most rivers isn't that cold. And my hands begin to hurt with the water so cold and I have to stop and warm them up with a towel, it's like putting your hands in ice. But, it just depends on the time of the day and the day of he week if it will be hot or not. So I just keep checking till it's hot, then do all the dishes I can. But, until the last few months we had consistently good water that you could choose what temperature you wanted it, by turning it to the left for hot and right for cold. But, now it's just one temperature no matter what way you turn it. And I guess the repairmen get to choose which it will be. lol Awe well, we are hoping they will figure it out soon. As it is hard to take a ice cold bath too.

Oh today when we were leaving they were tapping on the ceiling down stairs trying to scare birds (the custodians that is) Oh joy. lol These people aren't the brightest sometimes. lol

April 20, 2004

Today I went to Curves and got weighed and measured, even though I can't exercise there yet. But, I did lose 5 pounds since my last weigh in there, with out much exercise, so that is really really good. And my measurements all went down or stayed the same, so that is also great!

Then we went and looked at a few trailer lots. And looked at a lot of trailers, that was fun. Even though we won't be able to afford one for a while.

Next, I plan on going to Wal-mart to look through the clearance and find a few things that fit now. Since I've went from a size 26/28 to a 18/20. So my pants keep falling off. I can't wait to get a few new things, especially for our trip in June with my parents.

April 19, 2004

I called Sister Hudson yesterday evening. It went well. She would like me to help her with a diabetic diet. She brought it up, not me. She is 74 years old. I knew she was from Jamaica of course. But, I didn't know much else about her till yesterday. She told me she has 4 boys and one daughter but only two boys are in the truth. But, none of them live here in NYC. She was very sweet. And she is going to the doctor today. She also told me she likes fish and chicken. Her phone was having problems so we kept getting times when we couldn't hear each other. So that was about it. Except for me telling her to ask her doctor about seeing a diabetic doctor. It so happens she has the same insurance as me, and actually goes to the office where my diabetic doctor is. So that shouldn't be hard for her to get to see her. I go to a different center, but I used to go to her same center just to see my diabetic doctor. Now I go to a center where there is parking.

Today I have been cleaning the pantry. It's not been too fun. Finding lots of things I forgot I even bought. It should get how I want it with in the next two days. I only worked on it about 20 minutes. I plan on working on it maybe at least another 15 today. And then maybe tomorrow or the next day it will be in the order I want it to be. I also need to rearrange the kitchen, but that will be a bit longer before I get it how I want. I am in the process of collecting roosters, and rooster items and decorating it in them. Although I have very little cabinet space, and lots of empty wall space, so mainly it can only be stuff that can be screwed to the wall. I really want a clock next.

Other then that not much else going on.

April 18, 2004

Yesterday Vince was tired when he got home from work. He has had a sty in his eye on Friday. So he decided he better sleep. So even though I was dressed and ready for meeting we stayed home. So I decided I would call in and listen to the meeting. I got to hear the song, prayer, and about 10 minutes of the public talk, it sounded soooooo good. But, then! I was disconnected and couldn't get back on, I kept calling but it was busy. Some one wired the phones wrong, and when some one pushes the door light (silent door bell) to get buzzed in when they are late to meeting, it hangs up the phone, for the people listening in. I hope they get some one to come and rewire it.

Any how I was really upset thinking I had missed the special talk. But, then I went to a going away party later that afternoon after Vince was able to rest his eyes. And I asked about it, and the sisters said no, that our special talk is next Saturday, since no one gets to hear it till today. So that was a relief. I am so bad at dates, I couldn't remember when they had said ours was, but had assumed it was the same weekend as every one else. That's what I get for assuming. lol


Any way the party was really really nice. It was for a sister who came here from Africa. I think Zambia, but I am not positive. She is a very sweet sister. And has been living with my Book Study Overseer and his wife for the past 2 years. But, now her mother is in bad health and may die, so she is going back. We are all hoping that she gets to come back. Sister Green the Book Study Overseer's wife, was crying cause she will miss her like a daughter she said. :( Every one went around the room and let her know what we thought about her and how much we loved her. I have been to a LOT of going away parties and none were so endearing and loving as this. It was mainly a small party of only the book study. But, it was very very warm. One boy who is just starting to come in the truth and is only 17, really almost made us all cry when it was his turn to tell her good bye. It really did show that this is the truth, by the love we show among ourselves. This boy, said he didn't know her well since he has just started coming to meetings, but hearing the story how the Book study Overseer and his wife took her in as a stranger, just cause she was here in NYC and a pioneer, and treated her like family. And how much her and all of us at the party treated him like family already made him really feel good. And he appreciated it a lot. He also told her how he admired that she was going back to care for her mom, instead of staying here in comfort, and letting her mom die with her other siblings there caring for her. Especially since where she is from her family and friends are starving and have very little money, or access to any thing. Any way it was very very encouraging. I am not for sure but I think the boy was not raised by his parents since at one point in the party he said he was raised by people from the West Indies. So I think us treating him with love means even more.

I bought a lot lot lot of food. lol And Vince said I should have brought more. lol Every one was disappointed when it was all gone. lol But, I didn't know how many people would be there, and how much to bring. When I first got there, I had Vince take in a box of food-deviled eggs, Lemon Coconut Grove Pie, and a layered salad. Then I had him come back out and bring in the green bean casserole and I brought in the cherry dump cake. When I first came in, the sisters said more food, every thing says Woodford on it now! lol You brought the whole meal. (I put my name on all my dishes/pots/containers etc). I wish I would have taken pictures of the food but forgot! But, it was really really pretty. I got a lot of compliments, and a lot of people asked me if I was a gourmet cook.

Another sister brought some green beans, and her mother knew she was bringing green beans, so when her mother got some of my green bean casserole she said, oh this is good you made this? She said no, that was Heather, I can't cook gourmet. lol I just have to laugh that green bean casserole is considered gourmet. Poor sisters, I need to teach some cooking classes. lol And as usual some one ate the decorations off the salad. (tomato rose, and cucumber leaves) I have to really think about what to use as decoration since it's always eaten! lol Have to make sure it won't make any one sick. This is the only place I've ever had my garnishes eaten! lol Another sister came up to me, and said she had to have a piece of my pie (Lemon Coconut Grove Pie) cause it looked like a custard pie her mother used to make. She said and it tasted just like her mother made in Trinidad. That really made me feel good! I could cook some thing as well as someone's mother really just floored me. And I think I was beaming. lol I guess I will make that again, at least for that sister!

Group Pic
Wouldn't you know the one pic with me, is blury. But, here it is.
From Left to right, front to back.
Little Girl (can't remember her name), Me, Sister Lee, Sister Maria, Sister Green (BO's Wife), and her granddaughter.
Behind me is, Brother Hudson, Brother Green (BO), Brother Johnson (PO), Sister White.

Then when we were going around the room telling Sister Maria, how much we would miss her, a sister, that Vince and I have given many rides to her husband, said she didn't know Maria well cause she misses a lot of meetings cause of her diabetes. I knew immediately I wanted to get her number to call her. But, I had to wait, by the time I waited for every one to be done, and for me to get all my stuff gathered to go home. I thought I missed my chance. But, no she came up to me, and said I heard you talking about diabetes I want to talk to you more. And I said, I want to talk to you more too! I want your number, so she gave it to me. Then her husband came up to me, and thanked me for wanting to call his wife. And he was almost crying. It made me feel so good and bad at the same time. It gave me a feeling that maybe others have forgotten her. So I am going to start sending half my meals I make over to her. Cause most my recipes are too big for Vince and I and we never get it all eaten. So it would be much better to share with her then throw it away. I'm going to give her a call today, then I will start some dialog and find out eventually what she likes to eat and try to send her things she likes. Of course I am hoping she will accept food from me first. I am just excited at the possibility of getting a friend with the same problems as me, with diabetes.

Sister Hudson

I guess I should save some chatter for tomorrow. lol Of course I will have to fill you in on how my first call with the sister goes. For future reference her name is Sister Hudson. :)

April 16, 2004

I finally got my library card today. Finally took enough ID. lol Vince drove me over there so I didn't have to walk. I got two books for today. So I will be using my Book Fancy's blog soon.

I made three graphics today. So I can't wait to unveil them.

I plan on working on my other blogs soon too. And getting every thing running smoothly again. lol Took only a small hiatus.

For now I need to make lunch.

April 15, 2004

Now I have to work on my book sisters blog/ring, and the archives, but for the most part I'm done touching up this blog.

I went to the library today for the second time and still didn't have enough ID. Credit cards, picture ID, and a check book wasn't enough. Now I need bills in my name too. I tell ya, you would think I was getting into a secret club, like the CIA.

I seen some Orphan Train Children books, I want to get. I think it is diaries of children who was on Orphan Trains. Sounded interesting, they are by the same people who do Dear America. And I really like those Diaries, although I don't think they are true stories, they are short and interesting. Short is my kind of book, lol I have a chance of finishing it. Although I heard there is some Food Mystery books out there and I would really love to find some good ones. I heard there is a series, and that would really interest me too.

Leave me a message of some of your favorite books and authors. I will get my Book Fancy's up and running with in the next couple of weeks. I made a new Linkie for Blog Sisters today, and I will make myself a new sig tag, and intro tag tomorrow and Sunday probably. One a day is my goal. lol :) Then I need to redo my Tag Board, or get a new one. Cause I let that one die on accident. Awe well, I'll fix it with in the next couple of weeks.

If any of you have a blog that you can dedicate to book reviews, and books etc, or want to make one, please join my book sisters! :)

April 14, 2004

I have things just about how I want. Now if I could get the archives changed over too. lol Then I have some more graphics I want to make.

I went to Sam's last night, just found one in NYC, any way it was a nice one. But it was pouring rain! I went there cause I had heard there was some JoAnna M. Lund books there, but mine didn't have any. I did get Mastercook there though for only 15 dollars! At compUSA for the exact same one it was 45 dollars! Just last week! Any way compUSA is a rip off! lol I also got my step father some CDs of Louis Lamar (sp) books. 9 CDs with 16 books on them. That's his favorite author, so he is going to be really happy. I am thinking we will go to the Dale Evan's and Will Rogers Museum when we go to Branson this summer.

Then after that we were trying to find our way back to the highway, cause turning out of the Sam's parking lot you could only turn one way, the drive way didn't allow you to turn back towards the highway, so we had to look for a place to turn around, and we came across a really nice RV place, so we went there and looked around. We looked at the pop ups to see how they will do in the rain since that may be the kind we get, if we ever we get one. They did really well. Vince had been worried about condensation, but I have been in many pop ups and never remember condensation. So since it was pouring rain and there was nothing in there, I think I finally convinced him. lol

Any way I am excited to start using my Mastercook program. But, something has taken over our PC and it isn't letting me get to my yahoo groups where I have a lot of my recipes, grrrrrrr. I am doing a Nortin Antivirus scan right now. I hope this can get fixed!

April 13, 2004

Still updating the blog. I love a lot of new things I've been finding online. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to draw some more things.

Last night we went to the grocery store, Pathmark. I always style my hair before going out any where. But, I was tired so I just combed it, and went last night. And wouldn't you know it, the first time EVER in NYC I ran into 3 Jehovah's Wintness families in the cheese isle at the grocery store. What was really funny was Vince was talking to his mother on the cell phone at the time, and was saying who had went to a wedding in Virginia, and it just so happened to be the first brother we bumped into's family! lol Vince was talking to his mom on the phone saying oh they went, and at the same time we run into that brother. Then there was two more that came along with in a few minutes. lol Wouldn't you know had to be on a bad hair day!

Then we hurried home cause I wanted to get some out of print JoAnna Lund books off ebay, and wow was that a fight to the finish. I won with only 4 seconds to go. Whoa I was a typing maniac, the last 4 minutes of the auction 4 other people got in on the bidding and wow was it going fast. But, I got them and at not too bad of a price. 3 books for 15.50. Now today I want to go to Sam's and pick up a couple of books I heard were there. lol

Any way, I'm really hoping I can get my nephews to journaling in their blogs soon. So I want to work on some more graphics for both my blog and theirs. It's been fun the past couple of days. Now if I can just keep remembering to come here. lol Stay tuned for more!

April 12, 2004

Well, I am updating my blog as you can see. Trying to make it fresh and new. And looking for new ideas. I will probably be doing a lot more as time goes by. But, I need to do some other stuff too. So I think this will be it for today. And probably try to get back on it on Wednesday. Or maybe come back later today. Tomorrow Vince wants to go to a Car show. So probably won't be on tomorrow much.

Oh I made a new Blog Sisters linkie, any Blog Sisters who want it email me. I will try to add it to options at when I can. I am really liking the new one. We sure needed something else. lol hahaha If any of you other Blog Sisters out there are graphic artists and would like to donate some other blinkies for Blog Sisters Blinkies just email me and let me know. I will be glad to take them into consideration.

April 11, 2004

I actually remembered to come back today.

I went to Office Max, and they didn't have any Mastercooks, I also went to circuit City. I ended up just buying a 10 dollar program called custom Cook Book, don't get it! I can't get it to show up in the program list, plus it does nothing that the box leads you to believe it does. Like it said you could take this health quiz and it would plan out a meal plan and exercise plan especially for you. Well, that was such a lie! The health quiz is very very vague. Couldn't be customized at all! And then after you take it it doesn't give you a meal plan or exercise plan customized. It only says, exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Uh I knew that! Oh and the customized meal plan, eat meat, veggies, fruit and whole grains. Hmmmmmm, so customized, there! That was all it said, not how much, not what kind.... nothing. I was expecting it to say something like Breakfast-apple, 1 cup cheerios, lunch ham sandwich, ect. Exercise, bike ride 30 minutes on Tuesday. ect. There was nothing like that at all! Any way, I will still look for Mastercook! lol Just a heads up on that other program though, it's all lies. lol hahaha

I will probably go to Best Buy tomorrow though and look for Mastercook. And I also need to go grocery shopping for some cheese. BTW, I love Lite Laughing Cow cheese, it's great, and I get to have one a day and not even count it cause it's only 35 calories! MMMMM I like to have a triangle with my dates or pear. Yum yum. Also I bought some little squares of laughing cow that is only 10 cals a square, sometimes I will just have one square on one reduced fat Ritz cracker and that's pretty good too! I also love Skinny Cow ice cream, my newest two favorites are Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and Strawberry Cheesecake. MMMMMMM MM MMM. lol They also have a bit of fiber, not as much as weight watchers ice creams, but there is a bit in there. So that's a added benefit.

I'm starting to get excited about going to Silver Dollar City next month. I will be back later though and say more about it. Bye for now.

April 10, 2004

It's been a week, but I'm back again. lol At least this time it wasn't months.

The weight loss ball keeps on rolling. Down 57 pounds now! Yeah!

Let's see, not a whole lot else going on. I really want to get a Mastercook recipe program though so I can have a off line recipe thing. So I am looking forward to looking for one. My only problem is I don't know if I should get Mastercook Cooking Light which is a older version, or get the new version of plain Mastercook. I don't really care about recipes that aren't light. But, at the same time, I am not sure if the newer version will have more options that I will like in the actual parts I will use in coming up with my own recipes, making shopping list etc. Decisions, decisions.

My nephew, Hunter's, vision is getting worse. He's been legally blind really since birth. Even though there was no way of testing his vision till about a year ago, when they came out with a new testing machine. Usually the test babies and small children's vision by shining a light in their pupil and can tell by the curvature of the light reflecting back how well or not they can see. But, with him, there was never a reflection at all it was always just dark. Last year some one came out with a new machine that tests for children like him. And he has had glasses ever since. They are really really thick, but he has them at least. Now, they say his vision is getting worse and they want to teach him to use a cane. Well, all I can say is WATCH OUT! He has a helmet he wears now to protect his head, cause his toes are not the right lengths and that puts him off balance and he falls a lot. So now with a helmet and a cane, some one could get hurt! I wouldn't trust him with a cane myself. lol I would be scared! And he's protected against any retaliation since he wears a helmet. lol haha

Here's a pic of him.
He just turned 5 in January, but this pic was taken November 17, 2003.

I guess that's about all the news I have for now. I will try once again to get back sooner. Let's hope! lol

April 3, 2004

I don't know why it takes me so long to get back here. Any how, I'm back, and maybe I will start remembering to come here again. lol

A few weeks ago on March 3rd I fell and bruised a kidney, I was in the hospital for 4 days from that, and pretty much almost been bedridden since. I was doing better for about a week, and now I'm back to almost bedridden again.

The good news is I have lost a lot of weight. So far it's 54 pounds! So I'm pretty proud of that. I have lost 5 dress sizes as well! Here's a new pic this year, from our Anniversary.

This is last years.

I've found some really good new recipes by Joanna M. Lund. So my time in bed I've been reading and reading her cookbooks and newsletters. They are great. I ordered a bunch with my part of the income tax return. So I have plenty of reading material. In fact I have about 5 years of newsletters (monthly with 30 recipes each, plus several articles), plus about 10 books to read. lol Each newsletter takes me about 30 minutes to read. So I still have plenty to read. lol

And I've gotten every thing watched on my tivo as well. lol So it's not such a bad stay in bed. I will just be glad when the pain goes away. At least when I am in bed I don't hurt. At first I hurt badly no matter what, and I was constantly throwing up from the pain. Now it's just when I get out of bed.

Any way we will be going on vacation soon, to see my parents and visit Silver Dollar City. Can't wait for pics from there. Although most of them of me will probably look kind of sloppy since I've only bought one new thing since losing the weight and that was the dress I got my anniversary pic taken in. Maybe I can get at least one more outfit before vacation for a pic there. I want to get one of those old time tin types taken of Vince and I. And then one of the whole family together. I think that will be fun.

Well, I hope I make it back to my blog tomorrow. lol Till next time! :)