July 20, 2016

Jehovah...Created All Things

The kids last night, had a part on the meeting. It was the part about the Become Jehovah's Friend Video-Jehovah...Created All Things.

Lela is on the end in pink. We learned from the little boy on the other end, that Dinosaurs used to be the king of the jungle, but now lions are... haha and so much more! lol

The brother who was supposed to do local needs, was not there, so they decided to make a executive decision and take out local needs, and give this brother the whole time. So he had like 15 minutes for this part, and it was hilarious. These are moments that I just love. I know our children will remember these times that the brothers took the time to let them be involved. And I am so grateful we are in such a loving family congregation. The kids loved it. And had such a good time. And it was so loving of the brothers to go ahead and allot extra time just for the children. How more local needs could it be?

I tried to video it, but my tablet died.