December 21, 2003

I'm back again. I don't know why it takes me so long to get back here.

Any way I went to Kansas and it was a nice visit.

Been so busy it seems.

I am joining Curves on Tuesday. I've already went and had one work out there and really liked it. So I am excited to get started there. They forgot to weigh and measure me before the work out so I have to wait till Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about that, cause I am anxious to know my measurements. Oh and to get my BMI done too!

Any way other then that just been working on JWLW and getting it going really well. It's been really nice. The chats are going well. So we may start having themed chats soon. IE Recipes, exercise, some kind of topic that we talk about that week, preplanned. The new weight loss buddy program I think is working well too. I send out reminders on Fridays to contact our weight loss buddy and I think that is helping. I've found a lot of neat virtual card places to send to my WLB.

My mom is finally back online and I can't wait to show her how to blog too! I have blogs for my nephews set up also when they start getting online soon.