April 30, 2010

Last night was kind of scary, Vince let Lela, Belle and I off at the front door, and some lady with obvious mental problems started going off on us. Something about her being late to work, etc. But, we were NOT in her way. She was screaming and yelling obscenities at me, and I had both Lela and Belle. People are getting worse and worse. I have a feeling she must of been high on drugs, or just crazy.

Other then that it was a good day. It was so nice and sunny, we went to the track and walked around. And then took Lela to the park. We all needed some time outdoors, and for sure some exercise. So it was nice.

Then we went to Outback Steak House for dinner. They were having a sale on crab legs with steak. Lela loves crab legs. And it's been years since we have been to Outback. I've had gift certificates to use there for at least 4 years, maybe longer. We were finally able to use them. Made dinner cheaper then Mc Donalds. I earned the gift certificates a long time ago from Memolink.

I downloaded a free trial of PSP since I didn't have it on my pc yet. I haven't bought a version since around 1998! I've been using my old version all these years. Just installing the same ole one over and over. Well.......was I ready to tear my hair out last night trying to get it to do what I wanted. This morning after a few hours of sleep, I was able to go on with all my hair in tact, and finally get the results I was wanting from it. I hope I can purchase it soon, it looks like a lot of fun. I really love the new photo editing options and even the frames they now have. I think I'll have a ton of fun with it.

April 29, 2010

Lela tortured the cat today with her happy meal tiara. haha

Meeting went well last night, every one is still awed over Belle. And was having fun holding her. Lela said the funniest thing though. There is a older brother in our congregation, that's hair line resembles Dr. Phil and when he got on stage to conduct, Lela decided to blurt it out! It's Dr. Phil! Vince and I had never noticed the resemblance till Lela let every one know. haha

It's a nice sunny day today so we're off for a family walk. I'll be wearing Belle in my new baby hawk. It's a little big though, I may need to get the straps shortened. But, maybe I will figure out how to adjust it better before going to that extent.

As many of you know, I'm a huge JoAnna Lund fan, and I was able to finally get one booklet of her's I didn't have in my collection and been looking for for years. Some one was selling it on Amazon and one of my friends let me know. So, I'm very excited to finally get it!

April 28, 2010

I bought Vince two suits for our anniversary gift this year, but they came back hemmed too short. So we're going to pick them up for the second time today. Hopefully they did better this time. Then we have meeting. Not much else going on. I'm looking around for new mouse drawn cute country graphics, like I use in my blog, but there sure doesn't seem to be many around any more.

April 27, 2010

Since my last update, we've had a new baby! Belle, named after her paternal great grandmother. She's been such a blessing. She's sweet and quiet at meetings, and a terror at home. hehe She was born a preemie at only 4lbs 1oz. But, is growing like a weed. She nursed so well from day one, but two days ago decided to go on strike. I finally wore her down though and she's nursing again, albeit she now is looking haggard with little bags under her tiny eyes. haha Sunday night I got mastitis, boy was that painful, but I'm on day two of antibiotics and I think it's getting better. We're having a baby shower at Hempstead Lake park on June 5th, in the carousel room, it looks sweet. I've been making favors, mints, getting prizes for the games, and looking for a nice cake. So far so good.

Finally my Baby Hawk came today! I've been waiting for months. I love it so far, I can't wait to take it on a test walk with Belle. The only down part, I had wanted the coy fabric and they were out, now that I ordered mine and got it, they have the coy fabric back in stock! UHG!

On a sad note, my diabetes is no longer in a honey moon stage, we always knew this day would come, since I'm a type one and not a type two. But, it was still sad when I realized it was back. And now the diabetic doctor doesn't want to see me till June! Well, I need medication, hello! *sigh* Hopefully she will at least write me some prescriptions.