May 23, 2010

Ok I was so excited about Belle's first word, or so I thought! Come to find out, wouldn't you know it, she's been saying things to Vince! She said "hey", and "yeah". hmph, girls and their daddies! She also tries to wag her finger at Lela. As if she's thinking, now I know I seen this work for mommy and daddy to get her to do what you want, why isn't it working for me?

Lela got real sick last night and vomited three times in our bed. Poor baby. We gave her a bath and put her to bed, but this morning I woke up with her in our bed. And then she threw up again. This time she went to the bathroom. She felt a little feverish. But, now it doesn't seem like there is anything allowed to give a child her size. So I just pushed the liquids, and had her rest. I am going to try to get some kids emergenC to keep the in the house from now on for occasions such as this.

Belle was also up half the night, and I thought I wouldn't be able to stay awake today, but I did ok.

On good news, Vince's aunt Brenda, and cousins Justine and Jonathon were in town visiting grandma and grandpa Woodford, so we went and visited them tonight. I didn't think we would be able to with Lela feeling ill this morning and last night. But, by this evening she was pretty chipper and feeling much better so we took our chances. She did fine, and was wanting great grandpa to play tag with her! I really wanted to get over there and see them though. As Brenda's daughter Brandy and Vince grew up together almost as brother and sister more then cousins. And Brenda is always so generous to us with baby gifts. She's really sweet. Of course they liked seeing the kids too.

I just tasted the sugar free Suisse Mocha International instant coffee the other day. I love it! It's almost the same calories as the "diet" hot cocoa mixes, and half the calories as the sugar free hot cocoa mixes. I can't stand the diet mixes, I can tolerate the sugar free ones though. But, for half the calories, and a pretty good price, now that I found out Big Lots sells them for only 2 dollars each, I'm switching over! I'll be glad when we move closer to stores like Big Lots, they are so far away from where I live. I just stock up when we visit areas with them.

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