June 30, 2011

Lost canning supplies. . .

I was going through old photos on my computer today and was able to find all the photos from my weight loss chart on my weight loss blog. So I was able to add them all back, and also added a few extras as well. In the search I also found a few food photos of recipes I had reviewed, so three more recipes have been updated with photos as well! Whew that was nice.

I pulled more grass today out of the garden, man it's like a jungle out there. I will have to buy more straw. This is going to take a couple of weeks, unless I get some help out there.

I cooked beets from the garden tonight for a snack. mmm yummy. I now have red stained finger nails though. haha Belle apparently loves beets. mmm That's mommy's girl! The only advice I have on these, is I have always boiled my beets for some reason. I really don't know why. Well, tonight I roasted them. I don't think I will personally do this again. To me it didn't add any to the flavor or texture tasted the same to me. But, was much harder to peel off the skin, when you boil beets the skin just slips off when done. I had to really work at getting the skins off the roasted ones. And I also had to worry about burning them. I never have worried about that when boiling. Since it didn't add to the flavor or texture, and is much easier I will stick to just boiling them. However, I do kind of wander if I had added oil to the skins before roasting if that would of made them come off easier. But, I really don't care to experiment since as I stated didn't seem to improve the quality of the finished product any, so why fix what isn't broken, ya know?

I so want to can some tomato jam, and zucchini pickles but can't find any of my canning supplies. Which are very expensive. It's so frustrating. I think I will just have to break down and buy new. Which is so irritating since I know I have some already! I am going to ask on Freecycle first though and see what happens. If I could just get a canning pot it would save me a ton of money! The other supplies aren't as big of a deal when it comes to costs. I hope some one on Freecycle will have one they are willing to part with. That would relieve me of almost 100 dollars. And if I ever find my other one I guess I could do double batches at least and get done with canning a lot faster then too.

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