June 12, 2011

BBQ and hot tubs

Made it to O.J. Watson Park. I brought burger makin's, franks, KFC style coleslaw, two bean salad, and marshmallows. My mom brought baked beans, corn on the cob, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. Once we got there I remembered we forgot to bring a spatula to flip the burgers. So I sent Vince to Dollar Tree, and he got something there. Meanwhile I cooked the burgers. Every thing turned out really yummy. Especially the corn, mmmm so good, we brought real butter and sea salt for it too. It was soooo yummy. For dessert, I never did get the peanut butter cookies or the rice krispy treats made, and decided we would have s'mores instead. Which I think every one really liked too. I actually remembered to bring the camera, then forgot to take pictures though!

The only problem we had for just a few minutes, is some man decided to take his mini van on to the grass and VERY fastly do a circle around the play ground where the children were. He had to of been crazy, drunk or high. He thought he was going to do it again and I was scared for my children who were on the playground, the road doesn't go there, and he was going really close to it and VERY fast! Faster then you are supposed to even be on the road inside the park. He tried to do it again and I was trying to think of what I was going to do so we wouldn't be ran over. But, thankfully a motorcycle club was also having a gathering there right next to us with their children in the same playground. One of the men started going towards the minivan and the man decided not to try that again. Meanwhile my mom was trying to call 911 on her cell phone. Any way, shortly after that the minivan man and his family got in a big fight and they all left, to all our relief! They didn't come back. phew. But, other then that the weather was lovely, food wonderful, and it was a great day.

We tried to go to Riverfest one more time, but it was sooooo crowded, some one decided to get married there the last day and wow was the crowds huge, so we didn't make it to the rides before they closed, cause it took us too long to find parking. So we just bought a funnel cake, and sold the rest of our food tickets. We had planned on staying and watching the fireworks, but then Vince got a weather warning on his phone, that a huge storm was on it's way. So decided we better hurry home. Vince put all the vehicles and farm equipment in the barn, and fed and watered the barn cats, and the dogs, and such, in a big hurry. Barely got it all done before the storm hit, but made it just in time! Whew.

Today we mainly lazed around. Did a bit of laundry, took naps, and such. Vince made crustless quiche and pancakes for breakfast. Then we decided to take a family dip in the hot tub. Life was good this weekend!

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