June 23, 2011

Doctors and Sling Addictions

I met my new doctor today. I love him already. He seemed to be fine with every thing I asked him. And seems to be the perfect match for me. So I was really happy about that. He also knows my beloved childhood doctor Gutherie. What was really funny is he said, and he's so old, he was old when I was a new doctor and I'm not young. haha Well, I'll probably be in to see him soon too. I am scheduled for a sonogram on the 11th, so I guess that is when we will find out what sex the baby is. I really can't wait to know what we are having. I can't decide which I want though, a boy or a girl. I know I'll be happy with either though. I did get some lab work done though, and really liked the lab nurse, she was super sweet, and very kind. I think I will like her. I'm sure I am going to keep Doctor Jensen for even when I'm not pregnant.

We had a swap meet at La Leche League tonight. I was able to get Belle a lot of clothes, and fed my sling habit and bought a new ring sling, I almost bought another sling too! But, didn't....now I am kind of wishing I had! But, of course everyone knows I have this sick addiction to slings. haha Funny thing is though, I had this padded ring sling that was just so big on me and always falling off I didn't think I liked ring slings. But, this one was so beautiful at the swap that I just kept eyeing it till I just couldn't stand it any longer and asked the woman who brought it if she would help me put it on so I could make sure I was doing it correctly. It was quite a bit smaller then the one I have and not padded. It fits perfectly! And has a beautiful velcro pocket. I love it. So I was able to add to my ever growing collection. It's great for Belle now, and I think will be good for the new baby too, looks perfect to nurse in as well. Yup, I think I am in love with it. I may use it as a template to make a few more, since it seems to fit so well.

I also asked around at the meeting for a good ped recommendation. I heard of three names, so hopefully insurance approves of at least one. I know I have to get one before the baby comes, if I want the baby released from the hospital. *sigh* So hopefully will find a good one.

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