June 4, 2011

Riverfest Day One

It was HOT HOT HOT yesterday! 100 degrees and we felt every degree of it I think. We went with Vince's parents to the first day of Riverfest. I was kind of disappointed. First of all things weren't where the website said they would be, and second of all they were totally overpriced. We go to Silver Dollar City a lot which is a amusement park, and the same foods there are half the price then at Riverfest, that's pretty bad to be twice the price of a amusement park on food! I doubt we will be eating there again. They are crazy to think a lot of people will continue to do that I think. But, Vince ended up with a steak burger and fries which made him ill, Lela had the twisted tater, and I had fried green tomatoes.

Belle at Riverside Park
After trying to find a few things that was on the list of things to do during the Riverfest and not being able to find it we decided to just give up, go to Quick Trip for some drinks since Lemonade at the Riverfest was 5 dollars for not much at all! And go on over to Riverside park. We went through the wildlife part first and mainly looked at birds and turtles, the beaver, bobcat, opossums and other animals didn't seem to be in their cages. Then we went to the playground, and it was pretty crowded not as bad as I've seen it in days pasts but it seemed to have a lot of bullies and such hurting a lot of the other children.

I could tell Kathy was getting pretty uncomfortable, so we packed up and headed to O. J. Watson park. Which is just a few blocks from my mom's house. So I called her up and had them come over to Watson and meet us there. Every one went on the train ride, then we petted the horses for a while. One poor horse had way too much hair almost looked like a sheep! And it was just too hot. I let the staff know but they said the vet had said he was shedding hair. Poor thing. Then the kids went to the playground and played for about 2 hours. There was a small children's party there, and some other people, but the park is so large, it seemed there was much more room to spread out there, and not be on top of each other as much as at Riverside park. Kathy really liked it, and of course the kids had a lot of fun.

After that we were all thirsty and hungry. Lela of course wanted to go to "Old Mac Donald's", and the rest of us wanted Braum's we made the grave mistake of going back towards Riverfest to that Braum's and Mc D's since they are right across the street from each other, instead of going to the ones by my mom's house, and Watson park! UHG they were so crowded. But, we survived. haha They had added 7 new ice cream flavors, I tried a couple, but still think my old stand by Cherry, Pecans and Cream is still my favorite, so I had that in a waffle cone, and paid they extra 30 cents to get the newly available chocolate coating dip to the whole thing. Well worth it, it was delicious. When we left we did have a great view of the fire works marking the start of Riverfest. So all was well.

Today is Shakespeare in the park, but I am still sick. I'm getting  a little better, but I don't know. I may just stay home. However, I know the Woods was hoping we would get together and do something today. But, I am just so sick, I kind of wanted to just lay around. But, I'm starting to feel a bit better so I don't know yet. I think I will give in though and gather up some stuff and head back over to Watson and spend the day with the Woods.

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