June 20, 2011

Convention Day Three

We made it to the third day of convention as well. We got there early enough to get seats. And I was able to see the Drama. The rest of the time, with exception of the first symposium, I sat in the hotel lobby but the radio we bought didn't have a antenna and so wasn't strong enough to get the signal that few feet outside the arena. Well, it was able to get it but it was crackly, so I will be happy when I get the one from Kmart I am ordering. But, at least I was comfortable in there. And I know what to do for next assembly!

However, one scary thing happened. Belle accidentally was knocked down by a brother. She hit the floor very hard, made a very loud thud. It knocked the wind out of her good! She tuned up for a very long time to scream, but then she almost passed out instead of screaming. She went limp, her eyes rolled back in her head,  her skin turned gray and her lips turned blue. Finally she got her breath and then she went to sleep really soon after that which scared me to death. But, thankfully we were able to wake her and she stayed awake a good long time afterwards. But, she's been clingy and kind of whiny and not eating much since. I am hoping she is better soon. It's so scary to get the wind knocked out of yourself like that, and especially for me the mommy! Poor baby.

Went to JoAnn's today and bought fabric for three maternity skirts. The ones at Motherhood are just too short for my taste. And cost 40 dollars each! I was able to get enough fabric for 3 skirts for less then 30 dollars. I bought fabric for a black skirt, which I always need, a butter yellow crepe fabric, and a quilters cotton that is such a fun print! I can't wait to get them done. I cut out the pattern today, and am working on washing the fabric, it's in the washer for the second time right now, before I hit the hay I'll go up and put it in the dryer another time. And wash it at least once more tomorrow. I'll try to get it started on sewing tomorrow at least cut out tomorrow. And then finished by Friday I am hoping. But, I'm going to be busy on Wednesday and Thursday so I'll just do my best.

After JoAnn's we went to Menard's and they had strawberry plants on sale for 50 cents! I bought five. My mom gave me two Sunday evening. So I'm going to be planting them on Wednesday. I want a LOT of strawberry plants. But, I didn't think about waiting for them to go on sale. Next year, I'll buy ALL my strawberry plants after they go on sale. Cause I can't beat 50 cents. I bought 3 different kinds, so I am looking forward to tasting the different varieties.

Thursday I go meet doctor Jensen, can't wait to meet him and see if I like him. But, so far from what every one says about him I think I will love him!

I'm hoping in between all that I can get skirts made quickly.

Other then that I watched a really good movie about a Chinese dancer that came to America in the 1980's. I really enjoyed it, first movie in a long time I liked so well.

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